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  November 9, 2004

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Physicists Say Big Bang was 'Nothing Special' -  "We like to say that the big bang is nothing special in the history of our universe," said Sean Carroll, an Assistant Professor in Physics at the University of Chicago. The big bang could be a normal event in the natural evolution of the universe that will happen repeatedly over incredibly vast time scales as the universe expands, empties out and cools off, say Carroll and graduate student Jennifer Chen.     
Watts From Wastewater: New Device Produces Power While Treating Sewage: SpaceDaily  A new technology is being developed that can turn raw sewage into raw power. The device, called a microbial fuel cell, not only treats wastewater, but also provides a clean energy source with the potential for enormous financial savings, according to scientists at Pennsylvania State University. Although power output is still relatively low, they say the technology is improving rapidly and eventually could be used to run a small wastewater treatment plant, which would be especially attractive in developing countries. It also could be used to treat waste from animal farms, food processing plants and even manned space missions.     

Research on "Holes" May Unearth Causes of Superconductivity- SpaceDaily  Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have uncovered another possible clue to the causes of high-temperature superconductivity, a phenomenon in which the electrical resistance of a material disappears below a certain temperature. In a superconducting compound, they found evidence of a rarely seen arrangement of "holes" – locations where electrons are absent. The results appear in the October 28, 2004, issue of Nature. In SCO (Strontium, Copper & Oxygen), the scientists found evidence of a "hole crystal" – a rigid, ordered arrangement of holes.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/9/2004: Success story: Tree-climbing rangers help save Tanzania's endangered rhinos  - BBC
11/9/2004: Newborns feed on their own cells to avoid starvation
  - BBC
11/9/2004: Cyprus planes to destroy locusts  - BBC
11/9/2004: Fury at killing of Pyrenean bear  - BBC
11/9/2004: 'Ovary-arm' transplant a success  - BBC
11/9/2004: The Illegal Trade in Gorillas - Economist

Climate, Environment:
11/9/2004: Awesome power of volcano  - BBC
11/9/2004: Minister upbeat on climate change  - BBC
11/9/2004: Antarctic food web under threat  - BBC

11/9/2004: Home winFootball Manager 2005 scores with realistic and satisfying game  - BBC
11/9/2004: Doom 3 named 'ultimate game'  - BBC
11/9/2004: No escaping ads in Getaway  - BBC
11/9/2004: GTA sequel is criminally good  - BBC
11/9/2004: Gadget show heralds MP3 season  - BBC
11/9/2004: Can the iPod Keep Leading the Band? - Business Week

11/9/2004: Yacht race sails onto mobiles
  - BBC
11/9/2004: Asian phone firms come together
  - BBC
11/9/2004: VoIP Is Verisign's Latest Domain
 - Business Week


11/9/2004: Supercomputer breaks speed record  - BBC
11/9/2004: This Shrunken PC Takes Tiny Too Far - Business Week

11/9/2004: Too Much Buzz on the Blogs - Business Week
11/9/2004: BlogAds: Is There Life after Nov. 2? - Business Week
11/9/2004: Comfort-Savvy Travelers Check Web  - Wired News
11/9/2004: File-Sharing Thrives Under Radar  - Wired News

11/9/2004: Tesco begins music-download site
11/9/2004: Q&A: Why the movie industry is cracking down on web piracy  - BBC
11/9/2004: Studios to sue movie swappers  - BBC
11/9/2004: MSN's download service expands  - BBC

11/9/2004: Watts From Wastewater: New Device Produces Power While Treating Sewage- SpaceDaily

11/9/2004: Pledge on heart op failure data  - BBC
11/9/2004: Experts Examined - Sir Magdi Yacoub  - BBC

11/9/2004: Lung cancer threat 'overlooked'  - BBC

11/9/2004: Hospital superbug must be halved  - BBC

11/9/2004: Arthritis drug warnings 'ignored'  - BBC
11/9/2004: Tobacco ad limit challenge fails  - BBC

11/9/2004: Sexual health: What happens to your body when you have an orgasm?  - BBC
11/9/2004: Men are 'increasingly likely to join the dieting craze'  - BBC
11/9/2004: Hopes of premature labour insight  - BBC
11/9/2004: Targeted treatment: The first 'ethnic drug' could be the medicine of the future  - BBC
11/9/2004: 'I want to help young fathers'  - BBC
11/9/2004: Inching Back to Hormone Therapy - Business Week

