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  November 28, 2005

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Building a Better Hydrogen Trap - Science Daily  Left: Crystalline sheets produced in covalent organic frameworks (COFs) Credit: Adrien Cote. Using building blocks that make up ordinary plastics, but putting them together in a whole new way, University of Michigan researchers have created a class of lightweight, rigid polymers they predict will be useful for storing hydrogen fuel. The trick to making the new materials, called covalent organic frameworks (COFs), was coaxing them to assume predictable crystal structures---something that never had been done with rigid plastics. As a result, the researchers can use X-ray crystallography to determine the structure of each type of COF they create and, using that information, quickly assess its properties. "Once we know the structure and properties, our methodology allows us to go back and modify the COF, making it perform better or tailoring it for different applications," said Cote.   
Raven Industries Announces Five-Hour Flight of 'HiSentinel' Powered Airship - Science Daily  Left:  The 146-foot-long HiSentinel stratospheric airship reached an altitude of 74,000 feet during a technology demonstration flight November 8. The airship is shown fully inflated during preflight verification in a hangar in Roswell, N.M.  The Army Space and Missile Defense Command (ASMDC) sponsored the demonstration. Raven demonstrated a small stratospheric airship with a five-pound payload in 1969. The flight carried a sixty-pound equipment pod to 74,000 feet on a five-hour flight-only the second airship in history to achieve powered flight in the stratosphere. The relatively inexpensive nature of the Hi Sentinel system will allow several test flights per year.   

Spacex Falcon 1 Launch Announced - Science Daily  On Friday, November 25 at 1 p.m. (PDT), the Falcon 1 countdown to launch is expected to reach T-Zero. At that point, the hold-down clamps will release and the Falcon 1 rocket will begin its journey to orbit, accelerating to 17,000 mph (twenty-five times the speed of sound). Designed from the ground up by SpaceX, Falcon 1 is a two stage rocket powered by liquid oxygen and purified, rocket grade kerosene. It will be the first privately developed, liquid fueled rocket to reach orbit and the world's first all new orbital rocket in over a decade. Most importantly, Falcon 1, priced at $6.7 million, will provide the lowest cost per flight to orbit of any launch vehicle in the world      
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/28/2005: Herring break wind to communicate, study - Washington Post
11/28/2005: BBC listens in to insect chatter
  - BBC
11/28/2005: • Gene Therapy Is Respectable Again - Business Week
11/28/2005: Cloning pioneer faces rising controversy - MSNBC
11/28/2005: Editorial- Human genome remains full of surprises - New Scientist
11/28/2005: Screening for Abnormal Embryos Offers Couples Hope After Heartbreak  - NY Times
11/28/2005: Fruit Fly Research Set To Revolutionize Study Of Birth Defects - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Genealogy Of Scaly Reptiles Rewritten By New Research - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Study Shows Nanoparticles Could Damage Plant Life - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Rumor or Reality: The Creatures of Cryptozoology - Space.com

Climate, Environment:
11/28/2005: Green crusade: Russian oil boom pits environmentalists against energy giants  - BBC
11/28/2005: Is New Orleans sunk? - MSNBC
11/28/2005: Dust plume rises from Mount St. Helens - MSNBC
11/28/2005: Tsunami warnings planned for Europe  - Nature
11/28/2005: Dragon Over Water: Envisat Monitors China's Largest Lake, Rivers Flooding - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Kyoto doesn't go far enough, study argues ... - FirstScience
11/28/2005: Chinese city trucking in water after toxic pollution shuts down supply ... - FirstScience
11/28/2005: Amazon rainforest under serious threat ... - FirstScience
11/28/2005: Corals 'adapt to climate change' ... - FirstScience
11/28/2005: NEWS- Goldman Sachs' New Green Policy Targets Climate, 'Ecosystems Services' ... - FirstScience
11/28/2005: TV should take up environment issues: Jaipal Reddy ... - FirstScience
11/28/2005: Pvt. channels should take up more environment issues: Reddy ... - FirstScience
11/28/2005: Government forces EU CO2 rethink  - BBC
11/28/2005: Small universe Attenborough opens up the undergrowth  - BBC
11/28/2005: Hear the insects  - BBC
11/28/2005: Up To One-third Of US In Compliance With Kyoto Accords - Science Daily

