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  November 15, 2005

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Mission unthinkable: Disbanding NASA - New Scientist  LESS than two years after it was announced with great fanfare, President Bush's plan to return people to the moon is in trouble. The signs are everywhere. Take Operation Offset, a proposal devised by a group of Republican legislators to cut government programmes and free up funds to pay for damage done by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Conspicuous on the chopping block is NASA's moon and Mars initiative. Another austerity proposal recommended much the same thing: cancel NASA's Crew Exploration Vehicle.   
China To Spend 180 Billion Dollars To Boost Renewable Energy Use - SpaceDaily  China said Monday it would spend about 180 billion dollars over the next 15 years to increase its use of renewable energy to 15 percent of the total generated, from the current seven percent. In the coming 15 years China will develop biomass energy, which stems from plant and animal matter, and hopes to replace ten million tons of petroleum with renewable energy annually, Zhang said. China also plans to expand the heat collection area of solar heaters to 300 million cubic meters (390 million cubic yards) by 2020, replacing the use of about 40 million tons of standard coal each year. China aims to provide electricity to many homes still living without it by developing renewable energies, especially solar energy, Zhang said.   

Maureen Dowd on "When Sexes Collide"  - NY Times  When I entered college in 1969, women were bursting out of their 50's chrysalis, shedding girdles, padded bras and conventions. The Jazz Age spirit flared in the Age of Aquarius. Women were once again imitating men and acting all independent: smoking, drinking, wanting to earn money and thinking they had the right to be sexual, this time protected by the pill. I didn't fit in with the brazen new world of hard-charging feminists. I was more of a fun-loving (if chaste) type who would decades later come to life in Sarah Jessica Parker's Carrie Bradshaw. I hated the grubby, unisex jeans and no-makeup look and drugs that zoned you out, and I couldn't understand the appeal of dances that didn't involve touching your partner. In the universe of Eros, I longed for style and wit. I loved the Art Deco glamour of 30's movies. I wanted to dance the Continental like Fred and Ginger in white hotel suites; drink martinis like Myrna Loy and William Powell; live the life of a screwball heroine like Katharine Hepburn, wearing a gold lamé gown cut on the bias, cavorting with Cary Grant, strolling along Fifth Avenue with my pet leopard. My mom would just shake her head and tell me that my idea of the 30's was wildly romanticized. "We were poor," she'd say.     
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/15/2005: To Save Endangered Butterfly, Become a Butterfly  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Bats and the Dark
  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Seals, Sea Lions Can Be Condor Food  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Biologists Take Big Step to Keep Park's Little Cutthroats From Being Devoured  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Advice to California Condors: Change Your Diet  - NY Times
11/15/2005: School quiz: Know about the birds and the bees- It's time for the biology quiz  - BBC
11/15/2005: Sharp drop in sperm donor numbers  - BBC
11/15/2005: Embryo disease check views sought  - BBC
11/15/2005: Abortion law breeds 'family lies'  - BBC
11/15/2005: One woman explains why she backs embryo screening  - BBC
11/15/2005: Panda pair 'married' as officials hope for kids - MSNBC
11/15/2005: Gay flies lose their nerve  - Nature
11/15/2005: Are sea birds becoming too dumb to survive? - New Scientist
11/15/2005: The bioweapon is in the post - New Scientist

Climate, Environment:
11/15/2005: Arctic Drilling Push Is Seen as Threat to Budget Bill  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Pipe Company Faces Pollution Indictment  - NY Times
11/15/2005: When Cleaner Air Is a Biblical Obligation  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Coasts and sea life 'threatened'  - BBC
11/15/2005: Quake's first seconds may yield early warning - MSNBC
11/15/2005: Louisiana wetlands efforts criticized - MSNBC
11/15/2005: Mexico expects monarch butterfly boom - MSNBC
11/15/2005: Severe diarrhoea strike survivors of Pakistan quake - New Scientist

11/15/2005: Curfew for Malaysian gamers  - BBC
11/15/2005: Photos: Displays get tiny  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Digital radio still hard to hear  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Judge puts Michigan's video game law on hold  - C/Net
11/15/2005: $1G Xbox 360 bundles on Amazon  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Microsoft betting on big Xbox 360 sales  - CNN

11/15/2005: Super-fast broadband hits the UK
  - BBC
11/15/2005: Perspective: A FEMA-ized broadband?
  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Tech firms assail proposed broadband rules
  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Can you MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) me now?
  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Casio in mobile talks with U.S. carriers
  - CNN
11/15/2005: FCC clarifies VoIP deadline
  - CNN

11/15/2005: AMD surpasses Intel in U.S. retail stores  - C/Net

11/15/2005: A Growing Army of Converts - Business Week
11/15/2005: Gateway's Mighty Mite - Business Week
11/15/2005: Bad capacitors plague PCs  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Diagnosing bad capacitors  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Photos: Bad capacitors  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Apple en route to Intel Inside  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Apple tries to patent 'tamper-resistant software'
  - C/Net
11/15/2005: 30 comments
  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Can we learn to live with software bugs?
  - C/Net

11/15/2005: Mash it up: The next stage of web according to tech guru Tim O'Reilly  - BBC
11/15/2005: Call to outlaw net ticket touts  - BBC
11/15/2005: • Brainstorming Online  - BBC
11/15/2005: Firefox marks its first year on the Net  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Firefox: A rollercoaster year  - C/Net

