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  November 13, 2005

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Milky Way's Big Black Hole Gets Downsized - Space.com  Last year, researchers estimated it was as wide as Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The new estimate reduces that measurement by half, indicating the diameter of Sgr A*, as the object is known, is about 93 million miles -- same as the distance between Earth and the Sun. It is estimated to have a mass equal to about 4 million Suns. Such a high concentration of matter in such a small space places tight constraints on what the object could be if not a black hole.     
Effedi's Maranello vehicle (Effedi) Smart directions for green ideas  - BBC  Each electrically powered mini-car would be equipped with instant and highly precise positioning equipment. Commuters could use the internet or their mobile phone to find the nearest vehicle, jump in and start it with a smartcard, and then drive it to their destination. "There would be no constraint - you could leave the car where you wanted," explained Vu Log's George Gallais. "The service provider would come and charge the cars up every two or three days. Being used just for short distances, they wouldn't need charging every day," he told the BBC News website.  

New Pathway Into Cells Discovered - SpaceDaily  Left:  The research was done with a pathogenic fungus that causes tan spot of wheat, a costly plant disease that is found around the world.  "This is a doorway into plant cells that we never knew existed," said Lynda Ciuffetti, an OSU professor of botany and plant pathology. "Viruses and bacteria have been known to bring proteins into cells, but this is just a protein by itself crossing the cell wall barrier without disrupting its integrity. This is a significant fundamental advance in our understanding of plant biology." "No one had ever shown before that a protein could move, without a pathogen's assistance, from outside a plant cell to the inside.  
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Alzheimer's Disease:
11/13/2005: Gas-blockers Might Slow Down Alzheimer's Disease - Science Daily

11/13/2005: New Pathway Into Cells Discovered - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Newly Recognized Gene Mutation May Resurrect Plants
 - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Marauders continue to plunder the oceans - New Scientist
11/13/2005: Genetics Used To Prove Linguistic Theories - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Have A Taste For Fat? Yes! A Sensor In The Mouth Promotes Preference For Fatty Foods - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Twin Molecular Scissors Link Creation Of MicroRNAs With Gene-silencing - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Monkey Math Machinery Is Like Humans' - Science Daily
11/13/2005: The Chemistry of Great Coffee - Space.com
11/13/2005: Japanese Whalers to Kill Endangered Species ... - FirstScience
11/13/2005: Stem-Cell Hopes Hit Home  - Wired News

Climate, Environment:
11/13/2005: Western States To Host First Test Of Carbon Sequestration In Lava Rock - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Scientists Gain New Insights Into 'Frozen' Methane Beneath Ocean Floor - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Environmental Scientists Propose Chemical Solution To Cleaning California's Salton Sea - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Satellite Survey Shows Growth Of Greenland Ice Sheet Interior - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Rainforest Conservation Worth The Cost, University Of Alberta Shows - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Purdue Findings Help Coast Guard Modify Search-and-rescue Plane - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Protocol but no Kyoto as Swedish king meets Australian PM - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Envisat Eyes B-15A Iceberg Break Up - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Survey: Adopt tougher emissions standards ... - FirstScience
11/13/2005: EPA Promises Lead-Remodeling Regulation ... - L. A. Times
11/13/2005: New Rules on Illegal Trails Don't Go Far Enough, Critics Say ... - FirstScience
11/13/2005: Massive B-15A Iceberg Breaks Up ... - FirstScience
11/13/2005: Did volcano cause a sea level rebound? - New Scientist
11/13/2005: Ship canal was storm funnel during Katrina - New Scientist

11/13/2005: Advertisements to invade online games - Seattle Times
11/13/2005: BlackBerry Facing Trouble  - Technology Review 
11/13/2005: Revolution's Cooking Up a Storm  - Wired News
11/13/2005: Sneaking Ads Into Games  - Wired News
11/13/2005: IPod Gets Own BitTorrent Tracker  - Wired News
11/13/2005: Can a Game Make You Cry?  - Wired News




11/13/2005: Grokster's file-sharing days over - Seattle Times
11/13/2005: MS: Out with the Old  - Technology Review 
11/13/2005: Grokster Goes Down  - Wired News
11/13/2005: Browser Cookie Monsters - Slate

11/13/2005: Black Hat Organizer Unbowed  - Wired News
11/13/2005: File-trading website crumbles under legal assault - New Scientist

11/13/2005: Smart directions for green ideas   - BBC
11/13/2005: Sweden runs on biofuels en route to cleaner cars - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Stockholm hosts conference on clean cars and fuels - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Boost for UK tidal and wave energy ... - FirstScience
11/13/2005: Focus Fusion Heats Up  - Wired News
11/13/2005: Focus Fusion Website  - Wired News
11/13/2005: The car that makes its own fuel
  - Physics Org
11/13/2005: Chinese President Calls Renewable Energy 'A Must' To Battle Pollution, Energy Shortages ...
 - FirstScience
11/13/2005: U.S. Midwest Farmers' Latest Harvest: Wind Energy ...
 - FirstScience
11/13/2005: Chinese solar panels power army outposts ...
 - FirstScience
11/13/2005: Mini windmills power wireless networks
  - Nature

11/13/2005: Radical Approach To Cardiac Resynchronization Shows Promise - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Obesity Measure Should Be Redefined To Accurately Assess Heart Attack Risk - Science Daily

