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  November 16, 2004

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U.S. Air Force Takes a Look at Teleportation -  It seems that mere stealth technology is not enough; the United States Air Force wants to get from here to there without even traversing the space in between. Are they looking for a Star Trek(TM) transporter? Or maybe even a farcaster from science fiction writer Dan Simmons' awesome novel Hyperion, which lets you step from one planet to the next? The Teleportation Physics Study was done by Eric Davis of Warp Drive Metrics. 
Space Treaty, Not Weapons, Needed, Expert Says -  The development and deployment of space-based weapons by the U.S. military will not only encourage other nations to do the same, but leave vital non-weapon spacecraft vulnerable to attack, according to one weapons expert. Instead, Garwin proposed the development of a formal treaty among nations banning space weapons and anti-satellite spacecraft to draw lines across what type of weaponry – if any – is internationally acceptable in space.     

Exclusive: Rules Set for $50 Million 'America’s Space Prize' -   Anyone who wants to follow in the shoes of Burt Rutan and win the next big space prize will have to build a spacecraft capable of taking a crew of no fewer than five people to an altitude of 400 kilometers and complete two orbits of the Earth at that altitude. Then they have to repeat that accomplishment within 60 days. While the first flight must demonstrate only the ability to carry five crew members, the winner will have to take at least five people up on the second flight. And one more thing. They have to do it by Jan. 10, 2010. 
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/16/2004: Jefferson Neuroscientists Studying New Type Of Alzheimer’s Drug Aimed At Halting Disease Progression - Science Daily

11/16/2004: University Of Michigan Researcher Examines The Cell's Housekeeping Habits - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Cornell Researchers Take Step In Deciphering What Proteins Look Like Through Discovery Of New Family Member Important In Making DNA
 - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Powerful 'Toolkit' Developed For Functional Profiling Of Yeast Genes - Science Daily
11/16/2004: For The First Time, Observing Protein Synthesis And Other Single-molecule Processes - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Animal Tracks - MSNBC
11/16/2004: Moas in decline before humans arrived - New Scientist
11/16/2004: Unlikely ally rescues gene-blocking therapy - New Scientist
11/16/2004: Fish 'sang' during Florida hurricane - ABC
11/16/2004: Plan May Keep Bird Off Endangered List  - NY Times
11/16/2004: La. Reports First Case of Soybean Rust  - NY Times
11/16/2004: Anthrax Outbreak Kills Nearly 200 Hippos  - NY Times
11/16/2004: Marsh Grass Threatens Plants in S.F. Bay  - NY Times

Climate, Environment:
11/16/2004: Climate Uncertainty With CO2 Rise Due To Uncertainty About Aerosols - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Oceanographers: Fish Sang Through Hurricane Charley - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Mt. Rainier hit by biggest quake in 30 years - MSNBC
11/16/2004: Iceland volcano - MSNBC
11/16/2004: Marsh Grass Threatens Plants in S.F. Bay  - NY Times

11/16/2004: No pain, no gain: UK gamers get a chance to compete for $1m prize purse  - BBC
11/16/2004: Halo fans' hope for sequel  - BBC
11/16/2004: China Plays for Keeps Online - Business Week
11/16/2004: MyDoom casts a shadow  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Battle of the big games  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Photos: 'Halo 2' adventure begins  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Screen shots: Invasion of 'Half-Life 2'
  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Computer gaming's Steam-powered war
  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Fans brave long lines, rain for 'Halo 2' debut
  - C/Net
11/16/2004: New MyDoom draws on IE flaw to spread
  - C/Net

11/16/2004: BT offers free net phone calls
  - BBC
11/16/2004: Buyer beware of DSL deals
  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Energy Dept. funds open-source InfiniBand work
  - C/Net
11/16/2004: That's cell entertainment
  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Skype ready for both telephone worlds
  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Verizon expands DSL service
  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Vodafone sets 3G goal of 10m users
  - CNN

11/16/2004: Godiva's Speedy Ride- USC PIM Chip On Track To Beat Itanium - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Better memory in the chips?  - C/Net

11/16/2004: NASA Unveils Its Newest, Most Powerful Supercomputer - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Will pocket-size Sony PC take on iPod?  - C/Net
11/16/2004: IBM has world's fastest supercomputer  - CNN
11/16/2004: DoD weary about supercomputer benchmarks  - El. Engr. Times
11/16/2004: Supercomputer wizards strut their stuff - MSNBC

11/16/2004: Firefox browser takes on Microsoft  - BBC
11/16/2004: Safe to surf: Online dangers should not be over-stated, says Bill Thompson  - BBC
11/16/2004: Firefox finds support -- Tuesday, Nov 9, 2004  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Firefox 1.0 fans clog Mozilla site -- Tuesday, Nov 9, 2004  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Firefox maps its next moves -- Tuesday, Nov 9, 2004  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Mozilla releases Firefox 1.0 -- Tuesday, Nov 9, 2004  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Move over, Internet Explorer
  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Microsoft launching own search engine
  - CNN
11/16/2004: New e-mail worm circulating
  - CNN
11/16/2004: Imagining the future of the Internet
  - CNN

11/16/2004: Music piracy 'does hit CD sales'  - BBC
11/16/2004: Google, Meet Microsoft - Business Week
11/16/2004: Japan gives OK to Sun desktop suite  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Microsoft to back customers in infringement cases  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Viruses exploit Microsoft patch cycle  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Music sharing that's free and legal  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Microsoft plays up growth, dividend - Seattle Times
11/16/2004: Is Microsoft rolling out its search engine? - Seattle Times
11/16/2004: Winning, losing and Microsoft - Seattle Times

