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  November 6, 2005

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The Human Brain Seen as Master of Time - SpaceDaily  Your brain is a time machine with three modes that control everything from instantaneous tasks like moving to maintaining long trains of thought and ultimately staying in synch with night and day  But scientists have no clue how most of it works. Scientists have long understood human and animal brains to be governed in part by a circadian clock. Another clock is thought to operate at the millisecond level. But in between, there must be a third timekeeper.  
Europe study shows climate risks  - BBC  Left:  "If you live in Europe, you are a lucky toad, but not as lucky as I would have thought before doing this assessment."  Mediterranean and mountain regions of Europe will be hardest hit by the changes set to affect the continent's natural resources this century. The Mediterranean will be at increased risk of forest fires, water shortages, loss of agricultural land and from its tree species shifting northward  The assessment set out to forecast the impact of climate change, shifting land use and socio-economic factors on Europe during the 21st Century. It simulated the effects of changes in soil fertility and water availability as the climate changes and humans respond, for example, by modifying land use patterns or moving to new areas. Of all European regions, the Mediterranean was most vulnerable to the global-scale changes projected to occur during the course of this century. Many of the effects on this region are related to increased temperatures and reduced rainfall. "If you have an increase in droughts, you get an increased risk of forest fires and changing suitability for crops. You will also see decreases in water per capita for the people living there,"


Cabbages 'cut lung cancer risks'    - BBC  Eating vegetables from the cabbage family can reduce the risk of lung cancer for people with a certain genetic make-up, scientists say. Such cruciferous vegetables had already been linked to reduced rates of lung cancer, but it had not been clear why. The study found eating the vegetables at least once a week cut cancer risk for people with inactive versions of two genes, carried by 70% of people. Eating the vegetables at least once a week was found to have a 33% protective effect against lung cancer in people who just had an inactive form of the GSTM1 gene, and a 72% protective effect in people with two inactive versions of the gene.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/6/2005:Male mouse sings a song of love  - BBC
11/6/2005:Applications flood stem cell bank
  - BBC
11/6/2005:Scientists Try to Explain Crash of Delta  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Armadillos Spread North in Georgia  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Ariz. Researchers to Study Urban Coyotes  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Illegal Fish Threaten Wyo. Trout Stream  - NY Times
11/6/2005:And Now, Please Welcome Modest Mouse  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Deer Tape Their Private Moments  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Thai scientists patent rice genes ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
11/6/2005:Europe study shows climate risks   - BBC
6/2005: Greenpeace to be fined as Rainbow Warrior damages Philippines coral reef
 - FirstScience
G8 climate meeting to combat 'world's greatest challenge'
 - FirstScience
Malawi Is Burning, and Deforestation Erodes Economy ...
 - FirstScience
11/6/2005:Schwarzenegger Ignores Bush's Denial of Global Warming ... - FirstScience
11/6/2005:FEATURE: Business faces pressure on climate change stance ... - FirstScience
11/6/2005:New tech urged to abate paper making pollution ... - FirstScience
11/6/2005:Beijing is air pollution capital of world ... - FirstScience
11/6/2005:Emissions testing to end in 3 Kentucky counties ... - FirstScience
11/6/2005:Mapping damage to African lakes  - BBC
11/6/2005:Greenpeace fined for damage  - BBC
11/6/2005: I Want My Video iPod - Business Week
11/6/2005: Gaming's Grand Master - Business Week
11/6/2005: Meet Mario's Papa - Business Week
11/6/2005:New Climate Model Highlights Arctic's Vulnerability  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Part 1  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Part 2  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Part 3  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Graphic: The Arctic of the Future  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Earthquake Study Suggests Simple Building Fixes Can Save Lives  - Science Daily
11/6/2005:New Method Of Dating Oceanic Crust Is Most Accurate So Far  - Science Daily
11/6/2005:Rensselaer Researcher Awarded DARPA Funding To Improve Terrain Maps
 - SpaceDaily
11/6/2005:Scientists Gain New Insights Into 'Frozen' Methane Beneath Ocean Floor
 - SpaceDaily
11/6/2005:Business faces pressure on climate change stance ...
 - FirstScience
11/6/2005:World climate change talks begin ...
 - FirstScience
11/6/2005:Industry Invests Over $1 Billion To Cut GHG Emissions ...
 - FirstScience

