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  November 24, 2005

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Plastic Diode Could Lead To Flexible, Low Power Comp Circuits - SpaceDaily  Ohio State University researchers have invented a new organic polymer tunnel diode – an electronic component that could one day lead to plastic computer memory and plastic logic circuits on computer chips The diode transmits electrical current at room temperature, and its design lends itself to easy, inexpensive manufacturing for smart cards and other memory devices  The team is still trying to fully understand why the design works as well as it does, but they have been able to achieve strong quantum mechanical effects in the plastic without manipulating individual molecules. For all of the diode's good points, Berger stopped short of saying that it could lead to electronics made entirely of plastic. "Plastic isn't going to replace silicon – at least, I don't advocate that. I think that plastic is going to augment silicon," he said.  
It's A Tankless Job - SpaceDaily  Left:  Inside the unit, computer-controlled technology and a redesigned flow switch put NASA technology to work to improve performance. Image credit: SETS Systems.  SETS Systems, of Miami, uses computer-chip technology to manufacture electronic, tankless water heaters built to serve an entire home, even during simultaneous uses. And even better, the heaters are designed to save up to half of the energy cost of heating the hot water in a traditional tank. Not only did the new design pass the rigors of testing by working flawlessly, but it was cheaper to make and could be retrofitted into the older-model heaters, as well. In a mobile shower trailer used by rescue workers at New York's "ground zero" after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, each unit supported 100 to 200 showers per day for a period of three months.

One in four are binge drinkers  - BBC  A survey of 2,000 people found almost one in three men and one in five women drank at least double the recommended daily limit. Advisers say women should drink no more than 2-3 units and men no more than 3-4 units of alcohol per day. A small glass of wine contains one unit. More than eight out of 10 drinkers said they did not keep track of how much they drank during a night out and just under half said they believed drinking had no effect at all on their health. Young men were found to be the most likely to binge-drink, with 47% of those aged 18-24 classed as binge drinkers.   
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/24/2005: Cholesterol Treatment May Slow Alzheimer's Disease Progression - Science Daily

11/24/2005: Geneticists design madcap mice  - Nature
11/24/2005: Butterflies shine brighter by design
  - Nature
11/24/2005: Gene turn-off makes meek mice fearless - New Scientist
11/24/2005: The bright secret of butterfly wings - MSNBC
11/24/2005: Novel Protein Complex Enables Survival In Hostile Environment - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Climate change threatens world fish stocks: World Wildlife Federation ... - FirstScience
11/24/2005: New Collaboration On Rice DNA Variation Study - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Pacific Coast Whales An Endangered Species: US Officials ... - FirstScience
11/24/2005: Greenpeace to launch ship expedition to oppose Japanese whaling ... - FirstScience
11/24/2005: GM crop failure shows rules force- CSIRO ... - FirstScience
11/24/2005: Science offers new life for giant pandas ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
11/24/2005: Can Earth's seismic radio help predict quakes? - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Growing Health Effects Of Global Warming Outlined On Regional Scale - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Envisat Radar Surveillance Protects Endangered Prehistoric Fish - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Canadian firms call for action to stop global warming - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: UVic Unveils World's Most Advanced Seafloor Observatory - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: Indonesia's Tsunami Early Warning System In Place: Officials - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: Aid Groups Issue Appeal As Winter Descends On Kashmir - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: Rivers Decline as Earth Warms  - Wired News
11/24/2005: Scotland split over recycling target ... - FirstScience
11/24/2005: Climate change threatens India: study ... - FirstScience
11/24/2005: New US weather satellites in trouble - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Can Earth's seismic radio help predict quakes? - New Scientist
11/24/2005: On the rocky road to salvation - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Early Earth Likely Had Continents, Was Habitable, According To New Study - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Study Shows Climate Warming To Shrink Key Water Supplies Around The World - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Global warming hitting Third world harder than the West ... - FirstScience
11/24/2005: Climate changes claim 150,000 lives a year ... - FirstScience
11/24/2005: Environmentalists step up sea lion pup campaign ... - FirstScience
11/24/2005: Eco-friendly measures save villages ...
 - FirstScience
11/24/2005: 2008 Beijing Olympics: China and UN sign agreement on environmental policies ...
 - FirstScience
11/24/2005: Australian greenhouse emissions up ...
 - FirstScience

