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  December 16, 2005

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A Jekyll-and-Hyde View of Mars - Space.com   Both Spirit and Opportunity uncovered geologic evidence of a wet past, a sign that ancient Mars may have been hospitable to life. But new findings reveal the Red Planet was also once such a hostile place that the environment may have prevented life from developing. The sedimentary rocks in the Martian plains where Opportunity landed also painted a picture of a past environment some 3 billion to 4 billion years ago that fluctuated between being very acidic and arid.    
More Fossil Fuels = 14 Degree Hike In Temperature - SpaceDaily   Left:  LLNL carbon cycle model simulation showing projected emission levels in 2300.  If humans continue to use fossil fuels in a business as usual manner for the next several centuries, the polar ice caps will be depleted, ocean sea levels will rise by seven meters and median air temperatures will soar 14.5 degrees warmer than current day. By using a coupled climate and carbon cycle model to look at global climate and carbon cycle changes, the scientists found that the earth would warm by 8 degrees Celsius (14.5 degrees Fahrenheit) if humans use the entire planet's available fossil fuels by the year 2300. 

 Temperate Forests Could Worsen Global Warming - SpaceDaily  Left:  New climate modeling research from the Carnegie Institution and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory shows that northern temperate forests (top) may contribute to global warming, while tropical forests (bottom) can help keep global temperatures cool.  Growing a forest might sound like a good idea to combat global warming, since trees draw carbon dioxide from the air and release cool water from their leaves. But they also absorb sunlight, warming the air in the process. According to a new study from the Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, planting forests at certain latitudes could make the Earth warmer.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/16/2005:Alzheimer's Disease Prevention May Be Easier Than Cure - Science Daily

12/16/2005:The Science of Sea Monsters - Space.com
12/16/2005:Body louse genome sequencing begins ...
 - FirstScience
12/16/2005:Nanosensor Uses Quantum Dots to Detect DNA ... - FirstScience
12/16/2005:Arctic orcas highly contaminated  - BBC
12/16/2005:Plants, Too, Have Ways To Manage Freeloaders - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/16/2005:More Fossil Fuels = 14 Degree Hike In Temperature - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:Temperate Forests Could Worsen Global Warming - SpaceDaily 
12/16/2005:Nations Pledge Climate Talks  - Wired News
12/16/2005:Bush 'Flat Wrong' on Kyoto  - Wired News
12/16/2005:UN climate conference adopts two-track approach on global warming ... - FirstScience
12/16/2005:District Assemblies schooled in conservation issues ... - FirstScience
12/16/2005:Climate Talks Agreement ... - FirstScience
12/16/2005:Human health under threat from ecosystem degradation: WHO ... - FirstScience
12/16/2005:U.S. Agrees to More Talks on Global Warming ... - FirstScience
12/16/2005:Bill Clinton a Surprise Guest at Climate Conference ... - FirstScience
12/16/2005:Vanuatu Volcano Activity Eases; Evacuees Seek Food ... - FirstScience
12/16/2005:Cheers for climate- Were the UN climate talks really much of a triumph?  - BBC
12/16/2005:Dirty trade deal: Do the Hong Kong trade talks threaten fish and forests?  - BBC
12/16/2005:U.S., Under Fire, Eases Its Stance in Climate Talks  - NY Times
12/16/2005:Record Drought Cripples Life Along the Amazon  - NY Times
12/16/2005:Glacial Gains in Global Talks on Cleaner Air  - NY Times
12/16/2005:Alaska's Columbia Glacier Continues On Disintegration Course - Science Daily
12/16/2005:What Is A Cloud? Scientists Still Searching For A Clear-sky Definition - Science Daily
12/16/2005:Glacial Pace Of Erosion Not So Slow

12/16/2005:Movement Of Earth's North Magnetic Pole Speeds Up
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:Italy Reviews Environmental Impact Of Rail Link With France
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:Providing GMES Services At The Ends Of The Earth
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:Prelude To An Earthquake?
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:Environmental Damage Threatens Human Health
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:Iran Restricts Car Use In Smoke-Choked Capital
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:China Waking Up To Environmental Cost Of Fast Growth
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:Pollution Density In North China River Down
 - SpaceDaily

12/16/2005:How to pick the right electronics gift this holiday - Seattle Times
12/16/2005:Gifts that gadget gurus will love - Seattle Times
12/16/2005:Cheaper Small Purchases  - Technology Review 
12/16/2005:Games Xboxers Play  - Technology Review 
12/16/2005: A Peek at Tomorrow's Coolest Tech - Business Week
12/16/2005:Advertisers horn in on podcast popularity - Seattle Times
12/16/2005:Listen up: Beware of "iPod finger"
 - Seattle Times

12/16/2005:Skype Talk
  - Technology Review 
12/16/2005:China's rich fuel mobile revolution
  - BBC
12/16/2005:Viewers 'should not fund digital'
  - BBC
12/16/2005:AOL's Muffled Voice
 - Business Week
12/16/2005:Philips bringing cell phone TV to states
- C/Net
12/16/2005:Sprint to offer full-length movie downloads
- C/Net

12/16/2005:Breakthrough Chip Delivers Better Digital Pictures For Less Power - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005: Solving the Superspeed Dilemma - Business Week

