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  November 20, 2005

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Hubble Sees Stars as They're Born - Space.com  A new Hubble Space Telescope image reveals stars just in the process of being born amid a fantastic scene of wispy space structures and intense radiation. The stars have yet to condense into small enough packages to trigger thermonuclear fusion, which is what powers stars, but they appear to be on the verge, astronomers said today. The setting is 210,000 light-years away in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), a satellite galaxy of our Milky Way.   
Simulations Show Liquid Water Could Exist on Mars - SpaceDaily  Left:  This Petri dish contains the Mars soil stimulant used in the experiments inside the simulation chamber. Note the layers of ice and dust and the darkening of the dust. Also, water has flowed out onto the surface and in some places lies over dry soil. The mud forms a seal and helps retain water. Photos courtesy of Derek Sears.  University of Arkansas researchers have become the first scientists to show that liquid water could exist for considerable times on the surface of Mars  Chittenden and Sears used a planetary environmental chamber in the W.M. Keck Laboratory for Space Simulation to simulate the conditions found on Mars - an atmosphere of carbon dioxide, 7 millibars of pressure and temperatures from zero degrees Celsius to 25 degrees below.  

Seismologist Creates Early Warning Quake System - SpaceDaily  Left:  This view along the fault plane of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake in Taiwan shows that the 7.6-magnitude rupture started at the star and radiated outward, with each circle representing 3 seconds of time. The green, yellow and red colors indicate regions of high slip. Using ElarmS, it was possible to estimate the final magnitude of the earthquake a mere two seconds after it started, when only the area within the red circle had ruptured. Credits: Douglas Dreger/UC Berkeley, 2001). A University of California, Berkeley seismologist has discovered a way to provide seconds to tens of seconds of advance warning about impending ground shaking from an earthquake. While a few seconds may not sound like much, it is enough time for school children to dive under their desks.    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/20/2005:Scientists' Rift on Stem Cells Surrounded by Mystery  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Study: Over 800 Species at Risk in Calif.
  - NY Times
11/20/2005:'Intersex' Fish Found Off Calif. Coast  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Revealing Behavior in 'Orangutan Heaven and Human Hell'  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Endangered California Condors: Let Them Eat Seals - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/20/2005:Seismologist Creates Early Warning Quake System - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:India Proposes New South Asian Disaster Center In India - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:Indian Soldiers Opening Fourth Kashmir Border Crossing - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:Storms Put Focus on Other Disasters in Waiting  - NY Times
11/20/2005:China Is Bright Spot in Dark Report on the World's Diminishing Forests  - NY Times
11/20/2005:China Is Bright Spot in Dark Report on the World's Diminishing Forests  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Louisiana's Marshes Fight for Their Lives  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Audio Slide Show: A Marsh Mess  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Some Question Protective Role of Marshes  - NY Times
11/20/2005:The Science Behind Acts of God  - Wired News
11/20/2005:Greenpeace hauls PM over the coals ... - FirstScience
11/20/2005:Climate change could spread plague: scientists ... - FirstScience
11/20/2005:Logging Halted in Sequoia Preserve ... - L. A. Times
11/20/2005:Dion To Visit Spain To Talk Climate Change ... - FirstScience
11/20/2005:Los Angeles once again dirty air capital in US ... - FirstScience
11/20/2005:Steel Industry, MIT Effort Targets Emissions ... - FirstScience
11/20/2005:FBI Settles With Environmentalist ... - L. A. Times
11/20/2005:Increased Dampness Causes Vegetation Change - Science Daily

11/20/2005:Game Away the Day  - Technology Review
11/20/2005: Tomb Raider Legend - Business Week
11/20/2005: Roar of the Indy - Business Week
11/20/2005:$1 million to the best casual gamer  - C/Net

11/20/2005:Apple Could Launch Branded 'IPhone'
  - Wired News


11/20/2005:Microsoft supersizes Windows - Seattle Times
11/20/2005:Return to sender  - C/Net

11/20/2005:Gov Showdown Could Break Up Internet, Experts Warn - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:Profits May Rock Podcasting World  - Wired News
11/20/2005:Firms 'ramping up online prices'  - BBC
11/20/2005:In pictures: Tunis hosts summit  - BBC
11/20/2005:Virus creators target their work  - BBC
11/20/2005: Users Crowd into MySpace - Business Week
11/20/2005:Information by people, for people
  - C/Net
11/20/2005:Teens: Beware of your Web pages
  - C/Net
11/20/2005:Perspective: Is it 'lights out' for e-mail?
  - C/Net

11/20/2005:High-speed college network closes  - BBC
11/20/2005:Microsoft vs. Cisco: As more computing tasks go online, a clash between the software giant and the networking colossus seems imminent - Business Week
11/20/2005:What if Windows had never happened ...  - C/Net

11/20/2005:Wastewater: Energy Of The Future? - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:Huge Solar Plants Bloom in Desert  - Wired News
11/20/2005:Truckers Choose Hydrogen Power  - Wired News

