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  December 11, 2005

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SETI and Intelligent Design - Space.com   What many readers will not know is that SETI research has been offered up in support of Intelligent Design. But the adherents of Intelligent Design protest the protest. They point to SETI and say, "upon receiving a complex radio signal from space, SETI researchers will claim it as proof that intelligent life resides in the neighborhood of a distant star. Thus, isn’t their search completely analogous to our own line of reasoning—a clear case of complexity implying intelligence and deliberate design?"   
Mars Express Providing Evidence For Large Aquifers On Early Mars - SpaceDaily  Left:  A HRSC 3D perspective view of Candor Chasma (in false colours) characterised by the infrared images of OMEGA. It shows bright and brown deposits (red markers) that are rich in the mineral kieserite, a hydrated magnesium sulphate. See larger image. Credits: ESA/OMEGA/HRSC  The findings from the OMEGA instrument on board ESA's Mars Express are strongly indicating that liquid water must have been present, in a stable form, in Mars' early history, having implications for the planets climatic history, and questions of life in the past. The data collected by OMEGA unambiguously reveal the presence of specific hydrated surface minerals.   

Neptune Class Exoplanet Found Around Small Star - SpaceDaily  Left:  This image shows the radial velocities of the red dwarf Gl 581 as a function of the orbital phase. The amplitude of the detected variation is 13.2 m/s and the curve is consistent with a circular orbit. The orbital period is 5.366 days. See larger image.  The new planet orbits a star belonging to a class of red dwarfs. As these stars are very common, this discovery proves crucial in the census of other planetary systems. The host star, Gl 581 [3], has a mass of only one third the mass of the Sun. Such red dwarfs are at least 50 times fainter than the Sun and are the most common stars in our Galaxy: among the 100 closest stars to the Sun, 80 belong to this class.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
12/11/2005: Molecule Links Down Syndrome To Alzheimer's - Science Daily

12/11/2005: New Questions on a Breakthrough in Human Stem Cell Research  - NY Times
12/11/2005: In Mongolia, an 'Extinction Crisis' Looms
  - NY Times
12/11/2005: Better Bananas, Nicer Mosquitoes  - NY Times
12/11/2005: When a Giant Walked the Earth  - NY Times
12/11/2005: Drunken Elephants: The Marula Fruit Myth - Science Daily
12/11/2005: A Salty Tale: New Bacterial Genome Sequenced From Ancient Salterns - Science Daily
12/11/2005: 'Go Fishing' No Game For Inland Waters Worldwide - Science Daily
12/11/2005: Tipsy Elephants Probably Poisoned, Not Drunk - Space.com
12/11/2005: Y chromosome and male infertility C. KrauszOnline publication date- 6-Dec-2005 ... - FirstScience
12/11/2005: Molecular biology of spermegg interactions J. DeanOnline publication date- 6-Dec-2005 ... - FirstScience
12/11/2005: Molecular biology of the androgen responses F. Claessens, G. Verrijdt, A. Haelens, L. Callewaert, U. Moehren, ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
12/11/2005: Scientists to Study Acid Rain, Smokies  - NY Times
12/11/2005: Brazil: Deforestation Slowed in Amazon  - NY Times
12/11/2005: Warming Could Free Far More Carbon From High Arctic Soil Than Earlier Thought - Science Daily
12/11/2005: Chemists Detect Toxic Emissions Linked To Catalytic Converters In U.S. - Science Daily
12/11/2005: Elevated Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Increases Soil Carbon - Science Daily
12/11/2005: Looking At Atmospheric Disturbances During Space Storms: Researchers Create Unprecedented View Of Earth's Upper Atmosphere - Science Daily
12/11/2005: Food Crisis Feared as Fertile Land Runs Out  - Wired News
12/11/2005: Mexico pig manure project enters Kyoto pollution scheme ...  - Physics Org
12/11/2005: Ancient sediments show influence of southern ocean circulation on climate ...  - Physics Org
12/11/2005: Catalytic converters: source of pollution? ...  - Physics Org
12/11/2005: WRI and WBCSD Release Protocol for Climate Change Mitigation Projects ...  - Physics Org
12/11/2005: Forest industry takes on greenhouse gas emissions ...  - Physics Org
12/11/2005: Heavy weather- how procrastination and politics hobble action on climate change ...  - Physics Org
12/11/2005: Pacific Islanders Move To Escape Global Warming ...  - Physics Org
12/11/2005: MPA Students in Environmental Science and Policy Give Final Briefings ... - FirstScience
12/11/2005: Earthquake 'Pulses' Could Predict Tsunami Impact ... - FirstScience
12/11/2005: Volcanic gases caused mass extinction ... - FirstScience
12/11/2005: NASA Satellites Yield Best-Ever Antarctic Maps ... - FirstScience
12/11/2005: Delay expected in ozone recovery
  - BBC
12/11/2005: Antarctica's ice bottom exposed
  - BBC
12/11/2005: Why the UN is facing deadlock in its talks on climate change
  - BBC

12/11/2005: Xbox 360 vs. PS3 - Science Daily
12/11/2005: Games website to educate parents  - BBC
12/11/2005: Shoot to thrill Tackling the challenge posed by violent video games  - BBC
12/11/2005: VCs invest in alternate reality  - C/Net

12/11/2005: Fido's First Cell Phone
  - Wired News

12/11/2005: Intel's Alternate Futures  - Technology Review 
12/11/2005: The Itanium saga:A cautionary tale  - C/Net
12/11/2005: Intel aims for faster, cooler transistors  - C/Net


