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  December 17, 2004

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For Pure Nanotubes, Just Add Water -  Researchers from the Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have added water to the standard method of manufacturing carbon nanotubes to produce tall, dense, vertically-aligned stands of pure nanotubes. The researchers have made stands of single-wall carbon nanotubes as tall as 2.5 millimeters and 99.98 percent pure. Individual nanotubes range from one to three nanometers in diameter.      
Chilly Quaoar had a warmer past  - Nature  Ice crystals have been discovered on Quaoar, a mysterious object in the outer reaches of the Solar System. The discovery suggests that Quaoar and many similar objects could be much warmer and more geologically active than had been thought. Apart from Pluto, Quaoar is the largest known object in the Kuiper belt. The crystalline pattern means that when the ice formed, Quaoar must have been warmer than -163°C. Below that temperature, water molecules stick together in random patterns to form amorphous ice. Crystalline surface ice would be unlikely to survive bombardment by the solar wind and cosmic rays for more than about 10 million years, he points out.

Looking Through The IT Crystal Ball - SpaceDaily  Personal computer growth, by unit, is forecast to average 5.7 percent annually from 2006 through 2008, according to Gartner, half the 11.3 percent average of 2003 through 2005 and the research firm expects PC vendors to experience at least 3 lean years after 2005, with three of the top 10 vendors leaving the market by 2007. The second important trend in Asia identified by Gartner will be the growing importance of Open Source software, with 60 percent of large and mid-size government agencies in the region expected to use Open Source by 2010. The third important trend will be the rising use of VoIP and IP telephony.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/17/2004: Tracking Orangutans From The Sky - Science Daily
12/17/2004: Secrets of genetic disease hidden in clams
12/17/2004: Researchers rescuing a blue crab bounty - MSNBC
12/17/2004: Monkeys miss out on music  - Nature
12/17/2004: Birds of a feather not related to each other - New Scientist
12/17/2004: Singing In The Brain: Songs Are Stored As Snippets In The Minds Of Birds - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/17/2004: Nobel prize awarded to Kenyan environmentalist ... - FirstScience
12/17/2004: NGO stresses climate change urgency ... - FirstScience
12/17/2004: Shipwreck now a major Alaska oil spill ... - FirstScience
12/17/2004: Writer Michael Crichton says environmentalists are 'fomenting fears' about global warming ... - FirstScience
12/17/2004: WB signs greenhouse gas reduction pact ... - FirstScience
12/17/2004: Nobel prizes awarded to Kenyan environmentalist, Austrian writer, 10 scientists ... - FirstScience
12/17/2004: Notes from Anna: Without Labels ... - FirstScience
12/17/2004: Water quality at 2 beaches 'good' ... - FirstScience
12/17/2004: Nobel Winner Maathai Sounds Alarm Over Planet ... - FirstScience
12/17/2004: China, Brazil reveal climate plan  - BBC
12/17/2004: US stands firm against post-Kyoto talks - SpaceDaily
12/17/2004: U.S. Seen as Laggard at U.N. Climate Change Meeting ... - L. A. Times
12/17/2004: Bush vows to stem pollution with his plan ... - L. A. Times

12/17/2004: Handheld Gaming Goes Wireless  - Wired News
12/17/2004: Parents face video game lessons  - BBC
12/17/2004: PlayStation Portable's tough birth  - C/Net
12/17/2004: Photos: Handheld fever grips Japan  - C/Net

12/17/2004: The Call to Voice
  - Technology Review 
12/17/2004: Report: Mobile phone users double since 2000
  - CNN

12/17/2004: Apple to use Toshiba chip next year  - C/Net
12/17/2004: IBM researchers find servo control method for optics  - El. Engr. Times
12/17/2004: Toshiba, Memory-Tech propose dual-layer DVD/HD DVD disk  - El. Engr. Times
12/17/2004: Researchers Invent Energy-saving Computer Chip - Science Daily

12/17/2004: Japan partners proposed dual-layer DVD-HD disk  - El. Engr. Times
12/17/2004: Thomson to support both HD-DVD, Blu-ray Disc formats  - El. Engr. Times
12/17/2004: HP sells ultra-low priced PC in China  - CNN
12/17/2004: PC business sold by IBM for $1.25B  - CNN

12/17/2004: Yahoo Turns to Pioneering Startup to Expand into Desktop Search  - Technology Review 
12/17/2004: New Virus Steals Passwords  - Wired News
12/17/2004: Search companies vie for the desktop  - C/Net
12/17/2004: High court to take on Internet piracy  - CNN
12/17/2004: Troops Stay in Touch on Intranet  - Wired News

12/17/2004: Looking Through The IT Crystal Ball - SpaceDaily
12/17/2004: One in five buy their software via spam - New Scientist
12/17/2004: Rip it up: Music file-sharing continues to defy the obstacles  - BBC
12/17/2004: Muddy waters for Java  - C/Net
12/17/2004: New file system has long road to Windows  - C/Net
12/17/2004: Supreme Court to hear P2P case  - C/Net
12/17/2004: File Sharing Goes to High Court  - Wired News

12/17/2004: MIT, Columbia Begin New Energy Experiment: Half-ton Levitating Ring Is Key To Work - Science Daily
12/17/2004: Fusion: Stepping Closer to Reality  - Wired News

12/17/2004: Day-long Drivers At Risk Of Cardiovascular Problems As A Result Of Traffic Pollution - Science Daily
12/17/2004: Hebrew University Researcher Finds 'Sweet' Way To Help Prevent Heart Disease - Science Daily
12/17/2004: Red Wine Lovers, Take Heart: More Evidence Points To The Drink's Cardiac Health Benefits - Science Daily
12/17/2004: Scientists Align Billion-year-old Protein With Embryonic Heart Defects - Science Daily

