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  December 14, 2004

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With Proof of Ancient Water on Mars, Researchers Consider Life's Chances -  Researchers can now say definitively that Mars once supported a watery environment, but whether the red planet could have ever supported life is still far from certain.  The success of NASA's Mars rover Opportunity in finding tell-tale signs of past water at its Meridiani Planum landing site has left some researchers believing the region could have once been a habitable, albeit still hostile, environment.      
Bee pollinating a flower Honey 'could help fight cancer' - SpaceDaily  Honey and royal jelly could become part of the arsenal of weapons against cancer, researchers say. A team from the University of Zagreb, in Croatia, found a range of honey-bee products stopped tumours growing or spreading in tests on mice. Injecting the mice with royal jelly at the same time as they were injected with tumour cells significantly reduced the spread of the cancer. When propolis or caffeic acid, a chemical found in propolis, were injected, researchers saw significantly reduced subcutaneous tumour growth and an increase in the survival time of mice.   

Quantum Memory For Light - SpaceDaily   The current experiment paves the way for new experiments in which the information contained in light can be mapped onto atomic clusters and then back into the light again. In this way, one could not only store the state of light in an atomic clusters, but also retrieve it. This process will be necessary if we want to build quantum repeaters, that is, devices which will allow the extension of quantum communication far beyond the distances (of the order of 100 km) which are achieved nowadays. In the microscopic world, it is not possible to copy the quantum information from one system into another one. It can only be transferred, without leaving any trace on the original one. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/14/2004: A New Species Of Amyloid Peptide - Science Daily

12/14/2004: Biotech in the developing world  - C/Net
12/14/2004: Carnegie Mellon Scientist Develops Way To Deliver Promising Genetic Tool Into Living Cells
 - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Marine Sponge Leads Researchers To Immune System Regulator - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Helping Cotton Thrive In The Heat - Science Daily
12/14/2004: University Of Texas At Austin Researchers Identify Drug-tolerance Mechanism In Flies - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Chicken gives up genetic secrets  - BBC
12/14/2004: Poachers leave bonobo at risk  - BBC
12/14/2004: Nature bites back: Australian snakes evolve to counter alien toxic toads  - BBC
12/14/2004: Mountaineers to rescue juniper  - BBC
12/14/2004: New sub-species of tiger found  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
12/14/2004: NASA Study Links Wind And Current Changes To Indian Ocean Warming - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Climate change pledge in jeopardy, admits Beckett ... - FirstScience
12/14/2004: Automakers sue over California's tough vehicle-emissions rules ... - FirstScience
12/14/2004: Massive air pollution casts Asian haze over global climate ... - FirstScience
12/14/2004: U.K. Will Miss Carbon Dioxide Emissions Target Unless Rules Are Tightened ... - FirstScience
12/14/2004: Climate change policy faces review ... - FirstScience
12/14/2004: The United States Environmental Protection Agency Selects PatchLink Update for Patch & Vulnerability Managemen ... - FirstScience
12/14/2004: Greenpeace Action Stage Protest ... - FirstScience
12/14/2004: Menacing skies: The problems of living in the world's only city with no ozone cover  - BBC
12/14/2004: Blair 'pressing US on climate'  - BBC
12/14/2004: US attacked over climate claims  - BBC

12/14/2004: Does the 'Halo 2' effect threaten broadband?  - C/Net
12/14/2004: Blade: The Art of Gore  - Wired News
12/14/2004: New Attitude: Prince of Persia  - Wired News
12/14/2004: Britons growing 'digitally obese'  - BBC
12/14/2004: Kids on board: Board game sales are up but can they challenge Playstation?  - BBC
12/14/2004: Halo 2 heralds traffic explosion  - BBC

12/14/2004: Companies collaborate to promote VoIP quality
  - El. Engr. Times
12/14/2004: New Zealand gets tough with 'up skirt' mobile snappers
  - BBC

12/14/2004: Intel to put 64 bits in desktops in 2005  - C/Net
12/14/2004: Intel bullish on technology direction at analysts' meeting  - El. Engr. Times
12/14/2004: Realization Of Quantum Memory For Light Allows The Extension Of Quantum Communication Far Beyond 100 Km - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Scheme Simplifies Quantum Chips  - Technology Review 

12/14/2004: IBM sells PC group to Lenovo  - C/Net
12/14/2004: Lenovo-IBM- A tough sell  - C/Net
12/14/2004: It's official: IBM sells PC unit to Chinese company - USA Today
12/14/2004: PC pioneer IBM bids farewell to the market it helped create 23 years ago  - BBC

12/14/2004: Adware cannibals feast on each other  - C/Net

12/14/2004: Dell bashes 'big iron'  - C/Net
12/14/2004: Hollywood allies sue DVD jukebox maker  - C/Net
12/14/2004: Saying 'jambo': Free software gives Swahili users a better chance to compute  - BBC
12/14/2004: Pirate DVDs: Sales are soaring, but who's buying them and what's the quality like?  - BBC