12/16/2005:2nd hard drive must be formatted, partitioned - Seattle Times
12/16/2005:Resolve to back up your drive - Seattle Times
12/16/2005:Computing's Next Generation: For the first time in years, hardware startups are trying to break into the market. Their gambit? Inexpensive special-purpose machines - Business Week
12/16/2005:A Big Software Platform Hoax - Business Week

12/16/2005:Knowing the enemy within - Seattle Times
12/16/2005:Storage for a Song  - Technology Review 
12/16/2005:Mapmaking at Microsoft  - Technology Review 
12/16/2005:Spend Money While You Earn It  - Wired News
12/16/2005:French Open-Source Plan Draws Ire  - Wired News
12/16/2005:Website advice for long-term sick  - BBC
12/16/2005:US warns of fake net domain data
  - BBC
12/16/2005:A TV star is born on the Net on $20 a day
  - NY Times
12/16/2005:Wikipedia Becomes Internet Force, Faces Crisis
 - SpaceDaily

12/16/2005:A Music File by Any Other Name  - Wired News
12/16/2005:Audiophiles Unite! Draws Feedback  - Wired News
12/16/2005:Digital bookworms Fresh determination for libraries to embrace digital age  - BBC
12/16/2005:A little sleuthing unmasks writer of Wikipedia prank  - NY Times

12/16/2005:Accepting Nobel, ElBaradei Urges a Rethinking of Nuclear Strategy  - NY Times

12/16/2005:CDC: Older Baby Boomers Plagued by High Blood Pressure and Obesity - Space.com
12/16/2005:Breakthrough In Unravelling The Causes Of Sudden Cardiac Death In Young People - Science Daily


12/16/2005:Are U.S. Flu Death Figures More PR Than Science? ... - Science Daily

12/16/2005:Targeted checks pick up diabetes  - BBC
12/16/2005:Scientists Push Forward Understanding Of Multiple Sclerosis - Science Daily
12/16/2005:Study Shows Combination Of Immune Substances To Be Safe - Science Daily

12/16/2005:Japan relaxes ban on US beef  - BBC
12/16/2005:Keeping fit: How Sweden is managing to stay healthier than the UK  - BBC
12/16/2005:How to tell when oxygen is a patient's worst enemy - New Scientist
12/16/2005:Transplanting a face is only half the challenge - New Scientist
12/16/2005:Patients should be told if medical implants may be faulty - New Scientist
12/16/2005:UCSD Researchers Report Results Of Children's Backpack Study - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/16/2005:The Dwindling Refuges of Creationism - Slate
12/16/2005:Grisly debt The legacy modern medicine owes to the body snatchers  - BBC
12/16/2005:Rare glimpse of life in a medieval menagerie - New Scientist
12/16/2005:21st Century Science Harnessed To Help Preserve Historic Buildings - Science Daily

12/16/2005:Verizon latest to cut pensions - Seattle Times
12/16/2005:EADS Says A320 Contract With China Worth 7-8 Billion Dollars - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:Anti-Terrorist Trash Cans  - Technology Review 
12/16/2005:Congress Goes After Meth Trade  - Wired News
12/16/2005:GAME Is No Dance Revolution  - Wired News
12/16/2005:Intel: Poor Want 'Real' Computers  - Wired News
12/16/2005:Hybrid Trams Will Roam Rome  - Wired News
12/16/2005:Ogre to Slay? Outsource It to China  - NY Times
12/16/2005:Power Costs Could Outstrip Hardware Cost  - Wired News
12/16/2005:NHS warned to 'reform or go bust'  - BBC
12/16/2005:China overtakes U.S. as supplier of IT goods - C/Net
12/16/2005:Researchers Develop Broad Spectrum Defense Against Germ Warfare - Science Daily
12/16/2005:No need for more oil, OPEC chief says - Seattle Times
12/16/2005:India Sees New Jobs As US Tech Giants Cash In - SpaceDaily  

12/16/2005:How Ambiguity Messes with Our Brains - Space.com

Physics and Astronomy: - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:Physicists Show Quantum Storage Of Single Photons
12/16/2005:Zeiss And Max Planck Go Develop Optical Tech For James Webb Space Telescope
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:Hubble tracks shockwaves escaping newborn star ...
 - FirstScience
12/16/2005:Magnet Lab Researcher Exploring Science Behind Commercial Applications Of Liquid Helium
 - Science Daily



12/16/2005:A Jekyll-and-Hyde View of Mars - Space.com
12/16/2005:Space Sports Closer to Reality
 - Seattle Times
12/16/2005:Solar Power Chart For Mars Rovers
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:Paving The Way For Women To Mars
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2005:Here Comes Happy Kitty
  - Wired News
12/16/2005:Space Travel Studied at North Pole ...
 - FirstScience
12/16/2005:Researchers Press NASA for UFO Files ...
 - FirstScience
12/16/2005:Editorial: Physics' greatest endeavour is grinding to a halt

12/16/2005:Flashless Photography  - Technology Review 
12/16/2005:Little Engine That Could  - Wired News
12/16/2005:He finds prints charming - Seattle Times
12/16/2005:Fears grow that tiny particles may pose major health risks - Seattle Times


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