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  November 22, 2004

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Latest Adaptive Optic Images Of Uranus Surpass Hubble - SpaceDaily  Left: An infrared composite image of the two hemispheres of Uranus obtained with Keck adaptive optics. The component colors of blue, green, and red were obtained from images made at near infrared wavelengths of 1.26, 1.62, and 2.1 microns respectively. The images were obtained on July 11 and 12, 2004. The representative balance of these infrared images which were selected to display the vertical structure of atmospheric features gives a reddish tint to the rings, an artifact of the process. The North pole is at 4 o'clock. Desktop available  "These are the best pictures of Uranus that have ever been produced by a telescope, and they are opening new windows of understanding for this unique and special world." Observations of Uranus conducted at the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii are surprising astronomers with the level of detail they can see from the ground. The new images are the result of many general improvements to the Keck adaptive optics system.   
US Motorists Can Now Refuel With Hydrogen - SpaceDaily  Left:  An entirely new "replacement" market could make the car industry the best it's been since the "first car" market became saturated in the late 1920s. Motorists in Washington will be able to say "fill it with hydrogen" at a service station opening Wednesday, although analysts say large-scale use of fuel cell vehicles will take years. Oil giant Shell said it opened the first hydrogen dispenser at a retail gasoline station to service a fleet of six fuel cell vehicles from General Motors. "The infrastructure has to be there for the market to evolve."    

Theorists Tackle Mysterious Wake Of Baby Planet Found By Astronomers - SpaceDaily  Left: In the early morning of August 25, 2003, NASA launched the Space Infrared Telescope Facility (SIRTF)- the fourth and final element in NASA's family of Great Observatories. Credit: Ball Aerospace & Technologies, 2003  In June, researchers from the University of Rochester announced they had located a potential planet around another star so young that it defied theorists' explanations. Now a new team of Rochester planet-formation specialists are backing up the original conclusions, saying they've confirmed that the hole formed in the star's dusty disk could very well have been formed by a new planet  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/22/2004: Pain of Alzheimer's: How the disease changed my Gran's personality  - BBC
11/22/2004: Compound In Apples May Help Fight Alzheimer's Disease  - Science Daily

11/22/2004: Science counts species on brink  - BBC
11/22/2004: Going down: Science lists 15,500 species on the brink
  - BBC
11/22/2004: Booming birds: Northeast England pushes forward with a huge park  - BBC
11/22/2004: Red List highlights freshwater species  - Nature
11/22/2004: Dendritic cells- Born again  - Nature
11/22/2004: Complex regulation by polyamines of their own synthesis  - Nature
11/22/2004: Rise in threatened species is accelerating - New Scientist
11/22/2004: U.N. Approves Global Gene - Test Standard  - NY Times
11/22/2004: NASA Scientists Help Create Complete Human Genome Activity - Science Daily
11/22/2004: New Female Sterilization Technique Not Only Quicker And Easier For Patients, But Cheaper - Science Daily
11/22/2004: Molecular Technique Shows Promise In Destroying Drug Resistance In Bacteria - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/22/2004: Climate change 'ruining' Everest  - BBC
11/22/2004: Making weather-watch everybody's business  - C/Net
11/22/2004: City deaths rise with ozone levels - New Scientist
11/22/2004: Everest needs UNESCO status as glaciers melt, say greens - New Scientist
11/22/2004: Trucking Industry Won't Fight Diesel Rules  - NY Times
11/22/2004: Global Climate Change Threatens Reindeer, Caribou - Science Daily

11/22/2004: Gamers get playing Half-Life 2  - BBC
11/22/2004: Patent suits target games industry  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Creative takes on iPod with $100 million sales push  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Pacman breaks out of the arcade  - CNN

11/22/2004: Camera phones threat to privacy
  - BBC
11/22/2004: Cities find Wi-Fi future
  - CNN
11/22/2004: Wireless
  - CNN

11/22/2004: Next wave in RISC  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Fujitsu Launches High-Capacity, Next-Generation Non-Volatile Memory
11/22/2004: Switching One Light Beam With Another, Cornell Provides A Key Component For Photonic Chips - Science Daily

11/22/2004: Microsoft, ScanSoft pair up for speech software  - C/Net

11/22/2004: Caught in a phishing trap  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Have you been phished?  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Firefox fortune hunters  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Net banking gains popularity, study says  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Yahoo launches premium personals service  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Log on to tackle global problems  - CNN
11/22/2004: Trial reveals spammer techniques
  - CNN
11/22/2004: Blogs' news impact inspires study
  - CNN
11/22/2004: Always connected
  - CNN
11/22/2004: The Internet's next big step
  - CNN
11/22/2004: More Explorers stories
  - CNN
11/22/2004: Yahoo Mail now using domain keys to fight spam
 - New Scientist
11/22/2004: Top researchers ask web users to join science grid
  - Wired News

11/22/2004: Microsoft Sharpens Up Its Elbows - Business Week
11/22/2004: French ally for Microsoft product development  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Group aims to smooth kinks out of Linux  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Sun launches free Solaris  - C/Net
11/22/2004: RIM hits 2 million subscribers  - C/Net
11/22/2004: SBC taps Microsoft for TV software  - C/Net

