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  December 1, 2005

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Was Einstein'S "Biggest Blunder" A Stellar Success? - SpaceDaily  The genius of Albert Einstein, who added a "cosmological constant" to his equation for the expansion of the universe but later retracted it, may be vindicated by new research. The enigmatic dark energy that drives the accelerating expansion of the universe behaves just like Einstein's famed cosmological constant, according to the Supernova Legacy Survey (SNLS), an international team of researchers in France and Canada that collaborated with large telescope observers at Oxford, Caltech and Berkeley. Their observations reveal that the dark energy behaves like Einstein's cosmological constant to a precision of 10 per cent.     
Researchers Approach Quantum Limit In Third-Order Nonlinear Light-Light Interaction - SpaceDaily  Researchers from Lehigh University and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) have reported unprecedented nonlinear optical efficiency in some small organic molecules that makes the molecules potentially useful for optical computing, optical data processing, and optical telecommunication. In an article to be published in the journal Optics Letters, the researchers say that the optical nonlinearities of the molecules are "extraordinarily large relative to the small molecular mass of the molecules and are within a factor of 50 from the fundamental quantum limit."     

The Impossible Is Possible: Laser Light From Silicon - SpaceDaily  Since the creation of the first working laser a ruby model made in 1960 scientists have fashioned these light sources from substances ranging from neon to sapphire. Silicon, however, was not considered a candidate. Now a trio of Brown University researchers, led by engineering and physics professor Jimmy Xu, has made the impossible possible. Its structure would not allow for the proper line-up of electrons needed to get this semiconductor to emit light. The team has created the first directly pumped silicon laser. They did it by changing the atomic structure of silicon itself. This was accomplished by drilling billions of holes in a small bit of silicon using a nanoscale template. The result: weak but true laser light.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

12/1/2005:London Zoo provides a perfect breeding ground for rare snails  - BBC
12/1/2005:Life in the undergrowth: Discover a world stranger than fiction
  - BBC
12/1/2005:WashPost: Panda births hit record number - MSNBC
12/1/2005:Stem-cell pioneer resigns  - Nature
12/1/2005:Genetics - New Scientist
12/1/2005:FAQ - New Scientist
12/1/2005:Tibet's mountain gods have a way of preserving nature - New Scientist
12/1/2005:Swiss Ban Genetically Modified Crops  - NY Times
12/1/2005:Live From the Lab, a Culture Worth a Thousand Words  - NY Times
12/1/2005:Pulp Mill Devastates Swans' Sanctuary In Chile - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
12/1/2005:Pakistan Quake Survivors Prepared For Winter, Australia Claims - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Montreal climate summit to begin  - BBC
12/1/2005:Chinese cities face toxic spills  - Nature
12/1/2005:Rural Water Worries Persist After Chinese Chemical Spill  - NY Times
12/1/2005:No-Confidence Vote in Canada Threatens U.N. Climate Change Meeting  - NY Times
12/1/2005:Spill in China Brings Danger, and Cover-Up  - NY Times
12/1/2005:China Blames Oil Company for Benzene Spill in River  - NY Times
12/1/2005:NASA'S ICESat: One Billion Elevations Served - Science Daily
12/1/2005:Green Roofs In Winter: Hot Design For A Cold Climate - Science Daily
12/1/2005:Curtain raises on climate talks amid warnings from scientists, greens - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Global warming equals weapons of mass destruction: scientist - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Airline, auto sectors ripe for carbon market: IEA - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Climate change: A Factfile - SpaceDaily

12/1/2005:Hot tech gifts for the holidays  - C/Net
12/1/2005:6 comments  - C/Net
12/1/2005:Xbox 360 grab-a-thon  - C/Net
12/1/2005:Photos: Hot holiday picks  - C/Net
12/1/2005:Deal of the day: Samsung MiniDV Camcorder  - C/Net
12/1/2005:Parents weigh when kids should get gadgets - Seattle Times
12/1/2005:PlayStation3 to have parental controls
 - Seattle Times
12/1/2005:Xbox 360 "midnight madness" events unreal
 - Seattle Times

12/1/2005:3G industry optimistic for 2006
  - BBC
12/1/2005:Nintendo makes its Wi-Fi move
 - Seattle Times
12/1/2005:Push grows for standard to link phone networks
 - Seattle Times

12/1/2005:Quantum bubbles are key to extreme computing - New Scientist

12/1/2005:Writing the fastest code, by hand, for fun  - C/Net

12/1/2005:Dutch tech firm wants to rid the Web of the .com  - C/Net
12/1/2005:23 comments  - C/Net
12/1/2005:Firefox plans mass marketing drive  - C/Net
12/1/2005:A party girl leads China's online revolution  - C/Net
12/1/2005:Sweden aims to bring Expo to Internet - Seattle Times
12/1/2005:Net access turns black days green - Seattle Times
12/1/2005:Google Local a tricky journey
 - Seattle Times
12/1/2005:Net giants in search of startups step on VC toes
 - Seattle Times


12/1/2005:Blair Looking At 'All Options' Amidst British Nuclear Debate - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Vietnam To Start Building Huge Hydro Complex On December 2 - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:British government urged to take rapid decision on nuclear energy - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Why $5 Gas Is Good for America - Wired News
12/1/2005:Black to green: Why coal could yet provide the answer to our climate woes  - BBC
12/1/2005:Farming On Propane - Science Daily
12/1/2005:Saudi says oil market at comfortable level
 - SpaceDaily

