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  November 14, 2004

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Honeybees Defy Dino-Killing Nuclear Winter - SpaceDaily  Left:  Late Cretaceous tropical honeybees preserved in amber are almost identical to their modern relatives, Kozisek says. If no modern tropical honeybee could have survived years in the dark and cold without the flowering plants they lived off, something must be amiss with the nuclear winter theory, Kozisek reasons. Modern tropical honeybees have an optimal temperature range of 88 to 93 degrees F (31-34°C) in order to maintain vital metabolic activities. That's also the range that's best for their food source: nectar-rich flowering plants. any post-impact winter event could not have dropped temperatures more than 4 to 13 degrees F (2-7°C) without wiping out the bees.  
Image of DNA Gene find could combat blindness  - BBC  A team at Leeds University located the faulty DNA code behind a rare form of retinal disease called familiam exudative vitreoretinopathy (FEVR) that runs in families. Scientists had already pinpointed one gene on chromosome 11 that appeared to cause FEVR. When they looked closer they found a second gene on the same chromosome that was linked to the condition. They hope it will lead to earlier detection and intervention and possibly new treatments for things such as diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration, which are the leading causes of blindness in the western world.   

Woman eating a burger

Food formula 'increases lifespan'  - BBC  Left:  MultiBene reduces the effect of fatty food.  A formula added to food could have the potential to extend the lives of obese people by 20%, scientists believe.  Finnish researchers found the formula of plant sterols and mineral nutrients extended the lives of obese rats by 60% when it was mixed with fatty food. The benefits of plant sterols, which are added to some margarines, are already known. But the scientists said it was the combination of the sterols and the nutrients - calcium, potassium and magnesium - which had an effect. "In reality a person will have to eat such large quantities to have any significant effect."
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/14/2004: Jefferson Scientists Uncover New Evidence To Help Explain Statins' Effects In Alzheimer's Disease

11/14/2004: Clone Ban Unlikely to Pass Senate  - Wired News
11/14/2004: Genetically Endowed Worm May Substitute For Rodents In Some Toxicology Testing
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Promise Of Stem Cells Amplified; New Evidence Shows Cells May Help Treat Many Disorders Including Paralysis And Brain Cancer - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Darwin's Greatest Challenge Tackled: The Mystery Of Eye Evolution - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Tufts Veterinary School Scientists Decode Cryptosporidium Genome - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Findings Challenge Darwinian Theory - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Biodiversity: Measuring Up To The Loss - Science Daily
11/14/2004: UCSD Biologists Discover Chemical Important In Guiding Visual System Development - Science Daily

Climate, Environment:
11/14/2004: Arctic Feeling the Global Heat  - Wired News
11/14/2004: The Great Southwest Salt Saga  - Wired News
11/14/2004: Everything Is Green at This Fair  - Wired News
11/14/2004: 'Rumble in the Rainforest' gets conditional go-ahead ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Pollution threat darkens Diwali celebrations ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Water quality under threat in the capital ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Environmentalists oppose proposed roadless rule changes ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Climate Uncertainty With CO2 Rise Due To Uncertainty About Aerosols ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Mayo community opposes plan for asbestos recycling plant ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: House of Lords Committee Backs Prime Minister on Airline Pollution Plan ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Hurricane Damage Creates Pecan Shortage - Science Daily

11/14/2004: Halo 2 Rakes in $100 Million  - Wired News

11/14/2004: FCC to rule today on VoIP control
 - Seattle Times
11/14/2004: Vonage Dodges State Regulations
  - Wired News

11/14/2004: The CEO interview: with Intel's Craig Barrett - Silicon Strategies
11/14/2004: Building Block Created For Quantum Computing, Secure Communication And Quantum Internet - Science Daily

11/14/2004: IBM tops supercomputing table - PhysicsWeb

11/14/2004: Yahoo! revives idea of Internet resembling TV - Seattle Times
11/14/2004: Google Blazes Lonely IPO Trail  - Wired News

11/14/2004: Comcast deal gives Microsoft entry into cable TV - Seattle Times

11/14/2004: Nuclear waste arrives in Germany ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Vermont Nuclear Plant Power Increase Prompts Public Concern ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Nuclear Regulatory Commission Seeks Public Input ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Manchester's Tallest Building Gets Europe's Largest Solar Array ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Fusion site wrangle continues ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Watts From Wastewater: New Device Produces Power While Treating Sewage - Science Daily


11/14/2004: Breast Cancer In Asian Americans Is Rising Faster Than Other Ethnic Groups - Science Daily
11/14/2004: New Analysis Links Breastfeeding To Reduced Risk Of Childhood Leukemia - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Potential Cancer Treatment Derived From Ancient Chinese Folk Remedy - Science Daily
11/14/2004: UW Medical Center To Implant First-ever Cesium-131 Brachytherapy Seeds To Treat Prostate Cancer - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Higher Radiation Doses Help Some Lung Cancer Patients Live Longer - Science Daily

11/14/2004: Using Over-the-counter Drugs To Treat Upper Respiratory Infections May Save $4.75 Billion Annually - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Malaria Vaccine Trial Results Published - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Predicting Infection Risk Of Mosquito-borne Disease - Science Daily

11/14/2004: Air pollution no threat to asthma children ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Gene Therapy Approach Reverses Diabetic Neuropathy In Animal Model, Pitt Study Finds - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Nicotine's Addictive Hold Increases When Combined With Other Tobacco Smoke Chemicals, UCI Study Finds - Science Daily
11/14/2004: New Hope For ALS Seen With Genetic Techniques, Growth Factors - Science Daily

