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  November 23, 2004

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Surprising Second Black Hole Found in Milky Way's Center -  The newly detected object appears to be an intermediate mass black hole, packing about 1,300 solar masses. It is now less than 1.5 light-years from the fringes of the known supermassive black hole. Orbiting the presumed middleweight are seven stars, each of which contains five to 10 solar masses. The whole setup is racing around the galactic center at 626,300 mph (280 kilometers per second).    
3D Image Search Could Boost Surveillance In Public Places - SpaceDaily  Left:  "By simply touching an image on a screen, the user can pinpoint a face, suitcase or any point of interest to explore further from different vantage points."/span  A new three-dimensional multi-camera system that allows viewers to search areas from various vantage points could one day boost surveillance in public places such as airports and train stations, say University of Toronto researchers. By simply touching an image on a screen, the user can pinpoint a face, suitcase or any point of interest to explore further from different vantage points. ""The system allows an operator to quickly and easily search and explore a large environment."  

The Next Five Big NASA Failures - SpaceDaily  Left:  A Mars Sample Return mission has been but 10 years away for over 30 years. One of the most annoying things about NASA is that its dysfunctional management wastes a huge amount of effort on projects long after they are clearly doomed. In my very first opinion column for, I remarked that the Orbital Space Plane project was so stupid that many of the people working on it must have known that OSP was fundamentally misconceived, and doomed to be cancelled. Sure enough, it was soon cancelled, and later it turned out that many of the engineers, working for both NASA and the contractor teams, had shared my opinion, but kept quiet.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/23/2004:†New Tool Highlights Activity Of Key Cellular Signal - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†Wisconsin to Invest in Stem Cells
  - Wired News
11/23/2004:†Breakthrough in understanding of genes ... - FirstScience
11/23/2004:†Stuck in an evolutionary trap -- a puzzle posed by black-headed ducks yields to persistent biologists ... - FirstScience
11/23/2004:†Nearly 16,000 species threatened with extinction: report - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†Extreme measures Revealed - how animal rights activists waged war on the world  - BBC
11/23/2004:†Walk through time: Uncover your natural past on a specially devised BBC walk  - BBC
11/23/2004:†Giant ram Griff makes a big impression down on the farm  - BBC

Climate, Environment:
11/23/2004:†Greenpeace Address To UN: Save The Deep Sea ... - FirstScience
11/23/2004:†Australians Face Buffeting From Climate Change ... - FirstScience
11/23/2004:†Global Warming Is Not Urban ...
11/23/2004:†Environmentalists stake 'mining claim' near posh homes to protest old law ...
11/23/2004:†Climate change sceptics 'wrong' ...  - BBC
11/23/2004:†A price on pollution ... - CBS
11/23/2004:†In vino veritas: wine harvest yields truth on climate shifts - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†Ground-Level Ozone Linked To Increased Mortality - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†Earthquake Simulation Network Launched - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†Start date set for Kyoto treaty  - BBC

11/23/2004:†Halo 2: Playing to the Bitter End  - Wired News
11/23/2004:†AntiGrav Not Exactly Uplifting  - Wired News
11/23/2004:†Working Too Hard in an Industry of Fun and Games - L. A. Times
11/23/2004:†Hurry up and wait: Delays mar global launch of long-awaited Half-Life 2 game  - BBC
11/23/2004:†Gamers get spoiled in November  - BBC
11/23/2004:†Not all funand games  - BBC
11/23/2004:†Bridging the gadget gift gap  - BBC

11/23/2004:†Motorola Buys Developer of Wireless Networks Using 'Mesh' of Wi-Fi Hotspots
 - Technology Review 
11/23/2004:†Google Finds Its Way Onto Cell Phones
  - Wired News
11/23/2004:†British Library gets wireless net
  - BBC
11/23/2004:†W3C may push wireless Web specs
  - C/Net

11/23/2004:†TI, Ramtron tip 4-Mbit embedded FRAM technology - Silicon Strategies
11/23/2004:†Immersion, nano-imprint seen as most promising NGLs - Silicon Strategies
11/23/2004:†Discera demos tunable 1.6-GHz MEMS oscillator - Silicon Strategies

11/23/2004:†Computers worldwide will power big project on proteins - Seattle Times

11/23/2004:†Three New IE Vulnerabilities Discovered  - Wired News
11/23/2004:†Remote control rifle range debuts  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†Google warns sales growth to slow  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†Netscape aims beyond Firefox  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†Microsoft says IE updates possible  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†More security hiccups for IE  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†Is the future of media in the blog?
  - C/Net

11/23/2004:†Computer, TV Merger Begins  - Wired News
11/23/2004:†Get your free MP3s  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†Microsoft warns Asian governments of Linux lawsuits  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†Solaris to get patent muscle  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†Sun posts early Java 6 code  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†Photos: Sun execs talk tech  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†Sun to offer utility pricing for desktops  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†HP to tout Itanium SAP customers  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†Microsoft's answer to phishing: Two IDs  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†Sun invites outside involvement with Java 6  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†World's biggest digital pic  - C/Net
11/23/2004:†'Pulp Fiction' writer sues Microsoft  - C/Net

