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  December 12, 2005

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Russian Technologies Can Put Cosmonauts On Moon  - Science Daily  Despite Russia's 30-fold disadvantage in financing its space effort as compared with America's, it has greater chances of being the first in reaching the Moon this time, or perhaps the Mars. The paradox is that the Americans have put all their money in the transport system being developed by NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and its budgetary division. It appears that American astronautics is hostage to fortune, in fact, to one of its own programs, or rather to the enormous sums sunk into its implementation.     
New wings for warfare - Seattle Times  Left:  A plastic mock-up of the unmanned X-45C bomber exhibits a flat profile, no windows and, where the cockpit should be, a hole for engine air intake. Boeing is competing against Northrop Grumman for a Defense Department contract.  Sitting in a parking lot inside Boeing's research complex across from the Museum of Flight, the craft has a 49-foot wingspan and measures 39 feet from nose tip to tail. Smart bombs hang down below the wings. The Boeing-designed X-45 is unmanned. The airplane is "piloted" by someone watching a computer screen in a fortified trailer that can be deployed near a war zone.  

RIDC-01 not only does the dusting, but keep its owner entertained by projecting DVD onto the wall (Image: AFP/Getty)

Robotic butlers sweep the floor at show - New Scientist  Left:  RIDC-01 not only does the dusting, but keep its owner entertained by projecting DVD onto the wall (Image: AFP/Getty)  Robotic butlers and household helpers have gone on show alongside more conventional industrial machines at the world's largest robot show in Tokyo, Japan. These include Hitachi's EMIEW which can perform basic household tasks, such as fetching items from another room. The two-wheeled robot keeps its balance using a set of internal gyroscopes, as demonstrated by two videos, available here and here (require Windows Media Player). EMIEW can also recognise and locate its owner by listening for their voice. Another Japanese robotics firm called Tmsuk also unveiled a domestic robot, named RIDC-01. Other robots designed to make life easier in the home include NEC's PaPeRo. Roughly the size of a waste-paper basket, PaPeRo can respond to calls and plays games with humans. It is designed to act as a companion for young children or the elderly. One new industrial robot on display is a two-armed automobile-making bot created by Japanese company Motoman. With long multi-jointed arms, the robot is capable of very rapid manufacturing. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/12/2005: 'Borneo beast' seen in the underbrush  - Nature
12/12/2005: TV tests call into question cloner's stem-cell success
  - Nature
12/12/2005: Mystery mammal discovered in Borneo’s forests  - Nature
12/12/2005: Big brain means small testes, finds bat study - New Scientist
12/12/2005: Lowly sea animals boast world-class genetic armoury - New Scientist
12/12/2005: Aerodynamic tricks keep bees airborne - New Scientist
12/12/2005: Future bleak for dolphins and porpoises - New Scientist
12/12/2005: Journal Defends Stem Cell Article Despite Photo Slip  - NY Times
12/12/2005: Setting The Standard For Computer Models Of Life - Science Daily
12/12/2005: New Nanosensor Uses Quantum Dots To Detect DNA - Science Daily
12/12/2005: Simulation Reveals How Carbon 60 Deforms DNA - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: GM technology tried in fight against pollution ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
12/12/2005: Danger of another tsunami disaster soon lurks, says professor  - C/Net
12/12/2005: Hurricane outlook brightens (a bit) next year - Live Science
12/12/2005: San Andreas fault is ready for its closeup - MSNBC
12/12/2005: Ozone recovery not expected until 2065 - MSNBC
12/12/2005: Toxic slick hits another major Chinese city - New Scientist
12/12/2005: Clean drinking water: a double-edged sword? - New Scientist
12/12/2005: Study: Temperate Forests Could Worsen Global Warming - Science Daily
12/12/2005: A Tour Of The Cryosphere Reveals The Frozen Assets Of Earth - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: Fewer Landfalls Expected For 06 Hurricanes - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: New Tech For Exploration Of Hydrothermal Vents - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: Few Seafloor Disturbances From 2004 Earthquake/Tsunami - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: Ministers Find UN Climate Talks In Deadlock - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: States Move Ahead With Climate Controls - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: China Forms Team To Investigate Cause Of Lethal Toxic Spill - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: Health Alert As Iranian Capital Chokes In Smog - SpaceDaily12/
12/2005: GM technology tried in fight against pollution ...
 - FirstScience
12/12/2005: Turkey releases updated ecological reports advancing 1,200-MW Ilisu Dam, to be built on the Tigris River ... - FirstScience
12/12/2005: Manitoba recognized by international group for climate change leadership ... - FirstScience
12/12/2005: FPAC and The Climate Group to Collaborate on Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives ... - FirstScience

12/12/2005: Music players, game consoles top lists  - C/Net
12/12/2005: Palm's Life Line - Technology Review 
12/12/2005: Art Games Tweak the Classics  - Wired News
12/12/2005: Dozen New TV Shows Head for IPods  - Wired News
12/12/2005: Acclaim's Game Catalog for Sale  - Wired News

12/12/2005: Good Call, Comcast
 - Business Week
12/12/2005: Cingular joins the high-speed party
 - Seattle Times
12/12/2005: Firm Allegedly Hiding Cisco Bugs
  - Wired News

