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  November 27, 2004

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The Power of Light: An Airborne Laser for Missile Defense - SpaceDaily  Under development since 1996, the $1.1-billion ABL project aims to use a powerful, turret-mounted laser to disable enemy ballistic missiles during their boost phase by heating a basket-ball sized portion of the projectile's skin until it buckles. The COIL system is fueled by a syrupy mix of hydrogen, oxygen and salts that combine to make Basic Hydrogen Peroxide, a volatile compound about 20 times more viscous than water, MDA officials said.     
X-43A Scramjet Test Flight Just Shy Of Mach 10 - SpaceDaily  "Once again we have made aviation history," added Vincent Rausch, the X-43A program manager, who spoke after it was announced that the scramjet had nearly reached Mach 10, or almost 3.2 kilometers (two miles) per second. "This flight is a key milestone and a major step toward the future possibilities for producing boosters for sending large and critical payloads into space in a reliable, safe, inexpensive manner," NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe said in a statement. The scramjet is only 3.65 meters (12 feet) long, with a wingspan of 1.5 meters (five feet).   

NASA Reenters The Rocket Science Game - SpaceDaily  Left:  In a typical NASA project $50 million barely covers the cost of the artwork. NASA is taking a cue from the private sector and stepping up plans to award prize money for space missions, technology demonstrations and student outreach contests, while at the same time looking for partners to help run the competitions. Robert Bigelow, a hotelier and aspiring space tourism developer, has offered a $50 million purse for what he calls America's Space Prize. The winner will fly a vehicle capable of carrying at least five people to an altitude of 260 miles (400 kilometers) - about the altitude of the International Space Station - twice within 60 days. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/27/2004: Pet Scans Detect Brain Differences In People At Risk For Alzheimer's - Science Daily

11/27/2004: How The Sea Urchin Grows New Spines - Science Daily
11/27/2004: Geographer of the Male Genome ...
  - Scientific American
11/27/2004: Ducks in evolution's crossfire ... - FirstScience
11/27/2004: Science taps into ocean secrets  - BBC
11/27/2004: Ocean census reveals hidden depths - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
11/27/2004: Space Sentinels Track Desertification On Mediterranean Shores - Science Daily
11/27/2004: Colorado River flooded to save fish ... - FirstScience
11/27/2004: Landfill, you're history ... - FirstScience
11/27/2004: EU ratification of Stockholm Convention boosts global commitment on chemical pollution ... - FirstScience
11/27/2004: - [Nobel Laureates] Solution to Global Pollution Problem ... - FirstScience
11/27/2004: Rhode Island considers California's car emissions model ... - FirstScience
11/27/2004: Italy, Poland and Greece to Miss the Start of EU Emissions-Trading Program ... - FirstScience
11/27/2004: Flooding May Aid Grand Canyon Ecosystem ... - FirstScience
11/27/2004: Key market mechanism in Kyoto Protocol off to flying start - SpaceDaily
11/27/2004: Peru mine threat to water supply  - BBC
11/27/2004: Scientists 'rebuild' Grand Canyon  - BBC
11/27/2004: U.S. and 13 Other States Agree on Push to Gather Methane Gas - New Scientist
11/27/2004: Earth's Uncanned Crusaders: Will Sardines Save Our Skin?  - NY Times

11/27/2004: 'Secure Flight' raises legal questions  - CNN

11/27/2004: Snoops sniffing Wi-Fi data
 - Seattle Times
11/27/2004: To Fight, Verizon Switches
  - Technology Review 
11/27/2004: Smartphones suffer Skulls attack
  - BBC
11/27/2004: Help for lost and stolen phones
  - BBC
11/27/2004: Drivers 'ignoring mobile rules'
  - BBC
11/27/2004: Cell connections head out to sea
  - C/Net
11/27/2004: SunRocket fires off new low for Net phone rates
  - C/Net
11/27/2004: Taipei gets world's largest Wi-Fi grid
  - CNN

11/27/2004: Grove was great at helm of Intel - Seattle Times
11/27/2004: MagnaChip, Tezzaron form partnership for 3D chips - Silicon Strategies
11/27/2004: Chip maker claims 50% greater Wi-Fi range  - El. Engr. Times

11/27/2004: Apple's Asteroid Breakout Box, Part II: Product Details ... - FirstScience
11/27/2004: Apple Enhances iBook, Cuts Prices Before Holidays  - C/Net

11/27/2004: Google rivals in abundance at office debut - Seattle Times
11/27/2004: Google sued by nude photo website  - BBC
11/27/2004: Google takes on click fraud  - C/Net
11/27/2004: Phishing--anyone nibbling?  - C/Net
11/27/2004: Firefox cutting into IE's lead  - C/Net
11/27/2004: Attackers strike using Web ads  - C/Net
11/27/2004: Browser promises to fend off phishers
  - C/Net

11/27/2004: Microsoft to fix 'download warning' flaw  - C/Net
11/27/2004: Skulls on cell phones don't scare Symbian  - C/Net
11/27/2004: New investor could change tenor of Microsoft inquiry  - C/Net
11/27/2004: Open source's next frontier  - C/Net
11/27/2004: Microsoft lands huge Air Force contract  - El. Engr. Times

11/27/2004: Here comes the Sun- Stirling engine boosts solar efficiency  - El. Engr. Times


