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  November 18, 2005

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Nanotechnology Center Makes Flexible Solar Cell Breakthrough - SpaceDaily  For years, researchers have worked to create flexible, or "conformal," organic solar cells that can be wrapped around surfaces, rolled up or even painted onto structures, but the best scientists have been able to do is about 3 percent efficiency, until now. Researchers at Wake Forest, with the help of researchers at New Mexico State University, have achieved an efficiency rate for organic solar cells of almost 6 percent. Wake Forest researchers hope to reach 10 percent by October 2006, said David Carroll, director of the nanotechnology center at Wake Forest.    
'Gravity tractor' to deflect Earth-bound asteroids - New Scientist  NASA scientists have come up with a surprisingly simple yet effective way to deflect an Earth-bound asteroid – park a large spacecraft close by and let gravity do the work. For a 200-metre-wide asteroid, the spacecraft would need to weigh about 20 tonnes and lurk 50 metres from its target for about a year to change its velocity enough to knock it off course. The strategy crucially relies on our ability to detect an asteroid threat about 20 years in advance. For larger asteroids this is realistic.    

IBM demos low-cost 3D TV tech  - C/Net  IBM expects that the technology could be built into a standard DLP television for less than $20. IBM configured the set with its own hardware and software, which takes 3D content and splits it into two images that are later translated as a stereophonic image with the help of "passive" glasses like those one would find in an IMAX theater. The converter box can be retrofitted onto existing projectors for a little more than $1,000, Santoro said.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/18/2005: Alzheimer's Disease Onset Tied To Lapses In Attention - Science Daily

11/18/2005: S Korean scientist defends work  - BBC
11/18/2005: Stem cell scientist quits Korean team over ethics
 - New Scientist
11/18/2005: Central Americans Save Plant Diversity Through Local Cultivations - Science Daily
11/18/2005: Genes Involved In Biofilms - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/18/2005: Deforestation slowing, UN says  - BBC
11/18/2005: Mom's watchdog site sued for $2 million  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Groups Propose Alternative to E.P.A. Rules on Mercury  - NY Times

11/18/2005: Top British players head to Singapore for World Cyber Games  - BBC
11/18/2005: Dungeons & Dragons goes virtual  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Images: 'D&D' goes online  - C/Net
11/18/2005: A flash drive with a backstory  - C/Net
11/18/2005: EA cuts prices on some video games  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Hasbro gadget to show downloaded Nick toons  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Anime meets iPod
  - NY Times

11/18/2005: AOL to launch online television
  - BBC
11/18/2005: • Behind Those Video-on-Demand Deals
 - Business Week
11/18/2005: Start-up aims to join telephone, wireless calls
  - C/Net
11/18/2005: New Linux phone standards effort in the works
  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Mobile devices users don't keep it to themselves
  - CNN
11/18/2005: Mobile TV: Will anyone watch it?
  - C/Net

11/18/2005: • Disk Drive Makers: Back in Gear - Business Week

11/18/2005: Supercomputers set the pace  - BBC
11/18/2005: Supercomputinging the USA  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Sun gets optical  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Itanium sinks again in supercomputers  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Deal brings optical connections to Sun supercomputer  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Photos: Supercomputers at SC05  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Top supercomputer reaches new record speeds
 - New Scientist
11/18/2005: World's Fastest Computer Gets Even Faster
  - NY Times

11/18/2005: At-a-glance: Where in the world is the digital divide?  - BBC
11/18/2005: Tunisia under fire over UN summit  - BBC
11/18/2005: Changing times: Why the US has to accept that others have a stake in the net  - BBC
11/18/2005: • Time Warner's Online TV Deal - Business Week
11/18/2005: • The End of TV (As You Know It) - Business Week
11/18/2005: • Grabbing the Grassroots - Business Week
11/18/2005: Underground blockbusters
  - C/Net
11/18/2005: The law of 'spontaneous order'
  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Photos: Defining tastes
  - C/Net
11/18/2005: TV on the Web gets going
  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Intel brings virtualization to the desktop
11/18/2005: AOL says 'Welcome back' to old TV shows
  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Want to rent a book online?
  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Control the Internet? A futile pursuit, some say
  - NY Times
11/18/2005: Blogger takes on restaurant critic
  - CNN
11/18/2005: AOL unveils free Web TV
  - CNN
11/18/2005: Net control key issue at summit
  - CNN

11/18/2005: Microsoft to remove Sony CD code  - BBC
11/18/2005: • Sun: Back to High Performance - Business Week
11/18/2005: Google's Glitchy Picasa - Business Week
11/18/2005: Sony rootkit prompts office clampdown on CD use  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Sony to halt use of CD protection  - CNN
11/18/2005: World's poor still face digital divide  - CNN

11/18/2005: Nanotechnology Center Makes Flexible Solar Cell Breakthrough - SpaceDaily
11/18/2005: Clean Energy Soon Indispensable As Oil Runs Low: Experts - SpaceDaily
11/18/2005: Gas Prices To Increase Online Shopping - SpaceDaily
11/18/2005: Tangled thinking: Analysis - the muddled roots of Britain's looming energy gap  - BBC
11/18/2005: Green chemistry: Biodiesel made with sugar catalyst  - Nature
11/18/2005: If a nuclear convoy should crash… - New Scientist
11/18/2005: Spoonful of sugar makes biofuel greener
 - New Scientist

