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  November 29, 2004

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Nano World: Chipping Away At Chip Size - SpaceDaily  Lux Research senior associate Will Arora said the 193-nanometer OPL is on its last stand. The practical limit for semiconductor feature size, due to physical constraints such as the angle of the optics, is about one-third of the wavelength used to pattern the chips, or about 65 nanometers for 193-nanometer OPL. The method industry will adopt en masse in 2008 as a stopgap solution until 2011 will be 193-nanometer liquid immersion lithography, the Lux team found. The reason for its popularity is that it is much like 193-nanometer OPL, but with a layer of water between the last lens and the wafer. Three contenders are neck and neck for the industry once immersion lithography runs out of steam. Lux researchers said at the moment, they believe nanoimprint lithography is in the lead, It  creates perfect patterns down to 10 nanometer lines.    
RADAR Surprises From Titan - SpaceDaily  Left:  Atlas, Pandora and Janus Pasadena CA Nov 18, 2004 - Saturn hosts its own miniature solar system, with an entourage of more than 30 moons. This image shows Saturn's A and F rings, along with three of the moons that orbit close to them  Titan looked nothing like we were expecting. It seems to be relatively free of impact craters. A couple of the features we've seen in our RADAR image seem to be indicative of volcanism. Now, volcanism on Titan would be what we call cryovolcanism, or volcanism based on ice. We think Titan is mostly made of ice and rock, roughly in proportions of 50/50. But all the rock would be at Titan's center, forming a core, and water and ice would form a crust and a mantle around that.     

Pierolapithecus catalaunicus, Science

'Original' great ape discovered  - BBC  Scientists have unearthed remains of a primate that could have been ancestral not only to humans but to all great apes, including chimps and gorillas. The partial skeleton of this 13-million-year-old "missing link" was found by palaeontologists working at a dig site near Barcelona in Spain. The new specimen was probably male, a fruit-eater and was slightly smaller than a chimpanzee, researchers say. Great apes are thought - on the basis of genetic and other evidence - to have separated from another primate group known as the lesser apes some time between 11 and 16 million years ago. (The lesser apes include gibbons and siamang).
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/29/2004: Scientists find 2 new fish species a week - MSNBC
11/29/2004: African locusts ready for spring
  - Nature
11/29/2004: DNA repair: The searchers  - Nature
11/29/2004: Genetic Discovery Paves Way To Decode Sense Of Smell In Mammals ... - Science Daily
11/29/2004: Turkey Genome ... - FirstScience
11/29/2004: Are Animals As Irrational As Humans? - Science Daily
11/29/2004: Acid-resistant Bug Doesn't Give In To Alcohol Either - Science Daily
11/29/2004: Census Of Marine Life: Scientists Add More Than 4 Million Records, 13,000 Species - Science Daily
11/29/2004: Researchers Probe Marine Mysteries Off The Alaskan Coast - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/29/2004: Volcano’s new dome sparks a name game - MSNBC
11/29/2004: Arctic nations OK climate strategy - MSNBC
11/29/2004: Yushchenko's acne points to dioxin poisoning  - Nature
11/29/2004: Grand Canyon deluge may save river life - New Scientist
11/29/2004: Mystery of world's tallest sand dunes solved - New Scientist
11/29/2004: Groups Join, Seek Action on Global Warming  - NY Times
11/29/2004: Dive! Dive! Dive!  - Wired News
11/29/2004: Green Party Leads Antiwar Movement in Italian Parliament ... - FirstScience
11/29/2004: Environmental Protection ... - FirstScience
11/29/2004: Environmentalists renew warnings on global warming ... - FirstScience
11/29/2004: U.S. aviation pollution talks fail ...  - CNN
11/29/2004: Los Alamos Computers Map Hurricane Utility Impacts - Science Daily

11/29/2004: Getting Fit with Video Games - Business Week
11/29/2004: How gory is that game?  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Mobile games hit next level in India  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Game firm rapped over napalm quote  - CNN
11/29/2004: Playing the Touching Game  - Wired News

11/29/2004: TV's Spectrum Showdown
 - Business Week
11/29/2004: Why Beijing Has 3G on Hold
 - Business Week
11/29/2004: Telecoms lobby against public wireless
  - CNN
11/29/2004: Report: Fast-Internet use doubles in U.S.
  - CNN
11/29/2004: 'Doom 3' vs. 'Madden'
  - CNN
11/29/2004: 'Smartphone Era' starts in 2005, Gartner says
  - El. Engr. Times
11/29/2004: Researchers Develop 3 - D Phone Technology
  - NY Times
11/29/2004: To Fight, Verizon Switches
  - Technology Review 

11/29/2004: Nano World: Chipping Away At Chip Size - SpaceDaily
11/29/2004: Demo Advances Quantum Networking  - Technology Review 

11/29/2004: Mickeyfying the PC - Business Week
11/29/2004: Survey: Some iPod fans dump PCs for Macs  - C/Net

11/29/2004: Web Retailing Gets Really Personal - Business Week
11/29/2004: Automated phishing on the rise  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Internet Aid to Schools, Libraries Flowing Again  - Technology Review 

11/29/2004: IBM's Solid Stake on the Desktop - Business Week
11/29/2004: Microsoft critic allegedly received $10 million  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Valve bans 'Half Life 2' players  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Intel more active in desktop Linux  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Valve bans 'Half Life 2' players  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Rivals drop out of Microsoft case  - CNN
11/29/2004: Java bug could hit PC operating systems - New Scientist
11/29/2004: Intel helping clients in Asia to use Linux - Seattle Times
11/29/2004: Unexpected meeting called in EU case over Microsoft - Seattle Times