11/6/2005:Yee hah! The Dukes of Hazzard film hits Playstation Portable  - BBC
11/6/2005:Shoot to score: Football games vie for the attention of the armchair fan  - BBC
11/6/2005:PS3 to run at warp speed  - C/Net
11/6/2005:Jack Thompson Versus Gamers  - Wired News

11/6/2005:Estonia sets shining Wi-Fi example
  - C/Net
11/6/2005:Telecom mergers clear FCC
 - Seattle Times


11/6/2005:This Acer Aspires to Adequacy - Business Week

11/6/2005:Google restarts online books plan  - BBC
11/6/2005:Worm affects AOL instant messages  - BBC
11/6/2005:Bird flu virus infects PCs  - C/Net
11/6/2005:Now playing: Your home video  - C/Net
11/6/2005:Evasion bug bites virus shields  - C/Net
11/6/2005: Google's Latest Plot Twist - Business Week
11/6/2005:China gears up for e-commerce boom
  - CNN
11/6/2005:Star Blogger, Minor Musician
  - Wired News
11/6/2005:Is the Web Ready for Prime Time?
  - Wired News

11/6/2005:Google chase could trip up Microsoft  - C/Net
11/6/2005:Red Hat looks under Linux's hood  - C/Net
11/6/2005:Mass. officials criticize OpenDocument decision  - C/Net
11/6/2005:Wikipedia may go to print  - CNN

11/6/2005:Startup PolyFuel claims breakthrough in fuel cells for mobile apps  - El. Engr. Times
11/6/2005:HelioVolt claims thin-film advance for solar energy  - El. Engr. Times

11/6/2005:Patients 'miss out' on clot care  - BBC
11/6/2005:Vital Signs: Treatments: Front Line Against Hypertension Is Under Siege  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Vital Signs:- Environment- Injustices at Work May Harm Men's Hearts  - NY Times

11/6/2005:Cabbages 'cut lung cancer risks'    - BBC
11/6/2005:Lung cancer signs awareness call  - BBC
11/6/2005:But Will It Stop Cancer-  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Mammograms Revisited  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Part 1: Diet and Cancer  - NY Times
11/6/2005:ForumL An Exercise-Cancer Link?  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Decline In Breast Cancer Deaths Explained By Use Of Screening And Adjuvant Therapies
 - Science Daily
11/6/2005:New Study Shows Women More Vulnerable To Risk Of Colorectal Cancer From Tobacco
 - Science Daily
11/6/2005:New Brain Tumor Model Developed
 - Science Daily

11/6/2005:'Faster' way to make bird flu jab  - BBC
11/6/2005:H.I.V. Drugs Not at Fault for Causing Gain in Girth  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Hepatitis C Complicated By Morphine Withdrawal - Science Daily
11/6/2005:Gates Takes A Swat At Malaria - SpaceDaily

11/6/2005:Gene For B-cell Development Factor Might Be Involved In Multiple Sclerosis - Science Daily

11/6/2005:First sight: Cataract surgery helps Bangladeshi boy see his mother  - BBC
11/6/2005:Gulf War Syndrome: What the latest pension tribunal ruling means  - BBC
11/6/2005:First sight: Cataract surgery helps Bangladeshi boy see his mother  - BBC
11/6/2005:Pregnant pause over iron-pill risk - New Scientist
11/6/2005:Creativity special: When the music takes you - New Scientist
11/6/2005:Practices: A New Use for Botox: Treating Facial Neuralgia  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Sometimes, Your Nails Can Bite You Back  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Really?: The Claim: Exercising With a Cold Can Affect Its Severity  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Ginseng May Reduce Number and Severity of Colds
  - NY Times
11/6/2005:A Low Roar
  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
11/6/2005:Conference report: Vertebrate Palaeontology - New Scientist
11/6/2005:Scientists Link a Prolific Gene Tree to the Manchu Conquerors of China  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Old Menus Provide Clues About Shifting Seafood Tastes and Harvests  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Slide Show: More Menus  - NY Times

