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  November 29, 2005

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S Korea cloning pioneer disgraced   - BBC        
Homeopathy 'can help patients'  - BBC  A six-year study at Bristol Homeopathic Hospital shows over 70% of patients with chronic diseases reported positive health changes after treatment. More than 6,500 patients took part in the study with problems ranging from eczema to menopause and arthritis. The biggest improvements were seen in children - 89% of under 16s with asthma reported improvement. Of the group, 75% felt 'better' or 'much better', as did 68% of eczema patients under 16. The results come just months after a study in The Lancet concluded that using homeopathy was no better than taking dummy drugs.   

'Get tough' on unhealthy - survey  - BBC  Many people favour taking a tough line with those who fail to look after their health, a survey has found. A poll of more than 2,000 people by private health provider Bupa found 34% supported charges for treatment for people who smoke, drink or are obese. More than four out of 10 favoured some sort of penalty for people they considered to have self-inflicted health problems. And 8% said people who led an unhealthy lifestyle should be denied treatment. "There is clear evidence from this study to support the view that individuals feel they should be accountable for their own health and well-being.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/29/2005: Chemists Characterize Alzheimer's Plaque Precursor - Science Daily

11/29/2005: How a virus can morph into a killer - MSNBC
11/29/2005: UN urges protection for dolphins
  - BBC
11/29/2005: Bacteria turned into living photographs - MSNBC
11/29/2005: Grizzlies set to lose protected status  - Nature
11/29/2005: Korean stem-cell crisis deepens  - Nature
11/29/2005: Cloning pioneer admits ethical violations and quits - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Living camera uses bacteria to capture image - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Escaped salmon threaten wild Atlantic stocks - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Plant diversity: Going, going, gone - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Live From the Lab, a Culture Worth a Thousand Words  - NY Times
11/29/2005: Scientists Discover How To Flip A Molecular Switch - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Scientists Engineer Bacteria To Create Living Photographs - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Scientists Discover How Protein Crucial For Motion Is Synthesized At The Right Place In The Cell - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/29/2005: Murky waters: How a pure brook in central China ends up as a putrid pool  - BBC
11/29/2005: Government forces CO2 rethink  - BBC
11/29/2005: Rare eruption causes island to grow - MSNBC
11/29/2005: Interview: The ice man cometh - New Scientist
11/29/2005: 'Missing' Xenon's hiding place unearthed - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Eruption Update: Island In British Overseas Territory Is Growing In Size - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Insurance Company Funds Study of East Coast Tsunami Risk - Space.com

11/29/2005: Crash reports dog Xbox 360 launch  - BBC
11/29/2005: Xbox'sRed-InkGame - Business Week
11/29/2005: • Pro Gaming Lives Large - Business Week
11/29/2005: • The iPod: All Decked Out - Business Week
11/29/2005: eBay buzzing with Xbox 360 auctions  - C/Net
11/29/2005: Crash reports hit Xbox 360  - C/Net
11/29/2005: Xbox 360 crashing, overheating?
  - C/Net
11/29/2005: 'Fatal1ty' wins championship tournament
  - CNN
11/29/2005: Inside Microsoft's Xbox 360: The guts of a new machine
  - El. Engr. Times
11/29/2005: Microsoft takes loss, plans gain from Xbox
 - Seattle Times

11/29/2005: Verizon files suit over cell phone spam
  - C/Net
11/29/2005: Verizon testing 7mbps DSL
  - C/Net
11/29/2005: Showdown on Long Island
  - C/Net
11/29/2005: Big changes in cellular industry to start in 2006: study
  - El. Engr. Times



11/29/2005: Fake FBI virus catches net users  - BBC
11/29/2005: Google extends searching offline  - BBC
11/29/2005: Sober worm clogging in-boxes  - C/Net
11/29/2005: Google fixes glitch that unleashed flood of porn  - C/Net
11/29/2005: Blogs get business savvy  - CNN

11/29/2005: • Sony's Escalating "Spyware" Fiasco - Business Week
11/29/2005: Harvard newspaper subpoenaed in Facebook suit  - C/Net
11/29/2005: Tech firms focus on TV  - C/Net

11/29/2005: Core question The difficulty of working out the price of nuclear power  - BBC
11/29/2005: Myriad mirrors turn desert into energy farm - New Scientist

11/29/2005: Loud noises 'bad for the heart'  - BBC
11/29/2005: Noise raises risk of heart attack  - Nature
11/29/2005: Drug Compound Restores Youth To Aging Arterial Cells In Elderly Hypertensives, Hopkins Study Shows - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Mental Stress May Be Another Culprit In Raising Cholesterol Levels In Healthy Adults - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Obesity Measure Should Be Redefined To Accurately Assess Heart Attack Risk - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Molecular Cabal Contributes To Stroke Damage - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Major Study Links Chronic Noise Exposure To Risk Of Heart Attacks
 - Science Daily

