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  December 13, 2004

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What Do You Say to An Extraterrestrial? -  The next-smaller category, dubbed the Keystone Awards, would run from $250,000 to $5 million, with three to five presented per year. NASA would give Keystone Awards for overcoming a variety of smaller technological challenges, such as developing a better spacesuit glove, a better lunar rover or better radiation shielding. But the point is, there’s no need to skimp on the information you transmit to cosmic listeners. The data pipe is fat.     
Researcher Finds Missing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide - SpaceDaily  Left:  The findings are consistent with the hypothesis that elevated carbon dioxide levels are increasing carbon storage in terrestrial ecosystems and slowing the build-up of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere.   The findings are consistent with the hypothesis that elevated carbon dioxide levels are increasing carbon storage in terrestrial ecosystems and slowing the build-up of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. The researchers studied the soil below white oak trees in the temperate zone over four growing seasons and found that the soil below trees exposed to elevated levels of CO2 had an average of 14% more carbon. "By being able to demonstrate a substantial average increase in the carbon below these oak trees, we have potentially found the solution to better global warming forecasting." 

Chemistry props

Chemical reaction Bunsen burners, silly goggles, who took the fun out of chemistry?  - BBC  Sprinkling iron filings into Bunsen burners, silly goggles, magnesium flares, that stuff which smelled like pear drops... who says chemistry lessons are dull? More and more children, it seems. The chemical attraction that turned British scientists into heroes of the industrial age is wearing off. Two universities in as many weeks have announced plans to shut their chemistry faculties, bringing the total to five such closures in 18 months. Of all the traditional academic subjects that have lost out to new, so-called "soft" subjects, chemistry is said to be in the most critical condition.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/13/2004: Findings Show How Toxic Proteins Rob Alzheimer's Patients Of Memory - Science Daily

12/13/2004: Octopus surprise - MSNBC
12/13/2004: Cosmic Log: Monkey embryos cloned
12/13/2004: Artificial cells take shape  - Nature
12/13/2004: Detection kit battles trade in bear parts - New Scientist
12/13/2004: It's super-coca! Modified bush boosts narcotics output  - New Scientist
12/13/2004: Octopus does not give up on motherhood  - New Scientist
12/13/2004: Cracking The Genomic Code: Gene Decoding Revealed At Atomic Level - Science Daily
12/13/2004: EU set to close fishing grounds  - BBC
12/13/2004: New sub-species of tiger found  - BBC
12/13/2004: Combat advantage may explain why we still have left-handers  - BBC
12/13/2004: 'GM cocaine grown in Colombia'  - BBC
12/13/2004: Fish areas 'need drastic action'  - BBC
12/13/2004: Sky count to track orang numbers  - BBC
12/13/2004: Q&A: Marine report Why is a large closure of UK waters deemed necessary?  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
12/13/2004: Researcher Finds Missing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Global Assessments Of Biodiversity Argue For Expansion Of Protected Areas In Key Regions - Science Daily
12/13/2004: Calling The Roll On The ANWR - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Environment Boils Down To Science - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Nations Meet to Discuss Global Climate Change ... - FirstScience
12/13/2004: Automakers Criticized Over Emissions ...
12/13/2004: US rejects talks on Kyoto at international climate change conference ...
12/13/2004: Air Pollution: Children More at Risk than Adults ... - FirstScience
12/13/2004: Army Corps Faces Motion of Contempt Over Valley Fills ... - FirstScience
12/13/2004: Icelandic Tin Bath Could Give Earthquake Warnings ... - FirstScience
12/13/2004: US rejects climate policy attacks  - BBC
12/13/2004: Climate swot: Do cows contribute to global warming? Test your knowledge  - BBC
12/13/2004: UK 'failing on greenhouse gases'  - BBC
12/13/2004: Assessing UK's carbon plans  - BBC

12/13/2004: The Best Products of 2004 Photo Essay - Business Week

12/13/2004: Sun burn
  - C/Net
12/13/2004: WiMAX to be 'clear winner' in broadband wireless
  - El. Engr. Times
12/13/2004: Video Feeds Follow Podcasting
  - Wired News
12/13/2004: Lifestyle 'governs mobile choice'
  - BBC
12/13/2004: Telecom Taxes: Is a Breakthrough Near?
 - Business Week


12/13/2004: China's Biggest Computer Maker Confirms Acquisition Talks  - Technology Review 
12/13/2004: Chinese firm buys IBM PC business  - BBC
12/13/2004: IBM's Chinese Adventure - Business Week
12/13/2004: A Phony PC Price War? - Business Week

12/13/2004: The business of blogging - Business Week
12/13/2004: Banking site hijacked by fraudsters  - New Scientist
12/13/2004: Millions to miss out on the net  - BBC
12/13/2004: Internet politics: How important was web in US vote - and the lessons for UK  - BBC
12/13/2004: Search sites get closer to users  - BBC

12/13/2004: Call screening comes to cell phones  - C/Net
12/13/2004: Life insurers look to IT  - C/Net
12/13/2004: Movie Downloads Hit Prime Time - Business Week

