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  November 19, 2005

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Star On The Run - SpaceDaily   Using ESO's Very Large Telescope, astronomers have recorded a massive star moving at more than 2.6 million kilometres per hour (7,200 miles per hour, or 4,500 miles an hour). Stars are not born with such large velocities. Its position in the sky leads to the suggestion that the star was kicked out from the Large Magellanic Cloud, providing indirect evidence for a massive black hole in the Milky Way's closest neighbour. These results will soon be published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. The data also revealed the high speed of the star, solving the riddle of its present location: the star did not form in the Milky Way halo, but happens to be there while on its interstellar - or intergalactic - travel. This could imply the existence of a massive black hole inside the Large Magellanic Cloud. Another explanation would require the star to be the result of the merging of two stars. 
South Africa To Unveil Its Flagship "Eye Of Africa Into Space" Telescope - SpaceDaily  Left:  Fish eye photo of the inside of the SALT telescope.  The inauguration of the southern hemisphere's largest telescope Thursday near a small South African town would be a milestone towards realising the country's aim as a "first rate science" country, astronomers said this week. The SALT (Southern African Largest Telescope), to be unveiled by President Thabo Mbeki near the arid Karoo town of Sutherland, will give astronomers a first rate glimpse of distant stars, galaxies and quasars. With a mirror diameter of 11 metres (36 feet) SALT has a maximum resolution of 0.25 arcseconds    

Electrons lose their mass in carbon sheets - PhysicsWeb   Left:  Graphene  Two teams of physicists have discovered previously unseen exotic behaviour in sheets of carbon atoms. The teams have shown that electrons move through the sheets as if they have no rest mass. They have also observed a minimum value of conductivity for the sheets and an unusual form of the quantum Hall effect (Nature 438 197 and 201). In particular they discovered that the electrons in graphene behave like relativistic particles that have no rest mass and travel at about 106 metres per second. Although this is a factor of 300 slower than the speed of light in vacuum, it is still much faster than the speed of electrons in an ordinary conductor. Moreover, the electrons in most conductors can be described by non-relativistic quantum mechanics, whereas the electrons in graphene need to be treated  Both teams also observe a new, relativistic, "half-integer" quantum Hall effect. Electrons in graphene behave like relativistic particles that have no rest mass. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/19/2005: Jefferson Biologist Coaxing Human Embryonic Stem Cells To Make Dopamine With Simpler, Faster Method - Science Daily
11/19/2005: Egg Ethics Spark Stem-Cell Rift
  - Wired News
11/19/2005: Sweden's Nessie Loses its Special Protection  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
11/19/2005: Deadly Effects of Future U.S. Heat Waves Predicted - Space.com
11/19/2005: Australia headed for hottest year on record - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: Harsh Winter Arrives In Quake-Hit Areas - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: Satellites Support Kyoto Protocol Through Forest Mapping Service - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: Blair accused over global warming ... - FirstScience
11/19/2005: Brazilian Environmentalist Commits Suicide In Protest ... - FirstScience
11/19/2005: Los Angeles Named Nation's Smog Capital ... - FirstScience
11/19/2005: Environmentalists criticise French climate plan ... - FirstScience
11/19/2005: UK NGOs press Blair over climate change ... - FirstScience
11/19/2005: UK sites in acid rain 'recovery'  - BBC

11/19/2005: Use the Thumbs, Luke  - Wired News
11/19/2005: Will Sidekick III Gain an EDGE?  - Wired News
11/19/2005: $1 million to the best casual gamer  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Xbox 360 to launch with 18 titles  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Clashes precede Net governance showdown  - C/Net

11/19/2005: Internet-based phones become a better call
 - Seattle Times
11/19/2005: India's Telecom Sees More Liberalization
 - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: Feds Fear BlackBerry Suit
  - Technology Review 
11/19/2005: Enlisting Cellphone Signals to Fight Road Gridlock
  - NY Times
11/19/2005: Gas Pipe Broadband?
  - Wired News
11/19/2005: Photos: Sprint phones rock out
  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Cisco enters citywide wireless market
  - C/Net

11/19/2005: Sun's Eco-Chip  - Technology Review 

11/19/2005: World's Fastest Computers  - Technology Review 
11/19/2005: Turn Mac Mini Into Music Monster  - Wired News

11/19/2005: Google lawsuit poses dilemma - Seattle Times
11/19/2005: Grokster might not be dead after all - Seattle Times
11/19/2005: Political Money on Web  - Technology Review 
11/19/2005: Overseeing the Internet  - Technology Review 
11/19/2005: The Real Web TV  - Technology Review 
11/19/2005: Profits May Rock Podcasting World  - Wired News
11/19/2005: EBay Evolving
  - Wired News
11/19/2005: US heads for internet showdown
  - BBC
11/19/2005: Scatter-gun effect: Is the lack of a plan the genius behind Google's rapid growth?
  - BBC
11/19/2005: One more thing to hate: splogs
  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Bots may get cloak of encryption
  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Zimbra readies open-source business e-mail
  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Net control key issue at summit
  - CNN