11/29/2005: Magnetic Probe Successfully Tracks Implanted Cells In Cancer Patients - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Innovative Research Set To Push Boundaries Of Cancer Care - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Deleted Genes Help Predict Outcome In A Children's Cancer - Science Daily

11/29/2005: HIV cases 'continue to increase'  - BBC
11/29/2005: Most malaria affects 'unlucky few'  - Nature
11/29/2005: New Vaccine Platform May Fight Infections With Causes From Influenza To Bioterrorism - Science Daily
11/29/2005: U.S. Swine Workers At Increased Risk Of Infection With Swine Influenza Virus - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Stanford Study Of Sea Squirt Provides Clue To Human Immune System - Science Daily

11/29/2005: Heavy Drinking Declines With Age, Though Drop Is Slower Among Men And Smokers - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Increased Duration Of Breastfeeding Associated With Decreased Risk Of Diabetes - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Clinical Trial Supports Better Treatment For Lupus Patients Suffering From Kidney Inflammation - Science Daily

11/29/2005: Homeopathy 'can help patients'   - BBC
11/29/2005: Children are 'mosquito magnets'  - BBC
11/29/2005: Give Thanks For The Cranberry, Say Dental Researchers - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/29/2005: Weather's role in early Irish building - New Scientist

11/29/2005: Women 'worst abused at home'  - BBC
11/29/2005: • Googling for Gold - Business Week
11/29/2005: • Filthy Rich, But Froogle - Business Week
11/29/2005: What Bangalore Should Aim For - Business Week
11/29/2005: Terrorism threat to Net overblown  - C/Net
11/29/2005: Security experts lift lid on Chinese hack attacks  - C/Net
11/29/2005: Stanford winnings to fund research  - C/Net
11/29/2005: Iraq stumps for outside investment  - C/Net
11/29/2005: Report warns Congress of eroding IT, science sectors  - El. Engr. Times
11/29/2005: Young entrepreneurs got message, changed business - Seattle Times

11/29/2005: Families share 'autistic traits'  - BBC
11/29/2005: Ignoring data can 'help memory'  - BBC
11/29/2005: Families share traits of autistic children - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Exploring the moral maze - New Scientist
11/29/2005: How life shapes the brainscape - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Manic depression linked to creativity - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Neurons Generated In The Adult Brain Learn To Respond To Novel Stimuli
 - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Study Of Domesticated Foxes Reveals Changes In Gene Expression As A Basis For Tame Behavior
 - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Thanksgiving Gluttony Misaligned With 'Intuitive Eating' Approach Examined In New Study
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/29/2005: Centenary of Einstein equation  - BBC
11/29/2005: Magnetic field detected in young star’s dusty disc
 - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Pseudogap puzzle for superconductors
 - PhysicsWeb
11/29/2005: Integral Reveals New Class Of 'Supergiant' X-ray Binary Stars
 - Science Daily
11/29/2005: SuperNova Legacy Survey- First Results Describing The Nature Of Dark Energy
 - Science Daily
11/29/2005: Einstein's Dark Energy Accelerates The Universe
 - Science Daily

11/29/2005: Decrease Cancer-suppressing Protein Activity, Increase Life Span


11/29/2005: Harry Potter's latest adventure: Being beamed into space  - BBC
11/29/2005: UK space effort 'starved of cash'
  - BBC
11/29/2005: Hayabusa touched asteroid Itokawa after all
 - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Shake sensors to pinpoint air leaks in spacecraft
 - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Nine cracks found in shuttle tank’s insulation
 - New Scientist
11/29/2005: From Coal Miner to Astronaut: A Space Camp Experience - Space.com
11/29/2005: Resumption Of Shuttle Flights Up In The Air: NASA
 - SpaceDaily
11/29/2005: South Korea Issues Open Tender For Transport To ISS
 - SpaceDaily
11/29/2005: Chinese Astronauts To Visit Hong Kong Next Week
 - SpaceDaily
11/29/2005: Deadline Approaching For Student Mars Rover Competition
 - SpaceDaily
11/29/2005: From Coal Miner to Astronaut: A Space Camp Experience
 - Space.com

11/29/2005: Exercise for the tech-savvy  - CNN
11/29/2005: Technology pushing political films to forefront  - CNN
11/29/2005: Cab rides into the future of automotive infotainment  - El. Engr. Times
11/29/2005: Why we cannot rely on firearm forensics - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Supersonic jets: The next generation - New Scientist
11/29/2005: Neutrons, The Spies Of The Nanoworld - Science Daily


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