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  December 16, 2004

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Mobility Merger: Blurring the Line Between Driver and Vehicle -   Seamless transformation between vehicle and human movement, minimizing occupied space; Variable positioning: upright for low-speed, reclining to provde a low center-of-gravity for high-speed; Drive-by-wire and intuitive handling, with a river support system utilizing sound, light and vibration to facilitate interactive communication; and Intelligent Transport System technology to permit safe and efficient autopilot driving. 
Climate: The Tropospheric Data Do Conform - SpaceDaily  Global warming skeptics for some time have been using as a scientific linchpin data that suggest temperatures in the lower atmosphere are rising more slowly than those at the surface For warming skeptics, however, the tropospheric data are the climate science World Series. They meet every challenge to the data with a furious counterassault, but the latest such challenge puts the skeptics down three games to one. This finding conflicted with climate models, which predicted the two should be warming at more or less the same rate. The discrepancy dealt a potentially serious blow to the contention that Earth's climate is experiencing a warming that is greater than historic variation. The latest review, however, seems to show the troposphere is, in fact, warming at the rate predicted by the computer climate models.   

Antarctica, Noaa

Cold front: Could climate change help flip the Earth into another ice age?  - BBC  With global warming taking centre stage in the climate change debate, the idea that Earth might be heading towards an ice age seems outdated. Yet scientists studying microfossils from deep-sea cores have discovered that we may still have much to learn about the cycles of ice advance and retreat that have affected Earth for a million years. Although the current human-induced high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere are unprecedented in the recent geological record,  it's possible the changes we are making by pumping CO2 into the atmosphere could ultimately help usher in the next ice age.         
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/16/2004: I Won't Take the Cod, Thank You  - Wired News
12/16/2004: Tool use confirmed in monkeys
  - BBC
12/16/2004: Scientists watch wild monkeys using tools - MSNBC
12/16/2004: Lonely whale's song remains a mystery - New Scientist
12/16/2004: A New Tiger Subspecies? - Science Daily
12/16/2004: Researchers Compare Chicken, Human Genomes: Analysis Of First Avian Genome Uncovers Differences Between Birds And Mammals - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/16/2004: Climate: The Tropospheric Data Do Conform - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: Cold front: Could climate change help flip the Earth into another ice age?  - BBC
12/16/2004: What Have Scientists Learned Since Mount St. Helens Erupted - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: Direct Link Discoverd Between Agricultural Runoff And Algal Blooms In Sea - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: Climate Change - Disappointment over Union's 'Arctic' countries ... - FirstScience
12/16/2004: Climate Change - Green group fires up energy firms in row over renewables ... - FirstScience
12/16/2004: Climate Change - Global warming main threat to coral reefs ... - FirstScience
12/16/2004: Climate Change - Carbon border taxes could be brought out of the freezer ... - FirstScience
12/16/2004: Climate Change - 'We need more renewable energy', says commissioner ... - FirstScience
12/16/2004: Climate Change - Dimas cites 'moral duty' on global warming ... - FirstScience
12/16/2004: Deforestation upsets RP ecological stability ... - FirstScience
12/16/2004: Climate Change - Post-2012- time to take Kyoto further ... - FirstScience
12/16/2004: OPEC Thwarts Climate Aid for Poor Nations - WWF ... - FirstScience
12/16/2004: Environmentalist Defends Nobel Peace Prize ... - FirstScience
12/16/2004: Tremors may signal California quakes - MSNBC
12/16/2004: Study Urges Caution In Contaminant Source Tracking - Science Daily
12/16/2004: Researchers Discover Direct Link Between Agricultural Runoff And Massive Algal Blooms In The Sea - Science Daily
12/16/2004: Deep Tremors Under San Andreas Fault Could Portend Earthquakes - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: Can Kyoto help? Experts clash on the way we should tackle climate change
  - BBC

