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  December 13, 2005

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Transforming Space: California Continues Legacy as Space Development Epicenter - Space.com   It's only natural for California to finally flex its aerospace muscle, despite the media's premature reporting of the industry's demise in the state and the growth of other “aerospace states” such as Florida, Texas, Colorado, Alabama, Virginia, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Alaska. Unlike those states, California enjoys a statewide space enterprise community unmatched in the rest of U.S., or the world for that matter.   
Designing The Missions Of The Future  - Science Daily  Action station, an asteroid is threatening our planet! The menace is real and a rapid response must be found. At ESA's Technical Centre in the Netherlands, engineers believe that they have found the solution: hit the asteroid with a projectile to alter its trajectory enough to avoid disaster - that is the Don Quixote mission. "We are working on missions which will be launched in 2030 and beyond," explains the head of the CDF, Massimo Bandecchi. "For example, missions to take people to Mars which require a lengthy development period." "The most interesting missions studied to date are the missions to Mars," says Andrea Santovincenzo Future Mars exploration missions are envisaged to continue with robotic reconnaissance missions within 5-10 years, followed by manned flights and then full-scale expeditions to explore the Red Planet.    

Approval For Chandrayan Lunar Mission Pending  - Science Daily  India is awaiting clearance from the Bush administration for finalising an American payload on top of India's first ever unmanned moon mission, Chandrayan, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) chairman G Madhavan Nair said on Friday. "We have already selected two (European) payloads for Chandrayan and we have also got interest from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to place their payload in our moon mission. But for this we need some government clearances from the US side," Nair told reporters here. NASA plans to deploy mini-synthetic aperture radar (MSAR) and spectrometer.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/13/2005: Boxer bares all  - Nature
12/13/2005: Boxer is first dog to have full genome revealed
 - New Scientist
12/13/2005: Dog's Genome Could Provide Clues to Disorders in Humans  - NY Times
12/13/2005: GM animal tests continue rise  - BBC
12/13/2005: Finally, Male Water Fleas Exposed - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Carnegie Mellon U. Transforms DNA Microarrays With Standard Internet Communications Tool - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Researchers Publish Dog Genome Sequence; Analysis Sheds Light On Human Disease; Differences Among Canine Breeds - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Greyhounds Go Full Throttle in the Corners - Space.com
12/13/2005: Scientists Decipher DNA of Dogs - Space.com

Climate, Environment:
12/13/2005: Scientists voice tsunami concern  - BBC
12/13/2005: Doubt cast over UK climate target  - BBC
12/13/2005: Chile desert's super-dry history  - BBC
12/13/2005: US senators push Bush on climate  - BBC
12/13/2005: Canada turns climate focus on US  - BBC
12/13/2005: Trees May Be Bad for You  - NY Times
12/13/2005: U.S. Resists New Targets for Curbing Emissions
12/13/2005: Podcast: Reports From Montreal  - NY Times
12/13/2005: Sinking city: Mexican capital suffers to satisfy the thirst of 20 million residents  - BBC
12/13/2005: Canada turns climate focus on US  - BBC
12/13/2005: Getting Ready For The 'Big One,' Researchers Make Most Detailed Survey Ever Of San Andreas Fault - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Understanding The Oceans Microbes Is Key To The Earth's Future - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Mercury In Atmosphere Could Be Washed Out More Easily Than Earlier Believed - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Scientist Measures Role Of Science's Coolest Player: The Snow - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Global Warming Could Halt Ocean Circulation, With Harmful Results - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Mountainous Plateau Creates Ozone Halo Around Tibet - SpaceDaily
12/13/2005: Himalaya Earthquakes May Occur Sooner Than Expected - SpaceDaily

12/13/2005: Gartner's advice: Halt BlackBerry deployments  - C/Net
12/13/2005: Apple faces iPod patent dispute  - BBC
12/13/2005: Classy debut for GTA on PSP  - BBC

12/13/2005: Yahoo adds Skype-like ability to IM service
 - Business Week
12/13/2005: Wi-fi wins over Nintendo DS users
  - BBC
12/13/2005: Satellite radio tempt more to touch that dial
 - Seattle Times

12/13/2005: Intel, QinetiQ push quantum-well transistors  - El. Engr. Times
12/13/2005: 'Data-in, data-out' signals quantum breakthrough - New Scientist
12/13/2005: Researchers Find Way To Reduce Power Consumption Of Transistors In Computer Chips - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Breakthrough Chip Delivers Better Digital Pictures For Less Power - Science Daily

12/13/2005: Survey: Most home PC users lack security  - C/Net

12/13/2005: Microsoft offers a new angle on maps  - C/Net
12/13/2005: Study: 1 in 4 targeted in phishing scams  - CNN
12/13/2005: Online security  - CNN
12/13/2005: US warns of fake net domain data  - BBC
12/13/2005: Go Digital podcast: Podcasting pop music in Persian and a new solar-powered e-mail machine  - BBC
12/13/2005: Report: Bad Web registrations abound - Seattle Times
12/13/2005: European Web addresses open for business
 - Seattle Times

12/13/2005: Microsoft vows to battle antitrust ruling - Business Week
12/13/2005: South Korea throws the books at Microsoft  - C/Net
12/13/2005: Feds side with Microsoft in Korea flap  - C/Net
12/13/2005: Merry Hell Bloggers plot revenge on Springer DVD censorship in shops  - BBC
12/13/2005: Microsoft offers new window to the world - Seattle Times

