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  November 26, 2004

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Simple wire picks up terahertz waves  - Nature  Left: This terahertz imager is being used to probe the internal structure of a tooth. After years of fiddling around with plastic ribbons and exotic fibres, physicists have found that a simple metal wire is all they need to pick up terahertz radiation. The discovery could speed the development of new medical and security imaging. They will not replace X-rays, because they cannot penetrate metal boxes. But they can distinguish between different chemicals inside a package, each of which absorbs a characteristic set of terahertz frequencies. Terahertz waves could be used to see inside suspect packages at airports
Cancer stem cells produce brain tumours  - Nature  Left:  Cancer stem cells from glioblastomas in human brains triggered similar tumours in mice. The cells that lie at the root of human brain tumours have been isolated, opening the door to treatments that stifle cancer at its source. Researchers believe that tumours grow from a type of "cancer stem cell" that gives rise to other cancerous cells. Cancer stem cells appear to have some of the properties of stem cells, such as the potential to give rise to a larger population of cells, although they are not necessarily the same thing. For example, they may be differentiated cells that undergo a backwards step to take on some of these properties, although the pathway remains unclear. Scientists hope that the ability to pinpoint brain-cancer stem cells will lead to new ways to tackle them. "One question we ask is: 'Can we develop inhibitors to target these cancer stem cells specifically?'" says Jeffrey Rosen, who has studied these cell types at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

Discovery Of Real-Time Natural Gas Formation Offers Huge Energy Prospects - SpaceDaily  The company today announced that laboratory evidence shows that the Powder River Basin (PRB) coals are generating natural gas in real time through the ongoing activity of anaerobic microbes (bacteria that live in the absence of oxygen) resident in those coal fields. The company has termed sites where this microbial conversion of hydrocarbon deposits (coals, organic shales, or oil) to methane occurs "Geobioreactors," and believes the careful management of such sites may offer a new long-term solution to U.S. energy needs.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/26/2004: Illegal traders 'go unpunished'  - BBC
11/26/2004: Genetic study focuses on Asian diversity
11/26/2004: Ape fossil bridges evolutionary gap - MSNBC
11/26/2004: UN ditches cloning ban  - Nature
11/26/2004: Israel hit by worst locust plague since 1950s  - Yahoo
11/26/2004: US suspends its push for a UN cloning ban - New Scientist
11/26/2004: A Former Abbott Executive Hired as Human Genome Chief  - NY Times
11/26/2004: Some Like It Hot, but a New Pepper Is Bred for the Rest  - NY Times
11/26/2004: Sea Change: Skeletons Of Ancient Corals Different From Today's - Science Daily
11/26/2004: Futuristic 'Smart' Yarns On The Horizon - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/26/2004: NASA Satellite Data To Aid Global Conservation - Science Daily

11/26/2004: JFK shooting game provokes anger  - BBC
11/26/2004: Spanish scrapyard offers smash-a-gadget stress relief  - BBC
11/26/2004: Playing games in your 20s- Nintendo is onto you  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Images: Nintendo dual screen grows up  - C/Net
11/26/2004: New video game re-creates Kennedy assassination  - C/Net
11/26/2004: 'Secure Flight' raises legal questions  - CNN
11/26/2004: Nintendo DS breaks new ground
  - CNN

11/26/2004: Next generation: How two 3G phone users rate their fancy new service
  - BBC
11/26/2004: Moving music: Future phones already sound good says analyst Bill Thompson
  - BBC
11/26/2004: Tales from the next generation
  - BBC
11/26/2004: Video gamble for the Bells
  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Images: I see IPTV
  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Store trots out Treo
  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Photo: PalmOne's Treo 650
  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Congress approves satellite transmission bill
  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Taipei gets world's largest Wi-Fi grid
  - CNN
11/26/2004: Chip maker claims 50% greater Wi-Fi range
  - El. Engr. Times
11/26/2004: Skulls program kills cell phone apps
  - C/Net

11/26/2004: Infineon claims lead with 18-nm nanotube transistor  - El. Engr. Times

11/26/2004: Computer grid to help the world  - BBC
11/26/2004: Searching for perfect PC? An answer for everybody  - C/Net

11/26/2004: Wine Online: Pull Out the Stopper - Business Week
11/26/2004: Virus-infected ad hits The Register  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Looking beyond search  - C/Net
11/26/2004: AOL cues up free video  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Internet retailers reach out to mailbox surfers  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Does a free download equal a lost sale?  - C/Net
11/26/2004: You bought that on the Web?
  - C/Net

11/26/2004: Hard-core Apple: Cold bites as thousands queue for store opening  - BBC
11/26/2004:   - BBC
11/26/2004: Microsoft-Intel: Reality, Not Romance - Business Week
11/26/2004: Senate passes scaled-back copyright measure  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Outgunned on copyright?  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Microsoft gives developers a glimpse of Avalon  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Hollywood seeks Internet2 tests, P2P oversight  - C/Net

