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  November 2, 2005

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Energy-Storage Clothing For Space - SpaceDaily   Researchers at Donghua University have invented new energy-storage clothing to be used in space flights and in daily wear that keep people warm or cool, and always comfortable, regardless of the outdoor temperature. And the phase-change fabric looks and feels just like cotton or wool. Spacemen, spacewomen and ordinary consumers should like it. Donghua University is working with scientists to develop new space suits and other garments for spaceflights, first the space suits for a projected 2007 space walk. The fiber research development is still in an experimental stage. The energy-saving clothing is made of a phase-change fiber, a compound material capable of absorbing or releasing heat when subjected to heating or cooling during a temperature change.  
China Warns Of Five-Fold Increase In Air Pollution In 15 Years - Seattle Times  Left:  File image of a dense blanket of polluted air hovering over central eastern China. The 'Giant Brown Cloud' is an unhealthy mix of ozone, smoke, and other particles from human activities. Credit: NASA/Orbimage.  "In the future 15 years, the population of China will reach 1.46 billion and the GDP will double, the pollution load will increase by four to five times according to the present resource consumption rate and pollution control level," said Zhang Lijun, vice minister of China's environmental agency SEPA. China's GDP growth of more than nine percent is causing more pollutants to be emitted, as more coal is burned for energy and more polluting factories are built.       

Ginseng 'helps to ward off colds'  - BBC  The University of Alberta team found just one in 10 people taking daily ginseng capsules had two colds or more, compared to a quarter of others. Researchers also found ginseng reduced the severity of colds, the Canadian Medical Association Journal reported. In the study of 323 people, the Canadian team gave one group two capsules of North American ginseng a day for four months during the winter and the second group a placebo, or dummy pill. Symptoms and duration of cold were also much less severe - by about a third each - the researchers said. It is thought ingredients in ginseng improve the immune system by stimulating immunoglobin
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/2/2005: Alcoholism Research Reveals Promising New Approach To Treating Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily

11/2/2005: For Two Primates, Patience Takes Different Forms, Shaped By Ecology - Science Daily
11/2/2005: In Western Bluebird As Well As Human Families, Accumulated Wealth Encourages Stability
 - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Costly Plant Tumors Are Found By Cornell Microbiologist To Be Result Of Soil Bacterium 'Smelling' And Entering Wound - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Yale Researchers Make Cell Biology Quantitative - Science Daily
11/2/2005: New Gene Regulation Mechanism Discovered - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Scientists complete map of human genetic variation ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: Gene map pattern provides breakthrough for scientists ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: Gene map 'personal drugs' hope  - BBC
11/2/2005: 'Start of life' gene discovered  - BBC
11/2/2005: Transplant 'DNA mix-up' concerns  - BBC
11/2/2005: • A New Roadmap for Genetics - Business Week
11/2/2005: Map of human DNA variations finished - MSNBC
11/2/2005: Sonar users versus whale protectors - New Scientist
11/2/2005: Genetic Catalog May Aid Search for Roots of Disease  - NY Times
11/2/2005: Pending Animal Measure Threatens U.S. Research, AAAS Says In Letter To Congressional Committee - Science Daily
11/2/2005: New Classification Of Eukaryotes Has Implications For AIDS Treatment, Agriculture And Beyond - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Study Provides Insight Into Cellular Defenses Against Genetic Mutation - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Study Shows Deer In Chronic Wasting Disease Zone Stick To Home - Science Daily
11/2/2005: International Consortium Completes Map Of Human Genetic Variation
 - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Scientists Unpick Genetics Of First 15 Minutes Of Life
 - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/2/2005: China Warns Of Five-Fold Increase In Air Pollution In 15 Years - Seattle Times
11/2/2005: Study Finds That Loss Of Tree Diversity Affects The Ability Of Tropical Forests - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Report Finds BLM's Finest Western Lands Suffering ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: Environmental Activists Detained in Hangzhou ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: The Pollution Trade ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: Oregon Company Offers Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Disposable Tableware and Food Packag ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: Hazardous waste free seminars ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: Ballona Wetland Environmentalists Win Big Lawsuit against City of Los Angeles over Playa Vista Methane & Toxic ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: What environmentalists do not want you to know about endangered species ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: Free hazardous waste mangement seminars ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: Volcano erupts on largest Galapagos island; unclear if fauna affected ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: First wild beavers for 500 years  - BBC
11/2/2005: Tropical Cloud 'Dust' Could Hold The Key To Climate Change - Science Daily

