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  November 27, 2005

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SpaceDev Announces SpaceDev Dream Chaser Space Transport System - SpaceDaily  Left:  Subject to the availability of adequate funding, sources for which have not yet been identified, the initial SpaceDev Dream Chaser (illustrated) development plan includes milestones for multiple manned sub-orbital test flights by 2008, and manned test flights to orbit by 2010.  SpaceDev's proprietary hybrid rocket motor technology successfully powered Paul Allen's SpaceShipOne on its historic X Prize winning flights to space last year. To lower risk and cost, the SpaceDev Dream Chaser system is anticipated to combine existing and proven designs and technologies. we believe that our new SpaceDev Dream Chaser vehicle concept is ideal for both suborbital and orbital applications. However, funding is needed if we are going to be able to pursue this exciting new concept." The suborbital SpaceDev Dream Chaser is designed to launch vertically from a simple launch pad.  

Early Earth Likely Had Livable Continents - SpaceDaily  Left:  "The evidence indicates that there was substantial continental crust on Earth within its first 100 million years of existence," said Mojzsis. "It looks like the Earth started off with a bang."  "These results support the view that the continental crust had formed by 4.4-4.5 billion years ago and was rapidly recycled into the mantle," the researchers wrote in Science Express. Led by Professor Mark Harrison of the Australian National University. A 2001 study led by Mojzsis published in the journal Nature showed evidence for the presence of water on Earth's surface roughly 4.3 billion years ago.   

Windup laptops aim to bridge digital divide  - CNN  Left:  Mary Lou Jepsen and Nicholas Negroponte demonstrate a $100 hand-cranked computer.   A U.N. technology summit was focused Thursday on bringing more communications, including Internet access, to developing countries where the cost has been too high and the technology too low-tech. At the same time, several companies and organizations were unveiling their plans to bring the world closer and, in a sense, narrow the digital divide, by providing laptops that cost just US$100 (euro85) to portable, satellite-based radios that can pull in international programming from just about anywhere. (Watch why some want a U.N.-controlled Internet -- 1:27)

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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/27/2005:†Panda cub tickets sell out - MSNBC
11/27/2005:†Corpse plant draws oohs and ewwws
11/27/2005:†GM Organisms - New Scientist
11/27/2005:†Researchers: Usinc Acid Caused Elk Deaths  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Researchers to Study Horse Manure, Weeds  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Report: Ocean Noise Harms Dolphins, Whales  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Clues to the Origin of Snake Venom  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Ocean Explorer Becomes One With the Sharks
11/27/2005:†Video: Swimming With Sharks
11/27/2005:†Screening for Abnormal Embryos Offers Couples Hope After Heartbreak  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Polymer Gel Can Block Toxic Leakage Problem In Gene Therapy - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†'Sex' Helps Bacteria Cope With A Changing World - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Studying Substitute Animals Will Not Save Endangered Species - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Genetic Defenders Protect Crops From Fungal Disease - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Overconfident Stem-Cell Liberals - Slate
11/27/2005:†Humane Society Sues Government over Poultry Slaughter ...  - Technology Review 
11/27/2005:†Conservation Groups Threaten Legal Action to Contain Elk Diseases ...  - Technology Review 
11/27/2005:†Korean stem-cell crisis deepens ...  - Nature

Climate, Environment:
11/27/2005:†Seeking Clean Fuel for a Nation, and a Rebirth for Small-Town Montana   - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Internal Federal Memo Casts Doubts on Hudson Cleanup  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Greenpeace delighted as Spain moves on 'illegal' hotel ... - FirstScience
11/27/2005:†EPA Agrees to Upgrade Drinking Water Quality Rules ... - FirstScience
11/27/2005:†On Beyond Organic: Cruise Ship Pollution, Coral Reefs and Aquariums ...  - FirstScience
11/27/2005:†Un Climate Change Conference ... - FirstScience

11/27/2005:†iPods, Playstations to tune in TiVo  - CNN
11/27/2005:†Laser activates gene therapy in ratsí eyes - New Scientist
11/27/2005:†US takes gold at computer-gaming 'Olympics' - New Scientist
11/27/2005:†Xbox Fans Line Up for Launch - Wired News
11/27/2005:†The Saga of The Saga - Wired News
11/27/2005:†IFeed Your IPod - Wired News

11/27/2005:†Taiwan to spend $33 million to promote WiMAX
  - El. Engr. Times
11/27/2005:†Online video service pairs up with AOL
 - Seattle Times
11/27/2005:†Tapping a New-Age Life on the Web, Cell Phone, TV
  - NY Times



11/27/2005:†An Internet Lifeline, in Search of a Kidney  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Google unveils tool to map shopping trips - Seattle Times
11/27/2005:†Microsoft Disavows IE - Wired News
11/27/2005:†Net Compromise in Tunis  - Technology Review 


11/27/2005:†Battery Makes Hybrids, Drills More Powerful  - Wired News
11/27/2005:†The Lithium Economy  - Technology Review 
11/27/2005:†Court upholds rejection of residents' suit to halt nuclear reactor ... - FirstScience


11/27/2005:†With Cancer, Treatment Is Only Part of the Picture  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†New Clues To The Dark Side Of A Key Anti-tumor Guardian - Science Daily