11/24/2005: iPods to support copy-protected CDs?  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Q&A: Xbox 360 — gamers' delight? - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Sweaty Video Games  - Technology Review 
11/24/2005: It's Time to Play in Singapore  - Wired News
11/24/2005: Perfect Dark Squeaks By  - Wired News
11/24/2005: • Get Ready for the Xbox Shootout - Business Week
11/24/2005: Xbox 360 mania slams CircuitCity.com
  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Gamers clash in Singapore
  - CNN
11/24/2005: iPod, iMac owners may bite at upgrades
 - Seattle Times
11/24/2005: New video handhelds are narrow on content
 - Seattle Times
11/24/2005: Xbox 360 Hits a High-Def Homer
  - Wired News
11/24/2005: Street Fighter Coming Soon to PSP
  - Wired News

11/24/2005: New taxes could run rural broadband
  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Skype to make U.S. retail debut
  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Photo: Skype at retail
  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Portable market in porn takes off swiftly
 - Seattle Times

11/24/2005: Plastic Diode Could Lead To Flexible, Low Power Comp Circuits - SpaceDaily

11/24/2005: $100-laptop created for world’s poorest countries - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Hard times for software  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Negroponte: Laptop for Every Kid  - Wired News
11/24/2005: • iMac G5: The Best Gets Better - Business Week
11/24/2005: New Shuffle, Intel-ready iBook predicted for MacWorld  - C/Net
11/24/2005: iPod, iMac owners may bite at upgrades - Seattle Times
11/24/2005: Software has all the right bells, whistles
 - Seattle Times

11/24/2005: Whose net: Why the row over the US role in running the net will rumble on  - BBC
11/24/2005: AOL forces friends on AIM customers  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Chaos protects networks in Athens - PhysicsWeb
11/24/2005: Base-ic Instinct  - Technology Review 
11/24/2005: Social Networking 3.0  - Technology Review 
11/24/2005: Google's New Public Space  - Technology Review 
11/24/2005: Controlling Web Ads
  - Technology Review 
11/24/2005: Man Flogs Debt on EBay
  - Wired News
11/24/2005: • E-Mail Is So Five Minutes Ago
 - Business Week
11/24/2005: Perspective: Explaining N.Y.'s proposed Wi-Fi law
  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Suit claims Match.com set up fake dates
  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Online personals as literature?
  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Internet summit ends with promises, little funding
  - CNN
11/24/2005: You're Only a Newbie Once
  - Wired News

11/24/2005: • Microsoft's New Word: Accountability - Business Week
11/24/2005: Perspective: This time, the revolution will be televised  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Microsoft says handheld software back in sync  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Sony offers new CDs, MP3s for recalled discs  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Did Sony 'rootkit' pluck from open source?  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Anti-piracy software accused of license violation - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Microsoft training plan is stepped up - Seattle Times
11/24/2005: Ex-Microsoft worker gets prison time - Seattle Times
11/24/2005: Tainted Sony CDs Used Open Source  - Wired News

11/24/2005: Additives May Save Energy For Cooling Big Buildings - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Agency Plans Updated Fuel Economy Standards  - NY Times
11/24/2005: Los Alamos to expand nuclear waste dump ... - FirstScience

11/24/2005: Statins May Simulate Stem Cells For Heart Repair - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Replacing Some Carbohydrates With Protein And Unsaturated Fat May Enhance Heart Health Benefits - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Gene At Heart Of Bad Outcomes In High Blood Pressure Patients - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Robotic Surgery Stenting Speeds Recovery - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Riding Roller Coasters May Actually Be 'Death-defying' For People With Heart Disease - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Robotic Surgery-stenting Combo Opens Coronary Arteries, Speeds Recovery - Science Daily

