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  December 17, 2005

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Harnessing The Heating And Cooling Powers Of The Sun - SpaceDaily  Left:  Schematic representation of the miniaturization of the ABE (Active Building Envelope) system. See whole image Credits: RPI/Van Dessel.  Developed by Steven Van Dessel, assistant professor of architecture at Rensselaer, the patented Active Building Envelope (ABE) system uses a photovoltaic (PV) system to collect and convert sunlight into electricity. That power is then delivered to a series of thermoelectric (TE) heat-pumps that are integrated into a building envelope (the walls, windows, and roof). The miniaturized system would function in a similar fashion to the original, but would use thin-film photovoltaic and thin-film thermoelectric materials instead of bulk components. The use of thin-film technologies could potentially result in extremely thin (less than ½-millimeter) ABE-surfaces. The thin-film ABE technologies are completely silent and virtually maintenance free."  
New Maps Reveal True Extent Of Human Footprint On Earth - Science Daily  Left:  Swelling global populations have made pastures and croplands an increasingly evident feature of the human landscape. Today, agricultural activity is rapidly expanding in countries in Latin America, even as practices intensify further in heavily cultivated nations such as the United States, India and China. These computer-generated maps were created by scientists at the Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  In a desperate bid to feed the world's growing population, agricultural activity now dominates more than a third of the Earth's landscape.    

Breakthrough Chip Delivers Better Digital Pictures For Less Power - Science Daily  The new designs use as few as three transistors per pixel, reserving nearly half of the pixel area for light collection. First tests on the chip show that at video rates of 30 frames per second it uses just 0.88 nanowatts per pixel—50 times less than the industry's previous best. It also trounces conventional chips in dynamic range. Existing CMOS sensors can record light 1,000 times brighter than their dimmest detectable light, a dynamic range of 1:1,000, while the Rochester technology already demonstrates a dynamic range of 1:100,000.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/17/2005: Sex hormone boost for Alzheimer's  - BBC

12/17/2005: Manatees Have Keen Hearing, Study Finds - Live Science
12/17/2005: 'Elvis' Woodpecker Draws Searchers to Arkansas ...
 - FirstScience
12/17/2005: Extinction alert for 800 species  - BBC
12/17/2005: Map: Biodiversity hotspots  - BBC
12/17/2005: Scientists make mice with human neurons - MSNBC
12/17/2005: Stem cell expert back at work ... briefly - MSNBC
12/17/2005: 9 whales, 24 dolphins die on Cape Cod - MSNBC
12/17/2005: Killer whales most toxic Arctic mammal - MSNBC

Climate, Environment:
12/17/2005: New Maps Reveal True Extent Of Human Footprint On Earth  - Science Daily
12/17/2005: Shaking Presaged Large California Earthquakes - Live Science
12/17/2005: Cut Emissions and Pump More Oil  - Wired News
12/17/2005: Nations Pledge Climate Talks  - Wired News
12/17/2005: U.S. Under Fire as World Climate Talks End ... - FirstScience
12/17/2005: Scientists Say Fissure Could Be a New Ocean ... - FirstScience
12/17/2005: FRIENDS OF THE EARTH: Historic agreement strengthens global resolve on climate change ... - FirstScience
12/17/2005: Un Conference Agrees On Future Steps To Tackle Climate Change ... - FirstScience
12/17/2005: Ailments hit Vanuatu volcano evacuee camp ... - FirstScience
12/17/2005: Cheers for climate? Were the UN climate talks really much of a triumph?  - BBC
12/17/2005: Magnetic north pole could drift to Siberia 'within 50 years'  - BBC
12/17/2005: Innovations battle natural calamities  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Scientists list 595 extinction hot spots - MSNBC
12/17/2005: Could California cope with a tsunami? - MSNBC

12/17/2005: Free B-Movies for IPod  - Wired News
12/17/2005: RIP, iPod Mini? No way, fans say  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Photos: iPod Mini  - C/Net
12/17/2005: The march of the bargains  - C/Net
12/17/2005: PalmOne GPS Navigator  - C/Net
12/17/2005: A camera that has it all? Well, almost  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Deal of the day: PalmOne GPS Navigator
  - C/Net

12/17/2005: City Plans Total Wireless Coverage
 - Live Science
12/17/2005: Can Wi-Fi make it in Manhattan?
  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Vonage to sell Wi-Fi phone
  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Phoenix suburb wants Wi-Fi for all residents
  - CNN

12/17/2005: Breakthrough Chip Delivers Better Digital Pictures For Less Power  - Science Daily