12/1/2005:Olive oil's heart effect located  - BBC
12/1/2005:Stress Echo Tests Shown To Predict Cardiac Death, Illness In Higher-risk Women - Science Daily
12/1/2005:People With Heart Failure At Significant Increase For Death From Stroke - Science Daily
12/1/2005:Women Less Likely To Receive Heart Device Therapy But Survive With It Longer Than Men - Science Daily
12/1/2005:Jefferson Researchers Find Lack Of Protein In Obese People Is Risk Factor For Kidney, Heart Disease - Science Daily
12/1/2005:Studies Show Gene Transfer And Antibody Therapy Cut Atherosclerotic Plaque - Science Daily

12/1/2005:Protein Marker Associated With Positive Outcome In Invasive Breast Cancer - Science Daily
12/1/2005:Patients Regain Cognitive Function After Radiation For Brain Tumors - Science Daily
12/1/2005:Nine Behavioral And Environmental Risk Factors Play A Major Role In Global Cancer Deaths - Science Daily

12/1/2005:Bird Flu Crisis In China "Severe" And Getting Worse - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:HIV Inserts Into Human Genome Using A DNA-associated Protein - Science Daily
12/1/2005:Understanding T Cells  - Technology Review 

12/1/2005:Smoke ban 'may be total by 2007'  - BBC

12/1/2005:Physio graduates cannot get jobs  - BBC
12/1/2005:Marathon challenge: A club foot won't stop Mark Tointon running all over the world  - BBC
12/1/2005:Mums 'hide' post-natal depression  - BBC
12/1/2005:Drinking straw helps drugs down  - BBC
12/1/2005:Family health: What preparations should you make before you go skiing?  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
12/1/2005:Wired world: How the Victorians set out to connect the continents  - BBC
12/1/2005:Pro-evolution site sued over public funding - MSNBC
12/1/2005:Corruption Endangers a Treasure of the Caspian  - NY Times
12/1/2005:Slide Show: The Sturgeon's Plight  - NY Times
12/1/2005:Directions: The Evolution of a Darwin Show  - NY Times
12/1/2005:Mastodon, Mammoth Remains Turn Up in Ill.  - NY Times
12/1/2005:Scientists Probe Lewis & Clark Encampment
  - NY Times
12/1/2005:Sweet Snacks Could Be Best Medicine For Stress
 - Science Daily
12/1/2005:Couple Sues Operators of Evolution Site
 - Space.com

12/1/2005:China's Improved Diplomacy On Show During Bush Visit - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Analysis: China Strategies And Bush - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Polluted River Water In China Poisons 34 People - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:A Successful First Flight With FILUR UAV - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Outsourcing to the Heartland - Wired News
12/1/2005:Take someone's breath away--literally  - C/Net
12/1/2005:7 comments  - C/Net
12/1/2005:Web site offers Saddam uniform for sale  - C/Net
12/1/2005:Tycoon floats to record height - MSNBC
12/1/2005:More Boyle: Search MSNBC's archives - MSNBC
12/1/2005:Innocents die as DNA goes untested - New Scientist
12/1/2005:Risk Higher For Truckers In Eleventh Hour - Science Daily
12/1/2005:Competitors challenge MapQuest - Seattle Times
12/1/2005:Peace Institute Blasts BMD Program - SpaceDaily

12/1/2005:Refugee advocate: The psychiatrist honoured for her work with asylum seekers  - BBC
12/1/2005:Synaptic Connections Need Nurturing To Retain Their Structure And Keep Outsiders At Bay - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
12/1/2005:Researchers Approach Quantum Limit In Third-Order Nonlinear Light-Light Interaction - SpaceDaily
The Impossible Is Possible: Laser Light From Silicon - SpaceDaily
Was Einstein'S "Biggest Blunder" A Stellar Success? - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:'Hot' superconductor surprise baffles physicists
 - New Scientist
12/1/2005:SOHO Watches Solar CME
 - SpaceDaily



12/1/2005:Closer Relations Between ESA And China - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Air Force Cadet's Built Microsat Ready For Launch
 - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Looking for alien intelligence in the computational universe
 - New Scientist
12/1/2005:Connecticut: Taking on Uncle Sam, on a Mission for Gus  - NY Times
12/1/2005:Japanese Spacecraft to Start Journey Home
  - NY Times
12/1/2005:China Aims to Put Man on Moon by 2020
  - NY Times
12/1/2005:Meet The First Woman To Drive On Mars
 - Science Daily
12/1/2005:Bush's Space Plan In Danger As Budget Crisis Grows At NASA
 - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Portugal to montior rocket launches for ESA
 - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Peaks Of Eternal Light Point To Good Places To Start Exploration Of The Moon
 - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Dione's Carthage Linea Region Revealed
 - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Hayabusa Problems May Prevent Asteroid Sample Return
 - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:New NASA Advisory Council Holds Inaugural Meeting
 - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Intrepid Solar Spacecraft Celebrates 10th Anniversary
 - SpaceDaily

12/1/2005:USF Mini-Helicopters Return To Katrina - SpaceDaily
12/1/2005:Wireless moves the cash register where you are  - C/Net
12/1/2005:Nanotube forest does concertina scrunch  - Nature
12/1/2005:Science Center Celebrates an Industrial Cityscape  - NY Times
12/1/2005:New Study Suggests Ways To Brighten Nanotube Light Sources - Science Daily


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