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  November 23, 2005

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Image of breast cancer cells Sugar 'may help in cancer fight'  - BBC  An Association for International Cancer Research team found a complex natural sugar from the glucose family can block the growth of tumours in tests on mice. The sugar molecules work by inhibiting angiogenesis hormones tumours send out to make blood vessel grow. Cancer experts believe a sugar-based treatment could be used to halt tumour growth before it becomes dangerous. The technique uses a complex natural sugar called heparin, the Clinical Cancer Research journal reported. Lead researcher Professor Gordon Jayson, based at Manchester's Christie's Hospital, said clinical trials could start in the next two years.   
Uneven Contest Between Russian, US Spy Satellites: Russian General - SpaceDaily  "Twelve or 13 US information satellites are monitoring us constantly, compared to only one Russian satellite," RIA Novosti news agency quoted General Oleg Gromov as saying. Financing for Russia's space sector amounts to 800 million dollarsmillion euros) a year -- 30 times less than in the United States, RIA Novosti quoted Anatoly Perminov, director of Russia's Federal Space Agency, as saying. "It's utopian to think that you can keep a balance of forces with this level of financing," Perminov said. The general called for new generation satellite technology.   

Rapidly Accelerating Glaciers May Increase How Fast The Sea Level Rises - SpaceDaily  Left:  Seasonal surface melt extent on the Greenland Ice Sheet has been observed by satellite since 1979 and shows an increasing trend. The melt zone, where summer warmth turns snow and ice around the edges of the ice sheet into slush and ponds of meltwater, has been expanding inland and to record high elevations in recent years. Source: Arctic Impacts of Arctic Warming, Cambridge Press, 2004. The Greenland ice sheet contains enough water to raise global sea levels by 15 to 20 feet. Although the entire ice sheet is unlikely to melt in this century, even a small change in the rate of melting could inundate low-lying coastal plains and add enough fresh water to the North Atlantic to change ocean circulation patterns, Tulaczyk said.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/23/2005: Scientists Engineer Mice To Mimic Alzheimer's Therapy - Science Daily

11/23/2005: Venom found to be widespread in lizards - New Scientist
11/23/2005: Bored monkeys make for stupid monkeys
 - New Scientist
11/23/2005: What lives in the ocean and goes 'boing'? - New Scientist
11/23/2005: Editorial: Human genome remains full of surprises - New Scientist
11/23/2005: The gene that can make you feast or starve - New Scientist
11/23/2005: Leatherback Seaturtle Rehabilitating At New England Aquarium - Science Daily
11/23/2005: Scientists Use Stem Cells To Grow Cartilage - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/23/2005:   Rapidly Accelerating Glaciers May Increase How Fast The Sea Level Rises - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: U.S. may face gaps in tracking hurricanes - MSNBC
11/23/2005: Climate Models Help Scientists Understand Global Shifts In Water Availability - Science Daily
11/23/2005: Global Warming Producing 150,000 Deaths Annually: WHO - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Climate Warming To Shrink Key Water Supplies Around World - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: UK Agency Joins International 'Space and Major Disasters' Group - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: India Offers More Relief To Quake-Ravaged Pakistan - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Pakistan Needs $5.2Bn To Recover From Quake- President - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: India unlikely to agree to Kyoto caps ... - FirstScience
11/23/2005: Rich nations' greenhouse gas emissions may rise: UN ... - FirstScience
11/23/2005: Climate change will hit least polluting countries hardest ...
11/23/2005: Hearing Scheduled to Take Additional Public Comment on Actions Regulating Mercury Emissions from Utilities ...
11/23/2005: Tackling water pollution at its source: Weyerhaeuser ... - FirstScience
11/23/2005: Global warming poses ethical challenge -scientists ... - FirstScience

11/23/2005: Cost of making games set to soar  - BBC
11/23/2005: • "Only 80 Games a Year Will Succeed" - Business Week
11/23/2005: EMI chief sees iTunes raising some prices  - C/Net
11/23/2005: What's inside YOUR Xbox 360?  - C/Net
11/23/2005: One battery source to power them all  - C/Net
11/23/2005: What's iPod's No. 1 show?  - CNN
11/23/2005: Holiday Must-Haves
  - Technology Review 
11/23/2005: Peek Inside the Xbox
  - Wired News