11/2/2005: Product Review: This Pen Reads and Talks  - Technology Review 
11/2/2005: No Porn for You, Video IPod!  - Wired News
11/2/2005: When 'Way Cool' Isn't  - Wired News
11/2/2005: Colossus Is Giant Leap for Games  - Wired News
11/2/2005: Gaming gets real: The life of gamers behind the slaying, buying and selling  - BBC
11/2/2005: In pictures: Gamers unmasked: the faces behind the avatars  - BBC
11/2/2005: MP attacks school bullying game
  - BBC
11/2/2005: Why don't more women got game?
  - C/Net

11/2/2005: Speedy connection: A UK firm looks to offer faster net access for train passengers
  - BBC
11/2/2005: Ghost-poets roam on Chinese mobile phones
  - C/Net
11/2/2005: Engineers Make Leap in Optical Networks
  - NY Times

11/2/2005: Startup Seeks to Rev Market for Lower-Power Computing Chips  - Technology Review 
11/2/2005: AMD's market share gains accelerate  - C/Net

11/2/2005: Dude, Dell does backup  - C/Net
11/2/2005: Dell Hits a Bump in China: As demand shiftsfrom cities to the hinterlands, aretail presencemay be key - Business Week

11/2/2005: Google Provides Unintentional Peek at Classified Ad Service  - Technology Review 
11/2/2005: How Plamegate Hurts the Net  - Wired News
11/2/2005: Will Pajamas Media Wake Up Blogs?  - Wired News
11/2/2005: Web of Fear: Net Surfers Cut Back
11/2/2005: Virtually No Respect  - Wired News
11/2/2005: Cyber-Cafe Owner Arrested for Turfing Out 419 Fraud  - Wired News
11/2/2005: German publisher to build online Chinese library of science ...
 - FirstScience
11/2/2005: Microsoft outlines IE7 security plans
  - C/Net
11/2/2005: Google adds TV interviews to video service
  - C/Net

11/2/2005: Who Owns XML?  - Technology Review 
11/2/2005: Innovative Web-Based Software Challenges Windows Status Quo  - Technology Review 
11/2/2005: Lugz to Sue Apple?  - Wired News
11/2/2005: Microsoft aims to trounce Google  - BBC
11/2/2005: Microsoft's 'big bang' could be its last  - C/Net
11/2/2005: New tech speaks many languages at once  - C/Net
11/2/2005: Photos: Tower of Babel crumples  - C/Net
11/2/2005: Red Hat CEO urges rejection of lock-ins  - C/Net
11/2/2005: Judge: Microsoft's music player gaffe is 'concern'  - C/Net

11/2/2005: Recycling: Waste not ~ Want Not ~ Saving Energy Intelligently ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: Solar charger for cell phones or iPods  - C/Net

11/2/2005: Researchers Learn How Blood Vessel Cells Cope With Their Pressure-packed Job - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Viagra Blunts Effects Of Stress On The Human Heart - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Gene Therapy Reverses Genetic Mutation Responsible For Heart Failure In Muscular Dystrophy - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Fattening up skinny toddlers risks heart health - New Scientist
11/2/2005: Bone Marrow Stem Cells May Heal Hearts Even Years After Heart Attacks - Science Daily 

11/2/2005: Expression Project For Oncology (expO) Collects 1,000th Malignant Tumor Specimen - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Cholesterol Levels And Use Of Lipid-lowering Drugs Are Not Associated With Breast Cancer Risk - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Mammograms Validated as Key in Cancer Fight  - NY Times

11/2/2005: Ginseng 'helps to ward off colds'   - BBC
11/2/2005: Whooping Cough Vaccine Not Just For Kids Anymore - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Bird flu journey: Watch the spread of the killer virus around the world  - BBC
11/2/2005: Experts offer bird flu egg advice  - BBC
11/2/2005: Researcher Says Flu Responders Can Learn From 1918 Epidemic - Science Daily