11/16/2004: Talks on nuke fusion plant end without decision - New Scientist

11/16/2004: Scientists Pinpoint Flaw, Offer New Promise For Stroke Treatment - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Stem Cell Therapy Effectively Treats Heart Attacks In Animals - Science Daily
11/16/2004: This Heart Drug Also Fights Fat - Business Week
11/16/2004: RNA treatment lowers cholesterol  - Nature
11/16/2004: New study links Pfizer's Bextra, similar to Vioxx, to heart attacks  - NY Times

11/16/2004: Some Allergic Conditions Increase Risk Of Blood Cancer, Study Finds - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Advanced, Precise Radiation May Boost Limb-sparing Therapy For Sarcoma - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Eating Fruits And Vegetables Associated With Reduction In Cardiovascular Disease, But Not Cancer - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Initial Sensor For P53 Tumor-suppressing Pathway Identified - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Certain PCBs Linked To Increased Risk Of Cancer - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Link Between Immune Protein And Longer Survival In Melanoma Patients Identified - Science Daily

11/16/2004: Researchers Uncover How Infections Combat Plant Immune Responses - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Body Shaving And Turf Burns Spread Infection - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Stretching The Supply Of Flu Vaccine: Solution Offered In New SLU Research - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Research Focuses On Antibiotic-resistant Bacterium And Touches On Longevity - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Irish vCJD case confirmed  - BBC

11/16/2004: Pitt Researchers Identify Biomarkers Of Lupus Which Could Lead To Quicker And Better Diagnosis - Science Daily
11/16/2004: The Anti-arthritic Effects Of Bee Venom: Study Reveals How Melittin In Venom Blocks Inflammation - Science Daily
11/16/2004: First Human Trial Of Bioartificial Kidney Shows Promise For Acute Renal Failure - Science Daily
11/16/2004: NIDA Researchers Develop New Genetic Strain Of Mice To Study Nicotine Addiction - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Scotland smoking ban to go ahead  - BBC
11/16/2004: 'Lack of focus' on diabetes risks  - BBC
11/16/2004: Fumes 'not winter asthma trigger'
  - BBC
11/16/2004: Excess vitamin E may harm health
  - Nature
11/16/2004: Smoking 'wonder drug' also takes inches off the waistline
 - New Scientist

11/16/2004: Law 'key in right-to-life cases'  - BBC
11/16/2004: High doses of vitamin E may hasten death - New Scientist

History, Anthropology:
11/16/2004: Lewis and Clark re-enactors return home - MSNBC

11/16/2004: Space Treaty, Not Weapons, Needed, Expert Says - 
11/16/2004: Loyola Warns Lower Temps Mean Greater Risk Of Fire From Space Heaters - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Dealing With Casualties From A Terrorist Attack - Lessons Learnt From The Madrid Bombing - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Cash machine fraud rises sharply  - BBC
11/16/2004: US seeks court ruling on suicide  - BBC
11/16/2004: Heineken warns off beer drinkers  - BBC
11/16/2004: 'Bush' spam does not stop  - C/Net
11/16/2004: On Wikipedia, mudslinging spatters Bush  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Tech stocks: Are they heading up, or down?  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Surfacing your underground organization  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Patron saint of the nerds  - Wired News
11/16/2004: Bush set to keep core science team for second term  - Nature
11/16/2004: Watchdogs call academies to account over conflicts of interest  - Nature
11/16/2004: Aussies to bear missile shield  - Wired News
11/16/2004: Fed raises interest rates a quarter percentage point - Seattle Times

11/16/2004: Scientists Closing In On Nerve Proteins' Contributions To Memory And Hearing Loss - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Suicidal Thoughts More Common Among Women - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Epilepsy major injury risk 'low'  - BBC
11/16/2004: Mice regrow damaged spinal cord  - Nature
11/16/2004: Moving brain implant seeks out signals - New Scientist

Physics and Astronomy:
11/16/2004: Chandra's Find Of Lonely Halo Raises Questions About Dark Matter - Science Daily
11/16/2004: A fractal life
 - New Scientist
11/16/2004: Life-or-Death Question: How Supernovas Happen
  - NY Times

11/16/2004: Being Active In Middle Age May Prevent Early Death, Especially If Your Heart Risk Is High - Science Daily

11/16/2004: Dancing to that robotic engineering beat  - NY Times

11/16/2004: U.S. Air Force Takes a Look at Teleportation -
Exclusive: Rules Set for $50 Million 'America’s Space Prize' -
11/16/2004: Radar Image Shows Titan's Surface Live And In Color - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Searching For E.T.-: Possibility Of Life On Mars - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Firms look to shuttle successor
  - BBC
11/16/2004: Space OdysseyEngage and interact on a trip around the Solar System
  - BBC
11/16/2004: Amazon's Bezos: The next rocket man?
  - C/Net
11/16/2004: With 'Scramjet,' NASA shoots for Mach 10
 - Washington Post
11/16/2004: Cosmic Log: Titan's primordial ooze
11/16/2004: Titan has no breaking waves
 - New Scientist
11/16/2004: Countdown to solar-sail voyage begins
11/16/2004: Crunch time for Europe Moon probe
  - BBC

11/16/2004: Student’s Winning Invention Enables 'Animal On A Chip' - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Tiny Tools Carve Glass - Science Daily
11/16/2004: Best of 'What's New 2004' - Popular Science
11/16/2004: 'See through clothes' scanner gets outing at Heathrow  - C/Net
11/16/2004: Trains get fluffy  - Nature
11/16/2004: Quantum lab fits on a chip  - Nature
11/16/2004: A train that runs on feathers
 - PhysicsWeb


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