11/23/2005: Dialing up more dollars
  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Sony launches free Internet phone service
  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Ring tones: Wakeup call for phone companies
  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Cingular simplifies phone data service
 - Seattle Times
11/23/2005: TV Networks Worried Wireless Broadband Will Interfere With Local TV Reception
 - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Iridium Subscriber Base Up 22%
 - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Cingular revamps wireless Net services
  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Sony calls on VoIP crowd
  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Grid showcase tries to drive adoption in Asia
  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Experts: Wireless security is immature
  - CNN

11/23/2005: Happy Birthday to the single-chip  - C/Net
11/23/2005: DRAM market in long-term decline, says Gartner  - El. Engr. Times

11/23/2005: $100 laptop expected in late 2006  - C/Net
11/23/2005: $100 laptops aim to bring children the world - Seattle Times
11/23/2005: Researcher Gives Computers A 'Human' Face - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Photos: $100 laptops  - C/Net
11/23/2005: World's first working $100 laptop  - CNN

11/23/2005: Annan calls for digital bridges  - BBC
11/23/2005: Doerr talks up Web 2.0  - C/Net
11/23/2005: FAQ: Tunisia summit and Internet governance  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Bumpy start for Google analytics giveaway  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Google service lets users do the publishing  - CNN
11/23/2005: Deal averts Internet showdown  - CNN
11/23/2005: WATCH
  - CNN
11/23/2005: New service expands Google's reach
 - Seattle Times
11/23/2005: Spying on Spyware
  - Technology Review 
11/23/2005: Women Warm the Podcast Bench
  - Wired News
11/23/2005: 'Mashups' ignite a revolution
  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Images: Meshing maps
  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Will certification legitimize adware?
  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Photos: Trust us
  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Who will be the keeper of the Net?
  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Google service lets users do the publishing
  - CNN

11/23/2005: Attack targets Sony 'rootkit' fix  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Microsoft inks cable deal for HDTV support  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Google blankets city with free Wi-Fi  - C/Net
11/23/2005: MRI Provides Better Diagnosis & Treatment Options For Uterine Fibroids - Science Daily
11/23/2005: Ozone Levels May Raise Risk Of Underweight Births: Common Pollutants Linked To Fetal Growth Retardation - Science Daily
11/23/2005: For Weight Loss In Obese Adults, Lifestyle Modification Plus Medication More Effective Than Medication Alone - Science Daily
11/23/2005: Real Story of the Rogue Rootkit  - Wired News
11/23/2005: Digg Just Might Bury Slashdot  - Wired News
11/23/2005: Digg Gets Kiss From a Rose  - Wired News

11/23/2005: Coal mines reopen to meet demand - Seattle Times
11/23/2005: Diesel Cleans Up Its Act  - Wired News
11/23/2005: Solar power may shed some light for SA's poor ... - FirstScience
11/23/2005: Nuclear needed to plug energy gap ... - FirstScience

11/23/2005: Decaf coffee linked to heart risk  - BBC
11/23/2005: Viagra soothes the heart  - Nature
11/23/2005: Pocket hope for beating heart attacks  - CNN

11/23/2005: Sugar 'may help in cancer fight'   - BBC
11/23/2005: The viruses that kill tumours - New Scientist
11/23/2005: Exercise Linked To Reduced Breast Cancer Risk - Science Daily

11/23/2005: Flu frontline Can China contain bird flu after its first human fatality?  - BBC
11/23/2005: Two Indonesians die from bird flu  - BBC
11/23/2005: U.S. Poultry Biosecurity In Good Shape - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Vietnamese scientists decode gene of bird flu virus ... - FirstScience

11/23/2005: Accident & Emergency units facing drug pressures  - BBC
11/23/2005: Sony's Copyright Overreach - Business Week

