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  November 17, 2004

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Mining the Moon, the Gateway to Mars -  In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU), the using of native materials and energy sources collected and processed to support human and robotic exploration, would be crucial to the success of manned space missions as ISRU-derived materials would replace those that otherwise would have to be hauled from Earth.   These ISRU products were the topic of discussion at the November 1-3 Space Resources Utilization Roundtable at the Colorado School of Mines.     
Spitzer Sees Ice And Warm Glows In Dark And Dusty Places - SpaceDaily  Left:  Spitzer targeted a group of objects with no known stars to study the properties of such regions before any stars have formed. The first of these "starless cores" to be examined held a surprise: a source of infrared light appeared where none was expected. The core is known as L1014, the 1,014th object in a list of dark, dusty "clouds" compiled by astronomer Beverly Lynds over 40 years ago. These have proved to be homes to a rich variety of molecules and are the birthplaces of stars and planets. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech  Two discoveries - the detection of an oddly dim object inside what was thought to be an empty cloud, and the discovery of icy planetary building blocks in a system believed to resemble our own solar system in its infancy - were presented today at the first Spitzer science conference in Pasadena, Calif.  

Sino-EU Aerospace Co-Op To Break American Monopoly - SpaceDaily  China and the EU have reiterated their commitment on cooperating to develop the Galileo system, determined, they say, not to let the United States have a monopoly on the technology and service. Nobody can dominate space. The Galileo Program will be completed by around 2008. Sino-EU cooperation on aerospace technology, for the benefit of all societies, is irreversible. This is the consensus reached between insiders from China and the EU. It is widely agreed that breaking the monopoly on aerospace technology is the fundamental aim of the China-EU aerospace alliance. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/17/2004: Birds, Bees And Cool Shades - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: California Stem-Cell Measure is Starting an Academic Gold Rush
  - Technology Review 
11/17/2004: Show Time for Stem-Cell Science  - Wired News
11/17/2004: DNA breaks: Healing the helix ...   - Nature
11/17/2004: Disease raises fears for plants  - BBC
11/17/2004: Cloud rat arrives at London Zoo  - BBC
11/17/2004: Walk through time: Uncover your natural past on a specially devised BBC walk  - BBC
11/17/2004: Egg and sperm donor cash proposal  - BBC
11/17/2004: Huge potential for gene therapy  - BBC
11/17/2004: Sperm donor ID fears 'unfounded'  - BBC
11/17/2004: Rare Okapi Calf Doing Well at Mo. Zoo  - NY Times
11/17/2004: Researchers Discover Transport Molecule That Allows Boron Into Cells - Science Daily
11/17/2004: Wistar Study Demonstrates Heritability Of Non-Genomic Information - Science Daily
11/17/2004: Gene Regulated By Need To Process Proteins Linked To Enlargement Of Protein Processing Factory - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/17/2004: Arctic climate researchers welcome US efforts on global warming - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: Anti-Kyoto protocol US says it will discuss Arctic climate change - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: Global warming reshaping US ecology: report - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: Grim Signs Mark Global Warming  - Wired News
11/17/2004: Climate changes challenge us to adapt ... - FirstScience
11/17/2004: Waste collection and recycling in Dhaka ... - FirstScience
11/17/2004: Climate-Change Forecast? Ask the Antarctic Ice ... - Nat'l. Geo. News
11/17/2004: New rules on organic pollutants kick in ... - Nat'l. Geo. News
11/17/2004: Public to Have Greater Say on Clean Air Measures ... - FirstScience
11/17/2004: An Arctic Alert On Global Warming ... - FirstScience
11/17/2004: Air pollution is hazardous for your heart! ... - FirstScience
11/17/2004: Pollution in Southern China Exceeds U.S. Standards, Study Says ... - FirstScience
11/17/2004: Milestone for 'land of the lemur'  - BBC
11/17/2004: Borneo is burning  - Nature

11/17/2004: Navman Redefines The GPS Drive-Away - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: Turn On, Tune In, Pay Up  - Technology Review 
11/17/2004: GTA Throws in the Kitchen Sink  - Wired News
11/17/2004: Halo 2 Rakes in $100 Million  - Wired News
11/17/2004: 'Halo 2' clears record $125 million in first day  - C/Net

11/17/2004: DSL Deals: Buyer Beware
  - Wired News
11/17/2004: DSL wars come down to a battle of the bundles
  - C/Net
11/17/2004: Coming soon! To a phone near you
  - CNN
11/17/2004: Wireless operators ink WiFi roaming agreements
  - CNN

11/17/2004: Intel's 65-nm process on track despite In-Stat report - Silicon Strategies
11/17/2004: Freescale claims 90-nm lead, sees 65-nm tape-out mid-2005 - Silicon Strategies
11/17/2004: Samsung shows 1-Gbit 'OneNAND' flash phone memory - Silicon Strategies

11/17/2004: Trying to Make the Pen as Mighty as the Keyboard  - NY Times

11/17/2004: Connexion By Boeing Selects Teleglobe For Internet Access On Pacific Flights - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: WTO Says U.S. Should Drop Ban on Offshore Internet Gambling  - Technology Review 
11/17/2004: Microsoft seeks top search spot  - BBC
11/17/2004: Junk mailers get the human touch  - BBC
11/17/2004: Consumers flock to online shops  - BBC
11/17/2004: Arafat's death sets Web on fire  - C/Net
11/17/2004: Microsoft updates search site
  - C/Net
11/17/2004: Gmail to be accessible via Outlook
  - CNN
11/17/2004: Microsoft unveils new internet search engine
 - New Scientist
11/17/2004: Viruses exploit Microsoft patch cycle
 - New Scientist

