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  November 17, 2005

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Bugs In Space Survive Key Test On Foton-M2 - SpaceDaily  Left:  Electron microscopic image of lichen following post-flight analysis. The cells are complete and not broken.  One of the main focuses in the search for living organisms on other planets and the possibilities for transfer of life between planets currently centres on bacteria, due to the organisms simplicity and the possibility of it surviving an interplanetary journey exposed to the harsh space environment. This focus may develop to encompass more advanced organisms following the results of an ESA experiment on the recent Foton-M2 mission where it was discovered that lichens are very adept at surviving in open space. During the Foton-M2 mission, which was launched into low-Earth orbit on 31 May 2005, the lichens, which came from two different species (Rhizocarpon geographicum and Xanthoria elegans) were exposed for a total 14.6 days before being returned to Earth.    
Robotic Assembly Of Fuel Cells Could Hasten Hydrogen Economy - SpaceDaily   A new research project at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute aims to tackle the challenge of mass production by using robots to assemble fuel cell stacks. "The U.S. Department of Energy has suggested that the cost of manufacturing fuel cells is the single biggest obstacle on the road to the hydrogen economy," says Raymond Puffer, co-director of the FMC. "We are addressing a component that represents a major portion of the total systems cost: the stack assembly in a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell."    

The big wave: Science believes it is close to something truly astounding  - BBC  Many expect it to be one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of our age: "There'll certainly be a Nobel Prize in it for somebody," says Jim Hough. The Glasgow University scientist has been chasing these "ripples" in space-time for more than 30 years and feels certain he is now just a matter of months away from bagging his quarry. "It will be a big event for two reasons: it will be yet another confirmation that Einstein's Theory of General Relativity is correct, but it will also open up a new kind of astronomy that will allow us to look inside the most violent events in the Universe."    
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/17/2005:†Saving species: The battle to prevent Himalayan plants becoming extinct  - BBC
11/17/2005:†Eskimos try new explosive in whale hunts
11/17/2005:†Worms Know Bad Food When They Smell It - Science Daily
11/17/2005:†Hairy Feet Stick Better To Wet Ceilings - Science Daily
11/17/2005:†N.J. Biologist Studies Ice-Hardy Worms ... - FirstScience

Climate, Environment:
11/17/2005:†'Geocoding' used to locate Katrina survivors  - CNN
11/17/2005:†Arctic countries meet on threat of global warming ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Environmentalists fault DEP chromium cleanup report ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Tackling water pollution at its source: Weyerhaeuser ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Shell - Searching for sustainable solutions to indoor air pollution ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Fuel plan 'will destroy rainforests' ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Global Warming Moved Plants Northward ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Scientists find ozone hold above Antartica one of largest on record ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Biofuel rule for cars will cut greenhouse gases ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†House Leadership Strips Arctic Drilling From Budget Bill ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Water builds the heat in Europe- BBC
11/17/2005:†UN has Iraq environment concern- BBC
11/17/2005:†DDT set to make a comeback as malaria control agent ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Author Jos Saramago joins with Greenpeace to save ancient forests ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Tony Blair's Crimes Against the Climate ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Environment issues in public procurement ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†EPA releases Acid Rain Program 2004 Progess Report ... - FirstScience

11/17/2005:†Like climbing into a bird nest  - NY Times
11/17/2005:†Sean Connery brings Bond back to the U.S.S.R.  - CNN
11/17/2005:†Playing Potter: Find out what went into making the Goblet of Fire game
11/17/2005:†What a buzz! Interactive music PlayStation 2 game gets party started- BBC
11/17/2005:†Curse's Beauty Is Skin Deep  - Wired News
11/17/2005:†The God of Small, Hidden Things  - Wired News
11/17/2005:†Katamari Creator Still Pissed Off
  - Wired News
XEG Gets Your Mobile Game On  - Wired News

11/17/2005:†Mobile film-makers get own Emmys
11/17/2005:†Phone call con: Consumers suffer as mobile and home phone scams spread
11/17/2005:†Wireless LCD TV lets you watch and roam
 - Seattle Times
11/17/2005:†Moan Tones Are So Last Year
  - Wired News