11/18/2005: Low carb diets 'cut heart energy'  - BBC
11/18/2005: • Angioplasty: In and Out in a Day - Business Week
11/18/2005: Women Are Receiving Less Aggressive Treatment For Chest Pain And Heart Attacks Than Men, Study Finds - Science Daily
11/18/2005: Clinical Study On Heart Failure To Use Cholesterol-lowering Statin - Science Daily

11/18/2005: Ethnic vulnerability: 'I didn't know anything about breast cancer, no-one talked about it'  - BBC
11/18/2005: Shock tactics: Oral cancer pictures send a message to children  - BBC
11/18/2005: Columbia Study Suggests Benefits Of Herbal Extract In Early Treatment Of Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
11/18/2005: Genes Collaborate To Suppress Common Pediatric Brain Tumor - Science Daily

11/18/2005: Mothers 'were right' over colds  - BBC
11/18/2005: Caution over HIV 'cure' claims  - BBC
11/18/2005: Q&A: 'Cured' of HIV: Is it possible for the body to rid itself of the Aids virus?"  - BBC
11/18/2005: Drug fakes hit malaria control  - BBC
11/18/2005: Experts urge caution on HIV 'miracle recovery'  - Nature

11/18/2005: Why Children Of Parents With Type 2 Diabetes Are At Risk Themselves - Science Daily
11/18/2005: Nine Percent Of Children May Outgrow Their Tree Nut Allergies - Science Daily

11/18/2005: Medical training 'bodies threat'  - BBC
11/18/2005: Call for free condoms in prisons  - BBC
11/18/2005: Chinese medicine outlets probed  - BBC
11/18/2005: How a health blackspot map will target the sick near you  - BBC
11/18/2005: • Doctors Wielding Data - Business Week
11/18/2005: Polio patient 'lived in an iron lung for seven years'  - CNN
11/18/2005: Stanford Scientists' Discovery Of Hormone Offers Hope For Obesity Drug - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/18/2005: Kansas’ definition of science sparks debate - MSNBC
11/18/2005: Clay Material May Have Acted As 'Primordial Womb' For First Organic Molecules - Science Daily
11/18/2005: Earliest European Farmers Left Little Genetic Mark On Modern Europe - Science Daily
11/18/2005: Giant Ape Lived Alongside Humans - Science Daily

11/18/2005: Gateway's Turnaround Tale: He slashed costs and nabbed retail share. Now, CEO Wayne Inouye is going after big customers - Business Week
11/18/2005: The Tech Industry's Great Task - Business Week
11/18/2005: ROI: Risk of incarceration?  - C/Net
11/18/2005: How can start ups grow?  - C/Net
11/18/2005: IT governance in anti-terrorist spotlight  - C/Net
11/18/2005: Mini eyes in sky explored  - CNN
11/18/2005: India's troubled waters  - CNN
11/18/2005: ID theft -- beware the hype  - CNN
11/18/2005: Israel to grant Intel $525 million for wafer fab  - El. Engr. Times
11/18/2005: Monster aquarium set to make a splash - MSNBC
11/18/2005: Max Planck Researchers Discover A Protein Which Is Deadly For Anthrax Bacteria - Science Daily

11/18/2005: Men write shorter, more sarcastic texts, say researchers  - BBC
11/18/2005: Still in love?What are the common issues affecting our relationships?  - BBC
11/18/2005: Smacking's impact 'same globally'  - BBC
11/18/2005: Brain deficits found in relatives of autism sufferers  - Nature
11/18/2005: Ecstasy may damage the brain’s physical defences - New Scientist
11/18/2005: Increased Suicide Rate With Possible Link To Nearby Industry Chemicals In Second N.C. Community - Science Daily
11/18/2005: When It Comes To Babies Learning Language, The Eyes Have It
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/18/2005: Physicists Show Coherence Of Bose-Einstein Condensates Extends To Spin State Of Atoms - Science Daily

11/18/2005: Old age is no bar to having a sharp mind, say scientists  - BBC


11/18/2005: 'Gravity tractor' to deflect Earth-bound asteroids  - New Scientist 
11/18/2005: Robot asteroid-explorer is lost in space
 - New Scientist
11/18/2005: Star Trek Actor's Ashes Grounded As Falcon 1 Faces More Delays
 - SpaceDaily
11/18/2005: Arianespace's New Heavy Lifter Launches Two Satellites
 - SpaceDaily
11/18/2005: The late Rod Serling to open 'Medium'
  - CNN

11/18/2005: IBM demos low-cost 3D TV tech   - C/Net
11/18/2005: King Kong film 'may become 3D'  - BBC
11/18/2005: Audio aficionados in tireless pursuit of the ultimate sound system  - CNN
11/18/2005: ‘Blended wing’ craft passes wind-tunnel tests - New Scientist


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