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  November 28, 2004

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Plankton Cool The Southern Hemisphere - SpaceDaily  Left: Ph.D. student Mtinkheni Gondwe used satellite observations to follow the distribution of phytoplankton in the oceans. In the southern hemisphere, more waterdroplets are produced by the DMS production of the plankton.  Dutch research has shown that marine plankton have the greatest effect on the climate in the southern hemisphere, even though the majority of plankton are found in oceans in the northern hemisphere. Plankton can influence the climate by producing the gas dimethyl sulphide (DMS). This gas is a source of small sulphur particles in the atmosphere, which act as condensation nuclei for the water vapour.    
US Exercises Missile Defense System To Prepare For Operations - SpaceDaily  Left:  By the end of 2007, America's ground-based missile interceptors are scheduled to grow to 28 at both the Alaska and California launch sites.  The US missile defense system is still on track to go on alert by the end of this year and key US military commands are conducting "shakedown exercises" in preparation, a defense spokesman said Wednesday. Russia announced plans earlier Wednesday to acquire a new generation of intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of defeating any anti-missile shield, but the spokesman said the US system is not designed to protect against long-range attack from either China or Russia. US ground-based interceptor missiles are being installed in Alaska and California primarily to defend against a limited attack by a rogue power such as North Korea.

Russia To Deploy New-Generation Nuclear Weapons System: Putin - SpaceDaily  Left:  File image of a Russian Topol M missile being put into position for a test-launch. US Not Worried About Russia's Nuclear Activities: State Department. Washington (AFP) Nov 17, 2004- Washington was not threatened by President Vladimir Putin's announcement Wednesday that Russia intended to remain a major nuclear power by deploying a new weapon in the coming years that other states lack, a State Department spokesman said Wednesday. "We do not perceive Russia's nuclear sustainment and modernization activities as threatening, and what they are doing is fully consistent with our mutual obligations under the Moscow Treaty," deputy spokesman Adam Ereli told reporters.  President Vladimir Putin served notice Wednesday that Russia intended to remain a major nuclear power by deploying a new weapon in the coming years that other states lack and are unlikely to develop in the near future. Washington argues its shield would be capable of defending the United States only from attacks from so-called "rogue states" and could not stand up to Russia's massive Soviet-era nuclear arsenal. However Putin has since mentioned plans for Russia to also develop a similar system along with new types of intercontinental missiles that Moscow claims could penetrate any space shield put up by the United States.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/28/2004: Observatory: Whale-Speak Defined  - NY Times
11/28/2004: A Former Abbott Executive Hired as Human Genome Chief
  - NY Times
11/28/2004: A Tradition at Risk in Northeastern Bogs
11/28/2004: Graphic  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Congress OKs $2.6M for Oyster Research  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Invasive Sea Squirt Alive And Well On Georges Bank - Science Daily
11/28/2004: New Lures To Doom Crop-Damaging Caterpillars - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Hundreds of marine species found in 2004 ... - MSNBC
11/28/2004: New York City Council Bill Targets Illegal Trading in Endangered Species ... - FirstScience
11/28/2004: Marine Mysteries Off The Alaskan Coast - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: How lizards walk on water  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
11/28/2004: Plankton Cool The Southern Hemisphere - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: A Toast to 1380, a Very Warm Year  - NY Times
11/28/2004: In Bold Experiment at Canyon, a River Rips Through It  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Trace Gases Are Key To Halting Global Warming - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Scientists To Evaluate Effects Of High Flow Test At Glen Canyon Dam - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Testers predict extra costs for car emissions check ... - FirstScience
11/28/2004: First British Glacial Map to predict future climate change ... - FirstScience
11/28/2004: Anglican Bishop Calls for Green Tax Shift ... - FirstScience
11/28/2004: Climate Change Must Be At Heart Of Pre-budget Statement ... - FirstScience
11/28/2004: Scientists have doubts about recovery of ozone layer ... - FirstScience
11/28/2004: Chile's Atacama Desert From Space - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: Arctic nations offer little guidance on how to fight global warming - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: Northern rock Looking out for the best of Britain's geodiversity  - BBC

11/28/2004: Echoes Repeats Success  - Wired News
11/28/2004: NBA Holds Court in China with Fantasy Games  - Wired News
11/28/2004: Have Your Say JFK computer game: Is it in bad taste?  - BBC

11/28/2004: Hi-tech tools drive boom in fraudulent e-mail messages
  - BBC
11/28/2004: Next generation How two 3G phone users rate their fancy new service
  - BBC

11/28/2004: Printed organic ICs pose market entry chance, says analyst - Silicon Strategies


11/28/2004: Court Documents Not Fit for Web?  - Wired News
11/28/2004: Hi-tech tools fuel phishing boom  - BBC
11/28/2004: New browser wins over net surfers  - BBC

11/28/2004: A Dubious Day In Court  - Wired News
11/28/2004: A Kinder, Gentler Copyright Bill?  - Wired News
11/28/2004: Urgent meeting in Microsoft case  - BBC
11/28/2004: Napalm joke gets advert banned  - BBC


11/28/2004: Heart Responds To Fasting By Remodeling Vital Energy-producing Components - Science Daily

11/28/2004: Prostate Leading Newly Diagnosed Cancer Among Men; Breast Cancer Leads For Women - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Gene Expression Profiling Aids In Ovarian Cancer Prognosis - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Early Results Shed Light On Lung Cancer Screening Advance - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Study Suggests Chernobyl Resulted in 800 Cancer Cases ... - FirstScience
11/28/2004: Leukaemia sleuths accuse state of nuclear cover-up ...  - Nature