11/17/2005:†UN slates online costs for poor  - BBC
11/17/2005:†Expulsion for teacher web insults  - BBC
11/17/2005:†Pop singer pre-empts web leak  - BBC
11/17/2005:†Shutting out spyware hunters C/Net
11/17/2005:†Microsoft vs. Google and Firefox C/Net
11/17/2005:†China curbs text messages citing 'massive influence' C/Net
11/17/2005:†France: Internet summit likely to get nowhere
11/17/2005:†Play 'Risk' on Google maps
  - C/Net
11/17/2005:†John Lennon's solo work to be made available for Internet download
  - CNN
11/17/2005:†Search engines are not unfair
 - PhysicsWeb
11/17/2005:†Helping hand Why development matters more than who runs the net
11/17/2005:†Rights and privacy: Google's legal counsel defends the search giant's record
11/17/2005:†The Web Smart
 - Business Week
11/17/2005:†Perspective: All the news that's fit to blog
  - C/Net
11/17/2005:†Newsmaker: Internet showdown in Tunis
  - C/Net
11/17/2005:†Love is hard to find online
  - C/Net
11/17/2005:†To get a response, try "handshake e-mail"
 - Seattle Times
11/17/2005:†Several ounces of prevention help cure spam problem
 - Seattle Times

11/17/2005:†'Bot' piggybacks on Sony CD software C/Net
11/17/2005:†Secondhand Microsoft software goes on sale  C/Net
11/17/2005:†Justice Dept. pushes stiffer antipiracy laws  - C/Net
11/17/2005:†Open source needs culture club  - C/Net
11/17/2005:†UN slates online costs for poor- BBC
11/17/2005:†What does a 21st Century Cyberman look like?- BBC
11/17/2005:†Microsoft's latest gambit and more  - C/Net
11/17/2005:†Readers Respond to Bugging Out  - Wired News

11/17/2005:†Robotic Assembly Of Fuel Cells Could Hasten Hydrogen Economy - SpaceDaily
11/17/2005:†Perspective: Tech's role in energy conservation C/Net
11/17/2005:†Hybrid taxis hit streets of N.Y. C/Net
11/17/2005:†The great fusion experiment - New Scientist
11/17/2005:†Scientists Offer Hydrogen Fix  - Wired News
11/17/2005:†U.S. Government Exceeds Renewable Energy Goal ... - FirstScience

11/17/2005:†Urban Britain Is A Recipe For Heart Disease - Science Daily
11/17/2005:†Feds Give Researchers OK For Safety Test Of Adult Stem Cells In Patients With Heart Disease - Science Daily
11/17/2005:†Sleep Apnea And Risk For Stroke And Death - Science Daily
11/17/2005:†Open heart surgery boosted- BBC
11/17/2005:†Biodiesel Keeps Home Fire Burning  - Wired News

11/17/2005:†UCLA Discovery Will Aid In Treatment Of Patients With A Deadly Brain Cancer - Science Daily

11/17/2005:†How the flesh-eating bug attacks  - BBC
11/17/2005:†Polio spread halted across Africa  - BBC
11/17/2005:†We have a bird flu plan, but will it work? - New Scientist
11/17/2005:†Johns Hopkins Flu Expert Calls For Mandatory Vaccination Of Health Care Workers - Science Daily
11/17/2005:†TB test 'could save many lives'- BBC
11/17/2005:†Medical notes:Tuberculosis- BBC


11/17/2005:†Hunger control hormone discovered  - BBC
11/17/2005:†Sedatives risk fears for elderly  - BBC
11/17/2005:†Swelling numbers: Why more people want surgery to beat obesity  - BBC
11/17/2005:†Doctors urged to stay open longer- BBC
11/17/2005:†Implant Relieves Nausea Without Drugs - Space.com

History, Anthropology:
11/17/2005:†Remains of 'Godzilla' croc found  - BBC
11/17/2005:†Televangelist warns of evolution doomsday - MSNBC
11/17/2005:†Origins of modern Europeans debated - MSNBC
11/17/2005:†Jamestown DNA sleuths strike out - MSNBC
11/17/2005:†Short-snouted snapper surprises fossil hunters  - Nature
11/17/2005:†Did pioneer farmers fail to spread their seed?  - Nature
11/17/2005:†'Godzilla' monster lurked in ancient seas
 - New Scientist
11/17/2005:†Histories: The day the gold rush stopped
 - New Scientist
11/17/2005:†Signs of Crocodile From Dinosaur Era Are Found
  - NY Times
11/17/2005:†Taking A Bite Out Of The Problem: Researchers Devise Dinosaur Classification Method
 - Science Daily
11/17/2005:†Archaeologists Go Digital
 - Space.com
11/17/2005:†Newfound Ancient Beast Dubbed Godzilla
 - Space.com
11/17/2005:†Clay May Have Acted As 'Primordial Womb' For First Organic Molecules
 - SpaceDaily
11/17/2005:†A Vote for Evolution in Pennsylvania ...
 - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Copyrighting Wrongs
  - Wired News