12/16/2004: A Gift Guide for Game Geeks  - Wired News
12/16/2004: The gadget gap  - C/Net
12/16/2004: Holiday technoshopping? Get your list out  - C/Net
12/16/2004: Lacklustre Bond Goldeneye: Rogue Agent game fails to shake or stir  - BBC
12/16/2004: Microsoft plays games with Tablet PC  - BBC
12/16/2004: The gadget gap  - BBC

12/16/2004: The Call to Voice
  - Technology Review 
12/16/2004: Mobiles quiz hi-tech posters for travel safety advice
  - BBC
12/16/2004: EU probes mobile phone call costs
  - BBC
12/16/2004: Cell phones aloft: The inevitable is closer
  - C/Net
12/16/2004: New worry for phones: tight pants
  - BBC
12/16/2004: Tinsel knocks out wireless network
  - BBC

12/16/2004: Intel Research seeks ways to put computer intelligence into everyday objects - Science Daily

12/16/2004: Disney Joins Blu-Ray Team  - Wired News
12/16/2004: IBM's path to China  - C/Net
12/16/2004: HP rolls out ultra-low-priced PC in China  - BBC
12/16/2004: Microsoft plays games with Tablet PC

12/16/2004: Browsers face Net threats  - C/Net
12/16/2004: AOL locks out IM users  - C/Net
12/16/2004: Searching for Google  - C/Net
12/16/2004: Sharman exec calls child porn unstoppable  - C/Net
12/16/2004: Yahoo! takes a partner for desktop-search fray - Seattle Times
12/16/2004: Spam e-mails tempt net shoppers  - BBC
12/16/2004: Click off Will the dark side of the web damage online confidence?
  - BBC
12/16/2004: Spam-happy shoppers love stolen software
  - BBC
12/16/2004: Google offers a suggestion
  - BBC
12/16/2004: Yahoo to test desktop search
  - BBC

12/16/2004: Appeals court ponders Microsoft patent case  - C/Net
12/16/2004: LCD monitors outsold CRTs in Q3, says DisplaySearch  - El. Engr. Times

12/16/2004: Progress urged on nuclear waste  - BBC

12/16/2004: Fingertips Can Predict Heart Disease  - Wired News
12/16/2004: Novel Gene Transfer Prevents Hypertension-Related Enlarged Heart, Cardiac Fibrosis - Science Daily
12/16/2004: Drinking Water Could Be Beneficial To Patients With Low Blood Pressure - Science Daily

12/16/2004: Child cancers steadily increasing  - BBC
12/16/2004: Folic acid link to breast cancer  - BBC
12/16/2004: New Breast Cancer Study Shows Hormonal Therapy Not Enough - Science Daily
12/16/2004: Novel P53 Gene-based Therapy Boosts Immune System And Reduces Tumor Size - Science Daily

12/16/2004: Quick Bird Flu Test Developed  - Wired News
12/16/2004: Antibiotic is better drug for TB  - BBC


12/16/2004: Aligned Nanotubes Accommodate Bone  - Technology Review 
12/16/2004: Low Carb Science ... - FirstScience
12/16/2004: Stanford Study Links Obesity To Hormonal Changes From Lack Of Sleep - Science Daily
12/16/2004: Piercings Are A Girl’s Best Friend? Body Art Study Shows Gender Preferences - Science Daily
12/16/2004: Before Using That Shampoo, Read The Label- Pitt Study Finds Common Ingredient Affects Developing Neurons Of Rats
12/16/2004: Staying slim: How can you avoid piling on the pounds over Christmas?  - BBC
12/16/2004: Ultrasound may make bone checkups routine  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/16/2004: Ocean Tides Once Spread Massive Icebergs: Study - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: Sacrificial Burial Deepens Mystery At Teotihuacan, But Confirms The City's Militarism - Science Daily

