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  December 11, 2004

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Fly Higher, Fly Lighter: 'Ballute' Technology Aimed at Moon Missions -  Moviegoers may recall it as that nifty bit of high-speed technology used in 2010: The Year We Make Contact -- the space age equivalent of playing air bag bumper car with Jupiter. A "ballute" was used to slow the spacecraft once it reached the giant planet, a device that allows for aerocapture around a celestial body that’s enveloped in an atmosphere.     
Spider Silks, The Ecological Materials Of Tomorrow -  Left:  Electron microscope image of a spider's silk spigots. Photo courtesy: MicroAngela. Spider silks could become the intelligent materials of the future, according to a review article published this month in the journal Microbial Cell Factories. The distinctive toughness of spider silk could allow manufacturers to improve wound-closure systems and plasters, and to produce artificial ligaments and tendons for durable surgical implants. The silk could also be woven into strong textiles to make parachutes, body armour, ropes and fishing nets. A whole range of ecological materials could emerge from the industrial production of spider silk. 

Transforming Dust Into Rocky Planets -  Left:   A massive disc of dusty planet-forming debris encircling the nearby star Fomalhaut.   An international team of astronomers has obtained unique infrared spectra of the dust in the innermost regions of the proto-planetary discs around three young stars - now in a state possibly very similar to that of our solar system in the making, some 4,500 million years ago. new interferometric observations of three young stars by an international team], using the combined power of two 8.2-meter telescopes a hundred meters apart, has achieved sufficient image sharpness (about 0.02 arcsec) to measure the infrared emission from the inner region of the discs around three stars
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/11/2004: Monkey embryos cloned for the first time - New Scientist
12/11/2004: Monkeys may visualise in response to calls
 - New Scientist
12/11/2004: A Worm in a Bubble in the Ocean  - NY Times
12/11/2004: When Bats and Humans Were One and the Same  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Graphic  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Ubiquitination In Real-time: A World First At The Université De Montréal - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/11/2004: Argentina warns of climate crisis  - BBC
12/11/2004: Climate change challenges  - BBC
12/11/2004: Warming: The evidence  - BBC
12/11/2004: From cell to sunflower  - CNN
12/11/2004: Green breakthrough  - CNN
12/11/2004: Biotech bid to save tropical treasures  - CNN
12/11/2004: Australia to meet Kyoto target but refuses to sign  - Yahoo
12/11/2004: Changes May Be Needed in Superfund, Chief Says  - NY Times
12/11/2004: A River That Follows Two Paths  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Northeastern Researcher Finds Missing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide - Science Daily
12/11/2004: NASA Satellites See El Nino Creep In From The Indian Ocean - Science Daily
12/11/2004: US resists Kyoto talks at international climate conference  - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: Kyoto treaty nations call on US, China, India to get on board  - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: China now accounts for a seventh of world carbon pollution: IEA - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: Activists erect 'Noah's Ark' to underscore perils of global warming  - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: UN to look beyond Kyoto in climate change conference - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: Better planning needed to reduce storm, quake disasters: UN expert - SpaceDaily


12/11/2004: Battle lines harden, as Supreme Court agrees to hear broadband case
  - El. Engr. Times
12/11/2004: Ubisense gets FCC certification for UWB system
  - El. Engr. Times
12/11/2004: Kit enables long-distance cell upgrades
  - El. Engr. Times
12/11/2004: Wi-Fi device finds hotspots
 - Seattle Times

12/11/2004: IBM describes strained germanium technique  - El. Engr. Times
12/11/2004: Plastic Logic, E Ink, team for large area flexible display  - El. Engr. Times
12/11/2004: HD video decoders roll, sans VC-1  - El. Engr. Times


12/11/2004: Don't take bait if e-mail smells phishy - Seattle Times
12/11/2004: Publishing pioneer tries "blogozine" - Seattle Times

12/11/2004: Study: Musicians not hurt by file-sharing  - CNN
12/11/2004: At Sea, Care for Aged (and All You Can Eat)  - NY Times
12/11/2004: The Claim: Bicycle Seats Can Cause Impotence for Male Riders  - NY Times


12/11/2004: Estrogen-associated COX-2 Pathways Explain Protection From Heart Disease In Female Mice - Science Daily
12/11/2004: Family History Predicts Young Women's Risk Of Stroke - Science Daily

12/11/2004: A Perplexing Cancer, With No Fixed Address  - NY Times

12/11/2004: Passing On a Cold  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Common Lineage Suggested For Viruses That Infect Hosts From All Three Domains Of Life - Science Daily
12/11/2004: Researchers Trace How Virus That Causes AIDS Spreads Following Oral Exposure - Science Daily
12/11/2004: Canadian biotech firm signs flu-vaccine contracts for U.S. market - Seattle Times