11/28/2005: A mouse pad with good karma? - Washington Post
11/28/2005: Xbox 360 grab-a-thon  - C/Net
11/28/2005: Photos: Zero Hour for 360  - C/Net
11/28/2005: Photos: Midnight countdown
11/28/2005: Photos: Games in the graveyard  - C/Net
11/28/2005: Sony may lose grip in consoles war  - CNN
11/28/2005: VIDEO GAMES: Holiday treats for the gamer
 - Seattle Times
11/28/2005: The Ultimate Geek Gift Guide
  - Wired News
11/28/2005: Buy Nothing Day
  - Wired News
11/28/2005: Majoring in Video Games
  - NY Times
11/28/2005: Shortages spoil Xbox 360 launch
  - BBC
11/28/2005: Next gen war: Which new console from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo is best?
  - BBC

11/28/2005: Got milk? How about a cell phone?
  - C/Net
11/28/2005: • Can Microsoft Score in Mobile Gaming?
 - Business Week
11/28/2005: • A Digital Dodge City
 - Business Week

11/28/2005: Staktek unveils memory stacking technology  - El. Engr. Times


11/28/2005: AOL takes AIM and shoots for new features  - C/Net
11/28/2005: Google, CBS in talks on video search, on-demand  - C/Net
11/28/2005: Web chatters upgrade identities for virtual life - Washington Post
11/28/2005: Internet TV 'to boom' in Europe  - BBC
11/28/2005: FBI warns of e-mail scam  - CNN
11/28/2005: The Evolution of Chatspeak  - Wired News
11/28/2005: Both Sides Claim Victory in Tunis
  - Wired News

11/28/2005: Microsoft's standardization move divides experts  - C/Net
11/28/2005: Security software rivals chip away at Symantec  - C/Net
11/28/2005: Opera issues security patch  - C/Net
11/28/2005: Sony's Escalating "Spyware" Fiasco - Business Week
11/28/2005: Sony BMG under increasing legal fire - New Scientist
11/28/2005: Hackers change tactics to crack open computers - New Scientist
11/28/2005: Open-Source Movement Isn't Communism  - Wired News
11/28/2005: Software 'cannot stop cheating'  - BBC

11/28/2005: Building a Better Hydrogen Trap  - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Energy hogs in the living room  - C/Net
11/28/2005: Forests paying the price for biofuels - New Scientist

11/28/2005: Stress may up cholesterol levels  - BBC
11/28/2005: Sweat Is Good Indicator Heart Attack May Be Coming - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Women Receive Less Aggressive Treatment For Chest Pain And Heart Attacks Than Men - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Finding Fat Before Heart Attacks  - Wired News

11/28/2005: War On Terror Meets War On Cancer - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Therapeutic Role Of Melatonin In Cancer Worthy Of Study - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Plant Gene Related To Cancer Treatment May Foster New Oncology Drugs - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Plant Gene Related To Cancer Treatment May Foster New Oncology Drugs - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Scientists Say Stem Cells May Trigger Bone Cancer - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Drug May Combat Weight Loss During Radiation Treatments - Science Daily

11/28/2005: • Bracing for Bird Flu - Business Week
11/28/2005: Defend yourself against the flu - MSNBC


