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  November 9, 2005

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Solar panel installers on roof.  Image: Dulas ltd Department of Trade and Industry 'damaging' green power sector  - BBC  Two schemes providing financial support for small green energy schemes are ending this year, and the replacement programmes have yet to materialise. Since 2002, they have disbursed about 43m (US$75m) in grants towards small-scale solar PV projects, solar hot-water systems, micro-wind installations, wood stoves and ground-based heat-pumps, either at the level of individual households or small communities. Typically they fund 10-50% of a project's cost. LCB is about developing "...a whole strategy that will create a sustainable market for the future," rather than just capital grants.
Bright ideas Developing technologies for a low carbon future  - BBC    One of the materials PV21 is working with is cadmium telluride (CdTe); the maximum efficiency obtained for CdTe solar cells so far is around 16%. Professor Durose believes that could almost be doubled, though the science involved is, he says, "ambitious," involving changing the electrical properties of the boundaries between CdTe crystals. Laurie Peter from Bath University is working on something which could eventually be cheaper still - the excitonic solar cell. "Light is absorbed by molecules similar to chlorophyll; and then a second step is used to produce electricity."   

Graph showing rapid growth in solar PV over last decade.

Funds to promote renewable energy  - BBC  The Low Carbon Buildings fund replaces two previous government schemes, the Clear Skies and Major PV Demonstration programmes, which have disbursed about 43m over the last four years. The Low Carbon Buildings fund replaces two previous government schemes, the Clear Skies and Major PV Demonstration programmes, which have disbursed about 43m over the last four years. "We are pleased to see the government giving some priority to micro-renewables," he told the BBC News website, "but in terms of the size of funding, it looks like a backwards step. "It won't accelerate the growth in this sector, and our objective and theirs is that the sector should be growing." The 2003 Energy White Paper set a goal of stimulating Britain's nascent micro-renewables industry, which has seen a rapid rise in the installation of photovoltaic solar cells, solar thermal hot-water systems, and heat pumps.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/9/2005:Money and monkey business - New Scientist
11/9/2005:Probing The Genes Of An Eccentric Beetle Pest
 - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/9/2005:Climate response risks to nature  - BBC
11/9/2005:Warning shot for green chemistry  - Nature
11/9/2005:'Human error' doomed New Orleans levees  - Nature
11/9/2005:EU seeks talks, not targets at UN climate meeting ... - FirstScience
11/9/2005:Greenpeace activists found guilty ... - FirstScience
11/9/2005:Centuries of Global Warming Envisioned ... - FirstScience
11/9/2005:Region-Specific Climate Modeling Studied ... - FirstScience
11/9/2005:EU Says Govts Must Do More To Limit Factory Pollution ... - FirstScience
11/9/2005:International Day Of Action On Climate Change ... - FirstScience
11/9/2005:Massive die-off of Caribbean coral feared ... - MSNBC

11/9/2005:Fistful of pixels: The Doors and Zorro screenwriter saddles up for Gun game  - BBC
11/9/2005:Gamers to get their crack at the Da Vinci Code  - BBC
11/9/2005:Shoot to score: Football games vie for the attention of the armchair fan  - BBC
11/9/2005:Microsoft seeking to control Xbox 360 supply?  - C/Net
11/9/2005:Sneak a Peek at Cult of IPod  - Wired News

11/9/2005:Net calling: How people are switching to making calls over the internet
  - BBC
11/9/2005:Mobile music 'gaining popularity'
  - BBC
11/9/2005:FCC to investigate video franchise rules
  - C/Net
11/9/2005:Discount Razr phones on the horizon?
  - C/Net
11/9/2005:MIT Maps Wireless Users Across Campus
  - Wired News


11/9/2005:ThinkPad returns to retail  - C/Net
11/9/2005:Brazil's bumpy road to the low-cost PC  - C/Net
11/9/2005:Photos: Low-cost PCs around the world  - C/Net

11/9/2005:Google posts first books online  - BBC
11/9/2005:Teen cleared over e-mail salvo  - BBC
11/9/2005:Outspoken Chinese blog 'blocked'  - BBC
11/9/2005:iTunes dons cap and gown  - C/Net
11/9/2005:Reaction mixed on Google Print beta  - C/Net
11/9/2005:Google touts new features in desktop tool  - C/Net
11/9/2005:Firefox beta out of the foxhole
  - C/Net
11/9/2005:Internet revives the video star
  - C/Net
11/9/2005:Google set to display books
  - CNN
11/9/2005:Wyse, AMD join forces to bridge digital gap
  - El. Engr. Times
11/9/2005:Scratching the way to a faster internet
 - New Scientist
11/9/2005:No Cracks Found in Debut of Google Print
  - Wired News

11/9/2005:Sony slated over anti-piracy CD  - BBC
11/9/2005:Windows Live? Think MSN  - C/Net
11/9/2005:Amazon to sell access to online books  - C/Net
11/9/2005:A sound way to fight movie pirates - New Scientist

11/9/2005:Funds to promote renewable energy   - BBC
11/9/2005:Bright ideas Developing technologies for a low carbon future   - BBC
11/9/2005:Gas muzzlers US states challenge Bush's approach to climate change  - BBC
11/9/2005:INI Power gets funding, demos fuel cell  - El. Engr. Times
11/9/2005:Imperial College London-BP Project To Explore Energy Savings In Cities - Science Daily

