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  November 18, 2004

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Electrodynamic Tethers: Getting into the Swing - SpaceDaily  An electrodynamic tether (EDT) is a simple idea, but one with an amazing number of uses. An EDT system is made up of two masses in orbit connected by a long, flexible, electrically conductive cable; the tether is essentially a wire that moves through the magnetic field of the Earth (or another planet or large body). An EDT powered by solar cells can raise a satellite to a higher orbit without using any propellant. 
Iran Boasts It Can Mass-Produce Shahab-3 - SpaceDaily  Left:  File image of a Shahab-3 missile test in preparation.  Iran is capable of mass-producing the Shahab-3, a ballistic missile capable of hitting Israel, Defence Minister Ali Shamkhani said Tuesday. Iran has recently upgraded the Shahab-3 ballistic missile - believed to be based on a North Korean design - and some officials have said it now has a range of at least 2,000 kilometres (about 1,200 miles). Shamkhani also denied that Iran was interested in developing a missile capable of reaching Europe, something Iran's regional arch-enemy Israel has warned of. "We have mastered the technology... ", Shamkhani was also quoted as saying.

New NASA-Japanese Telescope Images Uncharted Wavelengths - SpaceDaily  Left:  The first "hard X-ray" image of a celestial object, a pulsar system called 4U 0115+63. This is a false-color image showing X-ray intensity from white (brightest) to blue (faintest). This is a two-star system, in which a pulsar (about 20 miles across) orbits star larger than our Sun. From our distant vantage point, the system appears as a single point. The structure seen here - glowing in X-rays at the 20-40 kilo-electron-volt energy level, thousands of times more energetic than optical light - is not visible to optical telescopes. X-rays are generated when gas from the Sun-like star falls towards and onto the pulsar, attracted by the dense pulsars strong gravity. Credit: NASA/Nagoya University.  Scientists using an experimental X-ray telescope suspended from a balloon have captured a unique picture of a pulsar shining in high-energy "hard" X-rays.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/18/2004: Test could spot Alzheimer's early  - BBC

11/18/2004: Show Time for Stem-Cell Science  - Wired News
11/18/2004: DNA puts new spin on moa extinction ...
 - FirstScience
11/18/2004: Fisheries link to bushmeat trade  - BBC
11/18/2004: Disease raises fears for plants  - BBC
11/18/2004: India bugs trees in high-tech crackdown on illegal logging  - C/Net
11/18/2004: Overfishing puts a strain on land-based wildlife - New Scientist
11/18/2004: Male contraception gets a boost  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
11/18/2004: Sea Change: Skeletons Of Ancient Corals Different From Today's - Science Daily
11/18/2004: Blair heads to US under growing pressure to shed "poodle" image - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: British press gives Blair 'shopping list' for White House visit - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: China facing increasing pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Russia, Ukraine Plan New Earth Satellite - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Arctic Ice Cap Melt- A Boon For Shipping With New Northern Route - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Florida E-Vote Fraud: Unlikely  - Wired News
11/18/2004: Photo journal: Locals struggle in the shadow of a polluting Chinese coke plant  - BBC
11/18/2004: Overfishing hurts African wildlife - MSNBC

11/18/2004: Population 1m Welcome to San Andreas, Britain's favourite getaway  - BBC
11/18/2004: The Word on the Next iPod: Flash - Business Week
11/18/2004: For the love of the game  - C/Net
11/18/2004: Photo: Adventure begins  - C/Net
11/18/2004: 'Half-Life 2' comes alive  - C/Net
11/18/2004: This week in game news  - C/Net
11/18/2004: 'Grand Theft Auto' is violent, exhilarating game
  - CNN

11/18/2004: The Selling of Cell Phone TV
  - Technology Review
11/18/2004: DoCoMo Is Ready for 4G
 - Business Week
11/18/2004: This week in VoIP news
  - C/Net
11/18/2004: Researchers to make good use of dark fiber
  - El. Engr. Times

11/18/2004: AMD sketches out new high-end, low-end chips  - C/Net
11/18/2004: AMD tips 'Pacifica' and 'Presidio' processors for '06  - El. Engr. Times
11/18/2004: TSMC's 65-nm process set to arrive late 2005, cost $1 billion

11/18/2004: Security shortfall?  - C/Net
11/18/2004: IBM's unusual design  - C/Net
11/18/2004: Let's get small  - C/Net
11/18/2004: Playing it cool  - C/Net
11/18/2004: Study: Supercomputer clusters shortchange security  - C/Net
11/18/2004: Eikos to boost ink production for display market  - El. Engr. Times

11/18/2004: Microsoft's new search engine not ready yet - Seattle Times
11/18/2004: Firefox 1.0 Makes Flashy Debut  - Wired News
11/18/2004: These Traffic Numbers Are Real  - Wired News
11/18/2004: Bofra virus uses poison web links to spread itself online  - BBC
11/18/2004: MSN Search's Beta Blunder - Business Week
11/18/2004: Is Google the new devil?  - C/Net
11/18/2004: Finjan: Warning users or scaring up business?
  - C/Net
11/18/2004: This week in Firefox news
  - C/Net
11/18/2004: Seoul may ban North Korea college Web site
  - C/Net

