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  December 10, 2005

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Optical Vortex Coronagraph Could Look Directly At Extrasolar Planets - SpaceDaily   Left:  These laboratory limages demonstrate how the optical vortex coronograph works. They were obtained with a green "star" and red "planet" (point light sources). (a) shows how the green light is "spun out," while the red light remains unaffected. Images of the point sources are shown when large (b) and small (c) apertures are used to limit the transmission of light from (a). Reported by: Foo et al. in Optics Letters for 1 December 2005.  A new optical device might allow astronomers to view extrasolar planets directly without the annoying glare of the parent star. It would do this by "nulling" out the light of the parent star by exploiting its wave nature, leaving the reflected light from the nearby planet to be observed in space-based detectors About ten years ago the presence of planets around stars other than our sun was first deduced by the very tiny wobble in the star's spectrum of light imposed by the mutual tug between the star and its satellite. Since then more than 100 extrasolar planets have been detected in this way. Also, in a few cases the slight diminution in the star's radiation caused by the transit of the planet across in front of the star has been observed. Many astronomers would, however, like to view the planet directly - a difficult thing to do. Seeing the planet next to its bright star has been compared to trying to discern, from a hundred meters away, the light of a match held up next to the glare of an automobile's headlight. It could fully come into its own on a project like the Terrestrial Planet Finder, or TPF, a proposed orbiting telescope to be developed over the coming decade and designed to image exoplanets.
Ancient Canals Reveal Underpinnings Of Early Andean Civilization - SpaceDaily  Canals discovered in the Peruvian Andes dating back over 5,400 years offer long-sought proof that irrigation was at the heart of the development of one of the earth's first civilizations. The anthropologists discovered the canals in Peru's upper middle Zana Valley, approximately 60 kilometers east of the Pacific coast. Preliminary results indicate one of the canals is over 6,700 years old, while another has been confirmed to be over 5,400 years old. They are the oldest such canals yet discovered in South America. "Peru is one of the few places on the planet where there was independent development of civilization."  

India Successfully Test Fires Supersonic Cruise Missile - SpaceDaily   India on Wednesday successfully test-fired an army version of its supersonic BrahMos cruise missile that was jointly developed with Russia, a defence officer said. The missile was tested from Indias Chandipur-on-sea site, 200 kilometres (125 miles) northeast of Bhubaneswar, the capital of the southeastern state of Orissa. "The missile has a range of 290 kilometers (181 miles) and can carry a 300-kilogram (660 pounds) conventional warhead and can be launched from land, ships, submarines and aircraft, the officer said. The eight-metre (26-foot) missile weighs about three metric tonnes.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/10/2005:New Species Of Diatom Discovered By University of Georgia Scientist - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Poison + Water = Hydrogen. New Microbial Genome Shows How
 - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Why The Amazon Rainforest Is So Rich In Species - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Kangaroos Fear Sound of Own Feet - ABC
12/10/2005:Johns Hopkins develops new DNA technique ... - FirstScience
12/10/2005:Butterfly evolution is studied ... - FirstScience
12/10/2005:A combination of DNA vaccines targeting human papillomavirus type 16 E6 and E7 generates potent antitumor effe ... - FirstScience
12/10/2005:Unknown Borneo beast caught on camera - MSNBC

Climate, Environment:
12/10/2005:Tropical Atlantic Cooling And African Deforestation Correlate To Drought, Report Scientists - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Earthquake 'Pulses' Could Predict Tsunami Impact - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Climate change and the water resource ... - FirstScience
12/10/2005:Environmental group denounces lifting of logging ban ... - FirstScience
12/10/2005:Fossil a day keeps climate talks frustration at bay ... - FirstScience
12/10/2005:British protesters demand climate change action (04-12-2005) ... - FirstScience
12/10/2005:Are there any environmentally friendly alternatives to aerosol spray dusters- ... - FirstScience
12/10/2005:WHO links health woes to climate changes ... - FirstScience
12/10/2005:Pacific islanders move to escape global warming ... - FirstScience
12/10/2005:'Loose tooth': Giant ice block helps scientists understand warming in Antarctica  - BBC
12/10/2005:Going underground: Burying CO2 could limit climate change  - BBC
12/10/2005:New hydrothermal vents discovered - MSNBC

