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  November 21, 2005

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Coherence Of Bose-Einstein Condensates Shown To Extend To Spin State Of Atoms - SpaceDaily  Left: Graphic represents how the population of rubidium atoms changed over time. Lower row shows the starting state, which contained only atoms with 0 and -1 spin states.   New research shows that the unique properties of atomic Bose-Einstein condensates extend to the internal spin states of the atoms from which the condensates are formed. Chapman plans to use the experimental system to study how relatively small condensates those containing between 10 and 100 atoms interact in a quantum way. Researchers understand the quantum behavior of small numbers of atoms. 
Lunar Lawn Mower - SpaceDaily  Scientists and engineers figuring out how to return astronauts to the moon, set up habitats, and mine lunar soil to produce anything from building materials to rocket fuels have been scratching their heads over what to do about moondust. It's everywhere! So what do you do with all this troublesome dust? "Picture a buggy pulled behind a rover that is outfitted with a set of magnetrons. With the right power and microwave frequency, an astronaut could drive along, sintering the soil as he goes, making continuous brick down half a meter deep--and then change the power settings to melt the top inch or two to make a glass road."    

Wall calendar features pinup girl geeks  - C/Net  And now, a calendar of pinup girl geeks meant to dissolve stereotypes and raise scholarship money for young women pursuing careers in computer science. Denver resident Lilac Mohr, 26, who both produced and modeled for the just-released Geek Gorgeous 2006 calendar, said it was an idea fueled by a decade in the male-dominated field of computer programming. She started working as a programmer at age 16, she said. "I found it a little discouraging" being the only woman at work or in computer science classes during college, she said. The calendar sets "out to show the world that there are plenty of beautiful, intelligent and interesting women in the fields of computers and engineering." Mohr, the June model, was further fueled by male co-workers who told her she wouldn't be able to find "12 attractive women working in computers." The poster-size calendar features scantily clad babes in technology-related scenes.          
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/21/2005:Tests flag up Alzheimer's long before symptoms show ... - FirstScience

11/21/2005:Ultra-sensitive microscope reveals DNA processes - New Scientist
11/21/2005:U.S. to lift safety net for Yellowstone grizzlies ...
 - FirstScience
11/21/2005:Japan urged to end whale 'slaughter' ... - FirstScience
11/21/2005:Horse cloning hits full stride - MSNBC
11/21/2005:Stem-cell brothers divide  - Nature
11/21/2005:Blood Vessels Grown From Skin  - NY Times
11/21/2005:Microbes In Marine Sediments React To Temperature Changes - Science Daily
11/21/2005:Older Female Fish Prefer Imperfect Male Mates, Study Finds - Science Daily
11/21/2005:Flatworms Demonstrate How Cells Communicate And Grow New Tissues - Science Daily
11/21/2005:Abalones Along Pacific Coast May Owe Their Huge, Dinner-plate Size To Sea Otters - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/21/2005:Red tape slows Kyoto pollution credit scheme ... - FirstScience
11/21/2005:UK 'has high-quality wind supply'  - BBC
11/21/2005:Greens fear chemical fudge  - BBC
11/21/2005:Mexico, Venezuela Vie For Energy Influence - SpaceDaily

11/21/2005:A home theater in your front pocket  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Photos: Tiny projectors  - C/Net
11/21/2005:SanDisk Memory Stick  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Korean High-Tech Gadgets  - Technology Review 
11/21/2005:New Games Swamp Store Shelves  - Wired News

11/21/2005:Breaking news: Is the future for news in TV, broadband or mobile?
  - BBC
11/21/2005:Build-it-yourself cell phones
  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Photos: Tinkering with phones
  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Major carriers roll out 3G
  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Television is now everywhere you are
  - CNN
11/21/2005:Bigger than the Internet
  - Technology Review 

11/21/2005:Intel $50 million fund to target Middle East, Turkey  - El. Engr. Times
11/21/2005:Plastic Diode Could Lead To Flexible, Low Power Computer Circuits, Memory - PhysicsWeb
11/21/2005: AMD: Less of an Underdog - Business Week
11/21/2005:Microsoft makes its way to 64-bit chips  - C/Net
11/21/2005:AMD bumps up quad core road map  - El. Engr. Times
11/21/2005:What Amdahl's Law can tell us about multicores and multiprocessing  - El. Engr. Times

11/21/2005:Colossal computers turn on technologists at SC|05 - Seattle Times

11/21/2005:War over internet control to dominate web summit - New Scientist
11/21/2005:In pictures: Tunis scrubs up to welcome global internet summit  - BBC
11/21/2005:UN summit aims for a fairer web  - BBC
11/21/2005:Tunis media attack alarms France  - BBC
11/21/2005:Google Base service goes live  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Group backs program to certify downloads  - C/Net
11/21/2005:New 'Sober' virus circulating
  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Countries band to fight Internet crime
  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Google to kick off database venture
 - Seattle Times
11/21/2005:U.S. retains control of Internet
 - Seattle Times
11/21/2005:Net Dust Storm Blows Into Tunis
  - Wired News