11/27/2005:†Global HIV cases pass record 40 million mark - New Scientist
11/27/2005:†FLU FEARS: A Special Report - Space.com
11/27/2005:†U.N. Reports Spike in HIV Infections  - Wired News

11/27/2005:†Really?" The Claim: Cold Weather Can Cause a Cold  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Drug May Fight Lupus And Atherosclerosis Simultaneously - Science Daily

11/27/2005:†Cases- A Wedding, a Cold and a Trip to the Emergency Room  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†For Those Who Snore Heavily, Implants May Help  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Vital Signs: Prevention: New Screening May Keep the Feet From Failing  - NY Time
11/27/2005:†Rise In Hospital Noise Poses Problems For Patients And Staff - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Viagra Improves Urinary Tract Symptoms In Men With Erectile Dysfunction - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Multiple-birth Babies, Boys Have Higher Risk Of Defects - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†High-sugar Diet Pushing Some Latino Kids Toward Type 2 Diabetes - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Toddlers With Sleep Apnea Suffer More Respiratory Problems While Sleeping On Their Backs - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Study Shows People Unaware Of Harmful Effects Of Painkillers
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/27/2005:†Early Earth Likely Had Livable Continents - SpaceDaily
11/27/2005:†Experts float new idea to rescue Venice - MSNBC
11/27/2005:†Dispute threatens Utah canyon's treasures - MSNBC
11/27/2005:†Darwin: The evolution of a scientist - MSNBC
11/27/2005:†Camps on Cyprus May Have Belonged to Earliest Open-Water Seafarers  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†In Give and Take of Evolution, a Surprising Contribution From Islands  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Of Evolution, Physics and Butterflies
  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†In Give and Take of Evolution, a Surprising Contribution From Islands
  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Penn Psychologists Believe 'Unit Bias' Determines The Acceptable Amount To Eat
 - Science Daily

11/27/2005:†Windup laptops aim to bridge digital divide  - CNN
11/27/2005:†Invention: Landmine arrows - New Scientist
11/27/2005:†Asteroid Poses Tiny Danger, but It May Be Lured Away  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Letters  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Job cuts, plant closures may not cure GM's ills - Seattle Times
11/27/2005:†Announcement of GM cuts stirs shock, sadness - Seattle Times
11/27/2005:†China | Customer and competitor - Seattle Times
11/27/2005:†Photo gallery: Shanghai - Seattle Times
11/27/2005:†Kristi Heim's dispatches - Seattle Times
11/27/2005:†Carol Pucci on China travel - Seattle Times
11/27/2005:†Britain to Deploy Roadside 'Big Brother' System - Space.com
11/27/2005:†Investors Bet on Global Warming - Wired News
11/27/2005:†Digital Library With a World View - Wired News
11/27/2005:†It's a Japanese Hand-Job Machine - Wired News
11/27/2005:†Scientists hold out prospect of a pill to make your hair curl ... - FirstScience

11/27/2005:†Do Babies Dream?  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Senses: Zing Went the Strings of Whose Harp?  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Behavior: Harsh Review for Cigarettes With Candy Flavor  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Vital Signs: Effects:When Mindful Awareness Goes to Your Head  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Exploring a Hormone for Caring  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†This Is Your Brain Under Hypnosis  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†New Drug Target Identified For Fighting Parkinson's Disease
 - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Researchers Reveals How Certain Chemicals Protect The Brain Against Cell Damage
 - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Loss Of Fear Factor Makes Timid Mouse Bold
 - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†ADHD Medication Might Also Treat Hyperactivity Symptoms In Autism
 - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Mildly Depressed People More Perceptive Than Others
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/27/2005:†Dwarfs found in colliding galaxies' wake - New Scientist
11/27/2005:†Breakthrough for quantum measurement
  - Physics Org
11/27/2005:†Astrophysicists Put Kibosh On Alternative Theory Of Star Formation
 - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Hubble Replacement on Slow Track ...
 - FirstScience
11/27/2005:†New Western Australia telescope to monitor exploding stars ...



11/27/2005:†SpaceDev Announces SpaceDev Dream Chaser Space Transport System - SpaceDaily
11/27/2005:†To the Moon, Alice! (Use Your Internet Connection, Dear)
  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Closer Relations Between ESA And China
 - SpaceDaily
11/27/2005:†Dawn of a New Space Race?
 - Popular Science
11/27/2005:†Probe sends back image of Saturn's icy moons ...
 - FirstScience 
11/27/2005:†Going (almost) all the way to Mars ...
 - FirstScience
11/27/2005:†Common sense planets ...
 - FirstScience
11/27/2005:†Why Democrats should support space exploration ...
 - FirstScience
11/27/2005:†Just another Apollo: Part one ...
 - FirstScience
11/27/2005:†Company Set to Launch Low - Cost Rocket
  - NY Times
11/27/2005:†Japanese Probe Collects Asteroid Samples
  - NY Times

11/27/2005:†Brown researchers claim first silicon laser  - El. Engr. Times
11/27/2005:†Researchers Uncover How A Nanoscale 'Compass' Inside Bacteria Orients Them To The Earth's Magnetic Field - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†The Impossible Is Possible: Laser Light From Silicon - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Magnetic Fields Revealed In Technicolor - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†The Dynamics Of Rocky Inclines - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Marathon Of Nano-Sprinters - Science Daily
11/27/2005:†Turkey Lovers Gobble Up Tech
- Wired News


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