11/23/2004:†Low-Pressure Material Holds Hydrogen - Technology Review 
11/23/2004:†Future power? Experts give their views on how to meet our thirst for energy  - BBC

11/23/2004:†Taking Pills, Even If Placebo, Predicts Better Survival In Heart Failure - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†Genetic Variant Linked To Weakened Heart Pumping - Science Daily

11/23/2004:†New Gene Target Found For Common Brain Tumors In Children - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†Stem Cells Feed Brain Tumors  - Wired News
11/23/2004:†Alternative cancer care study call  - BBC


11/23/2004:†Air Pollution Not Linked to Asthma Flares in Kids ...
11/23/2004:†Cocaine users' brains 'different'  - BBC

11/23/2004:†Synthetic Peptide That Enhances The Effect Of A Bone Growth Factor - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†Ground-Level Ozone Linked To Increased Mortality - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†'Breastfeed for straight teeth'  - BBC
11/23/2004:†Healthier nation: Full coverage of the plans to improve the UK's wellbeing  - BBC
11/23/2004:†Sheer endurance: What sort of stamina do you need to swim the English Channel-

History, Anthropology:
11/23/2004:†Not The End, But Beginning Of The World As We Know It - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†Dinosaurs In Bullet-proof Vests - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†German physicist disputes Atlantis discovery claim ... - FirstScience
11/23/2004:†Humans Were Born to Run, Fossil Study Suggests ... - Nat'l. Geo. News
11/23/2004:†Running 'key to human evolution'  - BBC

11/23/2004:†3D Image Search Could Boost Surveillance In Public Places - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†Study Shows How Takeover Bids Change Stock Prices Of Firms - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†The Real Problem with Voting - Technology Review 
11/23/2004:†Bush and Science  - Technology Review 
11/23/2004:†Vote Recount to Settle Doubts?  - Wired News
11/23/2004:†Smart War Machines Will Heed Spoken Commands - ABC
11/23/2004:†Study: Fill Gov't Science Posts Faster ... - FirstScience
11/23/2004:†'Enlightened moderation' key to ending Islamic decline in science ... - FirstScience
11/23/2004:†British press raps Chirac for Iraq comments, eyes positive future - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†Tehran's Nuclear Intentions Remain Far From Certain - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†ID undone: Firms must keep our data safe and secure says Bill Thompson  - BBC
11/23/2004:†Workers breaking office shackles  - BBC
11/23/2004:†Star performers: The good, the bad and the middling social services in England  - BBC
11/23/2004:†'Too violent' Humpty Dumpty suffers fall from grace  - BBC
11/23/2004:†Get employees to brainstorm online  - C/Net

11/23/2004:†Brain's Nicotine Receptors Also Target For Anti-depressants - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†Brainís Immune System Triggered In Autism - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†Child antidepressant use 'rising'  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
11/23/2004:†Surprising Second Black Hole Found in Milky Way's Center -
11/23/2004:†Solar Disturbances Spike Aurora Activity Across The Globe
 - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†Strong, Yet Gentle, Acid Uncovered
 - SpaceDaily



11/23/2004:†The Next Five Big NASA Failures - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†NASA's X-43A Scramjet Breaks Speed Record
 - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†Europe Reaches The Moon - Science Daily
11/23/2004:†The Final Capitalist Frontier  - Wired News
11/23/2004:†X-43A Jet Breaks Air Speed Record  - Wired News
11/23/2004:†Collapsed Canyons on Mars ... - Nat'l. Geo. News
11/23/2004:†NASA Scramjet Hits Mach 9.8 ... - FirstScience
11/23/2004:†Magnetic Bubble Could Protect Astronauts on Long Trips ... - FirstScience
11/23/2004:†The Terminator Tether Aims to Clean Up Low Earth Orbit -
11/23/2004:†NASA Selects CEV Proposals - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†Living Large In A Martian Lava Tube - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†China Plans To Have Over 100 Eyes In The Sky By 2020 - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†Chinese President Visits Brazilian Space Institute - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†House Passes Private Spaceflight Bill ...  -
11/23/2004:†SMART-1 Completes Its First Orbit Around The Moon ...
 - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†Roskosmos Okays Fixing Role Of New Manned Spacecraft Clipper For Iss ...
 - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†Swedes Launch Scientific Research Rocket
11/23/2004:†NASA Launches Black Hole Hunter
11/23/2004:†Technical Problems Delay Launch of Upgraded Ariane 5
11/23/2004:†NASA Latest Space Telescope Will Track Gamma Ray Bursts
 - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†Analysis: Can Iran Alter US Space Strategy?
 - SpaceDaily


11/23/2004:†TiVo Will No Longer Skip Past Advertisers - L. A. Times
11/23/2004:†Try Scratching This DVD  - Wired News
11/23/2004:†Chemist Breaks Barrier To Better Electron Representation In Computations - SpaceDaily
11/23/2004:†Multipurpose Nanocables Invented - SpaceDaily


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