12/10/2005:Japanese Segway Goes Extreme  - Wired News
12/10/2005: Why Ebert Was Right About Games - Business Week
12/10/2005:X2Gen LCD monitor  - C/Net
12/10/2005:New gateway to multiple virtual worlds?  - C/Net

12/10/2005:Cingular launches 3G network
  - C/Net
12/10/2005:Rerro:-a cell phone for dogs
  - Wired News

12/10/2005:Second wind for PowerPC?  - C/Net
12/10/2005:Saifun presents four-bits-per-cell flash  - El. Engr. Times

12/10/2005:Kitchenware Extends Wi-Fi Range  - Wired News
12/10/2005:Data-eating dogs feature in top 10 of PC disasters  - BBC
12/10/2005:Glaser turns wrath on Apple, Jobs  - C/Net

12/10/2005:"30 Seconds Is Too Long" - Technology Review 
12/10/2005:Wikipedia Tightens the Reins  - Wired News
12/10/2005:At Google, Cube Culture Has New Rules  - NY Times
12/10/2005:E-Tailers Try New Holiday Tricks - Business Week
12/10/2005:Wikipedia tightens online rules  - BBC
12/10/2005:From Aaan to ZZ Top  - BBC
12/10/2005:People's archive: Croats build online museum of daily life to honour ordinary folk
  - BBC
12/10/2005: Can Google Go Glossy?
 - Business Week
12/10/2005:Can there be another Google?
  - C/Net
12/10/2005:Charts: Follow the money
  - C/Net
12/10/2005:Cautious ad spending this year, but Web spared
  - NY Times
12/10/2005:New Firefox loses features
  - C/Net
12/10/2005:Wikipedia 'facts' debate
  - CNN

12/10/2005:Not-So-Bohemian Rhapsody  - Wired News
12/10/2005:Sony Closes in on New Uninstall Program - USA Today
12/10/2005:Red Hat edges into higher-level software  - C/Net
12/10/2005:Sharman cuts off Kazaa downloads in Australia  - NY Times

12/10/2005:Free Power for Cars - Technology Review 
12/10/2005:Wind taken out of sails of renewable energy project ... - FirstScience
12/10/2005:India joins nuclear fusion club  - BBC
12/10/2005:Old rocks the key to life on Mars  - BBC
12/10/2005:Dollars and delays: Bureaucracy and lack of funds hamper clean energy projects  - BBC
12/10/2005:After the Bomb: New life for town which served Soviet nuclear programme  - BBC

12/10/2005:Iron Particles And MRI Could Replace Biopsies To Track Stem Cell Therapy And Deploy Stents - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Heparin Antibodies May Pose Risk In Heart Surgery Patients - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Mayo Clinic Researchers Redefining How Heart Functions - Science Daily
12/10/2005:New Link Between Gum And Cardiovascular Diseases - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Hormone Aldosterone Is Promising Target For Stroke Treatment - Science Daily


12/10/2005:New Insights Into Protein Synthesis And Hepatitis C Infections - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Immune Cell Receptors Act In Combination To Regulate Attack - Science Daily
12/10/2005:X-rays Good Predictor Of Survival In Avian Flu Patients - Science Daily
12/10/2005:In pictures: The HIV burden of care that falls on Africa's grandparents  - BBC
12/10/2005:Chinese girl has deadly bird flu  - BBC

12/10/2005:Scientists Directly View Immune Cells Interacting To Avert Autoimmunity - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Enzyme May Be Target For New Anti-inflammatory Compounds - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Cannabis Almost Doubles Risk Of Fatal Crashes - Science Daily