12/17/2004: Encouraging Results From Validation Study Of Trial Of Personalized Treatment In Breast Cancer - Science Daily

12/17/2004: Malaria treatment target is found  - BBC
12/17/2004: Stigma worries: 'Like many African men I delayed getting an HIV test'  - BBC
12/17/2004: NIAID-Sponsored Clinical Trial Aims To Boost Flu Vaccine Supply - Science Daily
12/17/2004: UT Southwestern Initiating Trials In Humans For Ricin Vaccine - Science Daily

12/17/2004: NIDA Study Offers New Clues About Connection Between Cocaine Abuse, Thinking, And Decision-making - Science Daily
12/17/2004: Your Brain on Meth  - Wired News

12/17/2004: The morning after: How changing your diet can help alleviate pregnancy  - BBC sickness
12/17/2004: Mountain medics: Nepali villagers meet the doctor - some for the first time  - BBC
12/17/2004: Booze, chocolate and cake slay healthy eating message  - BBC
12/17/2004: Fathers may pass on eczema  - BBC
12/17/2004: SIDS Risk Linked To Lack Of Experience With Tummy-sleeping - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/17/2004: Ocean Tides Once Spread Massive Icebergs, According To Study - Science Daily
12/17/2004: Ice Age mammoth flute found in Germany - MSNBC
12/17/2004: Ancient gold mask going back to Peru - MSNBC
12/17/2004: Regional Recovery More Rapid Following Late Ordovician Extinction - Science Daily

12/17/2004: Physics Model Predicts Book Sales  - Technology Review 
12/17/2004: Cyber Security’s Cassandra Syndrome  - Technology Review 
12/17/2004: PowerPoint Message Is the Medium  - Wired News
12/17/2004: Keeping Love Connections Open  - Wired News
12/17/2004: Slip a Geek Book Under the Tree  - Wired News
12/17/2004: The End of TV as We Know It  - Wired News
12/17/2004: Voting Machine Company May Close  - Wired News
12/17/2004: Progress urged on nuclear waste  - BBC
12/17/2004: Driver's licenses with digital watermarks  - C/Net
12/17/2004: Net communities may be key to future of politics  - C/Net
12/17/2004: New, racier ways to advertise  - C/Net
12/17/2004: U.S. warns of terrorist lasers
12/17/2004: University that awarded MBA to cat sued  - CNN
12/17/2004: Neighbors of Burned Homes Pained by Suburban Sprawl
12/17/2004: The Last Time You Used Algebra Was?..  - NY Times
12/17/2004: Graphic: A Math Test Designed for Real Life  - NY Times
12/17/2004: Final cut for textile quotas: Poor nations no longer guaranteed work - Seattle Times
12/17/2004: 7.5 percent return looks very risky - Seattle Times
12/17/2004: For a practical kids gift, try funds - Seattle Times
12/17/2004: Partial retirement takes some work
 - Seattle Times
12/17/2004: Motherhood is valuable training for work force
 - Seattle Times
12/17/2004: Silly mistakes can jinx job prospects
 - Seattle Times
12/17/2004: Make your "5 Wishes" known
 - Seattle Times
12/17/2004: Many see big changes in workplace attitudes
 - Seattle Times
12/17/2004: Job offer with "secret" benefits is worrisome
 - Seattle Times
12/17/2004: On résumés, keep information professional, not personal
 - Seattle Times
12/17/2004: Drivers Lining Up for I-PASS
  - Wired News
12/17/2004: Hotel's Guests Embrace Iris-Recognition Technology
  - Wired News
12/17/2004: Harry Potter and the Order of the Typo
  - Wired News

12/17/2004: Smoking is bad for the brain - New Scientist
12/17/2004: Bulimic Teens Also Likely To Suffer From Depression - Science Daily
12/17/2004: Smoking Is Bad for Your Brain  - BBC
12/17/2004: Gene Discovery May Offer Clues on Depression and Treatment ... - FirstScience
12/17/2004: New Technique Scans Electrical 'Brainscape' - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/17/2004: Chilly Quaoar had a warmer past  - Nature
12/17/2004: Dusty discs girdle distant solar systems
 - New Scientist
12/17/2004: Spitzer And Hubble Capture Evolving Planetary Systems
 - Science Daily
12/17/2004: Telescopes capture planets in the making ...
 - FirstScience


12/17/2004: Robotic pods take on car design  - BBC 

12/17/2004: Europe presses ahead on sat-nav  - BBC
12/17/2004: Prometheus Pre-empted: New Nuclear Fission Missions Evaluated
12/17/2004: A Blow to NASA's Hubble Rescue ...
  - NY Times
12/17/2004: Trekking Toward Husband Hill
 - SpaceDaily
12/17/2004: Out Of Endurance
 - SpaceDaily
12/17/2004: NASA Picks Two IU Devices To Go To Mars
 - SpaceDaily
12/17/2004: NASA Selects Investigations For The Mars Science Laboratory
 - SpaceDaily

12/17/2004: For Pure Nanotubes, Just Add Water -
12/17/2004: Brainwave to Save Sleepy Drivers  - Wired News
12/17/2004: Flash memory coaxes audiobooks out of the '70s  - C/Net
12/17/2004: Nanotube suppliers accused of selling shoddy goods  - Nature
12/17/2004: Construction of world's tallest tower to begin - New Scientist
12/17/2004: A microscopic "fountain pen" - PhysicsWeb


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