11/24/2005: Global Signaling Study Suggests Cancer Link To Protein Promiscuity - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Cervical cancer risk 'lingers'  - BBC
11/24/2005: Jefferson And Delaware Researchers Combine Tiny Nanotubes And Antibodies To Detect Cancer - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Researchers Discover Genetic Switch Involved In Cells' Response To Radiation Therapy - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Poxvirus Used To Fight Cancer: Malignant Human Brain Tumors 'Cured' In Mice - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Hope for Cancer Vaccines  - Technology Review 
11/24/2005: Aspartame linked to increased cancer risk in rats
  - Nature
11/24/2005: Tracking Down Possible Leukemia Culprit- Air In Nevada Town Has Elevated Levels Of Tungsten And Cobalt
 - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Stem Cell Microenvironment Reverses Malignant Melanoma
 - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Women Still At Risk Of Cervical Cancer Despite Treatment Removing Pre-cancerous Cells
 - Science Daily

11/24/2005: UK HIV drug resistance increasing  - BBC
11/24/2005: Positive action: One gay London police officer on how he lives and works with HIV  - BBC
11/24/2005: How A Close Bond Activates The Immune System - Science Daily
11/24/2005: 'Superspreaders' of Disease  - Scientific American
11/24/2005: FDA considers Tamiflu safety in children - New Scientist
11/24/2005: The viruses that kill tumours - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Scientists Create New Way To Study T Cell Signaling
 - Science Daily
11/24/2005: HIV Drug Resistance Increasing In UK And Among Highest In The World
 - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Bird Flu Fight Could Help Other Animal-Borne Diseases
 - The Economist

11/24/2005: One in four are binge drinkers   - BBC 
11/24/2005: Some Foods And Beverages Could Hold Clues For Future Diabetes Treatment - Science Daily

11/24/2005: MEPs back key chemicals law  - BBC
11/24/2005: In quotes: Reach chemicals vote  - BBC
11/24/2005: Mice Models To Benefit Patients With Multiple System Atrophy - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Do Increased Levels Of Testosterone Play A Role In Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Illegal Drug Use Could Account For 1 Million Visits A Year To Emergency Care - Science Daily
11/24/2005: One Drug Tackles Two Diseases, Case Researcher Finds: Prevent Bone Loss, Periodontal Disease - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Researchers Find Nanoparticle Shows Promise In Reducing Radiation Side Effects - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/24/2005: Dinosaurs grazed on grass, scientists find - MSNBC
11/24/2005: Perpetrators of ancient war crime sought - MSNBC
11/24/2005: 'Dallasaurus' confirmed as key evolutionary link - MSNBC
11/24/2005: Dinosaurs munched on grassy snacks  - Nature
11/24/2005: Fossil dung reveals dinosaurs did graze grass - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Dinosaurs got munchies for grass  - BBC
11/24/2005: Tiny crystals show early Earth had a crust
11/24/2005: Enough to Make an Iguana Turn Green: Darwin's Ideas
  - NY Times
11/24/2005: DNA Studies Show Microevolution In Penguins
 - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Stage Set For Expansion Of DirecTV's Local HDTV
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: Evolution of Grasses and Grazers ...
 - FirstScience
11/24/2005: Modern hunters take up ancient weapons
11/24/2005: Vatican astronomer joins evolution debate
11/24/2005: Beethoven's Bones?
 - Space.com

11/24/2005: 9/11 Panel Makes Recommendations For DNA-based Identification After Mass Disasters - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Education Nation: SETI Scientists Make the Rounds - Space.com
11/24/2005: China, Japan Vie For African Oil - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: Guilty Pleas in ID Theft Bust  - Wired News
11/24/2005: Science Express: Advance of Print ... - FirstScience
11/24/2005: Perspective: Missing the Cold War - Business Week
11/24/2005: New generation-The 'millennials'  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Deal of the day: KLH speaker system  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Electronic postage stamps?  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Gates no longer BusinessWeek top philanthropist  - C/Net
11/24/2005: The quest for disappearing colored bubbles - Popular Science
11/24/2005: IT workers are 'worst dressed' employees  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Cisco purchase to fuel revolution in TV viewing - Seattle Times
11/24/2005: Queer Eye for the News Guys  - Wired News
11/24/2005: Wal-Mart Employee Fired for Christmas E-mail  - Wired News
11/24/2005: Confessions of a College Journalist - Slate