11/28/2004: New Tools And Increased Funds Will Beat Malaria, Say Global Leaders - Science Daily
11/28/2004: 'Pyramid' Statistical Sampling Method To Track HIV-risk Behavior Among Drug Users - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Random Gene Activation Helps Ulcer Bug Escape Immune System - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Britain backs anti-malaria fight  - BBC
11/28/2004: Rays of hope: Photographer Don McCullin examines HIV treatment in Africa  - BBC

11/28/2004: Drunken Rats Used to Study Alcohol Effects  - NY Times
11/28/2004: New Gene Linked to Lighting Up  - Wired News
11/28/2004: Discovery of gene mutation in fruit flies that alters sensitivity to crack cocaine ... - FirstScience
11/28/2004: Faulty genes feed nicotine habit  - BBC
11/28/2004: Smoking killing millions globally  - BBC

11/28/2004: Vital Signs: Trauma: For Medics, an Airway Quandary  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Vital Signs: Vision: A Prescription for Patient Error  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Q & A: Growth at Your Fingertips  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Pudgy Pooches and Owners Can Shed Pounds Together  - NY Times
11/28/2004: For Mother and Child, a Lurking Danger  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Treating Troubling Fibroids Without Surgery  - NY Times
11/28/2004: The Face of Nature Changes as Art and Science Evolve  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Pope Hails 'Sign of Dialogue' With Science  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Tracking Fluoride In The National Food Supply
 - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Chocolate Ingredient Could Put A Stop To Persistent Coughs And Lead To New Cough Medicines
 - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Obesity Tied To Increased Risk For Dozens Of Conditions
 - Science Daily
11/28/2004: New Carrots Offer Colorful Surprises--and Health Benefits
 - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Boy wants minority marrow donors
  - BBC
11/28/2004: New efforts to cut elderly falls
  - BBC
11/28/2004: Waterloo lessons could aid medics
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
11/28/2004: Dinosaurs In Bullet-Proof Vests - SpaceDaily

11/28/2004: Russia To Deploy New-Generation Nuclear Weapons System: Putin - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: US Exercises Missile Defense System To Prepare For Operations - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: Big Spending Bill Makes a Winner of Mars Program but Many Losers Elsewhere  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Rest Easy on Pricey Mattress? Not Always  - NY Times
11/28/2004: In a Land Torn by Violence, Too Many Troubling Deaths  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Photographs  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Congress OKs more high-tech hiring of foreigners - Seattle Times
11/28/2004: Wall Street bars ex-banker for life - Seattle Times
11/28/2004: The world textile market- Three nations, three strategies - Seattle Times
11/28/2004: Honduras: Despite rising living standards, the wolf is at the door - Seattle Times
11/28/2004: Cambodia: "The buyer doesn't care how good you are" - Seattle Times
11/28/2004: Congress Makes Room for More Foreigners for High-Tech Jobs  - Technology Review 
11/28/2004: Rules of the Collaboratory Game  - Technology Review 
11/28/2004: The Drive to Discover  - Wired News
11/28/2004: Bush Denied Nuclear Bunker-Buster Funds - ABC
11/28/2004: Outside View: Iran's Nukes - What's The Problem? - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: Outside View: Not All Nuclear Is Bad - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: Chile, Japan agree to take first step towards free trade accord - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: India to launch more lunar missions before 2015: space agency - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: Brazil, Russia sign pact on space cooperation
 - SpaceDaily

11/28/2004: The Claim: Alcohol Kills Brain Cells  - NY Times
11/28/2004: New Tools to Help Patients Reclaim Damaged Senses  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Graphic: From the Tongue...  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Stressed Out? Have Some Cold Vegetable Soup - Science Daily
11/28/2004: What Happens In The Brain When We Remember Our Own Past? - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Scientists reveal the 'couch potato gene' ... - FirstScience
11/28/2004: Genes to blame for restless sleep  - BBC
11/28/2004: Snoring and sleep disorders blamed on our genes
  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
11/28/2004: Kent Astronomers To Receive Prestigious International Prize ...  - Nature
11/28/2004: Precocious Supermassive Black Holes Challenge Theories
 - SpaceDaily

11/28/2004: System That Regulates Blood Pressure May Also Affect Aging - Science Daily

11/28/2004: Industrial Grade Robotic Rollercoaster -

11/28/2004: Methane in Martian Air Suggests Life Beneath the Surface  - NY Times
11/28/2004: Not Finding Life? Dig Deeper.
 - Science Daily
11/28/2004: First Chilean Manned Space Mission To Take Place After 2006 ..
 - FirstScience
11/28/2004: NASA given greater flexibility in new budget ...
 - FirstScience
11/28/2004: Battered And Grooved Tethys
 - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: Mercury Mission Milestone
 - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: First European Moon Mission Captures Stunning Portrait Of Earth And Moon
 - SpaceDaily
11/28/2004: NASA's Moon-Mars Initiative Harms Science: American Physical Society Report
11/28/2004: Fact vs. Fiction: 10 Questions to Test Your Space IQ

11/28/2004: New Acid Has Potential To Help With A Variety Of Processes - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Gold Nano Anchors Put Nanowires In Their Place - Science Daily
11/28/2004: 'Self-cleaning' Suits May Be In Your Future - Science Daily
11/28/2004: Shhh ... Do You Hear Gunfire?  - Wired News
11/28/2004: Software Detects the True Artist  - Wired News
11/28/2004: Satellite TV Made Available From the Back Seat -
11/28/2004: Tiny carbon cylinders set record
  - BBC
11/28/2004: Building green: One firm's vision to make its designs non-toxic and eco-friendly
  - BBC


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