11/14/2004: Gene find could combat blindness   - BBC
11/14/2004: Lung Function Regulated By Circadian Rhythms; Exercise And Respiratory Treatments May Be Best In Afternoon - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Researchers Identify How A Hormone Regulates Iron - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Study Results Show New Testicular Implant To Be Safe And To Improve Self Esteem In Boys And Men - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Swallowing Multiple Magnets Poses Danger To Children - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Red Wine Mist: Resveratrol Shows Potential Effects Against COPD, Asthma, Arthritis - Science Daily
11/14/2004: New M. D. Anderson Study Examines Skin Protection In Children - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Is The Zebra Fish Leading Us To New Therapies? - Science Daily
11/14/2004: New Study Shows Sinus Surgery Can Improve Chronic Fatigue
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Are Yeast Cells Bringing Us A Step Closer In Treating Obesity?
 - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/14/2004: Honeybees Defy Dino-Killing Nuclear Winter - SpaceDaily
11/14/2004: Ecosystem Remodelling Among Vertebrates During The Permian-Triassic Extinction ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Where fossils are endangered: Argentina's Army slammed for imperilling dinosaur remains ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Emory Study Details Dolphin Brain Evolution For The First Time - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Mail-Order Drugs Exposed To Extreme Heat - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Field Museum 'Reuniting' Scattered Collections From Ancient Iraq Site - Science Daily

11/14/2004: Jobs lag in new economy - Seattle Times
11/14/2004: Disney targets boyhood - Seattle Times
11/14/2004: H&R Block under fire over Enron bond sales - Seattle Times
11/14/2004: China hit by growing pains as domestic IC market cools
11/14/2004: Stop Trying to Persuade Us  - Wired News
11/14/2004: On the Seventh Day, They Sued  - Wired News
11/14/2004: Meet the People Who Made America  - Wired News
11/14/2004: Activists Slam Homeless Tracking
11/14/2004: Iraq: Counting the Casualties - Economist
11/14/2004: Who Nabbed Indymedia’s Computers? - Salon
11/14/2004: Halloween Warning: FDA Details Dangers Of Using Decorative Contact Lenses - Science Daily
11/14/2004: New AAAS Report Cites 'Serious Concerns' With Electronic Voting - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Iraqi Civilian Deaths Increase Dramatically After Invasion - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Military Hazards Are Greater For Native Americans, According To Sociological Research - Science Daily

11/14/2004: Adults With Dyslexia Can Improve With Phonics-based Instruction, Research Shows - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Researchers Devise Optical Method To Safely, Effectively Stimulate Neurons - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Elderly Experience Long-term Cognitive Decline After Surgery - Science Daily
11/14/2004: New Technologies Shed Light On Schizophrenia - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Tea Could Improve Memory, Study Shows - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Gender And Sex Hormones Affect The Brain's Pain Response And More, According To New Studies - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Promise For Helping Adults With Dyslexia
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Evidence That Learning Is Consolidated During Sleep
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Old Dogs, New Tricks: New Study Examines How The Adult Dyslexic Brain Can Change
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Singled Out: Spotting Mutant Neurons In Normal Brains Offers Clues To Fragile X
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Brain Differences In Adolescents, Psychopaths, Lend To Their Impulsive, Risk-taking Behavior
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Study Finds Potential New Cause Of Mental Decline In Old Age
 - Science Daily

Physics and Astronomy:
11/14/2004: Spitzer telescope looks into dark and dusty places ... - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Observatory to hunt for gamma-ray bursts ...
11/14/2004: Stellar Survivor From 1572 A.D. Explosion Supports Supernova Theory
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Research On “Holes” May Unearth Causes Of Superconductivity
 - Science Daily

11/14/2004: Food formula 'increases lifespan'   - BBC


11/14/2004: Countdown to solar-sail voyage begins ... - MSNBC
11/14/2004: Solar Sail Craft to Be Launched in March ...
11/14/2004: Amazon CEO wants to go into space on own rocket ...
 - FirstScience
11/14/2004: Cassini Peeks Below Cloud Shroud Around Titan - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Travelling To Mars And Hibernating Like A Brown Bear
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Researchers Detect Methane On Mars
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: The Sun Is More Active Now Than Over The Last 8000 Years
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: European spacecraft prepares to orbit Moon
 - New Scientist
11/14/2004: First space tug fully funded
 - SpaceDaily
11/14/2004: Mars moon emerges from the dark
  - BBC
11/14/2004: Lengthening Mars Rover Mission Presents Challenge To Cornell Researchers And Students Working In Operations Center
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: Cassini Radar Sees Bright Flow-Like Feature On Titan
 - Science Daily
11/14/2004: ISS Crew to Redock Soyuz Spacecraft
11/14/2004: Europe’s First Moon Probe to Enter Lunar Orbit
11/14/2004: The Leonid Meteor Shower 2004: Modest Peak Expected Nov. 16-19
11/14/2004: Opportunity Rover to Pack Up and Leave Crater
11/14/2004: NASA To Reverse Course As Rover Eyes Opportunity To Escape Endurance
 - SpaceDaily
11/14/2004: Mars Express Snaps Phobos Like Never Before
 - SpaceDaily


11/14/2004: Ideas Stolen Right From Nature  - Wired News
11/14/2004: New Research Helps Protect Airplane Engines From Drizzle - Science Daily
11/14/2004: WSU Scientists Convert Baby Powder Chemical For Use As Light Emitting Source - Science Daily
11/14/2004: UCLA Chemists Report New Nano Flash Welding - Science Daily


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