11/28/2005: Sudden death: 'Our fit and active daughter just died without any warning'  - BBC
11/28/2005: Breastfeeding 'good for mothers'  - BBC
11/28/2005: Reading the signsWhat percentage of the population are addicted to sex?  - BBC
11/28/2005: Little Britain sketch falls foul of incontinence charity  - BBC
11/28/2005: Computer-equipped exercise machines keep the blood pumping  - CNN
11/28/2005: Researchers Zero In On The Possible Cause Of Kawasaki Disease - Science Daily
11/28/2005: The food you eat may change your genes for life - New Scientist
11/28/2005: The gene that can make you feast or starve - New Scientist
11/28/2005: First Ever Study To Investigate Impact Of Chronic Wasting Disease On Humans
 - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Epidural Leads To Less Pain, More Assisted Deliveries
 - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Pain Research Using Electronic Diaries Helps Identify Who Responds To 'Placebo Effect'
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/28/2005: Flints hint at ancient mariners’ daring - MSNBC
11/28/2005: Intelligent design taught ... as mythology - MSNBC
11/28/2005: The First Laugh: New Study Posits Evolutionary Origins Of Two Distinct Types Of Laughter - Science Daily

11/28/2005: Raven Industries Announces Five-Hour Flight of 'HiSentinel' Powered Airship  - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Dubai pushing for tech power play  - C/Net
11/28/2005: Foreign powers are main cyberthreat, U.K. says - Washington Post
11/28/2005: No, Idaho, there isn't a Santa  - C/Net
11/28/2005: Amazon wins 1-Click patent case  - C/Net
11/28/2005: MEPs 'scaremongered to vote no'  - BBC
11/28/2005: Hunger kills '6m children a year'  - BBC
11/28/2005: Attempt to foil RFID attracts U.N. security  - El. Engr. Times
11/28/2005: Job cuts, plant closures may not cure GM's ills - Seattle Times
11/28/2005: Announcement of GM cuts stirs shock, sadness - Seattle Times
11/28/2005: Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is  - Wired News
11/28/2005: Liquid Condoms Coming?  - Wired News
11/28/2005: Image Problem Causes Worker Shortage in Oil  - Wired News
11/28/2005: Top 20 Geek Novels  - Wired News

11/28/2005: GPs get obsessive disorder advice  - BBC
11/28/2005: Why people become hoarders  - BBC
11/28/2005: Compulsion linked to faulty gene  - BBC
11/28/2005: Hoarding not a usual compulsion  - BBC
11/28/2005: Plagued by rituals: A woman describes how treatment helped beat her obsessions  - BBC
11/28/2005: Crammed orphanages have lasting effects  - Nature
11/28/2005: This Is Your Brain Under Hypnosis
  - NY Times
11/28/2005: In Autism And Related Disorders, Recognizing Emotion Is Different Than Identity
 - Science Daily
11/28/2005: MRI Best Tool For Studying Intricate Nerves In Dogs
 - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Brain Morphing Technology Simplifies The Surgical Treatment For Movement Disorders
 - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Womb Needed For Proper Brain Development
 - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Internet May Aid In Treating Panic Sufferers
 - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Penn Research Permits First-ever Visualization Of Psychological Stress In The Human Brain
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/28/2005: Did matter-antimatter mix yield molecules?  - Nature
11/28/2005: Einstein's 'Biggest Blunder'? New Supernovae Study Offers Tantalyzing Clues About Dark Energy
 - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Chemistry goes gourmet ...
 - FirstScience
11/28/2005: X-ray pet toys ...
 - FirstScience
11/28/2005: Supernovae Back Einstein's 'Blunder' ...
  - Scientific American


11/28/2005: Growing bomb threats spur robot development  - El. Engr. Times

11/28/2005: Spacex Falcon 1 Launch Announced  - Science Daily
11/28/2005: Rover hunts Halley's comet in Martian sky
 - New Scientist
11/28/2005: Cracks Found in Protective Foam On an Unused Shuttle Fuel Tank
  - NY Times
11/28/2005: URGENT- Bush signs bill on ending limits on Russian spacecraft use ... - FirstScience

11/28/2005: Dishwasher With Split Personality  - Wired News
11/28/2005: New Wind Tunnel Aimed At Making Airplanes Quieter To Those On Ground - Science Daily


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