11/27/2004: Chernobyl Disaster Caused Cancer Cases In Sweden - Science Daily
11/27/2004: Cancer patient 'would use hitman'  - BBC

11/27/2004: UCSB Researchers Advance Understanding Of Urinary Tract Infections - Science Daily
11/27/2004: New Protein Structure Is A First Step Toward Preventing E. Coli Diseases - Science Daily
11/27/2004: Record numbers of women with HIV  - BBC
11/27/2004: 'Drugs will not stem global HIV '  - BBC


11/27/2004: 'Blind' Cells See The Light; Maybe Someday Humans Will, Too - Science Daily
11/27/2004: Call for more help on home births  - BBC
11/27/2004: Future sound: Stem cell research could give people their hearing back  - BBC
11/27/2004: Persistent coughs melt away with chocolate - New Scientist
11/27/2004: Vital Signs: Child-Rearing: You Rock Your Baby Where?

History, Anthropology:
11/27/2004: The Makings Of A Breathable World - SpaceDaily
11/27/2004: Bees survived dino extinction  - BBC

11/27/2004: The Power of Light: An Airborne Laser for Missile Defense - SpaceDaily
11/27/2004: "Smart" car is no road scholar - Seattle Time
11/27/2004: Worldwide textiles shake-up to outsource even sweatshops - Seattle Times
11/27/2004: FaithSats and Lunar Crucifices - SpaceDaily
11/27/2004: Analysis: Can Iran Alter US Space Strategy? - SpaceDaily
11/27/2004: Intelligence Reform Snagged By Disputes Over Pentagon's Role - SpaceDaily
11/27/2004: Canada's Northern Command On Alert - SpaceDaily
11/27/2004: Queen unveils ID card scheme  - BBC
11/27/2004: Hot for the holidays  - C/Net
11/27/2004: The scoop on holiday sales  - C/Net
11/27/2004: Photos: Most-wanted gizmos  - C/Net
11/27/2004: Doubts about school computers  - C/Net
11/27/2004: The Circuits Holiday Buying Guide  - C/Net
11/27/2004: Bridging the Gadget Gift Gap  - NY Times
11/27/2004: Bill adds 20,000 H-1B visas  - C/Net
11/27/2004: North Korea targets cell-phone 'spies'--report  - C/Net
11/27/2004: Software to hunt down faked masterpieces  - CNN
11/27/2004: Researcher uses math to probe art fakes - MSNBC
11/27/2004: Computers confront the art experts  - Nature
11/27/2004: Iran halts uranium enrichment programme
 - New Scientist
11/27/2004: Telling genuine art from fakes at a stroke
 - New Scientist
11/27/2004: Government uses laser printer technology to track documents
 - New Scientist

11/27/2004: Rush University Medical Center Testing Magnetic Stimulation For Depression - Science Daily
11/27/2004: Pain link to permanent brain loss  - BBC
11/27/2004: Mental health reform a priority  - BBC
11/27/2004: Obese women 'lose brain tissue'  - BBC
11/27/2004: Obesity linked to dementia in women - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
11/27/2004: ATLAS Gets Its Heart: Particle Physics on a New Level ... - FirstScience
11/27/2004: New book squeezes out information on quantum physics ...
 - FirstScience
11/27/2004: Synchrotron Powers Up ...
 - FirstScience
11/27/2004: NASA Latest Space Telescope Will Track Gamma Ray Bursts
 - SpaceDaily


11/27/2004: Robotic Vision Systems files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy - Silicon Strategies
11/27/2004: Human, Robotic Programs Share Lessons Learned For Success - SpaceDaily

11/27/2004: X-43A Scramjet Test Flight Just Shy Of Mach 10 - SpaceDaily
NASA Reenters The Rocket Science Game - SpaceDaily
11/27/2004: Good News For Pluto: KBOs May Be Smaller Than Thought - Science Daily
11/27/2004: Cosmic Log: New direction for space balloon ... - FirstScience
11/27/2004: 11.22.04:- NASA Successfully Launches Swift Satellite NASA's Swift satellite will pinpoint the location of dis ... - NASA
11/27/2004: Congressman Delay to Discuss NASA Budget at NASA JSC ... - FirstScience
11/27/2004: It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, But We Launched It - SpaceDaily
11/27/2004: Apollo 12 Remembered:- Lunar Germ Colony Or Lab Anomaly? - SpaceDaily
11/27/2004: A.Q. Khan Holds Key To Iran's Nuclear Vault - SpaceDaily
11/27/2004: Afghan War Allowed Pakistan To Go Nuclear - SpaceDaily
11/27/2004: Finishing Up In Endurance - SpaceDaily


11/27/2004: TiVo: A marketer's (new) best friend - Seattle Times
11/27/2004: Animation needs make studios hot customers - Seattle Times
11/27/2004: Lasers Drive Nano Locomotive  - Technology Review 
11/27/2004: TV, Today and Tomorrow - Business Week
11/27/2004: Rest in peace VHS  - C/Net
11/27/2004: New effort to crack nutty problem  - CNN
11/27/2004: Behavioral Scientists to Create First Research-Quality Simulated Human Face With Silicon Graphics Onyx4 Visualization System
  - El. Engr. Times


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