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  November 24, 2004

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NASA To Test Laser Communications With Mars Spacecraft -  The $300 million NASA experiment, if successful, will connect robotic spacecraft at Mars with scientists back on Earth via a beam of light. The 5-watt laser NASA plans to test at Mars by the end of the decade is expected to transmit data at rates nearly 10 times faster than any existing interplanetary radio communications link. The difference, NASA officials said, will be comparable to moving from a dial-up modem to a broadband Internet connection.     
NASA Helps To Create Complete Human Genome Map - SpaceDaily  Left:  RAS protein. Knowing the 3-D structure of this important molecular switch governing cell growth may enable interventions to shut off this switch in cancer cells. Image credit: U.S. Department of Energy Human Genome Program.  RAS protein. Knowing the 3-D structure of this important molecular switch governing cell growth may enable interventions to shut off this switch in cancer cells. Image credit: U.S. Department of Energy Human Genome Program. "Now, we are making an essential step towards understanding human illness by mapping out the complete human genome activity. We discovered many DNA sequences, originally counted as non-functioning segments, actually do encode active genes."  

Sandwich Clusters May Improve Magnetic Memory Storage - SpaceDaily  Left:  "Sandwich clusters” consist of alternating layers of metal atoms and organic molecules. Clusters can be several nanometers (billionths of a meter) in length, depending on the number of layers. Clusters display different magnetic behaviors than regular bulk metals.  A new type of molecular magnet known as a "sandwich cluster" is being studied under a joint research collaboration between the U.S. Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory, the University of Chicago and Keio University in Japan. These molecular magnets could be useful for magnetic storage or spintronics, developing technologies that could enable computers to have ultra-small storage capabilities with faster and more energy-efficient systems.
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/24/2004: Cholesterol-lowering Drug May Slow Alzheimer's Progression - Science Daily

11/24/2004: NASA Helps To Create Complete Human Genome Map - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: Sunspot activity impacts on crop success
 - New Scientist
11/24/2004: Gene Exchange Between Species Is Aided By Parasitism - Science Daily
11/24/2004: What Makes A Fast Racehorse? - Science Daily
11/24/2004: New Program Examines Stem Cells' Potential To Repair, Replace Damaged Tissue - Science Daily
11/24/2004: New life forms found in sea volcanoes ... - FirstScience
11/24/2004: US scientists uncover 'addiction' genes ... - FirstScience
11/24/2004: Locust Plague Hits Israel  - Wired News
11/24/2004: U.N. Deadlocks on Cloning Ban  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
11/24/2004: Melting glaciers threaten world water supply  - Yahoo
11/24/2004: MPs condemn Greenpeace homes advert ... - FirstScience
11/24/2004: Kyoto Protocol to take effect from Feb 16: official ... - FirstScience
11/24/2004: Madagascan authorities sue oil company over alleged pollution ... - FirstScience
11/24/2004: Climate change hots up for Premier Bob Carr ... - FirstScience
11/24/2004: Official urges low-pollution industries in west China ... - FirstScience
11/24/2004: El Nino: Pumping Up Or Fizzling Out? ... - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: Hong Kong Think Tank Calls for Pollution Standards ... - FirstScience
11/24/2004: Melting Glaciers Threaten World Water Supply ... - FirstScience
11/24/2004: URI physical oceanography combine numerical models to improve hurricane research ... - FirstScience
11/24/2004: NASA's Eyes in the Sky to Help Global Conservation ... - FirstScience
11/24/2004: Britain and France vow to lead on climate change - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: Kyoto ratification- pressure rises on US, China, India - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: Britain and France to lead on climate change- Blair and Chirac
11/24/2004: Kyoto Protocol factfile - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: Climate change and the Kyoto Protocol- A timeline - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: After seven-year gestation, Kyoto Protocol set to be born - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: China puts earth observation satellite in orbit - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: Russian handover turns Kyoto protocol into full-fledged treaty
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: Combining Numerical Models To Improve Hurricane Research
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: Counting Elephants From Space
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: New Findings From Arctic Coring Expedition Decipher Arctic Climate Puzzles
 - SpaceDaily

11/24/2004: Gaming's growing pains  - CNN
11/24/2004: Human PacMan hits real city streets - New Scientist
11/24/2004: Jak of All Trades, Master of Fun  - Wired News
11/24/2004: Making Portable Media Palatable  - Wired News
11/24/2004: It's Got a Z, It Must Be Edgy  - Wired News

11/24/2004: Reaching the far reaches of the world -- without wires
  - CNN
11/24/2004: Out of the box, into the ether
  - CNN
11/24/2004: IC makers debate 3G processor horsepower
  - El. Engr. Times
11/24/2004: FCC Crackdown Could Spread
  - Wired News
11/24/2004: How to Steal Wi-Fi
  - Wired News

11/24/2004: Chip makers debate clock frequency, architecture in apps processors - Silicon Strategies


11/24/2004: How the Grinch spammed Christmas  - CNN
11/24/2004: Teen text-messaging king  - CNN
11/24/2004: Google plans new service for scientists and scholars  - NY Times
11/24/2004: Bank pulls plug on internet services after 'phishing' scam - New Scientist
11/24/2004: Sarasota Spams, Mends Evil Ways  - Wired News
11/24/2004: Online Insurance Bids May Rise  - Wired News
11/24/2004: Google Treads on Microsoft's Turf
  - Wired News
11/24/2004: Internet Porn: Worse than Crack?
  - Wired News

