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  November 30, 2005

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Scientists Create Nanostructures - SpaceDaily  Left:  The invention of the STM during the early 1980s was the catalyst of the nanoscale technological revolution, not only for imaging, but also for interacting with matter at the atomic scale, the researchers said   German scientists say they've found combining a scanning tunneling microscope and atoms bound to a surface can create nanostructures. Francesca Moresco and colleagues at Freie University in Berlin said the interaction between the tip of a STM and atoms or molecules bound to a surface can be used to construct impressive nanostructures, such as the quantum corral. Moresco and colleagues say they go a step further by moving and organizing metal atoms on a substrate. 
SpaceDev Claims Lunar Missions Can Be Completed For Less Than $10Bn - SpaceDaily  SpaceDev has announced the results of its International Lunar Observatories Human Servicing Mission, conducted for Lunar Enterprise Corporation. NASA recently announced plans for a Lunar mission expected to cost $104 billion over 13 years. SpaceDev's results indicate a more comprehensive series of missions could be completed in a fraction of the time for one-tenth of the cost. Each mission, as envisioned by SpaceDev, would position a habitat module in Lunar orbit or on the moon's surface.     

The Mothman Adventures - SpaceDaily  Until aliens are found, astrobiologists have to content themselves with studying weird life on Earth. Studies of organisms living in harsh or unusual environments here can suggest the possibilities for life elsewhere in the universe. Charles Cockell, professor and chair of microbiology at the Open University in the UK, has been to the ends of the Earth studying different organisms. Before his career as an astrobiologist began, he went on an expedition to fly around the forests of Indonesia like a giant bug. Cockell described how he outwitted moths and the military, only to be brought down by a rogue tree.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/30/2005:†The Mothman Adventures - SpaceDaily
11/30/2005:†E. Coli Can Take Your Picture
  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†Hwang Says Eggs Forced on Him  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†Normal Chromosome Ends Elicit A Limited DNA Damage Response - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Removing Egg From Nest May Help Save Endangered Whooping Crane - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Silenced Gene In Worm Shows Role In Regeneration - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Electrons 'Tunnel' Through Water Molecules Between Nestled Proteins - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Earliest Animals Had Human-like Genes - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/30/2005:†Global warming: Carbon dioxide levels highest for 650,000 years - SpaceDaily
11/30/2005:†Blair urged to back binding targets on climate change - SpaceDaily
11/30/2005:†Water Shortage Socks North Carolina  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†WWF: Global warming already hurting people ...
11/30/2005:†Alberta ignores greenhouse gas rules ...
11/30/2005:†Academic plays down coal mine pollution worries ...
11/30/2005:†IEA Says Auto Manufacturers Should Pay Cost of Emissions From Their Cars ...
11/30/2005:†Freight sustainability projects announced to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ...  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†UK wins EU emissions challenge ...  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†Russia braces for Chinese water pollution ...  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†Study: Ultra-Low Levels of Platinum Emissions From Clean Diesel Technologies Fuel-Borne Catalyst ...  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†Seas Rising at Twice the Rate of 150 Years Ago ... - Live Science
11/30/2005:†CO2 'highest for 650,000 years'  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Ice cores unlock climate secrets  - BBC
11/30/2005:†How far off is the next ice age?  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Chinese toxic leak was 100 tonnes  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Climate questions: Where is Tony Blair going with climate policy?  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Hoops and hot air: What chance of progress at the Montreal climate talks-  - BBC
11/30/2005:†University Of Oregon Scientists Reveal How Coral Reefs Got The Blues
 - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Distributed Computing Project Discovers New Knowledge About Earthquakes
 - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Global Warming Doubles Rate Of Ocean Rise
 - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†USF Mini-helicopters Return To Katrina Damage
 - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Rise in Gases Unmatched by a History in Ancient Ice
  - NY Times
11/30/2005:†Spill in China Brings Danger, and Cover-Up
  - NY Times
11/30/2005:†Battle Lines Set as New York Acts to Cut Emissions
  - NY Times
11/30/2005:†Record ice core reveals Earth's ancient atmosphere
 - New Scientist
11/30/2005:†Tuneful icebergs reveal an unsung secret
 - New Scientist
11/30/2005:†Chemical spill in Chinese river may pose cancer risk
 - New Scientist

11/30/2005:†US army cuts teeth on video game  - BBC
11/30/2005:†America takes world gaming crown  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Katamari creator dreams of playgrounds  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Poor GameCube sales zap Nintendo  - C/Net
11/30/2005:†Deal of the day: Garmin StreetPilot  - C/Net
11/30/2005:†US army cuts teeth on video game  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Gamers report glitches playing new Xbox 360
 - Seattle Times
11/30/2005:†Ready to call the tune? Models differ
 - Seattle Times



