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  November 16, 2005

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Gigantic Apes Coexisted with Early Humans, Study Finds - Space.com  A gigantic ape standing 10 feet tall and weighing up to 1,200 pounds lived alongside humans for over a million years, according to a new study. Fortunately for the early humans, the huge primate's diet consisted mainly of bamboo. Scientists have known about Gigantopithecus blackii since the accidental discovery of some of its teeth on sale in a Hong Kong pharmacy about 80 years ago. It was unclear how long ago this beast went extinct.    
MIT Closes In On Bionic Speed - SpaceDaily  Left:  A soliton (blob with red and blue stripes) moves along a conducting polymer chain (aqua and yellow for hydrogen and carbon). The soliton blob causes a localized bend in the chain. The traditional way to make polymer actuate is to dope the material with an ion such as sodium, represented by the red dot. New MIT research has suggested another way: to shine light of a specific frequency (h‡), on the conducting polymer.   Currently, robotic muscles move 100 times slower than ours. But engineers using the Yip lab's new theory could boost those speeds - making robotic muscles 1,000 times faster than human muscles - with virtually no extra energy demands and the added bonus of a simpler design.      

Fab Labs unshackle kids' imaginations  - CNN  Left:  Makeda Stephenson, 13, uses a computer-controlled milling machine to create a component of a flight simulator.  When Makeda Stephenson compared flight simulator games sold in computer stores and didn't find anything she liked, she didn't stop there. The 13-year-old used a set of computer-controlled manufacturing tools at a community center to make her own simulator -- one that lets her "fly" an airplane of her design over an alien planet born of her imagination. She did it all through a teen learning program at one of seven so-called Fabrication Labs that MIT has established in places as distant as Norway and Ghana. Each lab has tool sets that, costing about $25,000, would be out of the reach of most fledgling inventors.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/16/2005: Editorial: The peril of genes for sale - New Scientist
11/16/2005: Deep sea special: The curious afterlife of whales
 - New Scientist
11/16/2005: Bird Calls May Have Meaning - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Changes To Embryos Can Elicit Change In Adult Fish - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Sleeping Sickness Parasite Shows How Cells Divide Their Insides - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Nature's Velcro Lets Geckos Walk on Ceilings - Live Science

Climate, Environment:
11/16/2005: The fabulous realm of the deep
11/16/2005: Deep sea special: The undiscovered oceans
11/16/2005: Deep sea special: Springtime in the abyss
11/16/2005: Hard Choices Seen in Efforts to Help Louisiana Wetlands  - NY Times
11/16/2005: Software Fills In Missing Data On Satellite Images - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Water Vapor Feedback Is Rapidly Warming Europe - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Arctic countries meet on threat of global warming - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: UCSD Unveils Center For Earth Observations And Applications - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Alaskan Drilling Plan Faces House Vote - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Microfossils Show Promise In Prospecting Climate History ...  - Physics Org
11/16/2005: State environmental board tightens vehicle emissions standards ... - FirstScience
11/16/2005: Greenland's ice-sheets hold climate clues - research ... - FirstScience
11/16/2005: Japanese lingerie maker unveils eco-friendly bra ... - FirstScience
11/16/2005: Greenpeace- Activists attacked in coal plant protest, 3 hospitalized (2-54 p.m.) ... - FirstScience
11/16/2005: Britain 'losing authority' on global warming ... - FirstScience

11/16/2005: Will Xbox 360 Launch Disappoint?  - Wired News

11/16/2005: Mobile phone users embrace data services
 - Seattle Times
11/16/2005: Satellite Phone Rental
 - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Thuraya Satellite Phones
 - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Esperanto for Toasters
  - Technology Review 
11/16/2005: Vietnamese Connection
  - Technology Review 
11/16/2005: Pitching a New Cell Phone as a Reason to Live
  - NY Times
11/16/2005: Toledo Is Nation's Fifth Most 'Unwired' City
  - Wired News
11/16/2005: Digital Radio Still Hard to Hear
  - Wired News
11/16/2005: Should Businesses Ban Skype?
  - Wired News