12/11/2005: Le Chic Shall Inherit Les Blogs  - Wired News
12/11/2005: Asia Recognized; Porn in Limbo  - Wired News
12/11/2005: Invention: The McDownload - New Scientist
12/11/2005: Wordsmiths hail podcast success - ABC
12/11/2005: Is Wikipedia safefrom libel liability?  - C/Net
12/11/2005: Do you trust Wikipedia?  - C/Net
12/11/2005: New IM worm chats with intended victims
  - C/Net
12/11/2005: Group: Online content cannot remain free
  - C/Net
12/11/2005: Start-ups clamor for search dollars and more
  - C/Net
12/11/2005: Google Desktop tweaked to block attackers
  - C/Net
12/11/2005: Google tops list of most-prominent tech firms
  - C/Net

12/11/2005: Case Researchers Discover Methods To Find 'Needles In Haystack' In Data - Science Daily
12/11/2005: Firm Allegedly Hiding Cisco Bugs  - Wired News
12/11/2005: Microsoft, Land of 360 Lawsuits  - Wired News
12/11/2005: Sony Digital Rights Management Uses Open Source Code to Add Apple DRM

12/11/2005: The Backup Plan  - Technology Review 
12/11/2005: China Expresses Readiness to Cooperate With France on Nuclear Technology ... - FirstScience
12/11/2005: Power line 'key for green energy'  - BBC
12/11/2005: Dollars and delays: Bureaucracy and lack of funds hamper clean energy projects  - BBC

12/11/2005: Children With Heart Defects Found To Benefit From Exercise - Science Daily

12/11/2005: Texas Scientists Discover How A Hepatitis C Protein Promotes Liver Cancer - Science Daily
12/11/2005: Large head link to brain cancer  - BBC
12/11/2005: Super-broccoli to tackle the risk of cancer  - BBC

12/11/2005: Threat Of Avian Influenza Pandemic Grows, But People Can Take Precautions - Science Daily

12/11/2005: Really? The Claim: Never Drink on an Empty Stomach  - NY Times
12/11/2005: Alcohol Gets Mixed Reviews - Science Daily

12/11/2005: Fat Hormone May Trick the Body to Help It Keep Extra Pounds Off  - NY Times
12/11/2005: Milk That Lasts  - NY Times
12/11/2005: Ethical Concerns on Face Transplant Grow  - NY Times
12/11/2005: A Pioneering Transplant, and Now an Ethical Storm  - NY Times
12/11/2005: Sooner Is Better With Cochlear Implants, Stanford Scientist Shows - Science Daily
12/11/2005: WTO OKs easier access to medicines in developing countries - Seattle Times
12/11/2005: A century of sight: It's the 100th anniversary of the first cornea transplant  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/11/2005: Titanic Sinking May Have Been Quick  - NY Times
12/11/2005: Ancient drought 'changed history'  - BBC

12/11/2005: A Scientist, Gazing Toward Stockholm, Ponders 'What If?'  - NY Times
12/11/2005: For Aging Drivers, the Signs Sometimes Say 'Stop'  - NY Times
12/11/2005: Let Your PC Do the Investing  - Wired News
12/11/2005: Gardener on the Roof  - Wired News
12/11/2005: Munich Scientists Study Bystander Effect - Physics Org
12/11/2005: Putting Old Buildings to Rest - Slate
12/11/2005: No cooling in November for King County housing prices - Seattle Times
12/11/2005: Airbus, Chinese grow cozier - Seattle Times
12/11/2005: Orders to U.S. factories increase 2.2 percent - Seattle Times
12/11/2005: Gates: Microsoft to Invest $1.7B in India - ABC
12/11/2005: Tens of thousands mistakenly put on terrorist watch lists  - C/Net
12/11/2005: 46 comments
  - C/Net
12/11/2005: Gimme a turkey on rye with a side of Sinatra  - C/Net

12/11/2005: Therapies: A Dose of Dolphins for Moderate Depression  - NY Times
12/11/2005: Evidence For Expanded Color Vision For Some Colorblind Individuals - Science Daily
12/11/2005: Autistic Children's Brains Grow Larger During First Years Of Development, Why Is Not Clear - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/11/2005: Exploding dark-matter balls predicted - PhysicsWeb
12/11/2005: Mathematician's Insight Helps Unravel Knotty Problem
 - Science Daily
12/11/2005: Hubble, Sloan Quadruple Number of Known Optical Einstein Rings ...
 - FirstScience

12/11/2005: Live Longer With Evolution: Evidence May Lie in Fruit Flies  - NY Times

12/11/2005: Robo-patients Allow Medical Students To Practise Until Perfect - Science Daily

12/11/2005: Mars Express Providing Evidence For Large Aquifers On Early Mars - SpaceDaily
Neptune Class Exoplanet Found Around Small Star - SpaceDaily
12/11/2005: Probes Reveal Methane Haze on a Dynamic Saturn Moon
  - NY Times
12/11/2005: Rivers On Titan, One Of Saturn's Moons, Resemble Those On Earth
 - Science Daily
12/11/2005: Virgin's Branson reveals frequent-flyer space plan ...
  - Physics Org
12/11/2005: Cellular Spacecraft Open Airlock ...
 - FirstScience
12/11/2005: Top 10 Elementary Aged Space Adventure Toys ...
 - FirstScience
12/11/2005: Europe increases funds for space research ...
 - FirstScience
12/11/2005: Kazakhstan Predicts Major Developments For Its Space Program ...
  - Physics Org
12/11/2005: UK signs up to Euro Mars mission
 - ABC



12/11/2005: Photo Chop Shop  - Technology Review 
12/11/2005: The shipping news: Today's ocean-going behemoths look to get bigger and faster  - BBC
12/11/2005: Tech execs: Time is of the essence  - C/Net
12/11/2005: W3C looks at next-gen voice technologies  - C/Net


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