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  November 25, 2005

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Robo-Rodent Gets Touchy-Feely - SpaceDaily  Left:  The AMouse with its artificial whiskers.  Robots that 'feel' objects and their texture could soon become a reality thanks to the innovative and interdisciplinary research of the AMouse, or artificial mouse, project. But even more important, perhaps, are the lessons researchers learned about robot design and artificial intelligence. But even more important, perhaps, are the lessons researchers learned about robot design and artificial intelligence. Even more exciting, however, were the results from 'multimodal' sensor experiments. These use a combination of vision and touch through whisker and light or camera sensors. The mix of sensory inputs revealed how different data sources affect each other and how they combine to provide a clearer perception of any particular object. Some robots even manifested emergent behaviour.
Strengthening The Glow Of Nanotube Luminescence - SpaceDaily  Nanotubes have proven to be very inefficient phosphors, absorbing a thousand photons for every photon that they emit (a ratio called quantum efficiency). Now, however, the latest research into nanotube luminescence has found that there is substantial room for increasing the efficiency of these infinitesimal light sources: "We were expecting to see individual differences of only a few percent, so we were very surprised to find that some nanotubes are a 1,000 percent more efficient than others," says Tobias Hertel, associate professor of physics at Vanderbilt University who conducted the study with two German research groups.  

NASA Ames Leads Robotic Lunar Exploration Program - SpaceDaily  Left:  Launched on Jan. 6, 1998, from Cape Canaveral Air Station, Fla., Lunar Prospector reached the moon in four days. The mission was the last NASA voyage to the Moon.  Returning astronauts to the moon will start with robotic missions between 2008 and 2011 to study, map and learn about the lunar surface. These early missions will help determine lunar landing sites and whether resources, such as oxygen, hydrogen and metals, are available for use in NASA's long-term lunar exploration objectives. The assignment marks a rebirth of robotic space flight work at NASA Ames, which has a history of spearheading unmanned space launches.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/25/2005: Brain music Singing helps people with Alzheimer's communicate again  - BBC

11/25/2005: Bacteria Which Sense The Earth's Magnetic Field - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: GM pea causes allergic damage in mice
 - New Scientist
11/25/2005: Hello, I'm Your Sister. Our Father Is Donor 150.  - NY Times

Climate, Environment:
11/25/2005: Climate needs 'decisive action'  - BBC
11/25/2005: Blair calls for more multilateral action to stop global warming - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Canada, Japan, Europe failing on Kyoto Protocol targets: UN report - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Canadian firms call for action to stop global warming - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: EADS Astrium Selected For Swarm Sats - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Icesat: One Billion Elevations Served - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Internal Federal Memo Casts Doubts on Hudson Cleanup  - NY Times

11/25/2005: Celebrity Sidekick: UK debut for gadget beloved of tabloid darling Paris  - BBC Hilton
11/25/2005: Xbox 360: The sequel  - C/Net
11/25/2005: Xbox 360 makes desert debut  - C/Net
11/25/2005: CNET's Holiday Helpdesk: Top tech gifts and deals  - C/Net
11/25/2005: Bracing for the Xbox 360 rush  - C/Net
11/25/2005: The pen gets a whole lot mightier  - C/Net
11/25/2005: CNET's Holiday Helpdesk: Top tech gifts and deals
  - C/Net
11/25/2005: Early Xbox reviews: so-so
  - C/Net
11/25/2005: 37 comments
  - C/Net
11/25/2005: DYMO LabelWriter
  - C/Net
11/25/2005: 'World of Warcraft' responsible for teen's death?
  - C/Net
11/25/2005: Pro gamer collects six-figure salary
  - C/Net
11/25/2005: Gamers geared-up for Xbox 360
  - CNN
11/25/2005: Xbox 360 debuts in stores tomorrow  - CNN
11/25/2005: Review: Xbox 360 good, not great
  - CNN
11/25/2005: Microsoft betting on big Xbox 360 sales
  - CNN
11/25/2005: iPods, Playstations to tune in TiVo
  - CNN
11/25/2005: Xbox 360 hits stores at midnight
 - Seattle Times
11/25/2005: Microsoft hopes to wow with new, improved Xbox
 - Seattle Times
11/25/2005: Cyberathlete at the top of his game
 - Seattle Times
11/25/2005: Virtual gamers look to blond-haired, blue-eyed prophet
 - Seattle Times
11/25/2005: Cyber-world gaming battle heats up in Asia
 - Seattle Times

11/25/2005: Battling mosquitos with Wi-Fi
  - C/Net

11/25/2005: Apple aids Intel-Micron $5 billion flash venture  - El. Engr. Times

11/25/2005: Use a laser to pimp your Powerbook  - C/Net
11/25/2005: Intel-based Apple to launch January, says report  - El. Engr. Times
11/25/2005: Hunting, pecking passé on blank keyboard - Seattle Times

11/25/2005: Wither the web: UN summit focuses on net's core qualities of openness and freedom  - BBC
11/25/2005: Controversy blights UN net summit  - BBC
11/25/2005: Essential test for UN net summit  - BBC
11/25/2005: Preserving the essence of the net  - BBC
11/25/2005: Spammer jailed for £1.6m scam  - BBC
11/25/2005: Literary classics become txt msgs  - BBC
11/25/2005: Tunis diary: Did the summit make a difference?
  - BBC
11/25/2005: Controversy blights UN summit
  - BBC
11/25/2005: Where is Wal-Mart's fancy stuff: Try online
  - C/Net
11/25/2005: UN says urgent need to ensure funds reach HIV/AIDS prevention workers
 - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Gathering blogs into one place
 - Seattle Times
11/25/2005: Study: Search now No. 2 among Web tasks
 - Seattle Times