11/16/2005: Dell Embraces AMD Chips for Courtroom Duty?  - Wired News


11/16/2005: Political Money on Web  - Technology Review 
11/16/2005: Gates: MS Must Do Web  - Technology Review 
11/16/2005: Google's Tough Call  - Wired News
11/16/2005: Riot Crackdown Nets Bloggers  - Wired News
11/16/2005: Friendster Overture Not Endearing to All  - Wired News

11/16/2005: Investors hear Microsoft tout what's on way - Seattle Times
11/16/2005: Gates introduction to memo on Internet Services approach - Seattle Times
11/16/2005: Ray Ozzie's Internet Services Disruption paper (PDF) - Seattle Times
11/16/2005: Live from Redmond  - Technology Review 
11/16/2005: More Data Breached  - Technology Review 
11/16/2005: Microsoft's Secret Bug Squasher  - Wired News
11/16/2005: Battling Bugs: A Digital Quagmire  - Wired News

11/16/2005: Robotic Assembly Of Fuel Cells Could Hasten Hydrogen Economy - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Ethanol fuelling the future for public transport: experts - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Small Nuclear  - Technology Review 
11/16/2005: Power Talk  - Technology Review 

11/16/2005: UT Southwestern Researchers Test Experimental Drug To Help Tiniest Heart Patients - Science Daily
11/16/2005: No Link Found Between Caffeine Intake And Development Of Hypertension In Women - Science Daily

11/16/2005: New Imaging Method Shows Early In Treatment If Brain Cancer Therapy Is Effective - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Researchers Discover New Form Of Cancer Gene Regulation - Science Daily
11/16/2005: PET Shows Promise, Innovation In Detecting, Monitoring Cancers Specific To Women - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Minimally Invasive Surgery May Increase Options For Octogenarians With Some Lung Cancers - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Researchers discover new form of cancer gene regulation ... - FirstScience

11/16/2005: Tryptophan No Turkey In Boosting Immune System, Stanford Study Shows
11/16/2005: Hepatitis B Accounts For 40 Percent Of 'Missing' Asian Women - Science Daily
11/16/2005: New Protein Discovery May Have Implications For Treating Deadly E. Coli Infection - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Children Overprescribed Antibiotics For Sore Throat - Science Daily
11/16/2005: FluWrap- China Warns Of Disaster - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Possible Cholera Outbreak In Pakistan Quake Camps - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Microchip Can Identify Lethal Flu Strains
 - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Malaria Vaccine Proves Effective in Clinical Trial
  - Scientific American

11/16/2005: Some Outgrow Allergy To Tree Nuts, Johns Hopkins Children's Center Experts Report - Science Daily

11/16/2005: Interview: The most dangerous job in Nigeria - New Scientist
11/16/2005: How big drug companies cash in on Africa - New Scientist
11/16/2005: Group Proves It's Possible To Grow New Lung Alveoli By Growing New Blood Vessels - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Phenolic Compounds May Explain Mediterranean Diet Benefits - Science Daily
11/16/2005: How Protein-rich Diets Curb Hunger - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Irritable Bowel Syndrome Study Shows That Targeted Antibiotics Lead To Long-lasting Improvement In Symptoms - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Avoid The Hookah And Save Your Teeth - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Unexpected Function For A Key Regulator Of Blood Glucose Levels - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Light-induced Hormone Surge Points To Benefits Of Light Therapy

11/16/2005: A Booster Shot for Medical Data Sharing
 - Business Week

History, Anthropology:
11/16/2005: Gigantic Apes Coexisted with Early Humans, Study Finds - Space.com
11/16/2005: A Decisive Election in a Town Roiled Over Intelligent Design  - NY Times
11/16/2005: Kansas School Board Votes Against Science - Space.com
11/16/2005: Behind the Controversy: How Evolution Works - Space.com
11/16/2005: Evolutionists Are Wrong!  - Wired News
11/16/2005: Apparent Writing from 10th Century B.C. Found ... - Live Science