12/13/2004: Levitated Dipole Experiment Helps To Advance Fusion Energy Research - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Sunlight to Fuel Hydrogen Future  - Wired News
12/13/2004: Major Corporations, WRI Announce Third Round of Renewable Energy Purchases ... - FirstScience
12/13/2004: Renewable Energy Planning Enters Utilization Phase ... - FirstScience
12/13/2004: Clinton Focuses Expert Minds to Kindle Energy Solutions ... - FirstScience

12/13/2004: Mechanism 'Protects' Against Inhibitors - Science Daily

12/13/2004: Honey Bee Products Potent in Cancer Prevention, Treatment ... - FirstScience

12/13/2004: Liver disease drive not enough  - BBC
12/13/2004: The silent killer: A man describes what it is like living with hepatitis C  - BBC

12/13/2004: Internet alcohol sales debated  - CNN

12/13/2004: Replica unveiled  - CNN
12/13/2004: Early Detection Reduces Threat Of Foot Injury In College Basketball - Science Daily Players
12/13/2004: Lead exposure link to cataracts  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/13/2004: Sons of pharaoh? - MSNBC
12/13/2004: Prehistoric dregs pack a punch  - Nature

12/13/2004: Microsoft's new brainiac front man  - C/Net
12/13/2004: The space warrior, the witch and ICANN  - C/Net
12/13/2004: Can 'buy now' share space with 'bid now' on eBay?  - C/Net
12/13/2004: Toyota tunes in satellite radio  - C/Net
12/13/2004: May-December octopus tryst results in an unlikely birth that researchers almost missed. - MSNBC
12/13/2004: Humanitarian efforts boosted by satellites  - New Scientist
12/13/2004: Internet company, FTC settle over access charges - Science Daily
12/13/2004: Tables turn for activist public pension funds - Science Daily
12/13/2004: SEC probes transfer agents who hunt for stockholders - Science Daily
12/13/2004: Rumsfeld Confirms Will Stay On, Vows Transformation Of US Military - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Northrop Grumman, UDI To Collaborate On Ground-Based Laser Defense Systems - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Darfur Aid Workers Helped From Orbit - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Florida E-Vote Study Debunked  - Wired News
12/13/2004: Iraq Churches Bombed; 1,000th American Killed  - Wired News
12/13/2004: Report: CIA Paints Pessimistic Iraq Picture  - Wired News
12/13/2004: IBM: Do We Have a Deal?  - Wired News
12/13/2004: On the button: Brush up your remote control etiquette, with help from the experts  - BBC
12/13/2004: 'No drop' in world hunger deaths  - BBC

12/13/2004: Brain wave technology could change lives - MSNBC
12/13/2004: Studies: Lost sleep equals gained weight  - New Scientist
12/13/2004: Brain Remapping: May Be Key To Recovery From Stroke - Science Daily
12/13/2004: 'Brainwave' cap controls PC  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
12/13/2004: Chemical reaction Bunsen burners, silly goggles, who took the fun out of chemistry?  - BBC
12/13/2004: Sun storm hits comet
  - Nature


12/13/2004: Second Career for Old Robot: Art  - Wired News

12/13/2004: What Do You Say to An Extraterrestrial? -
Researcher Finds Missing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Shuttle may fly without puncture repair kit  - New Scientist
12/13/2004: Boeing's Delta IV Heavy Gets Ready for its Close-Up -
12/13/2004: Study: Hubble Robotic Repair Mission Too Costly -
12/13/2004: The Martian Methane Surprise - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: New Design Method Will Help Engineers Develop Systems For Mars, Moon Missions - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Russians Plan To Build New Space Complex at Kazakhstan - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Ultra-Sharp, Mars-Bound HiRISE Camera Delivered - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Research Shows NASA Sleep-Wake Scheduling Guide May Need To Be Changed - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Proof positive: Mars once had water, researchers conclude ... - FirstScience
12/13/2004: Space Race 2: Inflatables take shape ...
 - FirstScience
12/13/2004: Giant rocket launch faces delay
  - BBC
12/13/2004: Doctor Offers Assurances That Astronauts Won't Go Hungry
  - NY Times
12/13/2004: Test of Rocket Postponed
  - NY Times
12/13/2004: Launch Anticipation
: Mixed Feelings About Discovery’s Flight
12/13/2004: The Discovery Mission
: NASA’s Countdown to Credibility
12/13/2004: Deep Insight
: Comet Buster Reveals Dusty Secrets

12/13/2004: This lens sheds a tear  - C/Net
12/13/2004: Pot keeps cooking on the boil  - CNN
12/13/2004: Plastic eye mimics octopus vision  - Nature
12/13/2004: Innovative Take-Off System Could Lead To Safer, Cleaner Air Travel - SpaceDaily
12/13/2004: Portable Projectors  - Technology Review 
12/13/2004: Virtual Ring Eases Scrolling  - Technology Review 
12/13/2004: Roads Go Wild, Get Safer
  - Wired News
12/13/2004: Caltech computer scientists embed computation in a DNA crystal to create microscopic patterns ...
 - FirstScience


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