12/10/2005:Watch Your Step When The Going Gets Rough - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Sydney Researchers Explain How Stress Can Make You Sick - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Drinking Small Amounts Of Alcohol Regularly Reduces Risk Of Obesity - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Obesity Before Pregnancy Linked To Childhood Weight Problems - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
12/10/2005:Ancient Canals Reveal Underpinnings Of Early Andean Civilization - SpaceDaily
12/10/2005:New twists in the saga of Titanic sinking - MSNBC

12/10/2005:India Successfully Test Fires Supersonic Cruise Missile - SpaceDaily
12/10/2005:Midflight Engine Trouble - Technology Review 
12/10/2005:25,000 Dancing Lights - Technology Review 
12/10/2005:Thinking Outside the Box Office  - Wired News
12/10/2005:Angry BellSouth Withdrew New Orleans Donation - Washington Post
12/10/2005:Money Toons - Slate
12/10/2005:M&A: Back with a Vengeance Deals in 2005 are likely to top $1 trillion -- and it's unlikely we'll see any cooling soon - Business Week
12/10/2005: Intel's Eager Passage to India - Business Week
12/10/2005:Will humans mine for gold on the sea floor?  - NY Times
12/10/2005:Verizon to cut managers' pensions  - C/Net
12/10/2005:Xilinx plans independent R&D center in India  - El. Engr. Times
12/10/2005:AMD plots Asian expansion  - El. Engr. Times
12/10/2005:U.S. museum artifacts in danger - MSNBC

12/10/2005:'Survival' Genes Hold Key To Healthy Brains In Babies And The Elderly - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Modified Atkins Diet Effectively Treats Childhood Seizures - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Don't Worry, Be Happy - Technology Review 
12/10/2005:Seeing the light: How treatment helped ease the misery of an SAD sufferer  - BBC
12/10/2005:Emotional health: Why it can take time to get over the end of a relationship  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
12/10/2005:Most Detailed Image Of The Crab Nebula - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Chandra Proves Black Hole Influence Is Far Reaching
 - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Physicists Describe Strange New Fluid-like State Of Matter
 - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Crystal of Holes Discovered: Unusual State of Matter
  - Physics Org
12/10/2005:Failed Star Spawning Mini Solar System ...
  - Scientific American

12/10/2005:Feeling Old? Supplement Diet With Leucine Prevents Muscle Loss Linked To Aging - Science Daily
12/10/2005:The End Of Aging: New Study Examines Evolutionary Explanations For 'Biological Immortality'
 - Science Daily

12/10/2005:Sony's Qrio does the robot rock  - NY Times
12/10/2005:Robotic muscles perform tasks humans cannot  - CNN

12/10/2005:Optical Vortex Coronagraph Could Look Directly At Extrasolar Planets - SpaceDaily
12/10/2005:Electromagnetic Levitator Carried Aloft By Texus Sounding Rocket
 - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Rovers Find Evidence Mars Was Once Hostile ...
 - FirstScience
12/10/2005:European Space Agency Sets Priorities in Budget Meeting ...
 - FirstScience
12/10/2005:NASA Isolates What It Believes To Be Cause of Shuttle Woes ...
 - FirstScience
12/10/2005:Union asks NASA to stop Pluto probe work ...
 - FirstScience
12/10/2005:Right Hemisphere adds NASA to client list ...
 - FirstScience
12/10/2005:UK signs up to Euro Mars mission
  - BBC
12/10/2005:The little Mars rovers that could  - C/Net

12/10/2005:Nanotech Discovery Could Have Radical Implications; Princeton Group Outlines Novel Mathematical Approach - Science Daily
12/10/2005:Stay the Course With B-List Stars  - Wired News
12/10/2005:M & M Sorter  - Wired News
12/10/2005:Digital photo printing easier, cheaper than ever  - CNN


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