History, Anthropology:
11/9/2004: Roman cosmetic secrets revealed  - BBC
11/9/2004: Progress in an Ancient Tongue  - Wired News

11/9/2004: Communities get hi-tech help  - BBC
11/9/2004: Food chain fears: Slow food recall 'poses health and bio-terrorism risk'  - BBC
11/9/2004: Terminated: US airline blogger starts legal action against airline  - BBC
11/9/2004: Indian developer's hopes for Stephen Hawking software  - BBC
11/9/2004: Hi-tech battle: Rivals seek a share of Bangalore's success in attracting IT firms  - BBC
11/9/2004: 10 O'Clock News goes interactive  - BBC
11/9/2004: Labour of loveA midwife brings joy to mothers in a Darfur refugee camp  - BBC
11/9/2004: Google: How Much Is Too Much? - Business Week
11/9/2004: Big Brother's Passport to Pry - Business Week
11/9/2004: The Mind of an IT Innovator - Business Week
11/9/2004: Four Standout Chipmakers - Business Week
11/9/2004: Time Warner Sets Aside a Problem? - Business Week
11/9/2004: The next 4 years: a shift to "ownership society" - Seattle Times
11/9/2004: Q&A with legend of mutual funds: Long-term view key, Lynch says - Seattle Times
11/9/2004: It's time for the big Microsoft payout - Seattle Times
11/9/2004: Differences between banks, credit unions are blurring - Seattle Times
11/9/2004: Is the consumer price index accurate? - Seattle Times
11/9/2004: How to work a job fair - Seattle Times
11/9/2004: Evaluations should be full of meat, not marshmallow - Seattle Times
11/9/2004: Advice stands: Don't reveal current pay
 - Seattle Times
11/9/2004: Interview your interviewer for insight into potential boss
 - Seattle Times
11/9/2004: Keep vital number private
 - Seattle Times
11/9/2004: House Dems Seek Election Inquiry
  - Wired News
11/9/2004: Phone Sex Is Better Than Porn
  - Wired News
11/9/2004: E-Vote Glitch Inflates Bush Total
  - Wired News
11/9/2004: Careful Where You Complain
  - Wired News
11/9/2004: Incredibles: Another Pixar Winner
  - Wired News
11/9/2004: Concerns Over Tilting Taj Mahal Dismissed
  - Wired News
11/9/2004: Microsoft Braces for Crucial TV Test
  - Wired News
11/9/2004: 'Ranked-Choice Voting' Hits Snag
  - Wired News
11/9/2004: Defective Software Loses Florida Votes
  - Wired News
11/9/2004: An Industry in India Cheers Bush’s Victory
  - NY Times

11/9/2004: Apply Current, Boost Brain Power - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
11/9/2004: Physicists Say Big Bang was 'Nothing Special' -
Research on "Holes" May Unearth Causes of Superconductivity- SpaceDaily
11/9/2004: Astronomers Untangle Black Hole Radiation



11/9/2004: Scientists lift veil on Beagle 3  - BBC
11/9/2004: China aims for five days in orbit
  - BBC
11/9/2004: Mars Express pictures action of glaciers  - Nature
11/9/2004: Mars rover overcomes uphill struggle
 - New Scientist
11/9/2004: November 8, 2004:- A Pioneer Day in Space ...
 - FirstScience
11/9/2004: Space News Headlines for November 8, 2004 ...
 - FirstScience
11/9/2004: Radar Image Shows Titan's Surface Live And In "Color"
 - SpaceDaily
11/9/2004: Over The Wall
 - SpaceDaily
11/9/2004: X Prize Awarded To Space Pioneers
 - SpaceDaily
11/9/2004: New ISS Crew Get Busy With Science And Maintenance Activities
 - SpaceDaily
11/9/2004: China's Space Program Achieves String Of 40 Continuous Launch Successes
 - SpaceDaily
11/9/2004: China Launches Third ZY-2 Resource Satellite
 - SpaceDaily
11/9/2004: Celestial Summit Meeting
11/9/2004: Private Spaceship Designers Given $10 Million

11/9/2004: Patients to book GPs via TV sets  - BBC
11/9/2004: Hardest Tech-Support Job on Earth  - Wired News


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