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  November 22, 2005

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 Former X Prize Rivals Announce Partnership - Space.com   Canada’s London, Ontario-based firm PlanetSpace and the Romanian aerospace company ARCA – both past competitors in the $10 million Ansari X Prize contest for suborbital spaceflight – are pooling their expertise or a joint space project. Sheerin entered the Ansari X Prize with plans for a V2 rocket derived, reusable manned spacecraft dubbed the Canadian Arrow. ARCA's Orizant fieatured a reusable composites-constructed rocket engine.
Nano-Sponges For Toxic Metals - SpaceDaily  Left:  AMMS absorbs large quantities of metals without creating secondary waste, and is disposable as nonhazardous waste. By "reversing" some of the features of SAMMS, the material can also be used for the controlled release of chemical compounds such as biocides. Image credit: PNNL.See 6-minute Real Media video on SAMMS. Read technical explanation of the technology.   Microscopic particles honeycombed with holes only nanometers wide soon could help purify industrial runoff, coal plant smoke, crude oil and drinking water of toxic metals, experts told UPI's Nano World. The particles, made of glass or natural diatomaceous earth, are 5 millionths to 50 millionths of a meter wide and filled with holes a thousand times smaller. 

‘Blended wing’ craft passes wind-tunnel tests - New Scientist  A futuristic "blended wing" plane developed by NASA has passed crucial wind-tunnel tests. These reveal that engineers may have overcome some of the controllability challenges associated with the revolutionary aircraft design. The unusual shape is much more aerodynamic than a normal plane, which means it could use 20% less fuel. And it should also be much quieter for people on the ground because the engines sit on top of its wings instead of hanging below. "We were kind of concerned early on that it was going to be difficult to fly.The bottom line from the test: this particular configuration flew great."    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/22/2005: Cartilage grown from stem cells  - BBC
11/22/2005: Ants let their stomachs guide them
11/22/2005: Bat guano beats burgers for blind salamanders  - Nature
11/22/2005: Ant navigation: Priming of visual route memories  - Nature
11/22/2005: Lizards' poisonous secret is revealed - New Scientist
11/22/2005: Dying beetles go out with a bang - New Scientist
11/22/2005: Sperm Stem Cells Closer To Being Like Embryonic Stem Cells - Science Daily
11/22/2005: How Ants Navigate - Space.com
11/22/2005: Jabs, Honors for Stem-Cell Expert  - Wired News
11/22/2005: Puget Sound Orcas Finally Protected Under the Endangered Species Act ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
11/22/2005: Tsunami warning system under way  - BBC
11/22/2005: Greens fear chemical fudge  - BBC
11/22/2005: TV naturalist Sir David Attenborough tackles climate change  - BBC
11/22/2005: Regional climate change special  - Nature
11/22/2005: Computer Model Recreates The Storm That Sank The Edmund Fitzgerald - Science Daily
11/22/2005: Mount St. Helens Recovery Slowed By Caterpillar - Science Daily
11/22/2005: The Irony of Global Warming: More Rain, Less Water - Space.com
11/22/2005: Study: Greenland is Shrinking at Surprising Rate - Space.com
11/22/2005: Pollution cuts projected over billion pounds in 2005 ... - FirstScience
11/22/2005: Environmental laws must be enforced to protect the Mediterranean region ... - FirstScience
11/22/2005: Environmentalists press Bush to change climate policy ... - FirstScience
11/22/2005: NS Power to spend $177m on cutting emissions at Cape Breton plant ... - FirstScience
11/22/2005: MWH Soft Announces InfoSWMM Designer, Delivering Groundbreaking Solution for Flooding and Pollution Management ... - FirstScience
11/22/2005: Scheme to track greenhouse gases takes to the air ...  - Nature

11/22/2005: • Gamers Storm MTV - Business Week
11/22/2005: EMI chief sees iTunes raising some prices  - C/Net
11/22/2005: TV wristwatch for $80  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Gaming fanatics show hallmarks of drug addiction  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Check out what's cool this year  - CNN
11/22/2005: What's iPod's No. 1 show?  - CNN
11/22/2005: Guitar Hero Rocks Out
  - Wired News
11/22/2005: New Games Swamp Store Shelves
  - Wired News