11/23/2005: EU chemical law vote underway  - BBC
11/23/2005: The food you eat may change your genes for life - New Scientist
11/23/2005: Parasitic insects recruited to collect blood samples - New Scientist
11/23/2005: Predicting Liver Toxicity  - Technology Review 

History, Anthropology:
11/23/2005: Warning- Boys at play  - C/Net
11/23/2005: A 1,200-Year-Old Murder Mystery in Guatemala  - NY Times
11/23/2005: Missing Fossil Link 'Dallasaurus' Found - Science Daily
11/23/2005: DNA preserves Native American heritage ... - MSNBC

11/23/2005: Uneven Contest Between Russian, US Spy Satellites: Russian General - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: • Silicon Valley to America: Smarten Up! - Business Week
11/23/2005: Now Playing on a PC Near You - Business Week
11/23/2005: Perspective: The new name of the media game  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Survey finds outsourcing hurts visibility, control  - El. Engr. Times
11/23/2005: Breakthrough Streamlines Complex Work Assignments - Science Daily
11/23/2005: Inflation eases, but natural-gas prices rise - Seattle Times
11/23/2005: Chinese Economy Facing Multiple Cyberspace Threats - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: NATO Allies France And Italy Sign Multi-Billion-Euro Frigate Deal - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: NATO Should Boost Political Role: Secretary General - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Russia, India To Build New Multi-Purpose Transport Plane - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Sanswire Networks Demonstrates Sky Dragon Military Airship - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Scan Eagle UAV Keep Iraqi Insurgents On Defensive - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Is That a Bomb in Your Pocket?  - Wired News
11/23/2005: Judges Reject Cell-Phone Tracking  - Wired News
11/23/2005: Cooking for the left-brained  - C/Net
11/23/2005: 'My lobotomy':  - C/Net  
11/23/2005: Shop-till-you-drop specials, revealed here first
11/23/2005: Indian call-center workers suffer abuse
11/23/2005: Dealing with crisis: Five leaders speak out
  - C/Net

11/23/2005: Research Reveals Likely Connection Between Early-life Stress And Teenage Mental Health Problems - Science Dailys
11/23/2005: UCLA Scientists Report Promising New Molecular Approach To Fighting Schizophrenia - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/23/2005: Magnetic Fields Revealed In Spectacular Technicolour - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Stealing Baseball
  - Technology Review 
11/23/2005: Astronauts Encourage Students to Enter Astronomy ...
 - FirstScience
11/23/2005: Indian physicist chosen for Humboldt Research Award ...
 - FirstScience
11/23/2005: Integral reveals new class of 'supergiant' X-ray binary stars ...
  - Physics Org



11/23/2005: Ariane rocket launch breaks payload record - New Scientist
11/23/2005: Engineering Aliens
 - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Tomatosphere: Tomato Seeds In Students' Hands, After 18 Months In Space ...
  - Physics Org
11/23/2005: NASA sees space-flight revolution ...
  - C/Net
11/23/2005: Call For Space Commercialization ...
 - CBS
11/23/2005: NASA digging out from shuttle woes ...
 - CBS
11/23/2005: Congress gives NASA a $260M budget boost ...
 - FirstScience
11/23/2005: NASA chief: Hike role of private industry ...
 - FirstScience
11/23/2005: Cosmic Log: Spirit’s Martian birthday
11/23/2005: Opportunity Gets A Timely Dust Off And Regains Energy At The Four-Mile Mark
 - SpaceDaily

11/23/2005: Flexible friends New smart cards to improve access to PCs and cash machines  - BBC
11/23/2005: • "A Lost Decade" for Tech Growth - Business Week
11/23/2005: Interactive billboards you can walk around in  - C/Net
11/23/2005: UR r@ is in the trap - New Scientist
11/23/2005: Let chaos keep your secrets safe - New Scientist
11/23/2005: India To Use Russian GLONASS Navigation System - Minister - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Europe To Speed Up Galileo Program
 - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: China Hopes Galileo Will Spur Search and Rescue Tech
 - SpaceDaily
11/23/2005: Corporate Ethnography
  - Technology Review 
11/23/2005: Tackling poverty with technology
11/23/2005: 'Literary' texts no more?
  - CNN


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