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  December 18, 2004

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Senator: Mystery Spy Project Dangerous -  Tucked inside Congress' new blueprint for U.S. intelligence spending is a highly classified and expensive spy program that drew exceptional criticism from leading Democrats. The rare criticisms of a highly secretive project in such a public forum intrigued outside intelligence experts, who said the program was almost certainly a spy satellite system, perhaps with technology to destroy potential attackers.      
Researchers Invent Energy-Saving Computer Chip - SpaceDaily  University of Alberta researchers have designed a computer chip that uses about 100 times less energy than current state-of-the-art digital chips. The greatly reduced energy consumption of this novel technology offers promise for many small devices with relatively low power needs. This technology could one day eliminate the need to recharge cellphones, help introduce smaller, ultra-high-speed communications systems, and advance the use of implantable health care devices, such as drug delivery chips. Research and development is ongoing before this technology can be implemented in products.     

On Top of Titan's Mountain - SpaceDaily  Left:  Scientists would like to know the origin of the atmospheric patches imaged on Titan Image Credit: Hubble Space Telescope/UA Smith.   I think the dark areas could be hydrocarbon lakes, because their albedo - their reflectivity - is very low. But I don't think all the dark patches have to be hydrocarbon liquid, because water ice also is dark at infrared wavelengths. There are also intermediate regions where the bright and dark appear mixed. That could be slush, or mud, or something solid but with material in the pores. I like the idea of a porous surface, because even if the hydrocarbon lakes are there, they cannot account for the total amount of methane in the atmosphere.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/18/2004: Tigers 'at risk' from pig hunters  - BBC
12/18/2004: Blue robin in rare festive visit
  - BBC
12/18/2004: Thieves targeting gardens with rare plant - MSNBC
12/18/2004: Secrets of genetic disease hidden in clams - MSNBC
12/18/2004: Birds of a feather not related to each other - New Scientist
12/18/2004: Sibling Bird Species See Themselves In A Different Light - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/18/2004: Carbon opportunity: How the US could play a leadership role on climate change  - BBC
12/18/2004: China, Brazil reveal climate plan  - BBC
12/18/2004: Coral reefs may grow with global warming - New Scientist
12/18/2004: Testy Sea Hampers Response to Alaskan Spill  - NY Times
12/18/2004: Slide Show  - NY Times
12/18/2004: Cheers, and Concern, for New Climate Pact  - NY Times
12/18/2004: Deep Tremors Under San Andreas Fault Could Portend Earthquakes - Science Daily
12/18/2004: What Have Scientists Learned Since Mount St. Helens Erupted? - Science Daily
12/18/2004: NASA To End Free Access to SeaWiFS Images - SpaceDaily
12/18/2004: Only 21 EU countries to start pollution trading - SpaceDaily
12/18/2004: Blair pleads for greater US-EU cooperation in French article - SpaceDaily
12/18/2004: Global warming has already hit Latin America - SpaceDaily
12/18/2004: Ultrasound May Explain Solar Weather Mystery  - Wired News
12/18/2004: China's Greenhouse-gas Emissions In 1994 Triple Level Of Japan ... - FirstScience
12/18/2004: DJs, there are noise pollution laws ... - FirstScience

12/18/2004: Japan jumps on Sony's PSP - C/Net
12/18/2004: PlayStation 2 shortage frustrates more than buyers - C/Net
12/18/2004: Sony handheld selling well  - CNN
12/18/2004: Treo 650 is handy hybrid - Seattle Times
12/18/2004: Home-Brew IPod Ad Opens Eyes  - Wired News
12/18/2004: Playing the Dating Game, DS-Style  - Wired News
12/18/2004: Podcast Your World
  - Wired News

12/18/2004: In U.S., cell phone users are often all talk
- C/Net
12/18/2004: Verizon DSL not ready to go 'naked'
- C/Net
12/18/2004: Mobile multimedia slow to catch on
  - BBC
12/18/2004: Mobile cashpoints coming soon
  - BBC
12/18/2004: Special Report
  - CNN
12/18/2004: AT&T, Intel explore WiMAX together
  - El. Engr. Times
12/18/2004: Cellphones spell the end for pocket TVs
 - New Scientist
12/18/2004: Road trip finds Wi-Fi coldspots
 - Seattle Times

12/18/2004: Researchers Invent Energy-Saving Computer Chip - SpaceDaily
12/18/2004: IBM, AMD claim a better way to strain silicon - C/Net
12/18/2004: IBM, AMD boost chip speed  - CNN
12/18/2004: Evolving chip industry being reshaped by new forces  - El. Engr. Times
12/18/2004: IBM to discuss SRAM cell for the 32-nm generation  - El. Engr. Times
12/18/2004: AMD, IBM to use strained silicon refinement by mid-2005 - Silicon Strategies
12/18/2004: IMEC puts tall finFETs to work in 45-nm SRAM cell
 - Silicon Strategies
12/18/2004: Groups move atomic lithography closer to fabs
 - Silicon Strategies
12/18/2004: Silicon Ring Boosts Light Chips
  - Technology Review 
12/18/2004: Chipmakers Advance Transistor Technology
  - Wired News

12/18/2004: Lexar unveils new USB flash drive - C/Net
12/18/2004: IBM sought a China partnership, not just a sale - C/Net
12/18/2004: Lenovo's next boss - C/Net
12/18/2004: IBM's PC saga was two decades in the unmaking - Seattle Times

