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  December 15, 2005

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Russia's Next Spaceship: Alternative to NASA's CEV - Space.com   "We're starting to design this new transportation system to support the International Space Station (ISS) once it's complete," said Nikolay Sevastiyanov, president of the Russian aerospace contractor RSC-Energia. The winged crew vehicle, Clipper, would launch atop a Russian Soyuz 2-3 booster and could form the heart of potential Moon- or Mars-bound craft, according to RSC-Energia designs.    
Earth's First Comet Samples Soon to be Delivered ... - FirstScience  Stardust's voyage in space is near its end, but its cargo - the world's first cometary and interstellar dust samples - has begun its two year journey on Earth, which ends on a cold early morning on the floor of a frozen dry lakebed. After successfully collecting particles of Comet Wild 2 on Jan. 2, 2004, Stardust's Sample Return Capsule reenters Earth's atmosphere and parachutes through the darkened sky on Jan. 15, 2006. The capsule touches down at approximately 3:15 a.m. (local time) within the Utah Test and Training Range.     

First Experiments On National Ignition Facility Validate Computer Simulations On Road To Ignition - Science Daily  Left:  A tiny gold-plated cylinder called a hohlraum holds the deuterium-tritium fuel capsule in the National Ignition Facility target chamber, where the energy from 192 high-powered lasers is converted to thermal X-rays. The X-rays heat and ablate the plastic surface of the ignition capsule, causing a rocket-like pressure on the capsule and forcing it to implode and ignite. (Image courtesy of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) NIF, which is more than 80 percent complete, is a 10-story building in which 192 laser beams are focused on a tiny target inside a 30-foot diameter aluminum-lined chamber. Eight beams already have been commissioned. When fully operational (currently scheduled for mid-2009), NIF will be used to study and achieve ignition.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/15/2005:David v Goliath Opponents struggling to prevent genetically modified cotton in Mali  - BBC
12/15/2005:Fearsome Rwandan elephant prompts US travel warning
  - BBC
12/15/2005:New system used toselect dolphin sex - MSNBC
12/15/2005:UK stem-cell bank needs 150 deposits  - Nature
12/15/2005:Buckyballs could disrupt functioning of DNA - New Scientist
12/15/2005:Scene set in California for battle over stem cell funding - New Scientist
12/15/2005:New Criticism Rages Over South Korean Cell Research  - NY Times
12/15/2005:California's Stem Cell Program Is Hobbled but Staying the Course  - NY Times
12/15/2005:DNA pyramids make their debut - PhysicsWeb
12/15/2005:What To Sequence Next: Pick One Species At A Time - Science Daily
12/15/2005:'Computer-chemistry' Yields New Insight Into A Puzzle Of Cell Division - Science Daily
12/15/2005:Similar Stem Cells In Insect And Human Gut - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/15/2005:UN poised for new climate talks  - BBC
12/15/2005:Black mark Satellites reveal Europe's pollution hotspots  - BBC
12/15/2005:Forgotten victims: A UK doctor warns the world must help quake survivors now  - BBC
12/15/2005:Last-minute climate deals reached  - BBC
12/15/2005:Travel sick: China's choking pollution and one city's fight to tackle it  - BBC
12/15/2005:Muted hello for XBox 360 in Japan  - BBC
12/15/2005:Innovations battle natural calamities  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Week in pictures: Planetary hues, bird's-eye views  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Robot documents Katrina's power  - CNN
12/15/2005:Gallery  - CNN
12/15/2005:U.N.takes 2-track approach on warming - MSNBC
12/15/2005:Rumblings can point to future earthquakes - MSNBC
12/15/2005:Scientists watch for birth of a new sea - MSNBC
12/15/2005:U.S., Under Fire, Eases Its Stance in Climate Talks  - NY Times
12/15/2005:New Models Of Weather Pattern - Science Daily
12/15/2005:Movement Of Earth's North Magnetic Pole Accelerating Rapidly - Science Daily

12/15/2005:Xbox 360 seeks to win over Japan  - BBC
12/15/2005:Touchdown: Do EA's sport titles for the Xbox 360 break new ground?-  - BBC
12/15/2005: Video Games Go to the Movies - Business Week
12/15/2005: Game Preview: Samurai Champloo - Business Week
12/15/2005: Game Review: Aeon Flux - Business Week
12/15/2005:Photos- Gizmos made in Japan  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Ogre to slay? Outsource it to China
  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Gartner: IT managers should use Xbox
  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Nintendo van hits San Francisco
  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Video games go to the movies
 - Business Week

12/15/2005:Cell Phones, Driving Don't Mix
 - Science Daily

12/15/2005:A Chill in Intel's Festive Season: The chip giant looks set for a solid quarter. Trouble is, there are worrying signs ahead - Business Week
12/15/2005:Flash memory taking over the world?  - NY Times
12/15/2005:Toshiba builds 128-Mbit capacitorless DRAM  - El. Engr. Times
12/15/2005:Samsung develops 8-gigabyte memory module  - El. Engr. Times

12/15/2005: Can This Really Be Hewlett-Packard? - Business Week
12/15/2005:Weird USB drives previewed  - C/Net

