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  November 14, 2005

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Neutron Star Found Where a Black Hole was Expected - Space.com   A star 40 times the mass of the Sun collapsed to form a neutron star instead of a black hole, researchers said today  Scientists previously thought that when a massive star died and collapsed on itself, it had no choice but to create a black hole. Now, new data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory suggests that massive stars have a little wiggle room, and sometime produces a neutron star instead.    
One Of The Most Massive Stars In Our Galaxy Has A Hot Partner - SpaceDaily  Left: A huge billowing pair of gas and dust clouds is captured in this stunning Hubble telescope picture of the massive star, Eta Carinae. Credit: NASA and Jon Morse, University of Colorado. Desktop available - 1024X 768.  Scientists using NASA's Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer satellite made the first direct detection of a companion star of Eta Carinae. Eta Carinae is one of the most massive and unusual stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Eta Carinae is an unstable star thought to be rapidly approaching the final stage of its life. It is clearly visible from the southern hemisphere and has been the subject of intense studies for decades. Iping and her collaborators used the Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer satellite to detect the companion, because it can see even shorter ultraviolet wavelengths than Hubble.     

Archaeologists identify Copernicus’ skull - MSNBC  Left:  A computerized portrait, released Thursday by Polish police, reconstructs the face of a man whose skull was found buried in a cathedral in the northern city of Frombork. Archaeologists believe the skull was that of the 16th-century astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus.  Archaeologists believe they have located the grave of 16th-century astronomer and solar-system proponent Nicolaus Copernicus in a Polish church, one of the scientists announced Thursday. Copernicus, who died in 1543 at 70 after challenging the ancient belief that the sun revolved around the earth, was buried at the Roman Catholic cathedral in the city of Frombork, 180 miles (290 kilometers) north of the capital, Warsaw. “We can be almost 100 percent sure this is Copernicus,” Gassowski told The Associated Press by phone after making the announcement during a meeting of scientists. Gassowski said police forensic experts used the skull to reconstruct a face that closely resembled the features — including a broken nose and scar above the left eye — on a Copernicus self-portrait. The experts also determined the skull belonged to a man who died at about age 70. Gassowski added that his team will try to find relatives of Copernicus to do more accurate DNA identification.
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Alzheimer's Disease:

11/14/2005: Bees Solve Complex Colour Puzzles - Science Daily
11/14/2005: New Zealand Condemns Japan As Whaling Fleet Sails
 - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: A New Genetic Globe  - Technology Review 
11/14/2005: Norwegian salmon benefit from high river waters, global warming -- study ... - FirstScience
11/14/2005: RNA gene regulation ... - FirstScience
11/14/2005: San Diego panda cub gets ‘very cute’ name - MSNBC
11/14/2005: John Cleese's fame preserved — via lemur - MSNBC
11/14/2005: Olfactory System Detects Pheromones That Control Reproduction - Science Daily
11/14/2005: From One Cell, Many Possible Cures: Device Provides A Major Boost To Adult Stem Cell Research - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Lateral Thinking Produces First Map Of Gene Transmission - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/14/2005: Entire Lakes Feel Effects Of Climate Warming, University Of Alberta Study Shows - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Software Fills In Missing EO Data - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: Southern Ocean Search For Climate Futures - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: Water Vapor Feedback Is Rapidly Warming Europe - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: Elsevier to launch a new ecology journal in 2004 ... - FirstScience
11/14/2005: Environmental laws must be enforced to protect Mediterranean region ... - FirstScience
11/14/2005: Environmental groups lobbies PM ... - FirstScience
11/14/2005: ENVIRONMENT: Climate Change Only Partially to Blame ... - FirstScience
11/14/2005: EU tests ozone impact over city sky ... - FirstScience
11/14/2005: Nature not politics dictating Kyoto ... - FirstScience
11/14/2005: New System For Earthquake Early Warning - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Global Warming Dramatically Changed Ancient Forests - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Rapid Warming Caused Vegetation Changes - Science Daily

11/14/2005: Palm: We're not abandoning Palm OS  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Three million Xbox 360s in three months?  - C/Net
11/14/2005: iPod wows Windows crowd  - CNN
11/14/2005: TiVo on the cheap  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Nintendo hints at next-gen console price war  - CNN