11/17/2005:†Maker of iPod chips pulls stock sale C/Net
11/17/2005:†Dell earnings gets dinged by PC problems C/Net
11/17/2005:†Perspective: The digital surveillance invasion C/Net
11/17/2005:†Wall calendar features pinup girl geeks C/Net
11/17/2005:†BMD Focus: New Near Space Vision - SpaceDaily
11/17/2005:†Still in love? What are the common issues affecting our relationships?- BBC
11/17/2005:†Old-school tech, newfangled gear  - C/Net
11/17/2005:†Feds' Net-wiretap order set to kick in  - C/Net
11/17/2005:†Special report: Social revolution (PDF preview)  - C/Net
11/17/2005:†"Good-for-you" brands pitched to aging boomers - Seattle Times
11/17/2005:†Should You Be in Pictures?  - Wired News

11/17/2005:†The word: Connectome - New Scientist
11/17/2005:†New Screening Test Proves Earlier, More Accurate Predictor For Down Syndrome - Science Daily
11/17/2005:†More Is Not Always Better - Science Daily
11/17/2005:†Utah Company Discovers Gene for Major Depression ... - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†'Cruel disease': 'Dad was actually relieved to discover he had dementia'- BBC
11/17/2005:†Exercise now to cut dementia risk- BBC

Physics and Astronomy:
11/17/2005:†The big wave: Science believes it is close to something truly astounding   - BBC
11/17/2005:†Swelling wormhole could engulf the universe
 - New Scientist
11/17/2005:†Einstein's Relativity Theory Proven With The 'Lead' Of A Pencil
 - Science Daily
11/17/2005:†Coming Soon: The Sun In 3-D
 - Science Daily
11/17/2005:†Messengers From The Extreme Universe
 - SpaceDaily
11/17/2005:†Young Stars Sculpt Gas With Powerful Outflows
 - SpaceDaily
11/17/2005:†Spitzer Captures Cosmic "Mountains Of Creation"
 - SpaceDaily
11/17/2005:†Big questions, smart answers

11/17/2005:†Scots life expectancy UK's lowest  - BBC


11/17/2005:†Bugs In Space Survive Key Test On Foton-M2 - SpaceDaily
11/17/2005:†Sir Paul McCartney to perform live for space station crew
  - BBC
11/17/2005:†Cosmic Log: Silver space salute
11/17/2005:†Hardy lichen shown to survive in space
 - New Scientist
11/17/2005:†Moon maps too poor for safe landings
 - New Scientist
11/17/2005:†Cassini Provides Evidence For Pinwheel Spoke Patterns In Saturn's Outer Rings
 - SpaceDaily
11/17/2005:†Russia To Assist China's Lunar Research Program
11/17/2005:†Meet The First Woman To Drive On Mars!
11/17/2005:†Researchers Find Gravitational Wakes in Saturn's Rings ...
 - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Morning star Planet Earth reaches out to the 'neighbour gone bad'- BBC
11/17/2005:†Japanís Asteroid Probe Cleared For Landing Attempt
 - Space.com
11/17/2005:†XCOR Rocket Plane Eyes Point-To-Point Record
 - Space.com
11/17/2005:†Free Lectures on Exploring Pluto ...
 - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Conference Report Will Boost Aeronautics, Space Exploration ...
 - FirstScience
11/17/2005:†Opportunity Gets A Closer Look At Kalavrita
 - SpaceDaily
11/17/2005:†Spirit Observes A "Phobal" Eclipse
 - SpaceDaily
11/17/2005:†Hayabusa Mission Looking Doubtful
 - SpaceDaily



11/17/2005:†Video: Walt Mossberg's personal-technology picks C/Net
11/17/2005:†Photo: Quit smoking with lasers? C/Net
11/17/2005:†Africa's big telescope to probe distant past C/Net
11/17/2005:†Sony stops making anti-piracy CDs- BBC
11/17/2005:†Cover your ears: UK police consider using 'sonic weapon'- BBC
11/17/2005:†New virus uses Sony BMG software  - CNN
11/17/2005:†Defanging Sony's CD watchdog

11/17/2005:†Sony backs down, a bit
  - C/Net
11/17/2005:†Video: Personal tech for emergencies
  - C/Net
11/17/2005:†Inkjet catching laser down the homestretch
11/17/2005:†Machinima Marches Toward Amusing
  - Wired News


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