12/11/2004: Vital Signs: Childhood Ailments: Stress and Asthma, Hand in Hand  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Raw Eggs: Hair of the Dog: New Options for the Besotted  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Graphic  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Forum: Share Your Homemade Hangover Cures  - NY Times

12/11/2004: Length-boosting surgery for 'micro-penises' - New Scientist
12/11/2004: Diagnosis: When Teeth Tell Tales on Bones  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Vital Signs: Prevention: Stopping Injuries in Their Tracks  - NY Times
12/11/2004: New Remedies for a Frustrating Illness. But Do They Work?  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Sometimes, Doctors Find Answers Far Off the Charts  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Study: Eat Leafy Green Veggies To Help Prevent Cataracts - Science Daily
12/11/2004: Dental X-rays Could Be First Step In Osteoporosis Screening - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/11/2004: Museum unveils replica of new dinosaur  - CNN
12/11/2004: Hints of 9,000-year-old wine found - MSNBC
12/11/2004: Woman warrior found in Iranian tomb - MSNBC
12/11/2004: World's earliest tipple discovered in China - New Scientist
12/11/2004: Bones suggest women went to war in ancient Iran  - Yahoo
12/11/2004: Chinese Pottery Yields Leftovers of Stone Age Happy Hour  - NY Times

12/11/2004: TV times: Why television will not just disappear when we are all online  - BBC
12/11/2004: Military signals may jam garage-door openers  - CNN
12/11/2004: Woman auctions father's ghost on eBay  - CNN
12/11/2004: The Science Guy's latest experiment - MSNBC
12/11/2004: Cyber detective links up crimes - New Scientist
12/11/2004: At FDA, strong drug ties and less monitoring  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Ritz blitz gambling trio keep their chips - New Scientist
12/11/2004: Letters  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Vital Signs: Behavior: Violent Ads for Rough Sports  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Observatory: Danger: Smooth Road Ahead  - NY Times
12/11/2004: New Software Developed By Penn State Improves Database Security - Science Daily
12/11/2004: How Are We Doing? Researchers Aim To Measure National Well Being - Science Daily
12/11/2004: New high-tech passports raise privacy concerns - Seattle Times
12/11/2004: Digital world set to invade no-tech culture - Seattle Times
12/11/2004: Australia mystified by mysterious bumps in the night -

12/11/2004: Neurology: Say the Right Name and They Light Up  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Tracking Stress and Depression Back to the Womb  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Purdue Research Offers Hope For Canine, Human Spinal Injuries - Science Daily
12/11/2004: Replicating An Eel's Nerve Circuitry May Aid Paralyzed People - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/11/2004: Transforming Dust Into Rocky Planets -
12/11/2004: Star's pulse of radiation is strongest ever 
 - New Scientist
12/11/2004: String Theory, at 20, Explains It All (or Not)
  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Slide Show: 20 Years of String Theory
  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Magnetic effects seen in water
 - PhysicsWeb
12/11/2004: Solar Storms Smack a Comet

12/11/2004: Researchers Help Uncover Why Aging Reduces Immune System Function - Science Daily

12/11/2004: In Kingdom of Cockroaches, Leaders Are Made, Not Born  - NY Times

12/11/2004: Fly Higher, Fly Lighter: 'Ballute' Technology Aimed at Moon Missions -
12/11/2004: NASA Reaches Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Milestone
 - Science Daily
12/11/2004: Reports Detail Rover Discoveries Of Wet Martian History
 - Science Daily
12/11/2004: Boeing's Delta IV Heavy Gets Ready for its Close-Up
12/11/2004: Weight Watchers- Astronaut Appetites Strain Station Supplies
12/11/2004: Space Legend John Young Retiring
12/11/2004: Cassini Captures Saturn Moon Red-Handed
 - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: Tilt And Whirl of Saturn's F Ring
 - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: Sweeping Beauty
 - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: Aerojet Tests Engine For New Mars Rover
 - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: New Programming Challenge Launched To Solve Mars Rescue Mission
 - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: Huygens Set For Center Stage At Titan
 - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: With Food Running Low, Space Crew Must Cut Back
  - NY Times
12/11/2004: Analysis: Congress Restricts Private Space
 - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: Russia plans for emergency evacuation of ISS crew
 - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: Strong Meteor Shower Peaks Monday Night
 - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: ISS Crew Counts Calories as Food Supply Runs Low
 - SpaceDaily
12/11/2004: Space station astronauts told to ration food ...
 - FirstScience
12/11/2004: Space Station Crew May Have to Return Home ...
 - ABC
12/11/2004: Traveling to Mars in your Dreams?1`` ...
 - ABC

12/11/2004: Spider Silks, The Ecological Materials Of Tomorrow -
12/11/2004: Body talk How 'smart textiles' could lead to mobiles printed on skin  - BBC
12/11/2004: Waiting For The Gun - Science Daily


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