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  November 7, 2004

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Puzzling Milky Way Companion Found -  Astronomers have spotted a faint cluster of stars in or near our galaxy, but they're not sure what to call the grouping. The star clump is a companion to our galaxy. It could be an object known as a dwarf galaxy. Or it might be a globular cluster, one of more than 100 that float within the gravitational influence of the Milky Way. A handful of globular clusters are thought to be remnants of very ancient galaxies consumed to make ours larger.    
Iran Uranium Facility '70 Percent' Operational: Official - SpaceDaily  Left:  Iran has nuclear facilities in Anarak, Ardekan, Arak, Bushehr, Esfahan, Karaj [Hashtgerd], Natanz [Kashan], Saghand, and Tehran. Source: IAEA.  "Most of the equipment of the Isfahan factory has been built by Iranian scientists and it is 70 percent operational at the current time," said Mohammad Ghanadi, in charge of activities related to the combustion cycle at Iran's atomic agency. The Isfahan facility should allow Iran to convert uranium yellow cake into uranium hexafluoride, a gas used in the centrifuges that are employed to enrich uranium. 

Planetesimal Belts Are Discovered Around Beta Pictoris - SpaceDaily  Beta Pic is a young main-sequence star with an edge-on circumstellar disk supposed to embody an aspect of the early solar system. Its dust is considered not to be remains from the protoplanetary disk but must be replenished by planetesimal collisions and/or evaporation from comets, though the detailed mechanism is still controversial. Since the small grains are blown-out very quickly from the system due to the stellar radiation pressure on the dust, the team concluded that the grains are replenished at ring-like locations around 6, 16, and 30AU, which are conceivable as ring-like distributions of planetesimals.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/7/2004: Dubai first to breed at-risk bird  - BBC
11/7/2004: 'Smelly' mates guide seabirds
  - BBC
11/7/2004: Salmon at risk in Pacific Russia  - BBC
11/7/2004: Mexico rats survive cat onslaught  - BBC
11/7/2004: English elm 'brought by Romans'  - BBC
11/7/2004: Call for curbs on discarded fish  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
11/7/2004: Industry complains of unequal emissions targets ... - FirstScience
11/7/2004: Greenpeace agrees not to protest against ExxonMobil for seven years ... - FirstScience
11/7/2004: Toray Launches Environmentally-friendly Plastics Business ... - FirstScience
11/7/2004: Kerry, Bush Defer To Lobbies On Global Warming, Fossil Fuels ... - FirstScience
11/7/2004: A Greenhouse Gas Goes Underground ... - FirstScience
11/7/2004: Space smog ...USA Today
11/7/2004: Parsons selected to help improve water quality in Iraq ... - FirstScience
11/7/2004: Bush covering up truth about global warming - NASA expert ... - FirstScience
11/7/2004: Russia's upper house ratifles emissions agreement ... - FirstScience
11/7/2004: Support sought for CO2 storage  - BBC
11/7/2004: Brazilian windsurfers take green message online  - BBC
11/7/2004: Scots count cost of plastic bags  - BBC
11/7/2004: Summit on eco-friendly buildings  - BBC

11/7/2004: Consumers 'snub portable video'  - BBC
11/7/2004: Guns and gangstas: Why the new outing for Grand Theft Auto is an instant classic  - BBC
11/7/2004: A Rising iPod Lifts All Boats - Business Week

11/7/2004: Craig McCaw describes a global wireless world - Seattle Times
11/7/2004: Fat pipe love: Broadband users find their lives shaped by their connections
  - BBC
11/7/2004: Message in a battle: Why voicemail is losing out to texting among the young
  - BBC
11/7/2004: That's sooo last-century
  - C/Net

11/7/2004: Intel looks to the high end  - C/Net

11/7/2004: You Broke It, You Fix It  - Wired News
11/7/2004: This Shrunken PC Takes Tiny Too Far - Business Week