11/18/2004: Trading CPU Time Like Corn? - Business Week

11/18/2004: Sandia Imagists Overcome Maelstrom Obscuring Z Machine's Drive Force - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Sandia, Stirling To Build Solar Dish Engine - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Japan muses fusion trade-off ... - FirstScience
11/18/2004: Accord Set on Efficiency for Cooling  - NY Times

11/18/2004: Fat Buildup Found In Hearts Of Obese Or Diabetic Heart Failure Patients - Science Daily

11/18/2004: Cell Enzyme May Help Suppress Cancer Development - Science Daily
11/18/2004: Vaccine may protect against cervical cancer - New Scientist

11/18/2004: Rare meningitis 'treatment hope'  - BBC
11/18/2004: Humans may get different forms of BSE - New Scientist
11/18/2004: WHO backs genetic experiments with smallpox - New Scientist
11/18/2004: Hurricanes Blamed for Fruit Infection  - NY Times

11/18/2004: Smoking toll higher in poor areas  - BBC
11/18/2004: Philip Morris hid link to research facility  - Yahoo

11/18/2004: Hopes over food allergy vaccine  - BBC
11/18/2004: Male contraceptive 'vaccine' proves effective in monkeys  - BBC
11/18/2004: Stress can make pregnant women miscarry - New Scientist
11/18/2004: Mothers urged to emulate kangaroo care - New Scientist
11/18/2004: Pesticide Study Using Children Postponed  - NY Times

History, Anthropology:
11/18/2004: Honeybees Defy Dino-killing 'Nuclear Winter' - Science Daily
11/18/2004: Ancient Creature Fossilized By The Bacteria That Ate It - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: School board OKs challenges to evolution - MSNBC
11/18/2004: Lawyers make final pleas in evolution trial - MSNBC
11/18/2004: Cosmic Log: Your views on evolution - MSNBC
11/18/2004: Ancient Elephant Fossil Found in China  - NY Times

11/18/2004: Iran Boasts It Can Mass-Produce Shahab-3 - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Mexicans flocking to controversial Wal-Mart - Seattle Times
11/18/2004: Fancy Express to Nowhere  - Wired News
11/18/2004: Has TiVo Forsaken Us?  - Wired News
11/18/2004: Diebold to Settle E-Voting Suit  - Wired News
11/18/2004: Cash machine fraud rises sharply  - BBC
11/18/2004: 'Toxin link' to veterans' illness  - BBC
11/18/2004: Will Fancy Sell at AOL? - Business Week
11/18/2004: A Geek's Walk on Wall Street - Business Week
11/18/2004: Science's Next Big Score  - C/Net
11/18/2004: Bush backers counter election apology site  - C/Net
11/18/2004: In Alaska, no child left in the cold - L. A. Times
11/18/2004: DVD makers set for format war  - CNN

11/18/2004: Images Of Desire: Brain Regions Activated By Food Craving Overlap With Areas Implicated In Drug Craving - Science Daily
11/18/2004: Feeling SAD? Why some people only feel depressed during the winter months  - BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
11/18/2004: New NASA-Japanese Telescope Images Uncharted Wavelengths - SpaceDaily 
11/18/2004: Keck Images: The Weird Weather Of Uranus
 - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Keck Images Of Uranus Reveal Ring, Atmospheric Fireworks
 - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Taking A Cat Scan Of The Early Universe
 - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Polaroid Sunglasses let astronomers take a closer look at Black Holes ...
 - Science Daily
11/18/2004: Vacuum Rabi splitting with a single quantum dot in a photonic crystal nanocavity ...
  - Nature
11/18/2004: News: Quantum material goes classical ...
  - Nature
11/18/2004: News and Views: Condensed-matter physics: A magnetic pendulum ...
  - Nature
11/18/2004: Strong coupling in a single quantum dot-semiconductor microcavity system ...
  - Nature
11/18/2004: Polaroid Sunglasses let astronomers take a closer look at Black Holes ...
  - Nature
11/18/2004: Good News For Pluto - Astronomers Say KBOs May Be Smaller Than Thought ...

11/18/2004: New NASA-Japanese Telescope Images Uncharted Wavelengths ...
  - Nature
11/18/2004: Hubble Tracks Asteroid's Sky Trek ...
  - Nature
11/18/2004: Telescope peeks into secret stellar cradles
11/18/2004: Hall effect takes a spin
 - PhysicsWeb


11/18/2004: Firm deploys explosive ordnance disposal robots to Iraq  - El. Engr. Times

11/18/2004: Electrodynamic Tethers: Getting into the Swing - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: NASA Begins Rehearsals For Return To Flight
 - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Space Race 2: Half-Price Rockets - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Tugboat As Lifeboat - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: NASA to Attempt Mach 10 Flight  - Wired News
11/18/2004: European space probe set for lunar orbit ... - FirstScience
11/18/2004: Keck Telescope images of Uranus reveal ring, atmospheric fireworks ...  - Nature
11/18/2004: New observations help Kuiper Belt lose weight - New Scientist
11/18/2004: Europe Reaches The Moon
 - SpaceDaily

11/18/2004: UCSD Chemists Use Tiny 'Chaperones' To Direct Molecules And Nanoparticles In Drop Of Liquid - Science Daily
11/18/2004: Designing An Ultrasensitive Optical Nose For Chemicals - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Gold Nano Anchors Fix Nanowires - SpaceDaily
11/18/2004: Virus warning: Cyborgs at risk  - C/Net
11/18/2004: Popeye gets a digital nip and tuck  - NY Times


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