11/17/2004: Students Fight Copyright Hoarders  - Wired News
11/17/2004: Microsoft Has Your Back  - Wired News
11/17/2004: Spotlight on search  - C/Net
11/17/2004: Microsoft skips Itanium with new Windows  - C/Net
11/17/2004: VMware cuts virtualization software price  - C/Net
11/17/2004: Wanted by the police: A good interface  - C/Net
11/17/2004: Apple details plans to Spotlight desktop search  - C/Net

11/17/2004: Spinach Power Adds Muscle to Batteries  - NY Times

11/17/2004: Genetic technique used to cut cholesterol - MSNBC
11/17/2004: Loyola Begins Study On Blood Substitute In Trauma Patients At The Scene Of Injury - Science Daily

11/17/2004: Study Of Cancer Trials Finds Significant Safety Improvement - Science Daily
11/17/2004: Study Reveals Genetic Link To Colon Cancer - Science Daily

11/17/2004: Annual Vaccination Against Influenza Associated With Decreased Risk Of Death In Elderly - Science Daily
11/17/2004: Mayo Clinic Discovers One Mechanism For Why Men And Women Differ In Immune Response - Science Daily

11/17/2004: Tobacco giant says 'no cover-up'  - BBC

11/17/2004: Low-Carb Food; High-Carb Marketing  - Wired News
11/17/2004: High dose vitamin E death warning  - BBC
11/17/2004: Stress 'linked to miscarriages'  - BBC
11/17/2004: Heart checks 'may cut cot deaths'  - BBC
11/17/2004: Fall in under-16 conception rate  - BBC
11/17/2004: Blood test may detect stillbirth risk - MSNBC

History, Anthropology:
11/17/2004: Not The End, But The Beginning Of The World As We Know It - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: Fossils: Mind the teeth ...  - Nature

11/17/2004: Merck will survive crisis over Vioxx, CEO vows - Seattle Times
11/17/2004: Immigrants build wealth while caring for elderly - Seattle Times
11/17/2004: Spitzer's guts earn him glory, opportunity for more reforms - Seattle Times
11/17/2004: Northrop Grumman Validates Design Of X-47B With Low-Speed Wind Tunnel Tests - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: China, UK Firm Launch Satellite Mission - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: Britain's Straw Confirms Tentative Nuclear Deal With Iran - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: A Kinder, Gentler 911  - Wired News
11/17/2004: News and views: We are looking for your opinions on BBC news programmes  - BBC
11/17/2004: Islamist domain: Why the net - not the mosque - is trying to win Muslim minds  - BBC
11/17/2004: Impact of inventions to shrink  - BBC
11/17/2004: US seeks court ruling on suicide  - BBC
11/17/2004: Foreign-student enrollment declines  - C/Net
11/17/2004: FBI: Hidden threat inside cybercrime  - C/Net
11/17/2004: Tiny nation beats U.S. in gambling bout  - C/Net
11/17/2004: Cosmic Log: Battlefields past and future - MSNBC
11/17/2004: Philip Morris lab discovered passive smoking risk in 1982: Lancet - New Scientist
11/17/2004: Banks brace for cashpoint attack - New Scientist

11/17/2004: Obesity Tied to Brain Decline  - Wired News
11/17/2004: Restless nights: Relaxation techniques to help you sleep when pregnant  - BBC
11/17/2004: Music mirrors tone patterns in our speech  - Nature
11/17/2004: Mayo Clinic Researchers Find Link Between Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Alcoholism And Mental Illness - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/17/2004: Spitzer Sees Ice And Warm Glows In Dark And Dusty Places - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: Atom Flip Energy Measured
  - Technology Review 


11/17/2004: Does grandma need a hug: A robotic pillow can help  - C/Net

11/17/2004: Mining the Moon, the Gateway to Mars -
Sino-EU Aerospace Co-Op To Break American Monopoly - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: New Images Reveal Clouds on Planet Uranus -
11/17/2004: Russia Successfully Launches New Soyuz-2 Rocket -
11/17/2004: Catching Saturn's Ring Waves - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: Lunar volcanism: KREEP factor ...  - Nature
11/17/2004: Above and beyond: What chance humans might break free of Earth orbit?  - BBC
11/17/2004: Stormy Uranus takes astronomers by surprise - New Scientist
11/17/2004: Revolutionary plane prepares to set speed record
 - New Scientist
11/17/2004: Purdue, Japanese Researchers To Create More Human-Like Robots
 - Science Daily
11/17/2004: Scientists face the fact of Mars methane
 - New Scientist
11/17/2004: SMART-1 settles into lunar orbit
 - New Scientist
11/17/2004: Arrival! SMART-1 Moon Probe Reaches Target
11/17/2004: Europe's Moon probe is safely slotted in lunar orbit
 - SpaceDaily
11/17/2004: Europe's Smart-1 Space Probe Enters First Lunar Orbit on Journey to Moon ...
 - FirstScience

11/17/2004: Ultrathin Carbon Speeds Circuits  - Technology Review 
11/17/2004: Taking Media in Our Own Hands  - Technology Review 
11/17/2004: Even Digital Memories Can Fade  - NY Times
11/17/2004: TiVo hacks flourish  - BBC
11/17/2004: Trying to make the pen as mighty as the keyboard  - C/Net
11/17/2004: Stereo sweatshirt to hit shelves  - CNN
11/17/2004: Air Bubbles In Breakfast Syrup Illustrate Potential Pathway To New Technology
 - Science Daily


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