11/13/2005: Study Broadens Understanding Of Enzymes Linked To Tumor Promoting Molecule
11/13/2005: Clinical Trials With Immunotherapy For Breast And Colorectal Cancer - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Mutations In The BRAF Gene Predict Sensitivity To A Novel Class Of Cancer Drugs - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Gene Expression Profile Helps Predict Chemotherapy Response In Ovarian Cancer Patients - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Bacterial Mimic Under Study As Cancer Vaccine May Also Help Protect Tumors - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Gene Therapy Improves Chemo Drug's Effects In Experimental Brain Tumor Model - Science Daily
11/13/2005: A Nanotech Cure for Cancer?
  - Wired News
11/13/2005: Nanotubes Blast Cancer Cells
  - Wired News
11/13/2005: Cheek Cells Used To Identify Lung Cancer
 - Science Daily

11/13/2005: Study Findings Offer Potential New Targets For Antibiotics - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Scientists Report A New Method To Speed Bird Flu Vaccine Production - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Flu Chip May Help Combat Future Epidemics, Pandemics - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Scientists Report A New Method To Speed Bird Flu Vaccine Production - PhysicsWeb

11/13/2005: Contradictory Immune Responses Explain Different Therapeutic Effects In Rheumatoid Arthritis - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Smoking doubles risk of post-traumatic stress - New Scientist

11/13/2005: Drug ads slammed for being sadly misleading  - Nature
11/13/2005: Workers On Daily Probiotics Less Likely To Take Time Off Sick - Science Daily
11/13/2005: An Existing Diuretic May Suppress Seizures In Newborns - Science Daily
11/13/2005: A Recipe For Overeating: Studies Outline Dangers Of Mixing Stress, Deprivation And Tempting Foods - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Boot Camp: The Latest Fitness Craze - Space.com
11/13/2005: Smart Fibers  - Technology Review 
11/13/2005: Study Highlights The Ramifications Of Medical Misdiagnosis - Science Daily

History, Anthropology:
11/13/2005: Modern Humans Arrival In South Asia May Have Led To Demise Of Indigenous Populations - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Shifting Icebergs May Have Forced Penguin Evolution - Space.com
11/13/2005: Kansas Board Approves Challenges to Evolution  - NY Times
11/13/2005: Evolution Slate Outpolls Rivals  - NY Times

11/13/2005: Math whizzes take swing at baseball award - MSNBC
11/13/2005: Games turn geography into child’s play - MSNBC
11/13/2005: 'Smart' Buildings To Guide Future First Responders - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Raytheon Successfully Demonstrates Multi-Weapon Netted Battlefield - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Singapore Looking To Buy Unmanned Surveillance Aircraft - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: US To Remove 200 Tonnes Of HEU From US Weapons Stockpile - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Money's Nice, but Freedom's Nicer  - Wired News
11/13/2005: New Chip Detects Avian Flu  - Wired News
11/13/2005: First Biometric Passports Issued to Diplomats  - Wired News
11/13/2005: Invention: Soldiers Obeying Odors - New Scientist 

11/13/2005: Women more likely to enjoy a joke - MSNBC
11/13/2005: Common drug cures learning disability - New Scientist
11/13/2005: Women get a bigger buzz from cartoons - New Scientist
11/13/2005: Scientists Crack Code For Motor Neuron Wiring - Science Daily
11/13/2005: New Findings Help Explain How Brain Pathways Control Body Weight - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Disease-causing Protein Protects Against Nerve Damage In Parkinson's Disease - Science Daily
11/13/2005: From Molecules to Mind
  - Technology Review 
11/13/2005: Statins aid slow learners
  - Nature

Physics and Astronomy:
11/13/2005: Milky Way's Big Black Hole Gets Downsized - Space.com
11/13/2005: Intergalactic attraction creates bumper star crop
 - New Scientist
11/13/2005: Researchers Demonstrate Quantum Chaos During Atom Ionisation For The First Time
 - Science Daily
11/13/2005: Stat Geek Hits Nothin' but Net
  - Wired News
11/13/2005: New mathematics-based sculpture unveils fourth dimension
  - Physics Org
11/13/2005: Doing physics with bacteria
 - PhysicsWeb

11/13/2005: Anti-aging Hormone Reduces Reactive Oxygen Species - Science Daily


11/13/2005: Launch date confirmed for Venus Express - New Scientist
11/13/2005: NASA Dawn Asteroid Mission Told To ‘Stand Down’
 - Seattle Times
11/13/2005: NASA Aims To Stimulate Commercial ISS Resupply Services
 - Seattle Times
11/13/2005: New Glow Seen in Space Clouds
 - Seattle Times
11/13/2005: Technical Challenges Push The Launch Of The Automated Transfer Vehicle To 2007
 - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Russian rocket to fly again following crash
 - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Chinese Company Closed For Selling Land On The Moon
 - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Titan's Rocks Of Ice
 - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Simulations Show Liquid Water Could Exist on Mars  - Physics Org
11/13/2005: Landmarks on Titan ...
 - FirstScience
11/13/2005: Sandia Conducts Tests At Solar Tower To Benefit Future NASA Space Explorations
 - Science Daily

11/13/2005: The Dual Life Of Mother-Of-Pearl - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Yale Scientists Can Predict The Microstructure Of Crystals - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: National Ranking In Nanotech - SpaceDaily
11/13/2005: Understanding Affordability  - Technology Review 
11/13/2005: Some Technologies Will Annoy  - Wired News
11/13/2005: Personal Tech Is Almost a Party  - Wired News


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