11/24/2004: File Sharing Growing Like a Weed  - Wired News

11/24/2004: Wheels of Progress Turn Slowly  - Wired News
11/24/2004: Connecticut Program Promotes Wse of Renewable Energy ... - FirstScience

11/24/2004: Sound waves help stroke victims  - CNN
11/24/2004: Drug-coated Stent Induces Less Inflammation Than Bare Metal Stent - Science Daily
11/24/2004: New Research Results: 'Heart Jacket' Shown To Be Effective Treatment For Heart Failure - Science Daily
11/24/2004: Beta Blockers After Cardiac Surgery Reduce Length Of Stay And Complications - Science Daily
11/24/2004: Computer reads heart condition from X-ray images ... - FirstScience


11/24/2004: Health Concerns: Mosquito Mapping May Help - Science Daily


11/24/2004: Earlier Merck study indicated risks of Vioxx  - NY Times
11/24/2004: Mouse Model Gives Insight To Human Hair Loss - Science Daily
11/24/2004: Molecular 'Claws' Trap Arsenic Atoms: Discovery Could Eventually Lead To Improved Treatments For Arsenic Poisoning - Science Daily
11/24/2004: Families Who Eat Out Pass Up Fruits And Veggies - Science Daily
11/24/2004: Abdominal Fat Decreases, Insulin Action Improves When Elderly Take Hormone - Science Daily
11/24/2004: Crohn's Disease Treatment Shows Promise In Clinical Trial - Science Daily
11/24/2004: High Doses Of Vitamin E Supplements Do More Harm Than Good - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/24/2004: Humans were born to run, scientists say - MSNBC
11/24/2004: Evidence Hints at Earlier Humans in Americas  - NY Times
11/24/2004: Fire Pit Dated to Be Over 50, 000 Years Old  - NY Times
11/24/2004: Running Extra Mile Sets Humans Apart in Primates' World  - NY Times
11/24/2004: Graphic  - NY Times
11/24/2004: Ancient Creature Fossilized By The Bacteria That Ate It - Science Daily
11/24/2004: Fossil of common ancestor to humans, apes found ...
 - FirstScience
11/24/2004: 120-mn-yrs old dino fossils found in China ...
 - FirstScience
11/24/2004: Study: Learning to Run Propelled Evolution ...
 - Washington Post

11/24/2004: Jetpod vision a lift for commuters  - CNN
11/24/2004: Digital TV shipments to quadruple through 2008, says iSuppli  - El. Engr. Times
11/24/2004: Cosmic Log: The science of best sellers - MSNBC
11/24/2004: Costlier gas, fruit send consumer prices higher - Seattle Times
11/24/2004: $18 million to settle Franklin funds case - Seattle Times
11/24/2004: Wife of former Enron chairman target of insider-trading probe - Seattle Times
11/24/2004: Just Another Chip in the (Privacy) Wall  - Technology Review 
11/24/2004: Bill Gates in Paris to seal UNESCO Partnership, Meet Chirac  - Technology Review 
11/24/2004: Web Media Buyouts Coming? Kinda  - Wired News
11/24/2004: Advertisers Muscle Into RSS  - Wired News
11/24/2004: Iranian Opposition Accuses Tehran Of Hiding Uranium Facility - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: Pushing the Male Envelope  - Wired News
11/24/2004: Italians Rally to Keep Fiat 500 on the Road  - Wired News
11/24/2004: Dogfight Over Videos of White House Pup  - Wired News

11/24/2004: Mandarin Chinese gives the young an ear for music - New Scientist
11/24/2004: Joseph Weiss, 80, Originator of Theory on Facing Trauma, Dies  - NY Times
11/24/2004: Taking A Number Of Medications Regularly Could Give You A Serious Headache - Science Daily
11/24/2004: Clear Pictures of How We Think  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
11/24/2004: Neutrino oscillations are here to stay - PhysicsWeb
11/24/2004: Quantum Astronomy: The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
11/24/2004: Simulation Of Binary Stars: A Testbed For Grid Computing
 - SpaceDaily



11/24/2004: NASA To Test Laser Communications With Mars Spacecraft -
11/24/2004: New Soyuz Model Successfully Launched
 - Science Daily
11/24/2004: Elephants in space ...
 - FirstScience
11/24/2004: Russian Spacecraft Fails to Raise ISS to Designated Orbit ...
 - FirstScience
11/24/2004: A Year of Firsts for the ISS
11/24/2004: Boeing To Use X-43A Flight Test Results For Future Hypersonic Applications
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: "Ocean" Rendezvous On A Dry Moon
 - SpaceDaily
11/24/2004: Von Braun's First Steps to the Moon
  - Wired News
11/24/2004: NASA Successfully Launches Swift Satellite
 - Science Daily

11/24/2004: Shared Awareness Key To Successful Computer-supported Collaboration - Science Daily
11/24/2004: When Car Design Goes Bad - Popular Science


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