11/29/2004: Sandia pushes limits of solar technology  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Coloradans Vote to Embrace Alternative Sources of Energy  - NY Times

11/29/2004: Imaging: Diagnosis of atherosclerosis  - Nature
11/29/2004: Aspirin Attack-2: Acetaminophen Shows Positive In Vivo Cardioprotective Effects In Heart Attack, Arrhythmia - Science Daily

11/29/2004: Vaccine:Truth or Dare  - Technology Review 
11/29/2004: Discovery of a new cancer gene, which, when damaged, may promote prostate cancer ... - FirstScience
11/29/2004: Finnish scientists identify gene that promotes prostate cancer ... - FirstScience
11/29/2004: Antioxidant Supplementation May Reduce Incidence Of Cancer In Men - Science Daily
11/29/2004: TRAM Flap Procedure Restores Breasts Of Cancer Patients - Science Daily
11/29/2004: Stem Cells' Repair Skills Might Be Link To Cancer - Science Daily

11/29/2004: Virus trouble on the Nile  - Nature
11/29/2004: Prion disease: Dangerous variations  - Nature
11/29/2004: Tests negative on suspected mad cow case - ABC
11/29/2004: Suspicion of a Mad Cow Case Proves Unfounded, Tests Find  - NY Times
11/29/2004: Prevalence Of Human Papillomavirus Infection Differs For Men And Women - Science Daily
11/29/2004: Researchers Recommend Vaccinating Adolescents Against Whooping Cough - Science Daily
11/29/2004: HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors: Effective Against Malaria-
 - Science Daily
11/29/2004: Senior Citizens At Risk For Pneumonia
 - Science Daily

11/29/2004: Rats used to study alcohol’s effects - MSNBC
11/29/2004: Ta-ra-RA-boom-DMARD!  - Nature
11/29/2004: Testosterone Improves Women's Sex Lives - Science Daily
11/29/2004: Acupuncture Better Than Drugs Alone For Osteoarthritis Of The Knee - Science Daily
11/29/2004: Young Volunteers Needed For Stanford/Packard Study - Science Daily

11/29/2004: FDA safety official complains of intimidation over Vioxx - New Scientist
11/29/2004: Nutritionist Offers Tips To Make It Through The New Year Without Putting On Pounds - Science Daily
11/29/2004: UCLA Brain Researchers Uncover New Clues To SIDS - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/29/2004: 'Original' great ape discovered   - BBC
11/29/2004: Energetic cells may have boosted the brain  - Nature
11/29/2004: Intensive fishing was an ancient practice - New Scientist
11/29/2004: Archaeologists Discover Bronze Age Site  - NY Times
11/29/2004: How Running Made Us Human: Endurance Running Let Us Evolve To Look The Way We Do - Science Daily

11/29/2004: Spy agency eyes Net chat  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Security's gold mine  - C/Net
11/29/2004: The cost of compliance  - C/Net
11/29/2004: E-voting faces new scrutiny  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Plasma TVs lead gadget price drops  - C/Net
11/29/2004: U.S. R&D on the budget chopping block  - El. Engr. Times
11/29/2004: Giving thanks for offshoring - Business Week
11/29/2004: Change isn't on menu at McDonald's - Seattle Times
11/29/2004: Panasonic repair site to cut 63 jobs, outsource - Seattle Times
11/29/2004: Regulators investigate improper broker gifts at firms - Seattle Times
11/29/2004: Airlines Cough Up Passenger Data - Seattle Times
11/29/2004: Newspapers Should Really Worry  - Wired News
11/29/2004: Few Step Up to Claim Free Shares  - Wired News
11/29/2004: Vote Counting Probe by GAO  - Wired News
11/29/2004: Database Flawed, Not Malevolent  - Wired News
11/29/2004: Time To Develop New Antidotes For Chemical Attacks, Urge Researchers - Science Daily


Physics and Astronomy:
11/29/2004: Axion experiment makes its debut - PhysicsWeb
11/29/2004: Fingerprints In The Sky Explained By 'Beautiful Mathematics'
 - Science Daily
11/29/2004: Precocious Supermassive Black Holes Challenge Theories
 - Science Daily
11/29/2004: Stellar Clusters Forming In The Blue Dwarf Galaxy NGC 5253
 - Science Daily


11/29/2004: Toward a More Human Robot - Business Week
11/29/2004: The human behind this year's hot robot - MSNBC

11/29/2004: RADAR Surprises From Titan - SpaceDaily
11/29/2004: Cassini captures Tethys in all her glory
 - New Scientist
11/29/2004: NASA chief sees mandate for Bush space programme  - NY Times
11/29/2004: China's space chief coming to U.S ... - FirstScience
11/29/2004: NASA Cassini Image: Tethys - Battered and Grooved ...
 - FirstScience
11/29/2004: NASA Cassini Shows Grandeur of Two Saturn Moons ...
 - FirstScience

11/29/2004: Why TV Will Never Be the Same - Business Week
11/29/2004: Tech giants edgy over Web services patent sale  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Amtrak's computer voice stays on track  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Mapmaking turns to the terrain of the face  - C/Net
11/29/2004: Smallest 'test tube' scoops world record - New Scientist
11/29/2004: Forensic clock calls time on crimes - New Scientist


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