11/24/2005: Unhappy at work? You may become ill, says a report  - BBC
11/24/2005: Timid Mice Made Daring by Removing One Gene  - NY Times
11/24/2005: Protein Behavior May Lead To Better Treatment Of Neurodegenerative Diseases  - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Stress Interferes With Problem Solving; Beta Blocker May Help - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Fear Factor Gene Discovered - Space.com
11/24/2005: The Autism Genetics Quandary  - Wired News
11/24/2005: Scientists discover new gene linked with schizophrenia ...
 - FirstScience
11/24/2005: Gene Controls Whether Fear Is A Factor
 - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Scientists Move Forward Understanding Of Schizophrenia
 - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Scientists discover new gene linked with schizophrenia ...
 - FirstScience

Physics and Astronomy:
11/24/2005: The show goes on for Stephen Hawking - MSNBC
11/24/2005: Cosmic Log: Lord of the Einstein rings
11/24/2005: Hubble, Sloan Quadruple Number Of Known Optical Einstein Rings
 - Science Daily
11/24/2005: NASA Collects Gravity Data to Test Einstein's Theory
 - Space.com
11/24/2005: Hubble And Sloan Quadruple Number Of Known Optical Einstein Rings
11/24/2005: New Technique Helps Planet Inside Triple-Star System
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: Kibosh Put On Alternative Theory Of Star Formation
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: Copper Ridges Nearly Double X-ray Sensor Performance ...
 - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Celestial odd couple baffles astronomers
 - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Many planets may boast three rising suns
 - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Free Downloadable Color Poster Features More Than Fifty Spectacular Outer Space Images from the Hubble Telesco ...
 - FirstScience

11/24/2005: Researchers Find Pathways Linking Caloric Restriction To Aging Process - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Deleting 'Anti-Aging' Gene From Yeast Greatly Lengthens Life Span
 - Science Daily

11/24/2005: Desert racers - drivers not included - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Robot Bartender Pours, Listens - Space.com
11/24/2005: Dr. Bot Makes the Cut  - Wired News

11/24/2005: Private company revives old NASA shuttle design - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Rome set to dim its lights
 - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Europe to Venus on a shoestring
 - New Scientist
11/24/2005: China's Space Aims Strong Despite Lunar Challenges, Expert Says
 - Space.com
11/24/2005: Mockup Provides Early Glimpse Of New CEV
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: Mars Express' MARSIS Team Focus On Upper Atmosphere
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: SETI Sets Its Sights On M Dwarfs
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: A Cassini Radar Retrospective Of Titan
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: Russian Gov Approves New Space Center Construction
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: Prime Time For Rhea
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: Cassini Unveils Colorful Cratered Calypso
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: Space cadets taken for a ride  - Nature
11/24/2005: Cassini lets Pandora’s secret out of the box
 - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Thirteen planets targeted in search for extra-terrestrial life ...
 - FirstScience
11/24/2005: Company makes bid for space travel ...
  - Physics Org
11/24/2005: Seasonal Red Planet: NASA’s Spirit Rover Completes One Full Martian Year
 - Space.com
11/24/2005: The View Of The 'East Basin' From Husband Hill
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: May resumption of shuttle flights up in the air: NASA
 - SpaceDaily


11/24/2005: It's A Tankless Job - SpaceDaily
11/24/2005: IBM claims better LED  - El. Engr. Times
11/24/2005: Animal eyes inspire new technology

11/24/2005: Forget spark plugs, start your car with nanotubes - New Scientist
11/24/2005: Pictures that talk to you  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Images: Pictures with sound  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Slippery When Wet: Fluids Race Through Nearly Frictionless Carbon Nanotubes
 - Science Daily
11/24/2005: Tech for the World
  - Technology Review 
11/24/2005: Car Heater Eliminates Idle Time
  - Wired News
11/24/2005: • NewEgg.com: Where the Tech Buffs Shop
 - Business Week
11/24/2005: IBM sees bright light with carbon nanotubes
  - C/Net
11/24/2005: Cosmic Log- 3-D delights
11/24/2005: Nanotubes beam out bright light
 - PhysicsWeb
11/24/2005: Copper Ridges Nearly Double X-ray Sensor Performance
 - Science Daily
11/24/2005: War-Zone Test for Babel-Fish Tool
  - Wired News
11/24/2005: Drivers Are As Stupid As Ever
  - Wired News
11/24/2005: 11.18.05:- NASA Selects Small Business and Technology Transfer Projects ...


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