11/2/2005: Be A Control Freak- Allergists Outline New Focus For Asthmatics - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Smoke ban bill details released  - BBC
11/2/2005: One in four are binge drinkers  - BBC
11/2/2005: Little Evidence Behind Bronchodilator Therapy For Cystic Fibrosis - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Protein Aggregates In Lou Gehrig's Disease Linked To Neuron Death - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Diabetes And Depression Can Be A Fatal Mix - Science Daily

11/2/2005: Anemia Associated With Higher Risk Of Death In The Elderly - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Simple Tests May Help Predict Patients' Pain After Surgery - Science Daily
11/2/2005: My Bionic Quest for Boléro  - Wired News
11/2/2005: £8.1 Million to Fight Neglected Diseases  - Wired News
11/2/2005: Rise seen in winter deaths toll  - BBC
11/2/2005: Bone marrow donors risk DNA identity mix-up - New Scientist
11/2/2005: Box of tricks takes surgery into the sticks - New Scientist
11/2/2005: New Class Of Drug Reduces Post-operative Vomiting - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Middle-age People More Likely To Use Alternative Medicine
 - Science Daily
11/2/2005: UVa Researchers Show That A Natural Carbohydrate Can Help Lower Blood Sugar
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/2/2005: King Tutankhamun was a red wine drinker, tests reveal  - BBC
11/2/2005: King Tut drank red wine, researcher says - MSNBC

11/2/2005: More Than 470 Physicists Sign Petition To Oppose U.S. Policy On Nuclear Attack - Science Daily
11/2/2005: To Beta or Not to Beta  - Technology Review 
11/2/2005: Why Keep Your Eyes on the Road?  - NY Times
11/2/2005: Salary Survey: Are Skimpy Raises the New Normal  - Wired News
11/2/2005: Doubts over biometric passports  - BBC
11/2/2005: British Telephony offers TV 'on demand' service  - BBC
11/2/2005: Banks to blacklist rogue workers in fraud fight  - C/Net
11/2/2005: US drops nuclear “bunker buster” from budget - New Scientist
11/2/2005: Bombers face detection by breathalyser - New Scientist
11/2/2005: Where to Play Superman and See Architecture, Too  - NY Times
11/2/2005: Why 'Filling-it-up' Takes More Than 'Tank Capacity' - Science Daily
11/2/2005: More Deadly Anthrax Spores May Remain After Decontamination - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Wine And Cheese Experts Provide Recommendations For Ideal Parings Using Sensory Scale - Science Daily

11/2/2005: Carnegie Mellon Study Finds That Facial Expressions Reveal How The Body Reacts To Stress - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Schizophrenia: Delusion Without Illusion - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Autism Problems Explained In New Research - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Local Anesthetics Are Effective For Neuropathic Pain - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Color Perception Is Not In The Eye Of The Beholder: It's In The Brain - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Largest Survey On Depression Suggests Higher Prevalence In U.S., Reports Mailman School - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Changes In Brain, Not Age, Determine One's Ability To Focus On Task
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/2/2005: Foam result surprises scientists - PhysicsWeb
11/2/2005: Even 'Failed Stars' Can Form Planets
 - Science Daily
11/2/2005: NASA's Hubble Looks For Possible Moon Resources
 - Science Daily



11/2/2005: Tile Test System Could Make Space Shuttle Safer - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Russia may spend $20Bln on space programs over 10 years ...
 - FirstScience
11/2/2005: Russian Cabinet OKs 9-Year Space Program ...
 - FirstScience
11/2/2005: First student satellite lifts off
  - BBC
11/2/2005: NC State Researchers Redesign Life For Mars And Beyond - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Cassini Finds Prometheus A Sculptor Of Saturn's Rings
 - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Power Glitch Afflicts Europe's First Student-Built Satellite Mission
11/2/2005: Current Status of Hayabusa And Events Scheduled In November

11/2/2005: Energy-Storage Clothing For Space - SpaceDaily
11/2/2005: Road To Greener Chemistry Paved With Nano-gold, Researchers Report - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Boeing wants suppliers on board with tags - Science Daily
11/2/2005: Simple scanning software saves space ... - FirstScience
11/2/2005: New clear material tougher than bulletproof glass - New Scientist


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