12/17/2005: E-Mail You Can't Ignore  - Technology Review 
12/17/2005: The Firefox Hacks You Must Have  - Wired News
12/17/2005: Instant threat Sneaky, chatty IM worm impresses Bill Thompson  - BBC
12/17/2005: Wikipedia joker eats humble pie  - BBC
12/17/2005: Online anti-piracy service closes  - BBC
12/17/2005: Yahoo fights naughty Answers  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Yahoo's boost for business blogs
  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Not your typical pinup calendar
  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Mozilla issues Firefox alert
  - C/Net
12/17/2005: This text will self-destruct in 40 seconds
  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Open-source antivirus tech may get commercial help
  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Yahoo works to keep Answers clean
  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Browsers to get sturdier padlocks
  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Screenshots: Padlocking IE 7
  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Court upholds sizable file-swapping fine
  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Web word processor adds PDF conversion
  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Wikipedia author: False entry was joke
  - CNN
12/17/2005: How to protect yourself from Internet crime
  - CNN
12/17/2005: Web site focuses on happy news
  - CNN

12/17/2005: Microsoft to start testing new Messenger  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Video: "The power to organize" online  - C/Net
12/17/2005: HarperCollins to begin digitizing books  - C/NetEnergy:
12/17/2005: Harnessing The Heating And Cooling Powers Of The Sun - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: Paper-Thin, Foldable Battery To Attach To Clothes - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: NEC Makes a Flexible Battery  - Wired News
12/17/2005: EU Parliament Backs Watered-Down Plans To Reduce Energy Consumption ... - FirstScience
12/17/2005: Environmentalists Using 'Syriana' in Calls for Oil Conservation ... - FirstScience

12/17/2005: Discoveries Reveal Gene Mutation That Causes Blood Disorders ... - FirstScience

12/17/2005: Colds 'may trigger child cancers'  - BBC
12/17/2005: Tea 'reduces ovarian cancer risk'  - BBC

12/17/2005: Is China Hiding Avian Influenza? - SpaceDaily

12/17/2005: Congress Goes After Meth Trade  - Wired News
12/17/2005: Cannabis drug trial death  - BBC

12/17/2005: Vioxx court case ends in mistrial  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/17/2005: Skulls shed new light on migration to Americas - MSNBC

12/17/2005: Outside View: Coping with China - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: Globe Talk- France Telecom's China leap - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: China Punishes Nearly 50,000 Corrupt Officials - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: China To Close 4,000 Small Coal Mines Annually - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: Elbaradei Calls For World Without Nuclear Weapons - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: Games Tackle Disaster Training  - Wired News
12/17/2005: TV Writers Must Sell, Sell, Sell  - Wired News
12/17/2005: Live From New York!  - Wired News
12/17/2005: Handhelds Go to School  - Wired News
12/17/2005: Lesbians Bikers Protect Turf  - Wired News
12/17/2005: Radio Telescope Has Military Uses? ... - FirstScience
12/17/2005: Scientists face research job cuts  - BBC
12/17/2005: Relationship checklistHow to prevent an argument brewing this Christmas  - BBC
12/17/2005: Patriot Act critics propose temporary extension  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Play-Doh fools fingerprint scanners  - C/Net
12/17/2005: 2005:-The IT year in quotes  - C/Net
12/17/2005: Report: China tops U.S. as No. 1 exporter of IT goods  - El. Engr. Times
12/17/2005: Fired CEOs face big 'golden parachutes'  - El. Engr. Times
12/17/2005: Cosmic Log: Grading the year in science - MSNBC
12/17/2005: Against the odds Surviving the demise of Kazakhstan's collective farms
  - BBC

12/17/2005: Parkinson's hope over 'implants'  - BBC
12/17/2005: Hope over chronic epilepsy onset  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
12/17/2005: Physicists Store And Retrieve Single Photons Between Remote Memories - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: Galactic Collisions Fast and Frequent
 - Space.com
12/17/2005: Chemists And Mathematicians Will Withstand Pressure Together ...
 - FirstScience



12/17/2005: The Methane Mystery - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: Demystifying Mars
 - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: Moon Storms
 - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: NASA Investigating Possible Oxygen Leak During Discovery Launch
 - Space.com
12/17/2005: Future of Hayabusa Asteroid Probe Looks Bleak ...
 - FirstScience
12/17/2005: Nasa probes shuttle 'oxygen leak'
  - BBC

12/17/2005: Laser Robot Welders Cut Millions From Turbine Repairs Costs - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: Magnet Lab Researcher Exploring Science Behind Commercial Applications Of Liquid Helium - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: Guangzhou Unveils New Satellite First-Aid Facilities - SpaceDaily
12/17/2005: High-Speed Microscopic Engine Found - Live Science
12/17/2005: A Ball that Won't Deflate  - Technology Review 
12/17/2005: How Safe Are Nanoparticles?  - Wired News
12/17/2005: School districts go hi-tech to teach
  - CNN
12/17/2005: E Ink, Citizen demo flexible clock
  - El. Engr. Times


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