11/6/2005:Conservatives Get Their Man; CIA Leak Fallout; Stroke and Air Pollution ...  - CNN
11/6/2005:Making it work Some things are hard to use, some easy. What's the secret?  - BBC
11/6/2005:Volunteer call for the tech-savvy  - BBC
11/6/2005:U.S. mulls new crypto standard  - C/Net
11/6/2005:The Secret Of Impressive Writing? Keep It Plain And Simple  - Science Daily
11/6/2005:Walker's World: Asia's New Naval Map - SpaceDaily
11/6/2005:Iran Says Not Afraid Of War, Sanctions - SpaceDaily
11/6/2005:Pakistan's Musharraf Wants Troops Out Of Quake-Hit Kashmir - SpaceDaily
11/6/2005:Malnutrition Set To Kill More In Pakistan Quake Zone- World Food Program - SpaceDaily
11/6/2005:Inspector general faults Wal-Mart labor-law deal - Seattle Times
11/6/2005:IRC Channel as Startup Incubator  - Wired News
11/6/2005:Inside The Baghdad Bomb Squad  - Wired News
11/6/2005:America Goes Cryptozoology Crazy  - Wired News
11/6/2005:Your Office in Your Truck  - Wired News
11/6/2005:Any Publicity Is Good Publicity  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Mergers, Acquisitions and Mayhem  - Wired News

11/6/2005:The Human Brain Seen as Master of Time - SpaceDaily
11/6/2005:Stalking distress going unnoticed  - BBC
11/6/2005:Trick mirror treatment developed  - BBC
11/6/2005:DIY psychotherapy 'just as good'  - BBC
11/6/2005:Teen troubles: What to do if your children start being rude and disrespectful  - BBC
11/6/2005:Ease pain by taking a good look at yourself - New Scientist
11/6/2005:Speaking in the Third Person, Removed From Reality
  - NY Times
11/6/2005:New Study Suggests The Stomach -- Not The Heart -- Offers Greater Lie Detection Accuracy
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/6/2005:Russia to launch satellite for World Space Observatory ... - FirstScience
11/6/2005:Black widow nebula seen crawling through space
 - New Scientist
11/6/2005:Physics Laureate Hopes to Help Students Over the Science Blahs
  - NY Times
11/6/2005:On Gravity, Oreos and a Theory of Everything
  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Physicists Offer New Approach To Studying Antimatter
 - Science Daily
11/6/2005:More than a big house for a big telescope ...
 - FirstScience



11/6/2005:Pluto Has Three Moons, Hubble Images Show ... - FirstScience
11/6/2005:Two new moons discovered around Pluto
 - New Scientist
11/6/2005:NASA decline to deflect asteroid for now
 - New Scientist
11/6/2005:Persistent Astronomers Find Pluto Has Two More Moons
  - NY Times
11/6/2005:Cassini Views Dione, A Frigid Ice World  - Science Daily
11/6/2005:Hubble Reveals Possible New Moons Around Pluto
 - Science Daily
11/6/2005:Japanese Spacecraft Ready To Land on Asteroid Nov. 12
 - Space.com
11/6/2005:Two More Moons Discovered Orbiting Pluto
 - Space.com
11/6/2005:Martian Dust Major Risk to Manned Mission
 - Space.com
11/6/2005:More Evidence That Mars May Have Life ...
 - FirstScience

11/6/2005:Pool monitoring system 'a third eye for lifeguards'  - CNN
11/6/2005:Radar tags tell friend from foe - New Scientist
11/6/2005:Cleaning Up  - Technology Review 


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