12/18/2004: IBM's search ambitions - C/Net
12/18/2004: Firefox surpasses 10 million download mark - C/Net
12/18/2004: P2P group launches site to combat child porn - C/Net
12/18/2004: OFT probes online grocers bills  - BBC
12/18/2004: AOL's Crumbling Walls  - Technology Review 

12/18/2004: Study: Linux beats Windows again - C/Net
12/18/2004: Grid gurus launch a start-up - C/Net
12/18/2004: Sensibile security - C/Net
12/18/2004: Downloads Are Burying CD Format  - Wired News

12/18/2004: Taking global energy quest to nano level - Silicon Strategies
12/18/2004: PGE To Make Largest-Ever Wind Power Purchase - SpaceDaily

12/18/2004: Migraines 'double' risk of stroke  - BBC

12/18/2004: Imatinib (Gleevec) Has Activity In AIDS-related Kaposi's Sarcoma - Science Daily
12/18/2004: Ritalin (Methylphenidate) Improves Attention, Behavior Of Children Surviving Leukemia, Brain Tumors - Science Daily
12/18/2004: Mayo Clinic Researchers Announce Promising Next Generation Treatments For Multiple Myeloma - Science Daily
12/18/2004: Chemo- Testing Who Will Benefit  - Wired News

12/18/2004: Dissecting flu's deadly weaponry  - BBC
12/18/2004: Plans to tackle bird flu outbreak  - BBC
12/18/2004: History's warning: Science probes 1918 lung samples in its battle with influenza  - BBC
12/18/2004: 1981:Virus baffles US doctors: Fears expressed over mystery illness  - BBC
12/18/2004: Gates gives $42.6 million to fight malaria  - CNN
12/18/2004: Gene Variants May Help Fend Off HIV Infection - Science Daily

12/18/2004: Diabetes vaccine trials to begin  - BBC
12/18/2004: The Impact Of Body Weight On The Progression Of Knee Osteoarthritis - Science Daily

12/18/2004: Donor crisis: Pakistan's trade in kidneys is unregulated - and flourishing  - BBC
12/18/2004: Does The Lack Of Sleep Make You Fat? - Science Daily
12/18/2004: A Trainer at Your Fingertips  - Wired News

History, Anthropology:
12/18/2004: Egypt unveils 2,500-year-old tomb - MSNBC
12/18/2004: Putting Earth In Rehab - SpaceDaily

12/18/2004: Senator: Mystery Spy Project Dangerous -
12/18/2004: Ellison gets holiday gift after all - C/Net
12/18/2004: Photos: Ellison celebrates - C/Net
12/18/2004: IBM sought a China partnership, not just a sale - C/Net
12/18/2004: Wow television: It's in Japan & the US, but why must Britain wait for HDTV?  - BBC
12/18/2004: Euthanasia fears fuel MPs' debate  - BBC
12/18/2004: Will your innovations work?  - CNN
12/18/2004: M.I.T. Technology Review Adopts More Serious Tone  - NY Times
12/18/2004: Two-thirds Of School-age Children Have An Imaginary Companion By Age 7 - Science Daily
12/18/2004: Pakistan, India To Discuss Agreement On Missile Tests Next Week - SpaceDaily
12/18/2004: More Questions for Florida  - Wired News
12/18/2004: Oracle Finally Snags PeopleSoft  - Wired News

12/18/2004: Blind man 'sees' emotions  - BBC
12/18/2004: The process the brain goes through to recognise a face  - BBC
12/18/2004: New hope for spine injury victims  - BBC
12/18/2004: Immune link to narcolepsy  - BBC
12/18/2004: Celebrity shots probe face recognition  - Nature
12/18/2004: New language circuit discovered in humans - New Scientist
12/18/2004: Allen center to post first brain-map data - Seattle Times
12/18/2004: AOL abandoning its strategy of exclusivity
 - Seattle Times
12/18/2004: Original approach no longer a good fit
 - Seattle Times
12/18/2004: Are We Puppets or Free Agents?
  - Wired News
12/18/2004: Celebrity Shots Probe Face Recognition
  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:

12/18/2004: First Genetic Glimpse Of Aging Kidney Offers Insights Into How Cells Grow Old - Science Daily

12/18/2004: Rensselaer Researchers Experiment With Solar Underwater Robots - Science Daily

12/18/2004: Boeing's Hopes Riding On New Heavy-Lifter - SpaceDaily
On Top of Titan's Mountain - SpaceDaily
12/18/2004: NASA Head To Resign - SpaceDaily
12/18/2004: Space 2004- Robots Versus The Right Stuff
 - SpaceDaily
12/18/2004: Few Doubts That Mars Was Once Quite Wet
 - SpaceDaily
Space News Headlines for December 14, 2004 ... - FirstScience
12/16/2004: Mars water tops science honours   - BBC
12/18/2004: Analysis: O'Keefe's Exit May Save Hubble
 - SpaceDaily
12/18/2004: Second Flyby Gets A Clearer View Of Titan
 - SpaceDaily
NASA Helps Fetal Hearts Beat Loud and Clear - Holiday Edition (12/17 - 26) ... - FirstScience

12/18/2004: Photos: Cruisin' in the cool lane - C/Net
12/18/2004: Ice Study Could Stop People Slip-Sliding Away - SpaceDaily
12/18/2004: From the Editor  - Technology Review 


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