11/9/2005:Fatty Liver A Possible Risk For Hypertension, Cardiovascular Disease - Science Daily
11/9/2005:Hope over heart attack treatment  - BBC

11/9/2005:Drug Developed At UC Davis May Prevent Breast Cancer, Treat Post-menopausal Vaginal Atrophy - Science Daily
11/9/2005:Prostate cancer news 'by phone'  - BBC
11/9/2005:Nagged to the GP: How Siohban Toban's father discovered he had prostate cancer  - BBC

11/9/2005:Asia 'not hiding bird flu cases'  - BBC
11/9/2005:Prions suspected in milk  - Nature
11/9/2005:Proteins Take On New Roles In Malaria Parasite - Science Daily
11/9/2005:Study Identifies Several New Bacterial Species Associated With Common Infection In Women - Science Daily
11/9/2005:Drugs Could Make Life-or-death Difference If Avian Flu Strikes - Science Daily
11/9/2005:Ask the experts: Panorama wants to hear your queries and concerns about bird flu  - BBC

11/9/2005:New treatment for multiple sclerosis tested - New Scientist
11/9/2005:Alternative Tobacco Products- A Better, Safer Option For Smokers? - Science Daily
11/9/2005:Can Cooling Affect Exercise Capacity Of Those With MS? - Science Daily

11/9/2005:Electricity 'no link to illness'  - BBC
11/9/2005:Over 2,000 'die from NHS errors'  - BBC
11/9/2005:Merck cleared in Vioxx drug case  - BBC
11/9/2005:Rabid vampire bats attack Brazilian children - New Scientist
11/9/2005:New type medics 'to free doctors'  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
11/9/2005:Who has final say on teaching evolution? - MSNBC
11/9/2005:Shaped from clay  - Nature
11/9/2005:Copernicus' Grave Found in Polish Church - Space.com

11/9/2005:Easy to use: Phone queues, DVDs, food packets... vote for your pet hate  - BBC
11/9/2005:Students squeeze into new micro-home (Video)  - BBC
11/9/2005:In a bad spot: Try mindfulness  - C/Net
11/9/2005:Up-and-coming hubs for creative workers  - C/Net
11/9/2005:More fabs slated for China  - El. Engr. Times
11/9/2005:Vatican wants to end battle with science - MSNBC
11/9/2005:Body Checking Found To Cause Few Youth Hockey Injuries - Science Daily
11/9/2005:LeapFrog's Wild Ride  - Wired News
11/9/2005:Hammer Away at Fuel Costs  - Wired News
11/9/2005:Tricked-Out Cars No Longer Just for Rich  - Wired News
11/9/2005:Sam Alito, Financial Whiz - Slate
11/9/2005:Vatican: Faithful Should Listen to Science ... - MSNBC

11/9/2005:Dyslexia gene may have been pinpointed - New Scientist
11/9/2005:Anger is Good For You - Space.com
11/9/2005:Sign Language Improves Mental Abilities - Space.com

Physics and Astronomy:
11/9/2005:IBM researchers use waveguides to slow light  - El. Engr. Times
11/9/2005:Astronomers Edging Closer to Gaining Black Hole Image
  - NY Times
11/9/2005:Silicon chip puts the brakes on light
 - PhysicsWeb
11/9/2005:Neutron Star Discovered Where A Black Hole Was Expected
 - Science Daily
11/9/2005:Light Shed on Universe's Infancy ...
 - FirstScience
11/9/2005:Black hole found ...
 - Ananova


11/9/2005:The robot that thinks like you... - New Scientist

11/9/2005:Daring encounter with asteroid  - BBC
11/9/2005:Cosmic Log: The dunes of Titan
11/9/2005:Hayabusa probe prepares to punch an asteroid
 - New Scientist
11/9/2005:Burned-up meteors add to Martian atmosphere
 - New Scientist
11/9/2005:Key Mars Express instrument finally resuscitated
 - New Scientist
11/9/2005:Micro-satellite finds target again and again
 - New Scientist
11/9/2005:Three Astronauts to Fly Aboard China's Next Manned Spaceflight - Space.com
11/9/2005:Fireball Sightings on the Rise
 - Space.com
11/9/2005:Lawmakers Press NASA Chief on Budget Priorities
 - Space.com
11/9/2005:Hubble Snaps Photos of Giant Martian Dust Storm
 - Space.com
11/9/2005:Asteroid probe sends back stunning images ...
11/9/2005:Hayabusa- Japan's Asteroid Mission Prepares to Drop Lander and Rehearse for Two 'Soft' Landings ...
 - FirstScience
11/9/2005:Former Head of Space Museum in Kansas Found Guilty of Stealing ...
 - Ananova
11/9/2005:NASA Names New Shuttle a Priority ...
 - Ananova
11/9/2005:NASA chief reports strains on space budget ...
11/9/2005:Venus Express Team In Launch Countdown
 - SpaceDaily
11/9/2005:Report On Hayabusa's November 4 Practice Descent
 - SpaceDaily
11/9/2005:Japanese Spacecraft To Make History
 - SpaceDaily





11/9/2005:Japan demonstrates next-gen TV broadcast  - El. Engr. Times
11/9/2005:Easy animation to get novices jumping for joy - New Scientist
11/9/2005:Explaining Why The Millennium Bridge Wobbled - Science Daily
11/9/2005:Build Your Own Laser Ray Gun  - Wired News


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