11/7/2004: Internet Users Want a Voice - Wired News
11/7/2004: Child porn fight 'lacks funding'  - BBC
11/7/2004: 11 headed for internet  - BBC
11/7/2004: Progress on new internet domains  - BBC
11/7/2004: Joke e-mail virus tricks users  - BBC
11/7/2004: A "Worm" with Eyes for Apple - Business Week
11/7/2004: Net Users Trawl for Differing Views
 - Business Week
11/7/2004: For the Blind, a Welcoming Web
 - Business Week
Firefox in the hunt   - C/Net
11/7/2004: The political blogosphere
  - C/Net

11/7/2004: Microsoft offers insurance Linux can't, Ballmer says - Seattle Times
11/7/2004: Not So Fast, Linux - Business Week
11/7/2004: Be very afraid  - C/Net



11/7/2004: Drug boosts lung cancer survival  - BBC
11/7/2004: Scientists breed mice that are resistant to cancer  - BBC
11/7/2004: Embryos to be tested for cancer  - BBC
11/7/2004: Natural protein can starve cancer  - BBC

11/7/2004: How to Prevent Another Flu-Shot Crisis - Business Week


11/7/2004: Blossoming bodies: How going to a "green gym" helped one area stay in shape  - BBC
11/7/2004: Ticket to health: Cambodian hospital so popular it chooses patients via a lottery  - BBC
11/7/2004: 'Friendly' bacteriaShould we be topping up our gut bacteria to stay healthy:  - BBC
11/7/2004: Start of darkness: Suffering the winter blues- There could be a good reason for it  - BBC
11/7/2004: Halloween treats: Why some fat in your diet can be good for your health  - BBC
11/7/2004: Method predicts miscarriage risk  - BBC
11/7/2004: Can Intrinsa Be a Viagra for Women? - Business Week
11/7/2004: The Case for a Second Opinion - Business Week
11/7/2004: This Pep Pill Is Pushing Its Luck
 - Business Week
11/7/2004: Young cell phone users behind Kerry
  - C/Net

History, Anthropology:
11/7/2004:Pompeii gets digital make-over  - BBC

11/7/2004: Election '04 finds some companies into politics - Seattle Times
11/7/2004: Workers urged to back executive's choices - Seattle Times
11/7/2004: Fewer Pledge to Swap Votes  - Wired News
11/7/2004: Bio Data-Cruncher Hits Jackpot  - Wired News
11/7/2004: When Hilary Met Larry  - Wired News
11/7/2004:  'The big questions: 'Does the Flores 'Hobbit' really mean 'the end of religion'?  - BBC
11/7/2004: Live brain op show:How would you feel coming face-to-face with brain surgery-  - BBC
11/7/2004: Tidal wave threat 'over-hyped'  - BBC
11/7/2004: Tech Buying Guide - Business Week
11/7/2004: One Small Step for R&D Spending - Business Week
11/7/2004: Satellite Radio Shoots the Moon - Business Week
11/7/2004: India's Outsourcers Gain Traction - Business Week
11/7/2004: Netflix cuts DVD rental fee  - C/Net
11/7/2004: Empty tech promises  - C/Net
11/7/2004: The price of success  - C/Net
11/7/2004: Empty tech promises  - C/Net


Physics and Astronomy:
11/7/2004: Puzzling Milky Way Companion Found -
11/7/2004: China to send solar telescope ...
 - FirstScience


11/7/2004: 'Robotique: tte'Robots play games with humans to learn how to be polite

11/7/2004: 'Money woes' foiled Beagle 2 shot  - BBC
11/7/2004: Beagle team probes its own loss
  - BBC
11/7/2004: China aims for five days in orbit  - BBC
11/7/2004: Nasa to resume shuttle missions  - BBC
11/7/2004: Titan moon 'geologically alive'  - BBC

11/7/2004: Touch and go: Casting an electronic vote in America's presidential poll  - BBC
11/7/2004: Getting with the Program on eBay - Business Week
11/7/2004: Working Miracles with Nature's Data - Business Week
11/7/2004: The Skinny on Nanotubes - Business Week


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