12/16/2004: China flexes increasing muscle for global deals - Science Daily
12/16/2004: Treasury Secretary Snow stays on for second term - Seattle Times
12/16/2004: Martha Stewart to get more TV time after doing time - Seattle Times
12/16/2004: Fannie Mae has agreed to forfeit $7.5 million - Seattle Times
12/16/2004: Schwinn's hard bump in the road - Seattle Times
12/16/2004: Japan Drops Plan On Long-Range Missile After Ally Protests - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: US To Spend $85 Million On First Missile Defense Test In Two Years - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: NASA Takes UAV Flight Tests To Idaho Desert Lands - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: What Price Privacy?  - Wired News
12/16/2004: Photo Site a Hit With Bloggers  - Wired News
12/16/2004: RSS: Show Me the Money  - Wired News
12/16/2004: Why Nerds Are Unpopular  - Wired News
12/16/2004: Digital Border Checks Speed Queues  - Wired News
12/16/2004: Offshore outsourcing set for a big year?  - C/Net
12/16/2004: Atheist says science has changed his mind - MSNBC
12/16/2004: IBM newcomers to get only 401(k) plan - Seattle Times
12/16/2004: Japan To Exempt Joint Missile Development With US From Arms Ban- Reports
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: Kenyan collects Nobel peace prize
  - BBC
12/16/2004: Spitting mad - India's snake charmers march on state assembly
  - BBC
12/16/2004: Thomson to enter HD DVD market
  - BBC

12/16/2004: Prozac is risky for children too  - BBC
12/16/2004: Employees Bring Bad Moods Home, But They Disappear By Morning - Science Daily
12/16/2004: Small Study Shows SAMe May Improve Treatment Of Depression - Science Daily
12/16/2004: Non-Invasive Brain-Computer Interface Offers More Control Than Once Thought

Physics and Astronomy:
12/16/2004: 12.09.04 - Spitzer And Hubble Capture Planetary Systems Two observatories have provided astronomers an unprece ... - NASA
12/16/2004: Spitzer, Hubble Get Planet-Building 'Snapshots' ...
12/16/2004: Did Our Sun Capture Alien Worlds? Close Encounter May Explain Some Objects Beyond Neptune
 - Science Daily
12/16/2004: Spitzer And Hubble Capture Evolving Planetary Systems
 - SpaceDaily

12/16/2004: Save Up Your Energy Reserves For A Longer Life! - Science Daily


12/16/2004: Space Nuclear Power Spotlighted in Public Meetings -
12/16/2004: Recommended Hubble Repair Mission Gets Measured Response from Congress
12/16/2004: Panel: Robot Won't Save Hubble  - Wired News
12/16/2004: Feeding Astronauts on Mars-Bound Missions -
12/16/2004: Private Spaceshot Date Approaching  - Wired News
12/16/2004: Is It Time to Scrap SETI? ... - ABC
12/16/2004: Congress OKs private-spaceflight bill  - C/Net
12/16/2004: Japan To Resume Rocket Launches After Spy Satellite Flop
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: Travelling To Mars In Your Dreams? - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: A Nuclear-Powered Mission To Neptune? - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: Outer C Ring Detail
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: Europe presses ahead on sat-nav  - BBC
12/16/2004: What Next for NASA- O'Keefe Leaves in Good Stead, But Agency Remains Troubled ...
 - New Scientist
12/16/2004: Cassini Completes Titan Flyby
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: Trekking Toward Husband Hill
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: First Flyby Of Dione
 - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: NASA Set To Launch First Comet Impact Probe
 - SpaceDaily

12/16/2004: Mobility Merger: Blurring the Line Between Driver and Vehicle -
12/16/2004: Robotic pods take on car design  - BBC
12/16/2004: Software Tool Finds 'Needles' In Data 'Haystacks' - Science Daily
12/16/2004: Nanotubes Glow, Even In Biological Cells - SpaceDaily
12/16/2004: Building a Gigapixel-Sized Image - SpaceDaily


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