11/22/2004: US Motorists Can Now Refuel With Hydrogen - SpaceDaily
11/22/2004: EU tempts Japan on fusion deal  - BBC
11/22/2004: Sandia Imagists Overcome Maelstrom Obscuring Z Machine’s Drive Force - Science Daily

11/22/2004: Heart Scanner Stirs New Hope and a Debate  - NY Times
11/22/2004: Angioplasty, Robotically Assisted Keyhole Bypass Combo Appears Effective - Science Daily


11/22/2004: Mass decoding planned for flu strains  - Nature
11/22/2004: Immunology: Stocking up on T  - Nature
11/22/2004: Avian Cholera Could Spread From Great Salt Lake - Science Daily
11/22/2004: Computer Models To Simulate Hypothetical Outbreak Of Avian Flu - Science Daily

11/22/2004: Researchers Develop New Ways To Predict Number Of Drug Users - Science Daily
11/22/2004: Stanford Study Reveals That Cells Linked To Asthma And Eczema Also Help Cure Deadly Illness In Mice - Science Daily
11/22/2004: 'Outgrown' A Peanut Allergy- Monthly Ingestion Appears To Boost Peanut Tolerance - Science Daily

11/22/2004: Call to recognise Gulf War effect  - BBC
11/22/2004: Innovations not reaching patients
11/22/2004: Healthier nation? Full coverage of the plans to improve the UK's wellbeing  - BBC
11/22/2004: Fit for the future: Can an NHS lifestyle guru help stressed, overweight, unfit Jon-  - BBC
11/22/2004: Restless nights: Relaxation techniques to help you sleep when pregnant  - BBC
11/22/2004: Ozone 'link' to premature deaths  - BBC
11/22/2004: Complex drug names 'pose risk'  - BBC
11/22/2004: Breakthrough on psoriasis cause  - BBC
11/22/2004: How vegetable lovers are more adventurous than fans of fruit
  - BBC
11/22/2004: Building smooth joints
  - Nature
11/22/2004: My Bones are Aching
  - Nature
11/22/2004: Disrupted sleep causes worker 'burnout'
 - New Scientist
11/22/2004: Vegetable Lovers Should Be Viewed As Different From Fruit Aficionados
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/22/2004: Archives offer digital look at America's past  - CNN
11/22/2004: Researcher says Atlantis was near Cyprus - MSNBC
11/22/2004: Dinosaurs' 'bulletproof' armour revealed - New Scientist
11/22/2004: Evolution made humans marathon runners - New Scientist
11/22/2004: Ancient Marine Invasion Sheds Light On Diversity - Science Daily 

11/22/2004: ID undone Firms must keep our data safe and secure says Bill Thompson  - BBC
11/22/2004: Blunkett concern on loyalty cards  - BBC
11/22/2004: Call to recognise Gulf War effect  - BBC
11/22/2004: For Google, a White-Knuckle Ride - Business Week
11/22/2004: Straight talk on terrorism  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Slow ride across the U.S.  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Sirius radio takes a ride with Mercedes  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Microsoft to spread software through U.N.  - C/Net
11/22/2004: In Texas, 28,000 students test e-tagging system  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Sears, Kmart to merge in $11 billion deal  - C/Net
11/22/2004: UK 'should admit Gulf war syndrome exists' - New Scientist
11/22/2004: Trans-continental Segway voyage successful - New Scientist
11/22/2004: Vote recount to settle New Hampshire doubts?  - Wired News

11/22/2004: Blind to the fear  - Nature
11/22/2004: The Gordian knot of bipolar disorder  - Nature
11/22/2004: Metabolic Syndrome Associated With Cognitive Decline In Elderly Persons - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/22/2004: Latest Adaptive Optic Images Of Uranus Surpass Hubble - SpaceDaily
Theorists Tackle Mysterious Wake Of Baby Planet Found By Astronomers - SpaceDaily
11/22/2004: NASA Calls Off Launch of Black Hole Hunter
  - NY Times
11/22/2004: Equivalence principle passes atomic test
 - PhysicsWeb


11/22/2004: Shape-shifting robot shows off its moves - New Scientist

11/22/2004: Rocket plane breaks airspeed record  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Cosmic Log: Suborbital bill on deathbed
11/22/2004: NASA plane smashes speed record  - Nature
11/22/2004: NASA scramjet smashes speed record - New Scientist
11/22/2004: NASA 'Scramjet' Travels Almost 7, 000 Mph  - NY Times
11/22/2004: Europe's First Moon Mission Successful
  - NY Times
11/22/2004: NASA Advances Water Recycling For Space Travel And Earth Use
 - Science Daily

11/22/2004: This DVD goes scratch-free  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Photo: Scratch-resistant  - C/Net
11/22/2004: Factory of the future?  - C/Net
11/22/2004: 21st-century consumer electronics  - El. Engr. Times
11/22/2004: Pushing Performance in Consumer Devices  - El. Engr. Times
11/22/2004: World's strongest acid created  - Nature


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