11/19/2005: Lost records 'fuel digital drive'  - BBC
11/19/2005: Microsoft considers radical pricing: free  - C/Net
11/19/2005: 22 comments  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Sony's CD scheme backfires  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Microsoft readies business applications update  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Sony's new name, to some: 'Sory'  - C/Net
11/19/2005: A blowup over copy protection and more  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Yahoo's Hollywoodification  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Windows desktop search gets down to business  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Supercharged college P2P network closes  - C/Net

11/19/2005: Major renewable energy plant opens in Fermanagh ... - FirstScience

11/19/2005: Statins Reduce The Risk Of Stroke And Death After Carotid Artery Surgery - Science Daily
11/19/2005: EKG to Go  - Technology Review 

11/19/2005: The Nude Mouse Tale: Omega-3 Fats Save The Life Of A Terminal Cancer Patient
11/19/2005: Patients confused by cancer care  - BBC
11/19/2005: 'I just couldn't take anything in'  - BBC

11/19/2005: China Concerned, Reports New Outbreak - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: Young, Healthy Most Affected By H5N1 - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: Report Offers Tips To Stem Pandemics - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: Clock Ticking on Vaccine Options  - Wired News
11/19/2005: Fungi 'new tool' against malaria  - BBC


11/19/2005: Implant Relieves Nausea Without Drugs - Space.com

History, Anthropology:
11/19/2005: Strange brew made by women - MSNBC
11/19/2005: Peruvian brewmasters pinned down  - Nature
11/19/2005: Ancient Peruvian brewery is toasted, then torched - New Scientist
11/19/2005: Histories: The day the gold rush stopped - New Scientist

11/19/2005: Trolling for patents - Seattle Times
11/19/2005: Key patent cases - Seattle Times
11/19/2005: Casinos to bet on wireless gambling - Seattle Times
11/19/2005: Fear of ID theft lessens if you look beyond numbers - Seattle Times
11/19/2005: Who says quitters never win? - Seattle Times
11/19/2005: Israel Chooses Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle To Launch New Spy Satellite - Space.com
11/19/2005: ISRO To Launch Israel's Spy Satellite - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: China Knocks Down US Missile Initiative - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: Behind The Headlines, UN Labs Test For Nuclear Violations - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: Tech Aid for Africa  - Technology Review 
11/19/2005: Boycott Sony  - Wired News
11/19/2005: Narrowing the Digital Divide  - Wired News
11/19/2005: Way Too In2TV  - Wired News
11/19/2005: ANGOLA - Science and Technology Ministry To Set Up Labs In Luanda ... - FirstScience
11/19/2005: Will Sony's DRM nightmare affect future policies?  - C/Net
11/19/2005: 9 comments  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Are U.S. innovators losing their competitive edge?  - C/Net
11/19/2005: 8 comments  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Open source: Developing markets look for alternatives to U.S.  - C/Net
11/19/2005: China: Local software for local people
  - C/Net
11/19/2005: India: Speaking your language
  - C/Net
11/19/2005: Brazil: The spirit of community12 hours, 51 minutes ago
  - C/Net

11/19/2005: Spanking Leads To Child Aggression And Anxiety, Regardless Of Cultural Norm - Science Daily
11/19/2005: Drawing Out Autism  - Technology Review 
11/19/2005: How to be happy: Experts believe they have found the essential ingredients  - BBC
11/19/2005: Brain deficits found in relatives of autism sufferers  - Nature

Physics and Astronomy:
11/19/2005: Electrons lose their mass in carbon sheets - PhysicsWeb
South Africa To Unveil Its Flagship "Eye Of Africa Into Space" Telescope - SpaceDaily
Star On The Run - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: Astronomers Determine Trigger of Massive Star Formation
 - Space.com
11/19/2005: Article Examines a Disputed Einstein Paper
  - Physics Org
11/19/2005: Cosmic Log: Newton renewed



11/19/2005: Jupiter's Massive Winds Likely Generated From Deep Inside Its Interior, Scientists Report - Science Daily
11/19/2005: University Of Alberta Scientist Offers Clues To Windy Jupiter
 - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: UND Opens National Suborbital Education And Research Center
 - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: In Space You Really Can Hear Paul Sing
 - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: Antarctica Is A Hot Spot For UA Scientists Hunting Meteorites
 - SpaceDaily
11/19/2005: 11.14.05  NASA TV Airs Space Station Soyuz Move The residents of the International Space Station will take a ...
11/19/2005: Asteroid Blasting Made Easy ...
 - FirstScience
11/19/2005: Mega-lift Ariane rocket launch delayed - New Scientist

11/19/2005: Metals Involved In The Colour Of Wine - Science Daily
11/19/2005: New Microscope Allows Scientists To Track A Functioning Protein With Atomic-level Precision - Science Daily
11/19/2005: A breakthrough few months for portable TV - Seattle Times
11/19/2005: Photo Renaissance  - Technology Review 
11/19/2005: Understanding Affordability  - Technology Review 
11/19/2005: Oatmeal From '70s Still Tastes OK  - Wired News


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