11/15/2005: Sony sued over copy-protected CDs  - BBC
11/15/2005: OpenDocument gathers steam  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Newsmaker: Is Microsoft bringing CRM to the masses?  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Bill Gates' call to arms and more  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Feds mull regulation of quantum computers  - C/Net
11/15/2005: How to keep RATs (Remote Acess Trojans) off your computer - MSNBC
11/15/2005: Images could turn nasty with Windows bug - New Scientist

11/15/2005: China To Spend 180 Billion Dollars To Boost Renewable Energy Use - SpaceDaily
11/15/2005: British Government To Require Biofuels - SpaceDaily
11/15/2005: Britain facing large energy gap  - BBC
11/15/2005: Advances seen in flexible solar cells  - El. Engr. Times


11/15/2005: 'Tread carefully on cancer drug'  - BBC
11/15/2005: Is home test for HIV a good idea?
11/15/2005: We have a bird flu plan, but will it work?

11/15/2005: Hazard in Hunt for New Flu: Looking for Bugs in All the Wrong Places  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Deadly flu virus can be sent through the mail  - Nature

11/15/2005: In the Turkey, a Hope for Autoimmune Disorders  - NY Times

11/15/2005: Cases: A Physician's Challenge- Cancer Surgery, but 'No Blood'  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Vital Signs: At Risk: Doctors Issue Alert to Dialysis Patients' Families  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Vital Signs: Childhood Testing: Hints of Hearing Problems Are Often Ignored  - NY Times
11/15/2005: For Thyroid Hormones, How Low Is Too Low?  - NY Times
11/15/2005: New Efforts Help Patients Get Back in Control  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Indicators: Gut Reaction: Lying Is Tied to Digestive Changes  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Sports Safety: Spotlight on the Real Hazards of Youth Hockey  - NY Times
11/15/2005: A Special Drug Just for You, at the End of a Long Pipeline  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Nurse prescribing plans opposed
  - BBC
11/15/2005: Healthy lunchboxes: Easy ways to ensure your children are getting the best start
  - BBC
11/15/2005: Foreign doctors fill vacant posts
  - BBC
11/15/2005: 'End public breastfeed prejudice'
  - BBC
11/15/2005: Blogma: Heated bra supports good cause
  - C/Net

History, Anthropology:
11/15/2005: Evolution suffers Kansas setback  - BBC
11/15/2005: Pa. voters oust intelligent-design backers - MSNBC
11/15/2005: Kansas board casts doubt on Darwin - MSNBC
11/15/2005: Islands aren’t evolutionary dead ends - MSNBC
11/15/2005: 3,000-year-old alphabet reported in Israel - MSNBC
11/15/2005: Billy the Kid investigation resurrected - MSNBC
11/15/2005: US states divide over creationism
  - Nature
11/15/2005: Kansas backs intelligent design in science lessons
 - New Scientist

11/15/2005: Maureen Dowd on "When Sexes Collide"  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Letters  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Unrelated Adults at Home Increase Risk for Children  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Science and Religion Share Fascination in Things Unseen  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Psychedelic vision: The ambitions of the creator of the cult hit Katamari Damacy  - BBC
11/15/2005: Clampdown on net casino ads  - BBC
11/15/2005: Preparing to die: Cancer patient Nora Nicolaidas plans to end her own life  - BBC
11/15/2005: Friendster overture not endearing to all  - C/Net
11/15/2005: These bikes hum and fold  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Amazon looks to solve problems that stump computers  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Home movies? Veoh has got 10,000 online  - C/Net
11/15/2005: My dinner with Google - Washington Post
11/15/2005: Best of what's new 2005 - Popular Science
11/15/2005: Strategy in an era of global giants  - C/Net
11/15/2005: Dutch testing SMS alert system  - CNN
11/15/2005: Cosmic Log: Strange science explained - MSNBC

11/15/2005: Down for the Count  - NY Times

Physics and Astronomy:
11/15/2005: Star of Africa: SA super telescope is scientific icon for the continent  - BBC
11/15/2005: Leap second proposal sparks row
  - BBC
11/15/2005: Gravity tractors beat bombs
  - Nature


11/15/2005: Light could trigger super-fast synthetic muscles - New Scientist

11/15/2005: Mission unthinkable: Disbanding NASA  - New Scientist
11/15/2005: Mars Lander Still Missing
  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Europe names Galileo trailblazer
  - BBC
11/15/2005: Gravity tug to deflect asteroids
  - BBC
11/15/2005: 'Gravity tractor' to deflect Earth-bound asteroids - New Scientist
11/15/2005: Stranded US astronaut given ticket to ride
 - New Scientist
11/15/2005: Link 'lost' with asteroid robot
  - BBC
11/15/2005: Technical hitch delays Ariane 5
  - BBC
11/15/2005: Mars Odyssey Snaps Rabe Crater
 - SpaceDaily
11/15/2005: Spirit Coordinating With Hubble
 - SpaceDaily
11/15/2005: Observing The Outcrops
 - SpaceDaily
11/15/2005: Asteroid Blasting Made Easy ...
 - FirstScience

11/15/2005: The Claim: Antibacterial Soap Works Better Than Regular Soap  - NY Times
11/15/2005: All Together Now: Synchrony Explains Swaying  - NY Times
11/15/2005: Patent granted for antigravity device  - C/Net
11/15/2005: MGM gets behind Blu-ray  - C/Net
11/15/2005: New microdisplay turns heads  - C/Net


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