12/15/2005:Song sites face legal crackdown  - BBC
12/15/2005:Big gamble Online poker is lucrative for some, but the risks can be huge  - BBC
12/15/2005:Net 'luring Christmas shoppers'  - BBC
12/15/2005:Video: "The power to organize" online  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Unpatched Firefox 1.5 exploit made public  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Google takes the bus  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Clogger of P2P networks to shut down
  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Worms and holes and exploits, oh my
  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Mozilla launches Firefox flicks campaign
  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Internet May Be Answer To Mammography Crisis
 - Science Daily

12/15/2005:Sony repentant over CD debacle  - BBC
12/15/2005:Pirates stunting software growth  - C/Net
12/15/2005:53 comments  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Calling all coders  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Court rules against mom in download suit  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Mozilla launches Firefox flicks campaign  - C/Net

12/15/2005:First Experiments On National Ignition Facility Validate Computer Simulations On Road To Ignition  - Science Daily
12/15/2005:New recruits are sniffing out a career in the nuclear industry  - BBC

12/15/2005:Mayo Clinic Researchers Find Hole In Heart Does Not Make Stroke Inevitable - Science Daily

12/15/2005:Lung cancer drug 'gets go-ahead'  - BBC
12/15/2005:Women With Breast Cancer Face Increased Risk Of Developing A Second Cancer - Science Daily
12/15/2005:Advances May Enable On-the-spot Prostate Cancer Treatment - Science Daily
12/15/2005:Backyard Garden May Yield Leukemia Treatment - Science Daily

12/15/2005:Ageing population 'to strain NHS'  - BBC
12/15/2005:Wide-spread Use Of Intranasal Flu Vaccine Does Not Show Unexpected Serious Risks - Science Daily
12/15/2005:Performing Monkeys In Asia Carry Viruses That Could Jump Species To Humans - Science Daily

12/15/2005:New 'Eye Movement' Test May Help Treat Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - Science Daily

12/15/2005:Hidden hazards: Could you be putting your family at risk over the holidays-  - BBC
12/15/2005:End of life A bereaved daughter backs calls for better palliative care  - BBC
12/15/2005:Tufts Professor Chews On The Nutrition-oral Health Connection - Science Daily
12/15/2005:Study Links Progressive Aphasia Syndrome To Prion Gene - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/15/2005:Jungle Discovery Opens New Chapter In Maya History - Science Daily

12/15/2005:UK 'cover-up' on Israel's nukes  - BBC
12/15/2005: AMD's Asian Thrust - Business Week
12/15/2005:Former exec admits stealing trade secrets - Business Week
12/15/2005:How to say 'sick as a parrot' in German - Business Week  - NY Times
12/15/2005:Prize in Indian talent search: A year on Bill Gates' team
12/15/2005:Video: A video slam-dunk  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Police blotter: Nude 'profile' yields Yahoo suit  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Consumers snap up LCD monitors  - C/Net
12/15/2005:NBA to create huge digital archive  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Photos: Full-court press for NBA video  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Worker privacy: You have none  - Wired News
12/15/2005:Best of 2005 - Business Week
12/15/2005:Getting 'reasonable returns' on invested capital  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Science crashes into 2005s social debates - MSNBC
12/15/2005:Sex and the single artist - New Scientist

12/15/2005:'Jekyll and Hyde' dementia clue  - BBC
12/15/2005:Hope over chronic epilepsy onset  - BBC
12/15/2005:Measuring stress with spit  - C/Net

Physics and Astronomy:
12/15/2005:US group proposes Neptune mission  - BBC

12/15/2005:The oldest person in the UK dies at the age of 113  - BBC
12/15/2005:Ageing population 'to strain NHS'
  - BBC


12/15/2005:Earth's First Comet Samples Soon to be Delivered ... - FirstScience
Russia's Next Spaceship: Alternative to NASA's CEV - Space.com
12/15/2005:US group proposes Neptune mission
  - BBC
12/15/2005:NASA seeks help from private rocketeers
12/15/2005:Laser beams message between satellites
 - New Scientist
12/15/2005:Cassini's Photo Album From A Season Of Icy Moons
 - Science Daily
12/15/2005:Opportunity Celebrates One Mars Year
 - SpaceDaily
12/15/2005:Spirit Studying Algonquin
 - SpaceDaily
12/15/2005:First Member Of Galileo Satellite Family To Be Launched 26 December
 - SpaceDaily
12/15/2005:Engineers Fix Robotic Arm on Mars Rover ...
 - L. A. Times
12/15/2005:Asteroid probe's return delayed by 3 years ...
 - ABC
12/15/2005:The conned cosmonauts get scientific ...
 - FirstScience

12/15/2005:'Nearly two thirds' watch digital  - BBC
12/15/2005:Digital dreams: Macedonian magic lures Hollywood movie-makers  - BBC
12/15/2005:High-tech animation in indies' grasp  - C/Net
12/15/2005:Warped geometry speeds airline boarding  - Nature
12/15/2005:Chameleon scarf coordinates with your outfit - New Scientist
12/15/2005:Architects plan kilometre-high skyscraper - New Scientist


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