11/22/2005: BellSouth ups DSL speed
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: The clash over content delivery
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Deal aims to stamp out piracy on cell phones
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Wireless Woes Exaggerated
  - Wired News


11/22/2005: Open-source PCs take a passage to India  - C/Net
11/22/2005: China rejects free Mac software  - C/Net
11/22/2005: UN debut for $100 laptop for poor  - BBC

11/22/2005: Net summit diary: How Tunis is not the best connected capital in the world  - BBC
11/22/2005: Annan calls for digital bridges  - BBC
11/22/2005: Analysis: More talk on net's future  - BBC
11/22/2005: The net and politicians don't mix  - BBC
11/22/2005: Have Your Say: Are you spending too much time e-mailing at work?  - BBC
11/22/2005: • Yahoo's Adware Counterattack - Business Week
11/22/2005: Giving the Web a human meaning
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: U.S. retains control of the Net
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Blogs become conglomerates
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Bots slim down to get tough
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: 'Anti-spyware tools not yet up to snuff'
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Sun, Lucent team up on secure e-mail service
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Google Base service goes live
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Images: All that's fit to post
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Small-town shops bulk up on the Web
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Google service lets users do the publishing
  - CNN
11/22/2005: Deal averts Internet showdown
  - CNN
11/22/2005: Late deal avoids split on internet governance
 - New Scientist
11/22/2005: U.S. Maintains Control of Net
  - Wired News
11/22/2005: Women Warm the Podcast Bench
  - Wired News
11/22/2005: A Podcast Star Is Born
  - Wired News
11/22/2005: Googleslist? GoogleBay?
  - Wired News
11/22/2005: In pictures: What young people think of the UN internet summit
  - BBC

11/22/2005: Microsoft sees no money from Money  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Microsoft eyes ads as consumers close wallets  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Motorola plans Apple-style product launches  - C/Net
11/22/2005: No-frills Windows heads to Egypt, Turkey  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Sony Folds Tent, Recalls CDs  - Wired News
11/22/2005: Sony Numbers Add Up to Trouble  - Wired News
11/22/2005: Apple's FairPlay Takes a Drubbing  - Wired News

11/22/2005: Atomic agency launches bid to bank nuclear fuel  - Nature
11/22/2005: Hacking the Hybrid Vehicle  - Wired News
11/22/2005: Solar Energy Has Potential to Dominate by 2030  - Wired News
11/22/2005: Planning And Renewable Energy ... - FirstScience

11/22/2005: Decaffeinated coffee may be harmful to heart - New Scientist
11/22/2005: Limiting The Damage In Stroke: Cellular Signal May Determine Life Or Death For Damaged Brain Cells - Science Daily
11/22/2005: Cardiovascular Drug May Improve Heart Failure And Help Prevent Sudden Death - Science Daily
11/22/2005: Study Uncovers Potential Biomarker For Lupus Atherosclerosis - Science Daily
11/22/2005: 3-D Computer Mapping Lowers Radiation Dose In Treating Kids With Heart Rhythm Problems - Science Daily

11/22/2005: New form of cancer gene regulation discovered ... - FirstScience

11/22/2005: In pictures: Malawi villagers tell how HIV/Aids has hit their community - BBC
11/22/2005: First confirmed human bird flu death in China - New Scientist
11/22/2005: Anti-HIV gene goes back millennia - New Scientist
11/22/2005: Vietnamese scientists decode gene of bird flu virus ... - FirstScience
11/22/2005: Aids may help spread of bird flu  - BBC