11/14/2005: Wireless carriers take aim at adult content
  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Motorola Razr drums to iTunes beat
11/14/2005: Photos: This Razr plays iTunes
  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Cellular Life in Japan
  - Technology Review 
11/14/2005: Cell phone bandit robs four banks
  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Memorial flowers go high-tech
  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Gas pipe broadband?
  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Small-screen sea change
  - Technology Review 
11/14/2005: Cell phone bandit robs banks
 - Washington Post
11/14/2005: Halo goes HD on Xbox 360
  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Survey: Number of wireless-only users increasing
  - El. Engr. Times

11/14/2005: Software developer kit for Cell chip  - C/Net

11/14/2005: Dell is selling AMD chips. But why?  - C/Net
11/14/2005: SGI to show next-generation Linux machines  - C/Net

11/14/2005: Pentagon starts podcast  - C/Net
11/14/2005: ICANN Feud: It's so 1995  - Technology Review 
11/14/2005: Curry in Podcast Convention Clash  - Wired News 
11/14/2005: Microsoft's ad pitch underpins Net moves  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Week in review: Microsoft's memos  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Audible unveils podcast-monitoring service  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Google searches become evidence in murder case
  - C/Net
11/14/2005: John Lennon's solo work to be made available for Internet download
  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Hey governments, hands off the internet
 - New Scientist
11/14/2005: Ethical firms back internet freedom of expression
 - New Scientist

11/14/2005: Gates warns of 'disruptive' changes  - BBC
11/14/2005: Image-handling flaws put Windows PCs at risk  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Office 12 moves closer to beta  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Week in review: Microsoft's memos  - C/Net
11/14/2005: RealNetworks issues critical patch  - C/Net
11/14/2005: A Yankee view of Silicon Valley, Q4 2005  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Apple's next move...media domination?  - CNN
11/14/2005: Sony BMG sued over cloaking software on music CD - New Scientist

11/14/2005: Greenpeace blasts ADB over 'unclean' energy projects ... - FirstScience
11/14/2005: Chinese president calls for int'l co-op on use of renewable energy ... - FirstScience
11/14/2005: Hair-thin solar cells ... - FirstScience

11/14/2005: Heart risk gene hits African Americans hardest - New Scientist
11/14/2005: Genetic Find Stirs Debate on Race-Based Medicine  - NY Times

11/14/2005: Scientists Determine How Tumor Gene Controls Growth - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Penn Researchers Study The Use Of Ultrasound For Treatment Of Cancer - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Better Predictors For Outcomes After Radical Prostatectomy - Science Daily

11/14/2005: Bird flu 'out of control' in Chinese province - New Scientist
11/14/2005: Bird Flu Virus Triggers Worse Inflammation In Human Lung Cells Than Human Flu Viruses - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Flu Chip May Help Combat Future Epidemics, Pandemics - Science Daily

11/14/2005: New Clues Into Causes Of Scleroderma - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Feedback Loop Found That Could Forestall Liver Disease - Science Daily
11/14/2005: A Fatty Acid Found In Milk May Help Control Inflammatory Diseases - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Asthmatic Cats May Be Allergic To Humans, Say Vets - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Research Finds Cigarette Manufacturers Target Youth Market With Candy Flavored Cigarette Brands - Science Daily

11/14/2005: Right-to-die plans back in Lords  - BBC
11/14/2005: Growth Hormone Illegal For Off-label Anti-aging Use, Study Warns - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Botulinum Toxin Can Ease Intense Facial Pain - Science Daily
11/14/2005: In Study, Hormone Reduced Appetite in Mice  - NY Times
11/14/2005: Study Finds Billions Of Health Insurance Dollars Used For Administrative Costs - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Fundamental Flaws In Many Medical Studies Must Be Fixed In Order To Catch Signs Of Harm - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/14/2005: Archaeologists identify Copernicus’ skull  - MSNBC
11/14/2005: Kansas downplays evolution - MSNBC
11/14/2005: School board election focuses on evolution - MSNBC
11/14/2005: Billy the Kid investigation resurrected - MSNBC
11/14/2005: Kan. School Board OKs Evolution Approach ... - FirstScience
11/14/2005: Kansas School Board Votes Against Science ... - Live Science
11/14/2005: Darwin’s theory comes alive
11/14/2005: Pope weighs in on creation controversy
11/14/2005: Alabama keeps its disclaimer on evolution
11/14/2005: Goliath’s name found inscribed on pottery
11/14/2005: The Pope on Creation
  - NY Times
11/14/2005: Scientists Find the T-Rex of Crocodiles
  - NY Times
11/14/2005: Fossil Find- 'Godzilla' Crocodile Had Head Of A Dinosaur, Fins Like A Fish
 - Science Daily

