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  November 8, 2004

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Brazil Completes Successful Rocket Launch -  The successful launch would not only restore the reputation of Latin America's first space program, but it would also allow it to follow through on plans to export the rockets to the European Space Agency where it would reportedly replace the equivalent British-made Skylark rocket. Brazil plans to sell up to 15 of the rockets, which can carry up to 870 pounds and fly up to 155 miles. The program was dealt a huge blow in August 2003 when its VLS-1 VO3 rocket exploded in a fiery ball on the launch platform.   
Switching One Light Beam With Another Key To Photonic Chips  - SpaceDaily  Left:  Scanning electron microscope photo of a ring resonator coupled to two straight waveguides. By making the resonator either transparent or opaque to a particular wavelength of light, a photonic circuit could control whether or not the light passes from one straight waveguide to the other.  Cornell University researchers have demonstrated for the first time a device that allows one low-powered beam of light to switch another on and off on silicon, a key component for future "photonic" microchips in which light replaces electrons. The approach confines the beam to be switched in a circular resonator, greatly reducing the space required and allowing a very small change in refractive index to shift the material from transparent to opaque.

Dolphin Heads Over 47 Million Years  - SpaceDaily  Left:  Dolphin brains are four to five times larger for their body size when compared to another animal of similar size. In humans, the measure is seven times larger - not a huge difference."  In the first-ever comprehensive analysis of its kind, a new Emory University study maps how brain size changed in dolphins and their relatives the past 47 million years, and helps to provide some answers to how the species evolved in relation to humans. Many modern toothed whale species (odontocetes) have extremely high encephalization levels - possessing brains that are significantly larger than expected for their body sizes and second only to those of modern humans.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/8/2004: Dolphin Heads Over 47 Million Years  - SpaceDaily
11/8/2004: First insects are cloned
- Nature
11/8/2004: Early embryos fuel hopes for shortcut to stem-cell creation - Nature
11/8/2004: More doubts over plan for allergen-free cats - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Dolphins' big brains evolved in spurts - New Scientist
11/8/2004: US stem cells tainted by mouse material - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Threatened species may spiral into oblivion - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Observatory: Nightmare on Elms - NY Times

Climate, Environment:
11/8/2004: Deluge of typhoons may aid forecast models - Nature
11/8/2004: Arctic warming at twice global rate - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Policy to Preserve Coastline Runs Into Reality on Nation's Beaches - NY Times
11/8/2004: Warming Trend in Arctic Is Linked to Emissions - NY Times

11/8/2004: Apple disables iTunes plug-in

11/8/2004: Philips, Nokia join forces on NFC-enabled phone
  - El. Engr. Times
11/8/2004: Optical 'pipeline' opens research connections
11/8/2004: Survey: Voice-over-WLAN use to skyrocket by 2006
  - El. Engr. Times
11/8/2004: US scientists enjoy big bandwidth boost
 - New Scientist

11/8/2004: Switching One Light Beam With Another Key To Photonic Chips  - SpaceDaily
11/8/2004: Clockless ARM chip watches power use - C/Net
11/8/2004: Intel ratchets up game chip - C/Net
11/8/2004: Infineon touts chip-card density increase  - El. Engr. Times
11/8/2004: Intel pushes Pentium 4 bus to 1,066-MHz for gamers  - El. Engr. Times
11/8/2004: European companies team on flexible display research  - El. Engr. Times

11/8/2004: NASA steals the supercomputing crown - New Scientist

11/8/2004: IE exploit is top of the hacks - C/Net
11/8/2004: Firefox in the hunt for dollars, downloads - C/Net
11/8/2004: Reheated Bagle smokes out antivirus defenses - C/Net
11/8/2004: Worm targets Mac's latest operating system - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Sales in virtual goods top $100 million - New Scientist

11/8/2004: Microsoft debates spoofing as security flaw

11/8/2004: Scientists develop clean diesel system - MSNBC

11/8/2004: Totally artificial hearts offer hope - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Vital Signs: Patterns: Apple-Shaped Danger for Women - NY Times

11/8/2004: UK to screen embryos for cancer gene - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Vital Signs: Hazards: Keeping Cancer Drug Effective - NY Times

11/8/2004: Vaccine shortage fuels clinical trials - Nature
11/8/2004: Reports of SIDS-virus link greatly exaggerated, experts say - Nature
11/8/2004: Scientists seeking HIV in all the wrong places - Nature
11/8/2004: Europe has close call with deadly bird flu - New Scientist
11/8/2004: No Vaccines: You Can Still Fight the Flu - NY Times

11/8/2004: Vital Signs: Habits: For Nicotine, a Too Happy Home - NY Times
11/8/2004: Strategies: Play and Win Blood Sugar Game - NY Times
11/8/2004: New Evidence on Main Cause of Cerebral Palsy - NY Times

11/8/2004: Lungs lose power at lunch time - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Fetal tissue graft restores lost sight - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Drug-delivering contact lenses revealed - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Cooking and Prions - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
11/8/2004: Experts study skeletal remains in Utah - MSNBC
11/8/2004: Little lady of Flores forces rethink of human evolution - Nature
11/8/2004: Flores Man - Nature
11/8/2004: Spider webs untangle evolution - Nature
11/8/2004: Makeover to Depict Washington as Young, Old and In Between - NY Times

11/8/2004: AOL layoffs due next month - C/Net
11/8/2004: Scientists scan brains for political clues
11/8/2004: A spyware mystery: Who's behind it?
11/8/2004: Nuclear bomber for sale on eBay
11/8/2004: Brain scanners can probe your politics - MSNBC
11/8/2004: Scientists study the thrill of a chill - MSNBC
11/8/2004: 100,000 civilians may have died in Iraq conflict - Nature
11/8/2004: Out in the open - Nature
11/8/2004: Are Americans getting taller? - Nature
11/8/2004: US Election 2004 - Nature
11/8/2004: latest blog entry - Nature
11/8/2004: more specials - Nature
11/8/2004: Compounded errors caused New York crash - New Scientist
11/8/2004: US boosts e-voting software security - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Civilian death toll in Iraq exceeds 100,000 - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Do the Math: Of Pets, People and Pure Chance - NY Times
11/8/2004: Letters - NY Times
11/8/2004: Books on Science: In Search of the 'God Gene' - NY Times

11/8/2004: Bullied children hide from stress in later life - Nature
11/8/2004: Newborn mice given Prozac grow up depressed - New Scientist
11/8/2004: High-fat diet could harm the brain - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Common fertility condition linked to migraines - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Effects of bullying worse for teens - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
11/8/2004: Astronomy: Bagging bursts, swiftly - Nature
11/8/2004: Supernova debris found on Earth
- Nature
11/8/2004: Solo galaxy has dark matter cloak
 - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Space telescope's fast reflexes to record explosions
 - New Scientist


11/8/2004: Organised chaos gets robots going - New Scientist

11/8/2004: Brazil Completes Successful Rocket Launch -
11/8/2004: Astronaut makes voting history

11/8/2004: Probe data reveal Titan's etched face - Nature
11/8/2004: Cassini takes first close-ups of Titan
 - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Titan's complex and strange world revealed
 - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Shuttles to return to flight in May
 - New Scientist
11/8/2004: Prometheus caught stealing from Saturn's rings
 - New Scientist
11/8/2004: As the Veil on Titan Is Lifted, 'What We See Is Very Alien'
- NY Times

11/8/2004: The office of the future? - C/Net
11/8/2004: Hollywood whistles a high-tech 'toon - C/Net
11/8/2004: Super-tough coating for cellphones and discs - New Scientist


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