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  November 20, 2004

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Planetary Society’s Cosmos 1 Solar Sail Ready for Flight -  A clicking countdown clock has started, leading to a liftoff of the orbital mission of Cosmos 1 -- billed as the world’s first solar sail spacecraft. "It’s been a long road…four years of development," said Louis Friedman, Executive Director of The Planetary Society and Project Director of Cosmos 1 at a briefing today from the group’s facilities. "This is very much a citizen’s supported project," he adds. Once the solar sail spacecraft is in Earth orbit, a set of 8 triangular sail blades are to be deployed by inflatable tubes, Friedman said. Several days to perhaps a week of checkout is likely before the blades are in position, he added. "Then we will begin to fly what we hope is controlled solar sail flight within the second week of the mission…and declare victory," Friedman noted.   
Cassini Spots Possible Ice Volcano On Titan - SpaceDaily  A strikingly bright feature that is consistent with an active geology has been seen in one of Cassini's first radar images of Saturn's moon Titan. There are many possibilities for what it is but one of the leading candidates is that it may be a 'cryovolcanic' flow or 'ice volcano'. "It may be something that flowed," said Cassini radar team member Dr. Ralph Lorenz of the University of Arizona, Tucson. "Or it could be something carved by erosion. It's too early to say. But it looks very much like it's something that oozed across the surface. It may be some sort of cryovolcanic flow.  

Computer generated image of the human heart (BBC)

Returning rhythm How stem cells could lead to a biological pacemaker  - BBC  Left:  Engineered stem cells could return the rhythm.  Ira Cohen, of the State University of New York at Stony Brook, US, says the pacemaker manufacturer Guidant is funding the project to see whether immature cells from the bone marrow can be genetically engineered to create pulsations that drive the human heart. A heartbeat is initiated by an electrical pulse generated by the pacemaker cells. As the current hits neighbouring cells, they too release charge, and a wave of electrical activity perfuses the heart tissue, triggering muscle contraction as it passes by.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/20/2004: Rogue finger gene got bats airborne - New Scientist
11/20/2004: When the Grizzlies Headed South
  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Observatory: Love Is Cloudy  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Q & A: The Earwig's Weapons  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Join a Discussion on Bioethics  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Just Average, and Therein Lay His Greatness  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Actin Muscles In On DNA Transcription - Science Daily
11/20/2004: Santa Barbara Researchers Discover Living Nanoscale - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/20/2004: Researcher says Atlantis was near Cyprus - MSNBC
11/20/2004: Melting Swiss glaciers threaten Alps  - Wired News
11/20/2004: Side Effects: Mother Earth Comes Around to Latex Tops  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Books of The Times:| 'Earth': Some of the Many Tales Earth Has That Explain How Its Face Got That Way  - NY Times
11/20/2004: E.P.A. Says Enforcement Shows Results  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Mother Earth Comes Around to Latex Tops  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Study: Chemicals Linger in Environment  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Tropical Birds Sensitive To Environmental Cues That Can Be Impacted By Global Warming - Science Daily
11/20/2004: Researchers Tracking Sources Of Arsenic Contamination In Water - Science Daily


11/20/2004: Skype plugs hole in VoIP software
  - C/Net
11/20/2004: Feds claim control over VoIP, leave tax issue open
  - C/Net
11/20/2004: VoIP wins with Bush victory
  - C/Net
11/20/2004: Feds claim control over VoIP, leave tax issue open
  - C/Net
11/20/2004: Study Shows Hands-free Cell Phones Dangerously Distracted Drivers' Attention
 - Science Daily

11/20/2004: AMD hatches new naming plan for chip generations  - C/Net

11/20/2004: A File Your Living Room? - Business Week
11/20/2004: How do we do a $100 PC?  - C/Net

11/20/2004: Halt! Who goes there?  - C/Net
11/20/2004: Electoral junk mail  - C/Net
11/20/2004: Blogs' news impact inspires study  - CNN
11/20/2004: Trial reveals spammer techniques  - CNN
11/20/2004: Report: eBay catalog on the way  - CNN
11/20/2004: Yahoo! tests tougher spam tech  - CNN

11/20/2004: China and Linux: Microsoft, Beware! - Business Week
11/20/2004: Sun launches free Solaris  - C/Net
11/20/2004: Take control of your desktop chaos  - C/Net


11/20/2004: Returning rhythm: How stem cells could lead to a biological pacemaker   - BBC
11/20/2004: How exercise protects the heart  - BBC
11/20/2004: The Claim: Sex Can Set Off a Heart Attack  - NY Times
11/20/2004: ACE Inhibitors Not Needed For Many Heart Disease Patients, According To New Study - Science Daily
11/20/2004: Protein Not Only Aids Nerve Development, But Promotes Blood Vessel Growth, Too - Science Daily
11/20/2004: Coronary Stents Do Not Improve Long-term Survival - Science Daily
11/20/2004: Air Pollution May Cause And Speed Up Artery Disease
 - Science Daily