11/20/2005:For Victims of Heart Attacks, Sweating Is a Sign to Get Help  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Predictions: Is Your Heart at Risk? Get the Tape Measure  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Most NSAIDs Raise Risk Of Death After Heart Attack - Science Daily
11/20/2005:Heart Mapping Technique Safely Guides Catheter Repair Of Arrhythmia - Science Daily
11/20/2005:Gene Variants Predict Heart Muscle Damage After Cardiac Surgery - Science Daily
11/20/2005:Cord Blood Cells May Widen Treatment Window For Stroke - Science Daily
11/20/2005: Heart Drugs- Abbott's Mixed Results
 - Business Week

11/20/2005:Essay: McQueen's Legacy of Laetrile  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Debating Cancer Screening: Too Old to Test?  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Women to be focus of tests on cancer drug - Seattle Times

11/20/2005:Ominous Mutations Reported In H5N1 Avian Influenza Strain - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:Parrot 'did not have killer flu'  - BBC
11/20/2005:Suicides raise fears over Tamiflu  - BBC
11/20/2005:In pictures: Malawi villagers tell how HIV/Aids has hit their community  - BBC

11/20/2005:Vital Signs: Behavior: Imitation of Film: Here's Smoking at You, Kid  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Study Links Low Selenium Levels With Higher Risk Of Osteoarthritis - Science Daily
11/20/2005:Exercise Plus Gene Therapy Shows Promise For Treating Lou Gehrig's Disease - Science Daily
11/20/2005:Cannabis drug available in the UK  - BBC

11/20/2005:The Claim: Never Let a Person With a Head Injury Fall Asleep.  - NY Times
11/20/2005:On the 'Frontier,' a New Approach to Public Health  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Scientists Link a Bacterium to Age-Related Machlar Degeneration  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Prevention: A Bacterium That Improves Your Work Habits  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Vital Sign: Practices: One Simple Ailment, Many Wrong Prescriptions  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Q & A: How Helpful Is Garlic?  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Cases: Merck Manual, the Hypochondriac's Bible  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Scientists Seek New Treatments for Balding  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Doctors Ponder Drugs for Sleepless Nights of Adolescence
  - NY Times
11/20/2005:People Eat More Stale Popcorn If Served In A Big Bucket
 - Science Daily
11/20/2005:Fentanyl Patch Safe And Effective Alternative To Oral Opioids For Pediatric Pain Patients
 - Science Daily
11/20/2005:Exercise May Ward Off Death In Women With Metabolic Syndrome
 - Science Daily
11/20/2005:GPs criticise slow drug appraisals
  - BBC
11/20/2005:Poor diet 'costs NHS 6bn a year'
  - BBC

History, Anthropology:
11/20/2005:Philosophers Notwithstanding, Kansas School Board Redefines Science  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Evolution and Its Discontents ...  - NY Times
11/20/2005:Students Discover 11,000-Year-Old Remains Of Irish Elk - Science Daily
11/20/2005:Archaeologists: Ancient Brewery Tended By Elite, Female Brewmasters - Science Daily
11/20/2005:Darwin's travellers: A bizarre experiment to civilise four natives - and how it all failed  - BBC

11/20/2005:A Troubled Outlook for Parasites  - NY Times
11/20/2005:RSF Report On 2005 Results - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:Oxygen Carriers Coursing Through Clinical Trials - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:North Korea Unveils Disarmament Plan - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:Pakistan Quake Victims Taught To Build Shelter From Ruins - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:Robots Expose Snipers  - Technology Review
11/20/2005:Dr. Evil's Lair Evolves  - Wired News
11/20/2005:Alleged Techie Killer Googled 'Neck Snap Break'  - Wired News
11/20/2005:Can Europe Still Compete in Technology? - MSNBC
11/20/2005:Seeking Scientific Autonomy - The Economist
11/20/2005:Caviar crisis: Iran's Caspian sturgeon fishermen fear for the future  - BBC
11/20/2005:Road to nowhere: New drugs dilemma hits rural areas of the US  - BBC
11/20/2005:Symantec beats the research drum  - C/Net
11/20/2005:Billionaire reverses course, buys tech stocks  - C/Net
11/20/2005:Online DVD rentals expected to surge  - C/Net
11/20/2005:HP opens R&D lab in China  - C/Net

11/20/2005:A Self-Effacing Scholar Is Psychiatry's Gadfly  - NY Times
11/20/2005:The Brain Is Broadly Wired For Reproduction - Science Daily
11/20/2005:Ketogenic Diet Prevents Seizures By Enhancing Brain Energy Production, Increasing Neuron Stability - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/20/2005:Hubble Sees Stars as They're Born - Space.com
11/20/2005:Seeing Mountains in Starry Clouds of Creation
  - NY Times



11/20/2005:Simulations Show Liquid Water Could Exist on Mars - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:New Technology Extends Satellite Control System Life By At Least 15 Years
 - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:Free Lectures On Exploring Pluto Coming Up At Pasadena City College
 - SpaceDaily
11/20/2005:Making the Red Planet Green
  - Wired News

11/20/2005:Computer Scientists Create 'light Field Camera' Banishing Fuzzy Photos - Science Daily
11/20/2005:Researchers Create Faster, More Efficient Laser For Communications - Science Daily


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