12/12/2005: Japanese team unveils 3-D stack for chip integration  - El. Engr. Times
12/12/2005: Carl Zeiss ships first EUV optics to ASML  - El. Engr. Times
12/12/2005: IBM-AMD, Intel describe 65-nm transistors  - El. Engr. Times
12/12/2005: Intel, QinetiQ push quantum-well transistors  - El. Engr. Times
12/12/2005: Analyst- 65 nm will change industry  - El. Engr. Times


12/12/2005: Corner bookstores stare down Google  - C/Net
12/12/2005: Group: Online content cannot remain free - USA Today
12/12/2005: Wikipedia tightens editorial rules after complaint - New Scientist

12/12/2005: Yahoo says 'Let's Groove'  - C/Net
12/12/2005: Microsoft- Let's be friends  - C/Net
12/12/2005: South Korea watchdog fines Microsoft $32M - Business Week
12/12/2005: South Korean antitrust panel fines Microsoft - Science Daily
12/12/2005: The Root of the Problem - Technology Review 
12/12/2005: Old Rips: May They Rest in Peace  - Wired News
12/12/2005: The Digital Audiophile's Toolbox  - Wired News

12/12/2005: RoseStreet, Berkeley Lab team on solar cells  - El. Engr. Times
12/12/2005: Pact Signed for Prototype of Coal Plant  - NY Times
12/12/2005: Podcast: Reports From Montreal  - NY Times
12/12/2005: Ozone Hole Repair Slower Than Expected  - NY Times
12/12/2005: Chinese PM Eyes Nuclear Future In France - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: India Joins International Fusion Project In France - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: Music Man Cracks Digital Rights Management Schemes

12/12/2005: Fuel Unloaded From Chernobyl Reactor ...
 - FirstScience

12/12/2005: Mayo Clinic Researchers: Stroke Risk Significant In Month Following Heart Attack - Science Daily

12/12/2005: New Treatment For Pancreatic Cancer Allows Life-saving Surgery - Science Daily
12/12/2005: Nanoparticles Set To Seek Out And Destroy Bad Cells - SpaceDaily

12/12/2005: Ebola's hiding place revealed - New Scientist
12/12/2005: UCLA Scientists Discover Immune Response To HIV Differs, Even In Identical Twins - Science Daily

12/12/2005: Researchers Show Traditional Chinese Exercises Can Help Combat Diabetes - Science Daily

12/12/2005: CPR And External Defibrillator Training May Decrease Adolescent Sports-related Deaths - Science Daily
12/12/2005: Unexpected Link Between Gene In Liver And Iron Overload - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/12/2005: Histories: Mark Twain's big mistake - New Scientist

12/12/2005: The value of an innovation dollar  - C/Net
12/12/2005: VCs survey post-bubble opportunities  - C/Net
12/12/2005: Virtual fitness trainer gets pulses racing - New Scientist
12/12/2005: Taking on the drugged and drunk drivers - New Scientist
12/12/2005: Pension cut at Verizon puts squeeze on AT&T - Seattle Times
12/12/2005: India And Russia Sign Major Defense Agreements - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: China Says Interests In Africa Are No Threat To US - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: New GIT Materials Produces Better Body Armor - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: Face It: Privacy Is Endangered  - Wired News
12/12/2005: Secret ID Law to Get Hearing  - Wired News
12/12/2005: Airline Security a Waste of Cash  - Wired News
12/12/2005: 5. UK: Finance sector proviting from poverty, environmental damage and human rights abuses, say UK charities ... - FirstScience

12/12/2005: Memory-altering drugs may rewrite your past - New Scientist
12/12/2005: UCLA Imaging Study Of Children With Autism Finds Broken Mirror Neuron System - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/12/2005: Photos: The forefront of particle physics   - C/Net
12/12/2005: Galaxies become monsters by repeated mergers
  - Nature
12/12/2005: Whirlpools of starlight could reveal new planets
 - New Scientist
12/12/2005: Warping Light From Distant Galaxies Is More Than a Pretty Halo
  - NY Times
12/12/2005: Galaxy Collisions Dominate The Local Universe
 - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: Ball Ramps Up Focusing Techniques On James Webb Scope
 - SpaceDaily


12/12/2005: Robotic butlers sweep the floor at show  - New Scientist

12/12/2005: Russian Technologies Can Put Cosmonauts On Moon  - Science Daily
12/12/2005: Christmas comes early for European Space Agency
 - New Scientist
12/12/2005: Extreme bugs back idea of life on Mars
 - New Scientist
12/12/2005: NASA'S Cassini Images Reveal Spectacular Evidence Of An Active Moon
 - Science Daily
12/12/2005: Mapping the future: A look at the winners and losers in Europe's space plans
  - BBC
12/12/2005: China Claims Space Biological Medicine Enters Era Of Industrialization
 - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: Santa Claus And Shenzhou
 - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: Verso NetPerformer Selected For Shenzhou 6 Mission - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: Cassini Images Reveal Spectacular Evidence Of An Active Moon
 - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: UK Returns To Mars In A Big Way
 - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: Virgin To Offer Points For Space Flights
 - SpaceDaily
12/12/2005: Europe To Prioritise Homegrown Satellite Launchers
 - SpaceDaily


12/12/2005: Invention: The McDownload - New Scientist
12/12/2005: T-rays: New Imaging Technology Spotlighted By American Chemical Society - Science Daily
12/12/2005: Graffiti Hackers  - Wired News


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