11/22/2005: Food colour coding 'best option'  - BBC
11/22/2005: Crackdown on drug firm promotion  - BBC
11/22/2005: Hidden suffering: The grim health care situation for people in Turkmenistan  - BBC
11/22/2005: Why has this woman suffered sea-sickness for four years?  - BBC
11/22/2005: The Dangerous Legacy Of Lead:  Research Shows Disruption To Key Immune Cells In Mice - Science Daily
11/22/2005: Low-carb Diet Better Than Low-fat Diet At Improving Metabolic Syndrome - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/22/2005: Reptile fossil is 'early turtle'  - BBC
11/22/2005: The Life of Charles Darwin: From Aimless Adventure to Tragedy and Discovery - Space.com
11/22/2005: Reptile fossil is 'early turtle'  - BBC

11/22/2005: S&P 500: Embracing the future? - Business Week
11/22/2005: The next revolution in interactions  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Senate committee OKs Bernanke to replace Greenspan - Seattle Times
11/22/2005: Japan's New Missile Defense Radar Tracks Russian ICBM Test - SpaceDaily
11/22/2005: The Sex Machines Next Door  - Wired News
11/22/2005: U.K.'s Roads Under Surveillance  - Wired News
11/22/2005: How to Reinvent Higher Education- Slate
11/22/2005: High-End Hotels Anticipate Guests' Whims  - NY Times
11/22/2005: US on fine line: White phosphorus use sparks chemical weapons debate  - BBC
11/22/2005: UK 'most wanted' website launched  - BBC

11/22/2005: Losing your mind: You and Yours examines the impact of dementia  - BBC
11/22/2005: Antidepressants Potentially Misused In Treating Adolescents, Stanford Study Finds - Science Daily
11/22/2005: Brain Activity Related To Processing Faces Is Similar In People With, Without Autism - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/22/2005: Lonely quasar may have host galaxy after all - New Scientist
11/22/2005: Star nursery may be growing planets too
 - New Scientist
11/22/2005: How do stars form?
  - Physics Org
11/22/2005: The Physicist and the SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device) ...
 - FirstScience
11/22/2005: Many planets may boast three rising suns ...
 - New Scientist

11/22/2005: Long long life What would it be like to live to 175 like Darwin's pet tortoise?  - BBC


11/22/2005: Former X Prize Rivals Announce Partnership - Space.com
11/22/2005: Star Trek's Scotty's space ship has engine trouble
  - C/Net
11/22/2005: Cosmic Log: Kids make space contact
11/22/2005: Young Stars Sculpt Gas With Powerful Outflows
 - Science Daily
11/22/2005: Unbowed by Robot Loss, Japan's Asteroid Probe Readies For Touchdown
 - Space.com
11/22/2005: Private Supply Ships Vital for Space Vision, NASA Chief Says
 - Space.com
11/22/2005: EXCLUSIVE: New NASA JSC Chief Michael Coats Talks About the Agency's Future
 - Space.com
11/22/2005: NASA Hot To Know More About Ice Worms ...
 - FirstScience
11/22/2005: NASA chooses Ames Research Center for unmanned lunar explorations ...
 - FirstScience
11/22/2005: Moons captured in ring encounter
  - BBC
11/22/2005: Japan's asteroid touchdown fails
  - BBC
11/22/2005: Hayabusa Fails To Touch Down On Itokawa Asteroid
 - Science Daily
11/22/2005: Mars-Bound NASA Craft Tweaks Course, Passes Halfway Point
 - Science Daily
11/22/2005: Team leaves space station to move rescue capsule
 - Science Daily
11/22/2005: New rocket company prepares for blast-off
 - New Scientist
11/22/2005: NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 20 November 2005 ...
 - FirstScience
11/22/2005: SpaceX Announces Launch Date for the Falcon 1- The World's Lowest Cost Rocket to Orbit ...
 - FirstScience
11/22/2005: NASA Mars Picture of the Day: South Mid-latitude Gullies ...
 - FirstScience
11/22/2005: NASA Mars Picture of the Day: 8 Degrees N 7 Degrees W Crater ...
 - FirstScience
11/22/2005: Japan Space Probe Misses Asteroid
  - Wired News

11/22/2005: ‘Blended wing’ craft passes wind-tunnel tests  - New Scientist 
11/22/2005: Nano-Sponges For Toxic Metals - SpaceDaily 
11/22/2005: Shoot a picture first, focus later - New Scientist


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