12/13/2005: Photos: Harnessing the wind  - C/Net

12/13/2005: Probe launched into heart surgery  - BBC
12/13/2005: Deep Vein Thrombosis victims denied right to sue  - BBC
12/13/2005: Groundbreaking Guidelines Promote Early Detection - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Sunflower Seeds, Pistachios Among Top Nuts For Lowering Cholesterol - Science Daily

12/13/2005: Chemical signals 'spread cancer'  - BBC
12/13/2005: Minimally Invasive Surgery May Increase Options For Octogenarians With Some Lung Cancers - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Dose-dense Chemotherapy For Early Breast Cancer Found Safe, Similar To Standard Regimen - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Researchers Say Estrogen Can Kill Breast Cancer Cells Once Fueled By The Hormone - Science Daily
12/13/2005: TLR4 Gene Found To Protect Against Tumor Development - Science Daily

12/13/2005: Avian flu centre put under threat of closure  - Nature
12/13/2005: Cure nears for flesh-eating bug  - BBC
12/13/2005: A 2002 Disease Threat Offers Lessons For Avian Flu Preparedness - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Pneumonia Hospitalization Rates On The Rise For Older Adults - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Advance In Cholera Bacteria Points To New Treatment And Vaccine - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Chicken Implants Would Warn of Flu Fever - Space.com

12/13/2005: Painkiller liver failure warning  - BBC

12/13/2005: A century of sight: It's the 100th anniversary of the first cornea transplant  - BBC
12/13/2005: Traditional cures: India's 30-million-page directory of medical wisdom  - BBC
12/13/2005: Dutch 'suicide consultant' jailed  - BBC
12/13/2005: University Of Florida Scientists Find Sugar May Have A Sour Side - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Inflammation Linked To Chronic Pain: Study - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Access To Existing Medical Treatments Could Save More Lives Than Spending To Improve The Treatments - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Salty Taste Preference Linked To Birth Weight - Science Daily
12/13/2005: The Biggest Loser- Weight Loss May Depend On Where Calories Come From - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/13/2005: New Maps Reveal True Extent Of Human Footprint On Earth - Science Daily

12/13/2005: Approval For Chandrayan Lunar Mission Pending  - Science Daily
12/13/2005: India: It's Microsoft's Turn - Business Week
12/13/2005: • Big Pharma Seeks an Image Cure - Business Week
12/13/2005: Patriot Act: Four more years?  - C/Net
12/13/2005: DVD sales likely nearing global peak  - C/Net
12/13/2005: Garages have mythic power in Silicon Valley  - CNN
12/13/2005: Report Says States Aim Low in Science Classes  - NY Times
12/13/2005: Virtual heritage: Taking a 3D tour of the great monuments in Africa  - BBC
12/13/2005: Gates touts new jobs in India - Seattle Times
12/13/2005: U.S. Satellites Outnumber Rest of World - Space.com
12/13/2005: Wolfowitz: No WMDs In Iraq Might Have Put Off Invasion - SpaceDaily

12/13/2005: New research into schizophrenia reveals that creative minds of poets and artists act as a sexual ma ... - FirstScience
12/13/2005: Warning on epilepsy drugs for young  - Nature
12/13/2005: The Human Brain - New Scientist
12/13/2005: UCSF Study Finds Nerve Regeneration Is Possible In Spinal Cord Injuries - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/13/2005: Photons create primitive quantum network - PhysicsWeb
12/13/2005: Galaxy Collisions Dominate The Local Universe
 - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Precise New Measurement Tests Key Physics Theory Under Extreme Conditions
 - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Urge to Merge: Here Comes Andromeda
 - Space.com



12/13/2005: Designing The Missions Of The Future  - Science Daily
Transforming Space: California Continues Legacy as Space Development Epicenter - Space.com  
12/13/2005: Doubts about Japan asteroid mission ...
12/13/2005: Cassini Shows Enceladus to be a Very Active Moon ...
 - FirstScience
12/13/2005: NASA's Cassini spacecraft spots icy plumes on Saturn moon ...
 - FirstScience
12/13/2005: NASA seeks private replacements for shuttle trips
  - C/Net
12/13/2005: Europe unites over space budget
  - Nature
12/13/2005: Ministers support Europe in space
 - PhysicsWeb
12/13/2005: Doubts Cast on Japanese Asteroid Mission
 - Space.com
12/13/2005: NASA's New Plans- Positives and Negatives
 - Space.com
12/13/2005: NASA's PAL Ramp Foam Problem a Lesson in Failure, Shuttle Chief Says
 - Space.com
12/13/2005: Russian To Tender For Clipper Construction
 - SpaceDaily
12/13/2005: Arianespace Ready To Add Soyuz To Fleet
 - SpaceDaily
12/13/2005: NASA Campaigns To Launch New Horizons
 - SpaceDaily
12/13/2005: A Voyage To The Outerplanets - SpaceDaily
12/13/2005: JAXA Unable To Restore Full-Scale Operations On A Deteriorating Hayabusa
 - SpaceDaily
12/13/2005: New Attempt For Falcon 1 Launch Dec 19-21
 - SpaceDaily
12/13/2005: ISS Managers Review Method To Keep Progress Docked Longer
 - SpaceDaily
12/13/2005: New Discoveries Await Out on the Horizon
 - Space.com



12/13/2005: 'Jammed Networks' May Clear The Way For Better Materials - Science Daily
12/13/2005: Vanderbilt Chemical Engineers Question Safety Of Certain Nanomaterials - Science Daily


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