11/20/2004: Brain tumour detection advances  - BBC
11/20/2004: Another Way to Fight Breast Cancer Relapse  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Vaccine Shown To "Substantially" Reduce Cervical Cancer - Science Daily

11/20/2004: Pupils offered meningitis drugs  - BBC
11/20/2004: Morphine-free poppies could help fight malaria - New Scientist

11/20/2004: Kicking the habit: How a football club is encouraging children to become healthy  - BBC
11/20/2004: Obesity sparks diabetes fears  - BBC
11/20/2004: Genetic variation gives a taste for alcohol - New Scientist
11/20/2004: Yale Study Might Help Smokers Quit - Science Daily

11/20/2004: Triplets develop 'at slower rate'  - BBC
11/20/2004: Junk food adverts 'face TV ban'  - BBC
11/20/2004: Parents unworried by 'couch kids'  - BBC
11/20/2004: Food industry slams obesity plans  - BBC
11/20/2004: Early screening could cut cot deaths - New Scientist
11/20/2004: Vital Signs: Not So Fast: List of Acid Reflux Culprits Grows  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Cause and Effect: It's Not the Cold, It's the Chill  - NY Times
11/20/2004: A Superfluous Organ Can Still Cause Trouble  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Smart or Misguided? The Proactive Doctor
  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Work Out Now, Ache Later? How Your Muscles Pay You Back
  - NY Times
11/20/2004: "Perfect Electrical Assassin" Responsible For Many Unexplained Sudden Deaths
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/20/2004: Researcher says Atlantis was near Cyprus - MSNBC
11/20/2004: Titanic discoverer fears impact of tourism - MSNBC
11/20/2004: King Tut will go on journey for X-ray test - MSNBC
11/20/2004: Garbage betrays date of earliest village life - New Scientist
11/20/2004: A Submersible Robot Dives for Steamship Gold  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Florissant Tops Amber Deposits For Fossil Beetle Richness, According To CU-Boulder Study - Science Daily
11/20/2004: Are Museum Collections Of Ancient Life Representative?
 - Science Daily
11/20/2004: Very Low-carbohydrate Diets Work For Men And Upper Body Fat
 - Science Daily
11/20/2004: Chronic Liver Failure To Be Treated Using Stem Cell Therapy
 - Science Daily

11/20/2004: Nerve gas death was 'unlawful'  - BBC
11/20/2004: Andreessen: The Right Spot Again? - Business Week
11/20/2004: Internet leaders ponder U.S. tech policies  - C/Net
11/20/2004: U.S. airborne laser reaches 'First Light'  - CNN
11/20/2004: How Tom Hanks co-starred with himself  - CNN
11/20/2004: China to be biggest chip market by 2008, says ST  - El. Engr. Times
11/20/2004: TI tunes 850-MHz DSP for Chinese basestation spec  - El. Engr. Times
11/20/2004: School board OKs challenges to evolution - MSNBC
11/20/2004: Cosmic Log: Common ground on origins - MSNBC
11/20/2004: Science braces for Bush second term  - Wired News
11/20/2004: Debating the Evidence on Gulf War Illnesses  - NY Times

11/20/2004: Brain inflammation link to autism  - BBC
11/20/2004: Body language fuels the spread of fear - MSNBC
11/20/2004: Lesbian couples raise well-adjusted teenagers - New Scientist
11/20/2004: Vital Signs: Epilepsy: Fear Not, or at Least, Fear Less  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Vital Signs: Reactions: Your Posture, a Telltale Fright Sign  - NY Times
11/20/2004: A Conversation With Martha McClintock: The Chemistry (Literally) of Social Interaction  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Oh, Fine, You're Right. I'm Passive-Aggressive.
  - NY Times
11/20/2004: A Panicked Child, a Worried Parent, a Controversial Pill
  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Forum: Children's Mental Health
  - NY Times

Physics and Astronomy:
11/20/2004: Pluto, the Maybe Planet, Gets Another Look  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Crunch! Oof! Well, That's Physics
  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Graphic: Postgame Analysis
  - NY Times
11/20/2004: The Dangers of Turf
  - NY Times
11/20/2004: Spitzer Sees Ice And Warm Glows In Dark And Dusty Places
 - Science Daily



11/20/2004: Planetary Society’s Cosmos 1 Solar Sail Ready for Flight -
Cassini Spots Possible Ice Volcano On Titan - SpaceDaily
11/20/2004: China plans to have over 100 "eyes in the sky" by 2020 - New Scientist

11/20/2004: Shock waves tear food bugs apart - New Scientist
11/20/2004: Carving New Frontiers For Ion-Beam Technology - Science Daily


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