11/26/2004: Discovery Of Real-Time Natural Gas Formation Offers Huge Energy Prospects - SpaceDaily
11/26/2004: Energy efficiency Which is greener - your shiny new or reliable old boiler?  - BBC
11/26/2004: Sun catchers tuned to crank out the juice  - El. Engr. Times
11/26/2004: Fusion power faces big crunch - New Scientist
11/26/2004: Green Car Sets Speed Record - Science Daily

11/26/2004: Ultrasound-aided Therapy Better Than Stroke Drug Alone, Trial Finds - Science Daily

11/26/2004: Cancer stem cells produce brain tumours  - Nature
11/26/2004: Chernobyl Swedish cancer link  - BBC
11/26/2004: NCI Scientists Create Model That Predicts Follicular Lymphoma Survival - Science Daily
11/26/2004: Were Zoo Workers Infected With Cancer-causing Animal Virus? - Science Daily
11/26/2004: Protein Plays Different Roles In Growth Of Normal And Cancerous Mouse Cell Lines - Science Daily

11/26/2004: Europe steps up fight on new TB  - BBC
11/26/2004: HIV warning over reggae lyrics  - BBC
11/26/2004: Antipsychotics treat brain virus  - BBC
11/26/2004: Aids deaths  - BBC
11/26/2004: Texas woman's death probed for mad cow link  - C/Net

11/26/2004: Too many use alcohol as a crutch  - BBC
11/26/2004: Drunken Rats Used to Study Alcohol Effects  - NY Times
11/26/2004: NIDA Study Offers New Clues About Connection Between Cocaine Abuse, Thinking, And Decision-making - Science Daily

11/26/2004: Ingredient in chocolate could be new cough medicine  - BBC
11/26/2004: Poor diet linked to bad behaviour  - BBC
11/26/2004: Scientists uncover secret of babies sleeping at night  - BBC
11/26/2004: Kids' ailments: What's the best way to treat children's headaches?  - BBC
11/26/2004: Changing times: Will the latest public health plan succeed where others failed?  - BBC
11/26/2004: Bad back treatment found  - BBC
11/26/2004: UK drug firms deny safety doubts  - BBC
11/26/2004: Cutting down calories 'is easy'  - BBC
11/26/2004: Church air is 'threat to health'
  - BBC
11/26/2004: Technion Researchers Succeed In Building Cartilage Tissue Outside The Human Body
 - Science Daily
11/26/2004: IgG Treatment During Pregnancy Reduces Severity Of Rare, Recurring Liver Condition In Newborns
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/26/2004: Britain's biggest dinosaur found  - BBC
11/26/2004: Virtual history: How Hitler came back to life on screen using computer graphics  - BBC
11/26/2004: Hitler brought back on screen  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Ape fossil bridges evolutionary gap - MSNBC
11/26/2004: Scientists Explore Atomic Mysteries Of Ancient Pigment - Science Daily

11/26/2004: Birth control? Why are US teen birth rates the lowest in nearly 60 years?  - BBC
11/26/2004: Multi-purpose TV aids India  - BBC
11/26/2004: Taser: Stunning in Plenty of Ways - Business Week
11/26/2004: Gateway takes eMachines to Mexico  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Dream TV screen now in size large  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Verizon adds shopping tools to  - C/Net
11/26/2004: I want my RipeTV?  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Rapid evolution for flat panel TVs - New Scientist
11/26/2004: Computers as authors? Literary luddites unite!  - NY Times

11/26/2004: Too little sleep may make you fat  - BBC
11/26/2004: Brain Imaging Study Of Drunk Drivers Pinpoints Neurological Changes - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/26/2004: Swift takes to the skies  - Nature
11/26/2004: Swift blasts off on explosive mission
 - New Scientist
11/26/2004: Robert Bacher, Manhattan Project Physicist, Dies at 99
  - NY Times
11/26/2004: NASA Starts Hunt for Celestial Bursts
  - NY Times
11/26/2004: Fermilab names new director
  - NY Times

11/26/2004: Doctors' therapy 'slows ageing'  - BBC


11/26/2004: Sigourney Weaver books flight with Virgin Galactica  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Safety rules for space tourists ahead
  - CNN
11/26/2004: Swedes Launch Scientific Research Rocket
  - NY Times
11/26/2004: NASA Launches Black Hole Hunter
  - NY Times
11/26/2004: Finishing Up In Endurance
 - SpaceDaily
11/26/2004: A Martian Retrospective
 - SpaceDaily
11/26/2004: Crater Hale in Argyre basin
 - SpaceDaily
11/26/2004: Cassini Shows Grandeur Of Saturn's Moons
 - SpaceDaily

11/26/2004: Simple wire picks up terahertz waves  - Nature
11/26/2004: Film fun: On-tap computer power means faster results for animators  - BBC
11/26/2004: Death of video recorder in sight  - BBC
11/26/2004: Nanotech golf ball corrects its own flight  - C/Net
11/26/2004: Show's over for the video recorder  - CNN
11/26/2004: Sound solution to the pistachio problem - New Scientist
11/26/2004: Scuba valve inspires cheap drug delivery
 - New Scientist
11/26/2004: Designing An Ultrasensitive 'Optical Nose' For Chemicals
 - Science Daily


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