11/25/2005: Amazon offer for Sony CD buyers  - BBC
11/25/2005: Sleep disorder 'danger' of Haulage G? Vehicles  - BBC
11/25/2005: Homeopathy 'can help patients'  - BBC
11/25/2005: Sony's rootkit fiasco  - C/Net
11/25/2005: New Sony CD risk identified  - C/Net
11/25/2005: Zimbra makes e-mail more than messages - Seattle Times

11/25/2005: With oil supplies rising, price crunch easing  - C/Net
11/25/2005: British government urged to take rapid decision on nuclear energy - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Blair urged to approve new generation of nuclear reactors - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Seeking Clean Fuel for a Nation, and a Rebirth for Small-Town Montana  - NY Times

11/25/2005: Placenta clues to heart disease  - BBC
11/25/2005: Celebrity health Explorer: Sir Ranulph Fiennes talks about life after a heart attack  - BBC

11/25/2005: Cervical cancer risk 'lingers'  - BBC

11/25/2005: Staying well: Simple ways to help boost your immunity this winter  - BBC
11/25/2005: Bird flu vaccine 'fast-tracked'  - BBC
11/25/2005: UK HIV drug resistance up  - BBC
11/25/2005: Lord linked to TB vaccine concern  - BBC
11/25/2005: US clears bird flu drug Tamiflu  - BBC
11/25/2005: • PCs Get with the AIDS Program - Business Week
11/25/2005: AIDS prevention workers
 - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Experts Fear Africa Flu Pandemic
 - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Why a loose tooth needn't mean a sore jaw
 - New Scientist
11/25/2005: Global HIV cases pass record 40 million mark
 - New Scientist
11/25/2005: HIV and AIDS
 - New Scientist

11/25/2005: Shock tactics: Pupils vow to quit smoking after seeing cancer images  - BBC
11/25/2005: Industry backs full smoke ban  - BBC

11/25/2005: New Orleans mould 'risks health'  - BBC
11/25/2005: 'Fragile skin gene' killed baby  - BBC
11/25/2005: Breastfeeding cuts gut disorder  - BBC
11/25/2005: 'Tourists' harming India's health  - BBC
11/25/2005: Drug hope: Buying time for Ellie while scientists research a cure  - BBC
11/25/2005: • The Smart Money In Healthcare - Business Week

History, Anthropology:
11/25/2005: Darwin: The evolution of a scientist - MSNBC

11/25/2005: Picture this: How comics and free software are helping schools in Africa  - BBC
11/25/2005: Users flood 'Most Wanted' site  - BBC
11/25/2005: Broad Federal Effort Urgently Needed to Create New, High-Quality Jobs for All Americans in the 21st Century  - C/Net
11/25/2005: House backs quicker digital TV switch plan  - C/Net
11/25/2005: 'Last Call Poker' celebrates cemeteries  - C/Net
11/25/2005: Blinx delivers legendary university speeches  - C/Net
11/25/2005: Top 20 geek novels  - C/Net
11/25/2005: Egalitarian engines - The Economist
11/25/2005: Bringing Down The High Ground - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Koizumi Pushes Patriots As Defense Against Missile Attack - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Experts Fear Africa Flu Pandemic - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: EU Moves To Open Up Defense Market - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Koizumi Pushes Patriots As Defense Against Missile Attack - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: EU Moves To Open Up Defense Market - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Zen and the art of central heating maintenance - FirstScience

11/25/2005: Mental illness genetic risk found  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:


11/25/2005: Robo-Rodent Gets Touchy-Feely - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Robot renaissance: Robotic creations becoming an integral part of Japanese life  - BBC

11/25/2005: NASA Ames Leads Robotic Lunar Exploration Program - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Chris Van Allsburg Talks About Sci-Fi, Art And Education
 - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Nauseating News About Spacesickness
 - Space.com
11/25/2005: NASA Delays James Webb Space Telescope Launch by 2 Years To Stem Cost Growth
 - Space.com
11/25/2005: Asteroid-sampler misses its mark
 - New Scientist
11/25/2005: Why stars only go bang after a boom
 - New Scientist
11/25/2005: Opportunity Gets A Timely Dust Off And Regains Energy At The Four-Mile Mark
 - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Asteroid probe 'did touch down'
  - BBC
11/25/2005: Japanese Probe to Try Landing on Asteroid Twice
 - Space.com
11/25/2005: Orbital Eating: A Space Thanksgiving for ISS Crew
 - Space.com
11/25/2005: JAXA Says Probe Touched Down On Asteroid
 - SpaceDaily

11/25/2005: Strengthening The Glow Of Nanotube Luminescence - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Tech sought for organised EU sky  - BBC
11/25/2005: Underground, but not unconnected  - C/Net
11/25/2005: Radiation Resistant Computers - SpaceDaily
11/25/2005: Molecule-moving drama may be shortest movie ever - FirstScience


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