11/21/2005:Employee gadgets pose security risk to companies  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Sony recalls risky 'rootkit' CDs  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Study: Keystroke spying on the rise  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Sony BMG digs itself deeper hole in security - Seattle Times
11/21/2005:Sony Numbers Add Up to Trouble  - Wired News
11/21/2005:Apple's FairPlay Takes a Drubbing  - Wired News
11/21/2005:Have an Opinion on Digital Rights Management? Do Tell ...  - Wired News

11/21/2005:Mexico, Venezuela Vie For Energy Influence - SpaceDaily
11/21/2005:Workshop to Help Gauge Nation's Energy and Water Concerns - SpaceDaily
11/21/2005:York's Biorenewable Products Leading To A Sustainable Future - SpaceDaily
11/21/2005:Okla. could be key in fuel cell technology - Seattle Times
11/21/2005:Does Peak Oil Hold Water?  - Wired News

11/21/2005:Dogs: A Heart Patient's Best Friend - Live Science
11/21/2005:Stroke death rates could be cut  - BBC
11/21/2005: A New Focus: "Good Cholesterol" - Business Week

11/21/2005:Gene therapy curbs pancreatic cancer - New Scientist
11/21/2005:UCLA Researchers Observe How The Immune System Recognizes And Responds To Cancer - PhysicsWeb
11/21/2005:Alcohol causing mouth cancer rise  - BBC
11/21/2005:Calls for checks on mouth cancer  - BBC
11/21/2005:Hostility In Women Does Not Affect Their Long Term Heart Health - Science Daily

11/21/2005:With Two New Bird Flu Outbreaks, China Tries To Vaccinate All Poultry - SpaceDaily
11/21/2005:Feeling the chill-Discover the ins and outs of colds and flu  - BBC
11/21/2005:Malaria vaccine shows promise  - Nature
11/21/2005:China to vaccinate all poultry against bird flu - New Scientist
11/21/2005:Universal Flu Vaccines  - Technology Review 

11/21/2005:The "vices" cancer: Ex-child star blames mouth cancer on cigarettes and alcohol  - BBC
11/21/2005:Mayo Researchers Lead Team That Discovers Role Of Dendritic Cells In Childhood Autoimmune Disease - Science Daily

11/21/2005:How Do You Feel? Genetics Are Partly To Blame - PhysicsWeb
11/21/2005:Restricting Diet May Reverse Early-stage Parkinson's - PhysicsWeb
11/21/2005:How Do You Feel? Probably a Lot Like Your Parents
11/21/2005:Snacking on sweets in times of stress 'could be good for you'  - BBC
11/21/2005:Meaty, Salty, Starchy Diet May Impact Chronic Lung Disease - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/21/2005:Drug Gene Link To Human Evolution ... - FirstScience
11/21/2005:'Perception' Gene Tracked Humanity's Evolution, Scientists Say - Science Daily

11/21/2005:Bernanke pledges to run Fed free of politics - Seattle Times
11/21/2005:State of Florida Studied 'Supernatural' Water to Protect Citrus Trees - Space.com
11/21/2005:Orchestra Conducters are Better Listeners - Live Science
11/21/2005:Hi-tech security? Will technology or old-fashioned vigilance protect the Tube?  - BBC
11/21/2005:Russian Defence Minister Hails Defence Cooperation With India - SpaceDaily
11/21/2005:Venezuela Set To Become Top Latin American Arms Buyer - SpaceDaily
11/21/2005:Iran Warns UN Nuclear Watchdog Ahead Of Key Meeting - SpaceDaily
11/21/2005:Carly working with Arnie?  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Democrats unveil 'innovation agenda'  - C/Net
11/21/2005:The strange case of supernatural water - MSNBC
11/21/2005:Online Learning's Frontier: Researcher Gives Computers A 'Human' Face - Science Daily
11/21/2005:Pension agency continues to bleed - Seattle Times
11/21/2005:Bernanke to stay on Greenspan path, but not all way - Seattle Times
11/21/2005:Does Peak Oil Hold Water?  - Wired News

11/21/2005:Meditation builds up the brain - New Scientist
11/21/2005:'Sharp' Older Brains Are Not The Same As Younger Brains - PhysicsWeb
11/21/2005:Light Exercise A Tonic To Keep The Brain Young - Science Daily
11/21/2005:Brain Stains  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
11/21/2005:Coherence Of Bose-Einstein Condensates Shown To Extend To Spin State Of Atoms - SpaceDaily
11/21/2005:Imaging The Sun And Solar Wind In 3-D
 - PhysicsWeb
11/21/2005:Israel helping to build Mid-East nuclear accelerator ...
 - FirstScience
11/21/2005:Spitzer Harvests Dozens Of New Stars
 - SpaceDaily

11/21/2005:Tortoise turns 175, still going strong - MSNBC

11/21/2005:Hitachi Works on Workmate Robot  - Wired News

11/21/2005:Lunar Lawn Mower - SpaceDaily
11/21/2005:Water Could Stay Liquid on Mars
 - Space.com
11/21/2005:Space station research faces axe ...
 - FirstScience
11/21/2005:Cosmic Log: Space chat set - MSNBC

11/21/2005:New look for optical microscopy - PhysicsWeb
11/21/2005:Biometrics council wants to fill standards gap  - C/Net
11/21/2005:Advances In Wireless Biosensor Technology - Science Daily
11/21/2005:UCSB Researchers Develop Hybrid Silicon Evanescent Laser - Science Daily


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