12/14/2004: Idaho Lab, Utah Company Achieve Major Milestone In Hydrogen Research - SpaceDaily

12/14/2004: New Findings In Innate Immunity May Lead To Treatments For Atherosclerosis - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Ongoing Transfusions Needed To Avoid Strokes In Children With Sickle Cell Disease - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Ventricular Regulation May Be Key To Preventing Heart Failure - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Got Heart Disease? The Answer May Be In Your Fingertips - Science Daily

12/14/2004: Honey 'could help fight cancer' - SpaceDaily
12/14/2004: MRI Shows Liver Tumors Freezing In Real Time - Science Daily

12/14/2004: UK to extend Chiron flu vaccine suspension  - Yahoo
12/14/2004: Pathogens In Dental Plaque Implicated In Development Of Pneumonia In Hospitalized Elderly - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Disoriented T Cells Cause Liver Disease - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria Found To Be Airborne In Concentrated Swine Operation - Science Daily

12/14/2004: Proposed Addiction Treatment Successful, Safe In Second Small Trial - Science Daily

12/14/2004: Life insurers look to IT  - C/Net
12/14/2004: Study links lead levels to cataracts - New Scientist
12/14/2004: Surgeons Pinch More Than An Inch From The Arm To Rebuild A Micropenis - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Cigarette Smoke A Culprit In Poor Healing And Increased Scarring - Science Daily
12/14/2004: UCLA Brain Researchers Uncover New Clues To SIDS - Science Daily
12/14/2004: US marines in Philippines on storm relief mission, health fears grow ... - FirstScience
12/14/2004: Why men who use laptops could be risking their fertility  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/14/2004: Students star in ‘Mummy Autopsy’ - MSNBC
12/14/2004: 20 more gilded mummies found in Egypt - MSNBC
12/14/2004: 9,000-year History Of Chinese Fermented Beverages Confirmed - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Human Gland Probably Evolved From Gills - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Revisiting The Vertebrate Invasion Of The Land - Science Daily

12/14/2004: Images of a Neon Culture  - C/Net
12/14/2004:  EU patent decision delayed till '05  - C/Net
12/14/2004: Method to IBM's madness  - C/Net
12/14/2004: Culturally worlds apart, children touch musically  - C/Net
12/14/2004: Infineon to build billion-dollar fab in Malaysia  - El. Engr. Times
12/14/2004: SMIC denies 90-nm process aimed for military applications  - El. Engr. Times
12/14/2004: Left-handers flourish in violent society  - Nature
12/14/2004: Left-handers win in hand-to-hand combat - New Scientist
12/14/2004: Ex-president inaugurates China-backed internet search firm - New Scientist
12/14/2004: Physicist solves desert mystery - PhysicsWeb
12/14/2004: Honeywell jet work to grow overseas - Seattle Times
12/14/2004: OPEC faction presses to keep revenue high - Seattle Times
12/14/2004: South American leaders to set goal of EU-like union - Seattle Times
12/14/2004: A (Small) Pox on Thee  - Technology Review 
12/14/2004: The Picture of Devotion  - Wired News
12/14/2004: EBay Negative on Negativland IPod  - Wired News
12/14/2004: Cell Phones Work as Tour Guides  - Wired News
12/14/2004: The True Measure of Success  - Wired News
12/14/2004: Russia Won't Supply Nuke Subs To India - SpaceDaily
12/14/2004: Team GoldenEye To Develop Organic Air Vehicle For DARPA
 - SpaceDaily
12/14/2004: Disney backs Sony DVD technology
  - BBC

12/14/2004: Imaginary friends no illusion - New Scientist
12/14/2004: Carnegie Mellon And University Of Pittsburgh Scientists Discover Left-Brain/Right-Brain Differences In People With Autism - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Two-Fisted Assault On Dopamine Transport System May Be Foundation Of Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Yerkes Researchers Discover Basis For Determining Handedness In Chimpanzees - Science Daily
12/14/2004: It's Not All In The Wrist - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/14/2004: Quantum Memory For Light - SpaceDaily
12/14/2004: How The Early Universe Got Dusty Remains A Mystery
 - Science Daily



12/14/2004: With Proof of Ancient Water on Mars, Researchers Consider Life's Chances -
12/14/2004: Cosmic Log: Selling the sky
12/14/2004: Shuttle may fly without puncture repair kit - New Scientist
12/14/2004: Darfur Aid Workers Receiving Assistance From Orbit - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Proof Positive: Mars Once Had Water, Researchers Conclude - Science Daily
12/14/2004: Space Cooking: Feeding Astronauts on Mars-bound Missions -
12/14/2004: Study: Hubble Robotic Repair Mission Too Costly
12/14/2004: Humans favoured for Hubble rescue
  - BBC

12/14/2004: Clever shopping cart aids Net grocery service  - C/Net
12/14/2004: Molecular Chains Line Up To Form Protopolymer - SpaceDaily


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