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  December 15, 2004

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Russia Reveals New Missile Threat - SpaceDaily  Left:  "Russian news reports said at least some of the planes will now be re-equipped with a new smaller missile which in Russian is called OFAB-500 and which carries a massive cluster bomb weighing 515 kilograms (1,130 pounds)."  Russia revealed Monday it was fitting its strategic bombers with cruise missiles - capable of delivering massive precision strikes thousands of kilometers away - giving the first clear hint of its post-Cold War military strategy. Putin declared last month that Russia had "conducted tests of the latest nuclear rocket systems" in a cryptic comment that puzzled military strategists but seemed aimed at Washington and its mooted missile defense shield that Moscow considers illegal.    
Earthlings' Low Signal-To-Noise? - SpaceDaily  If ET ever phones home, chances are Earthlings wouldn't recognize the call as anything other than random noise or a star. New research shows that highly efficient electromagnetic transmissions from our neighbors in space would resemble the thermal radiation emitted by stars. University of Michigan physicist Mark Newman, along with biologist Michael Lachmann and computer scientist Cristopher Moore, have extended the pioneering 1940s research of Claude Shannon to electromagnetic transmissions in a paper published last month in the American Journal of Physics called, "The Physical Limits of Communication, or Why any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from noise."     

Mars Rovers Spot Water-Clue Mineral, Frost - SpaceDaily  Scientists have identified a water-signature mineral called goethite in bedrock that the NASA's Mars rover Spirit examined in the "Columbia Hills," one of the mission's surest indicators yet for a wet history on Spirit's side of Mars. Goethite forms only in the presence of water, whether in liquid, ice or gaseous form. Hematite, a mineral that had previously been identified in Columbia Hills bedrock, usually, but not always, forms in the presence of water. "In the lower portion of the cliff, the layers show very strong indications that they were last transported by wind, not by water like some layers higher up." 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/15/2004:†Chickenís gene code cracked - MSNBC
12/15/2004:†Strange-voiced whale wanders Pacific
12/15/2004:†Experts say pygmy chimp may be near extinction - MSNBC
12/15/2004:†Gorillas pay last respects to companion - MSNBC
12/15/2004:†Hungry monkeys can dig it  - Nature
12/15/2004:†Silkworm genome gets solid coverage  - Nature
12/15/2004:†Chickens join the genome club  - Nature
12/15/2004:†The dog genome: A researcher's best friend  - Nature
12/15/2004:†Complete chicken genome map revealed - New Scientist
12/15/2004:†Zebrafish Study Yields Observation Of Muscle Formation - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Scientists Uncover Clues To The Mystery Of 'Gene Deserts' - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/15/2004:†How shifting sands could swallow you up - MSNBC
12/15/2004:†Deep tremors linked to San Andreas quakes - New Scientist
12/15/2004:†Blair seeks new global climate pact with Bush  - Yahoo
12/15/2004:†Fragmented Habitats No Ultimate Refuges For Forest-dwelling Tropical Birds - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Carbon Sink Or Carbon Source? Aerosols Play Significant Role In Shifts - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Impact Of 2002 Canadian Forest Fires Felt 700 Miles Away In Baltimore, Maryland - Science Daily

12/15/2004:†It's a Happy Electronics Holiday - Business Week
12/15/2004:†Gifts for Your Ears - Business Week
12/15/2004:†Nintendo ups shipments of DS game console  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Remember Roomba? Holiday shoppers do  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Sacre bleu! Learning French with the iPod  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Invasion of the MP3 players  - CNN

12/15/2004:†Cable's Wireless Dreams
 - Business Week
12/15/2004:†Nokia: 2 billion cell phone users by 2006
  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Vonage goes to the video
  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Flashing Xmas lights down DSL connections
  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Siemens claims gigabit wireless breakthrough
  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†mmO2 'super' 3G due next summer
  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Report: Mobile phone users double since 2000
  - CNN
12/15/2004:†Cell phone calls in flight?
  - CNN
12/15/2004:†Wireless network smashes world speed record
 - New Scientist

12/15/2004:†Samsung ships 512-Mbit GDDR3 DRAM samples  - El. Engr. Times
12/15/2004:†Purdue Engineers Create Model For Testing Transistor Reliability - Science Daily

12/15/2004:†Big Blue's Bold Step into China - Business Week
12/15/2004:†A Long and Winding Road to Lenovo - Business Week
12/15/2004:†Where Lenovo Sees "Unique Opportunity" - Business Week
12/15/2004:†Will you buy an IBM computer?  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Dell's 'scalable' strategy  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†IBM customers wary of change in wake of Lenovo deal  - C/Net

12/15/2004:†Accoona: Should Google Worry? - Business Week
12/15/2004:†Easier Shopping Around -- Online - Business Week
12/15/2004:†Tech firms, FBI to fight phishing  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Safety first  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Chinese cybercops 'nailing virus writers'  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Students shun offline search for information  - CNN
12/15/2004:†Web firm: 2004 year of Netsky worm
  - CNN
12/15/2004:†Trojan program poses as anti-spam screensaver
 - New Scientist

12/15/2004:†The Rush to Consumer Electronics - Business Week
12/15/2004:†Password imperfect  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Feeling better about Dell  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†U.K. Web auctioneer may get counterbid  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†IT pros getting younger  - C/Net

12/15/2004:†Idaho Lab, Utah Company Achieve Major Milestone In Hydrogen Research - Science Daily