11/14/2005: When video games beat medication  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Senator warns of Patriot Act alarmists  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Best Buy looks to expand house-brand products  - C/Net
11/14/2005: French bloggers at odds over riots  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Embracing game theory  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Creative-class struggle  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Strategy in an era of global giants  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Best of what's new 2005 - Popular Science
11/14/2005: Taser to offer stun gun cameras  - CNN
11/14/2005: Cosmic Log: Watching the elections - MSNBC
11/14/2005: Housing market stays strong; agents see slowdown ahead - Seattle Times
11/14/2005: Post-Katrina prices put pinch on plastic products - Seattle Times
11/14/2005: Russia To Assist China's Lunar Research Program - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: UN Says It Can Keep Pakistan Quake Survivors Alive In Bitter Winter - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: Donors Estimate Pakistan Quake Death Toll At 86,000 - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: Expect More Asia Quake Deaths - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: Iran Says Nuclear Offer Final Chance - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: RFID deadline hits defense industry  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Deal of the day: Portable video player  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Transforming sales and service  - C/Net
11/14/2005: Cosmic Log: Vets and the Net
11/14/2005: Soldiers to get teeth-cleaning chewing gum
  - Nature
11/14/2005: Iraqi clean-up gets on its marks
  - Nature

11/14/2005: Abuse 'triggers eating disorders'  - BBC
11/14/2005: Becoming a dad 'civilises' men, a study suggests  - BBC
11/14/2005: Loosing your mind: You and Yours examines the impact of dementia  - BBC
11/14/2005: Do women shy away from competition?  - C/Net
11/14/2005: ? Videogame Seizures - Experts Release New Recommendations On Reducing Risk - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Mirrors Can Trick The Brain Into Recovering From Persistent Pain, Research Suggests - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Heredity May Be The Reason Some People Feel Lonely
 - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Risks Of Taking Sedatives For Insomnia In Older People May Be Greater Than The Benefits
 - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Meditation Associated With Increased Grey Matter In The Brain
 - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Less Sleep, More Struggles For Elementary And Middle School Students
 - Science Daily
11/14/2005: MIT Researcher Presents New View Of How The Cortex Forms
 - Science Daily
11/14/2005: UCLA Scientists Use Statins To Overcome Learning Disabilities In Mice
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/14/2005: Neutron Star Found Where a Black Hole was Expected - Space.com
One Of The Most Massive Stars In Our Galaxy Has A Hot Partner - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: UCSC Physicists Deliver Detector For NASA's GLAST Telescope
 - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: Surprising star birth seen in bear-shaped nebula
 - New Scientist
11/14/2005: Phantom energy may fuel universe-eating wormhole
 - New Scientist
11/14/2005: 2005 Cy Young Winners Correctly Predicted By Mathematical Model
 - Science Daily

11/14/2005: Exercise Adds Years To Life And Improves Quality, Researchers Say - Science Daily


11/14/2005: Europe's Venus mission blasts off  - BBC
11/14/2005: All go for giant comms satellite
  - BBC
11/14/2005: Methane Found In Desert Soils Bolsters Theories That Life Could Exist On Mars
 - Science Daily
11/14/2005: Sea Launch Delivers Inmarsat-4 Satellite To Orbit
 - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: Venus Express probe separates successfully from carrier
 - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: Asteroid-punching probe back on track - New Scientist
11/14/2005: Space station gets bumper boost
 - New Scientist
11/14/2005: Researchers Find Gravitational Wakes In Saturn's Rings
 - Science Daily

11/14/2005: AFRL's New Tech Will 'Dazzle' Aggressors - SpaceDaily
11/14/2005: Never Lose That Lexus Again  - Wired News
11/14/2005: Britain's war symbol goes high-tech  - C/Net
11/14/2005: The shocking use of police stun guns - New Scientist
11/14/2005: Shoot a picture first, focus later - New Scientist
11/14/2005: NASA Flying Wing Model Soars In Historic Wind Tunnel - Science Daily


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