11/16/2005: Fab Labs unshackle kids' imaginations  - CNN
11/16/2005: Insurers warn of steep rate increases - Seattle Times
11/16/2005: Google sets sights on eBay turf - Seattle Times
11/16/2005: Saving the Planet (Or, how science education is good for everyone’s future) - Space.com
11/16/2005: Study: American Women Need More Vacations - Space.com
11/16/2005: Microwave your bra to stay warm this winter - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: EADS Considers Aircraft Assembly Line In China: Report - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: BMD Watch: Nuke SCUD Threat To U.S. - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Iran Warns Of 'Consequences' Over Nuclear Issue - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Iranian Atom Chief Vows To Continue, Woos Investment - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Eat, Sleep, Work, Consume, Die  - Wired News
11/16/2005: No Fed Security Laws, Hurrah!!  - Wired News
11/16/2005: Give Me Back My Digital Rights!  - Wired News
11/16/2005: XM Eyes Parking-Spot Market  - Wired News
11/16/2005: How to Avoid Losing Your Patent  - Wired News
11/16/2005: Alito, Abortion, Sexism and the Polls - Slate
11/16/2005: Know Your Coffee - Slate
11/16/2005: DNA helps convict New York rapist 32 years later ... - FirstScience
11/16/2005: NRC Links Photonic Partners to Create International Commercialization Alliance ... - FirstScience

11/16/2005: New, Earlier Tests Seen Better at Fetal Down Syndrome Detection  - NY Times
11/16/2005: Nerve-stimulation Therapy For Patients With Treatment-resistant Depression - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Children Of Bipolar Parents Score Higher On Creativity Test, Stanford Study Finds - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Brain Work Gets New Digs at MIT  - Wired News

Physics and Astronomy:
11/16/2005: Black hole ate my twin, but it can’t catch me - New Scientist
11/16/2005: Expanding universe shrinks star-forming galaxies
 - New Scientist
11/16/2005: Electrons lose their mass in carbon sheets
 - PhysicsWeb
11/16/2005: Finding Superconductors That Can Take The Heat
 - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Graphite Found to Exhibit Surprising Quantum Effects
  - Scientific American
11/16/2005: ' Astronomy Watch ...
 - Popular Science



11/16/2005: NASA seeks private space-ferries - New Scientist
11/16/2005: Unlocking an Enigma: A Review of First Man, Neil Armstrong's Authorized Biography
 - Space.com
11/16/2005: Congress Clears NASA to Purchase Russian Spacecraft
 - Space.com
11/16/2005: Simulations Show Liquid Water Could Exist on Mars
 - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Organised Wind Chaos On Jupiter
 - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: International Space Station Orbit To Be Corrected
 - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: First Galileo Satellites Named 'GIOVE'
 - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: SpaceDev Introduces Low Cost Modular Microsat
 - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Iridium Reports More Than Double Growth In Aeronautical
 - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: ILS Signs Contract With Orbital To Launch Thor II-R For Telenor
 - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Organised Wind Chaos On Jupiter
 - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: NASA joins with firms to inspire students ...
  - Physics Org
11/16/2005: China to broadcast TV series on Shenzhou manned space program ...
 - FirstScience
11/16/2005: MINERVA Fails To Touchdown On Itokawa
 - SpaceDaily
11/16/2005: Engineering Aliens
 - SpaceDaily

11/16/2005: Purdue Method Shows Promise For Improving Auto Suspensions - Science Daily
11/16/2005: Riya Eases Pain of Pile of Pix  - Wired News
11/16/2005: We Have the Technology, Now Tell Us How to Use It  - Wired News


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