12/15/2004:†Hypertension trial stopped early  - BBC
12/15/2004:†Risk Of Muscle-damaging Disorder Low For Most Commonly Prescribed Statin Drugs - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†New Study Finds Link Between Obesity And Atrial Fibrillation - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Abundance Of Myostatin In Infected Swine May Result In Reduced Muscle Mass - Science Daily

12/15/2004:†Drug switch: A woman with breast cancer talks about tailoring treatment  - BBC
12/15/2004:†Anticancer therapies: Resistance is futile  - Nature
12/15/2004:†New Research Shows Stomach (Gastric) Cancer Originates From Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cells - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Mayo Clinic Discovers Potential Marker For Aggressive Kidney Cancer - Science Daily

12/15/2004:†Key HIV-fighting genes identified  - BBC
12/15/2004:†Compound J tackles tuberculosis  - Nature
12/15/2004:†Sociable lymphocytes  - Nature
12/15/2004:†Increased Benefits Found From Wider Use Of Anti-parasite Drugs - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†New Weapon In Germ Warfare: 'Jamming' Bacteria Signals Stops Cholera - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Simple Intervention Nearly Eliminates Catheter-related Bloodstream Infections - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Deadly Soybean Disease Confirmed In Georgia
 - Science Daily

12/15/2004:†Sensible drinkingAre you exceeding your recommended alcohol limits?  - BBC
12/15/2004:†Smoking and Sex  - Nature
12/15/2004:†Month Of Birth Linked To Risk Of Multiple Sclerosis - Science Daily

12/15/2004:†Poor birth care 'risk to Muslims'  - BBC
12/15/2004:†'Faith is last on list': Muslim woman calls for more sensitive maternity care  - BBC
12/15/2004:†Against all odds: How the body can survive without food and water for days  - BBC
12/15/2004:†High-Tech Tools for Fighting Fat - Business Week
12/15/2004:†Shock as docs say laptops stop tots  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Hot laptops may reduce male fertility - New Scientist
12/15/2004:†Getting burned: Put on a shirt  - Wired News
12/15/2004:†Johns Hopkins Opens New Lab For Study Of Child Development - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†New System Reduces Risk Of Burns During Interventional X-rays
 - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Researchers Warn Of Possible Fertility Risk To Men Using Laptop Computers On Their Laps
 - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Columbia Researchers Identify Drug As Therapeutic Candidate For Spinal Muscular Atrophy
 - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†'Lighter Than Air' Breathing More Than Doubles Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients' Exercise Endurance
 - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Canola Study Solves Seed Oil Mystery
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/15/2004:†When Earth Turned Bad: New Evidence Supports Terrestrial Cause Of End-Permian Mass Extinction - Science Daily

12/15/2004:†Russia Reveals New Missile Threat - SpaceDaily 
12/15/2004:†The Arms Race over High-Def DVDs - Business Week
12/15/2004:†Steve Jobs's Sharp Turn with Cars - Business Week
12/15/2004:†Amazon begins DVD rentals in Britain  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Libraries check out e-books  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Oracle's playbook  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Taking his own advice  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Organized crime's grip on the Net 'is tightening'  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†China steps out  - C/Net
12/15/2004:†Electrical brainstorms busted as source of ghosts  - Nature
12/15/2004:†Cellphone sniffs out dirty bombs - New Scientist
12/15/2004:†Tales about sand that swallows people may be true - New Scientist

12/15/2004:†Smoking 'is bad for your brain'  - BBC
12/15/2004:†Synaptic plasticity: Traffic watch  - Nature
12/15/2004:†Novel Imaging Technique Shows Abnormal Brain Anatomy In Children With ADHD - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Imaging Tool May Help Physicians Diagnose Bipolar Disorder - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Brain Researchers To Develop New Class Of Drugs To Repair Psychiatric Disorders - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Impulsive Behavior May Be Relict Of Hunter-gatherer Past - Science Daily
Parkinson's risk 'cut by dieting'   - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
12/15/2004:†Frozen heavenly body hints at a warm heart - New Scientist
12/15/2004:†Astronomers Contemplate Icy Volcanoes in Far Places
  - NY Times
12/15/2004:†Ups and downs for superconducting films
 - PhysicsWeb



12/15/2004:†Earthlings' Low Signal-To-Noise? - SpaceDaily
12/15/2004:†Hubble rescue plan needs astronauts
  - Nature
12/15/2004:†Panel Urges Shuttle Mission to Help Hubble
  - NY Times
12/15/2004:†Huygens To Begin Its Final Journey To Titan
 - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Cassini Captures Saturn Moon Red-Handed
 - Science Daily
12/15/2004:†Cosmic Log: NASAís future course
12/15/2004:†NASA boss prepares to take off
 - New Scientist
12/15/2004:†NASA Chief Is Resigning After 3 Years, Officials Say
  - NY Times
12/15/2004:†George S. Schairer, Aerodynamics Expert, Dies at 91
  - NY Times
12/15/2004:†Rovers Find More Evidence That Mars Was Once Home to Water
  - NY Times
12/15/2004:†Spirit claims Mars water prize
  - BBC
12/15/2004:†US space agency chief resigns
  - BBC
12/15/2004:†Cassini returns Titan pass images
  - BBC
12/15/2004:†Mars Life- Trouble Without The Rubble-
12/15/2004:†Mars Rovers Spot Water: Clue Mineral, Frost
 - SpaceDaily
12/15/2004:†ISS Crew Conduct Research Activities, Prepare For Next Progress Cargo Craft
 - SpaceDaily



12/15/2004:†Tom Swift's new camera, ready for space and spies  - C/Net


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