11/30/2005:†World's biggest grid seeks secrets of the universe  - C/Net

11/30/2005:†A Torrent or a Trickle?  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†Who's Afraid of Google? Everyone  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†Search Technology Comes to the Camera Phone  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†Google fixes glitch that unleashed flood of porn  - C/Net

11/30/2005:†Orphans Are Short on Hormones  - Scientific American
11/30/2005:†Harvard newspaper subpoenaed in Facebook suit  - C/Net
11/30/2005:†Hide and seek File-sharers should not be treated as terrorists says Bill Thompson  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Deal done on download piracy  - BBC

11/30/2005:†Growing Biofuels - Technology Review

11/30/2005:†Re-opening Of Blocked Internal Carotid Arteries In Acute Stroke Has High Success Rate Using Stenting And Angioplasty - Science Daily

11/30/2005:†Middle-aged are surviving cancer  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Endorectal Coil Improves Prostate Cancer Detection - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Radiation Therapy For Pelvic Cancers Increases Risk For Fractures In Older Women - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Anti-cancer Compound In Beer Gaining Interest - Science Daily

11/30/2005:†Zinc good for children with HIV  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Living with HIV: 'It may not be a death sentence, but don't underestimate it'  - BBC
11/30/2005:†'I nearly died': How a tick bite left this sportswoman fighting for life  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Warning over 'baby teeth' decay  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Indonesia's Aceh hit by bird flu  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Avian Flu In Perspective: New England Journal Article Reviews 'Spectacular' Findings - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Problem Of Emerging Infectious Diseases Likely To Worsen
 - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Potential Malaria Drug Target Identified
 - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Zinc Supplements Safe For HIV-infected Children
 - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Official Chinese bird flu deaths could be 'tip of iceberg'
 - New Scientist

11/30/2005:†The deadly toll: Why alcohol presents one of the biggest risks to health  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Grabbing Addiction By The Tail - Science Daily

11/30/2005:†High rollers New coach will open up travel for wheelchair users  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Unhealthy store offers criticised  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Healthy pregnancy: Is it safe to take multivitamins when you're expecting?  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Wine-loving French row over bottle health warnings  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Periodontal Therapy May Reduce The Incidence Of Preterm Births And Low Birthweight Infants - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Snake Bites Should Not Be Underestimated, Say Experts - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Dogs Help Humans In Research To Fight A Terminal Disease - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/30/2005:†Newton More Important Than Einstein - SpaceDaily
11/30/2005:†Clothes of 1924 head for Everest  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Replicas of Everest gear unveiled  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Everest mystery could be solved  - BBC

11/30/2005:†Hang Up and Drive  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†Hyundai Tops Safety Charts  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†Moto Razr Goes Magenta  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†GM's Other Victim - Slate
11/30/2005:†Getting Close To Nature Is Good For You - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Seeking a safe path through the landmine debate - New Scientist

11/30/2005:†Millions 'cannot pee in public'  - BBC
11/30/2005:†Seasonal Depression, Anxiety Affects Hamsters, Study Finds - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Mayo Clinic Study Finds Occupation And Education Influence Risk For Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†How life shapes the brainscape - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
11/30/2005:†Inside A Quantum Dot: Tracking Electrons At Trillionths Of A Second - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Dark energy refuses to fade away
 - New Scientist
11/30/2005:†Shedding star offers preview of Sunís death



11/30/2005:†SpaceDev Claims Lunar Missions Can Be Completed For Less Than $10Bn - SpaceDaily
11/30/2005:†11.07.05 - NASA Honors Legendary Astronaut Retired astronaut Walter M. Schirra, Jr. receives the Ambassador of ...
11/30/2005:†Mars-Bound NASA Craft Tweaks Course, Passes Halfway Point - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Spacecraft snatches first samples from asteroid
 - New Scientist
11/30/2005:†Spacecraft makes a grab for asteroid sample
  - Nature
11/30/2005:†Opportunity Views Windblown Ripple 'Scylla'
 - SpaceDaily
11/30/2005:†"SuitSat" Launch From International Space Station Delayed
 - SpaceDaily

11/30/2005:†Scientists Create Nanostructures - SpaceDaily
11/30/2005:†Nanotubes Offer Bright Future For Telecom Packet Switching - SpaceDaily
11/30/2005:†Turner Entertainment Turns to Holographic Storage  - Wired News
11/30/2005:†Nanotube Foams Flex And Rebound With Super Compressibility - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Imaging Industrial Products - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Argonne Researchers Discover Keys To Improving Commerical Magnet Technology - Science Daily
11/30/2005:†Bose tries to shake up auto industry
 - Seattle Times
11/30/2005:†Holographic-memory discs may put DVDs to shame
 - New Scientist


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